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  1. YES YES YES! Excellent! Also, Naglfar's "Diabolical". Bit of a bitch to find now, like all GOOD blackness, but quite nice.
  2. /me sighs God, I miss this forum. Too bad school takes up all my fucking time.
  3. I will use the few off posts I get on DW a year to answer this question (school keeps me too goddamned busy). By all means, take a break if fatigue sets in. Keep in mind, though, one day off becomes two, becomes five, then a week, then you've got a piece of nearly finished work on your hands that you can't motivate yourself to complete.
  4. They appeared in the page itself, probably Firefox's damned fault.
  5. Here's where I'd say "it's funny cuz it's true" except it isn't really funny. It's more tragic and dangerous to the gaming community. Let's blame something other than games for once...
  6. Nice submission, beyond the & n b s p things (yuck, fix those). I haven't had too much success doing prose, so I guess it's back to fiction I go. I don't think I'll be able to beat that story, though.
  7. I've tried (to find it on the internet, not play Doom to it), but to no avail... other than a 500MB BitTorrent thing. I sit on a slow modem, and won't waste a full CDR for 500 megs of one CD.
  8. Wasn't that the plot of a GWAR show?
  9. Worth it even at that res. Plus anything on its hosting site. Badassedness occurs.
  10. Yes, but living in the US, the import costs on that CD total up to MORE THAN THE DAMN GAME. $30.
  11. Badass. Officially my new wallpaper.
  12. Just because nobody understands it doesn't make it poetry. Go read some of that wickedly awful poetry on the goth forums. I reject your :p and substitute boxing kirby. o-(-_-Q) (moronic grin) Anyway, keep writing Comiclez.
  13. If only one could rip the weird-ass music outta Katamari Damacy, that would make one seriously cracked-out Doom experience.
  14. Cool. I'm rereading two translations of the Divine Comedy at once and playing a little Doom for inspiration. If all goes well, I can write up something with a good flow.
  15. Decent. The rhythm is a little off in places, but otherwise it flows smoothly. Favorite line: And so, as chainguns, shotguns, and flesh Fell to the floor The evil left the corrupted And their fiery eyes became a dormant blue I enjoyed that part most, though maybe a little more clarity would be nice. Are they dying, as I assume, or are they being purified? Anyway, not a bad effort.