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  1. VentedPennies

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    Think "differentely" than whom? Name one person who just absolutely loves the loading times and has bought Snapmap to enjoy them. My opinion isn't different, it's the norm that sunk Snpmap. As someone who made maps and wanted it to succeed, it's a disappointment that this great asset failed because of something as ridiculously 90's as loading times and menus.
  2. VentedPennies


    Keep it up buddy. You have the patience of a Saint.
  3. VentedPennies

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    It's not quick nor easy. I think the low #'s of players are plenty of proof of that. Great, you designed a mapping tool that can create maps, but there are so many headaches involved no one wants to play said maps. Good job.
  4. VentedPennies

    Snapmap loading times seem unreasonable?

    Yeah, I doubt we'll ever discover the reasons for the obnoxious loading screens. Snapmap had such high expectations and ultimately failed its customers.
  5. VentedPennies

    Making triggers not work until activated?

    Make sure your volume settings aren't set to "on use"-> disable Go tot he volume properties and make sure it doesn't disappear as soon as the player touches it. Or ever, really.
  6. VentedPennies

    Making triggers not work until activated?

    Yeah. Use the "On Map Start". If you have 1 volume, just directly connect it so "On Map Start" -> Disable. If you have a lot, you can use a boolean filter to remotely change them.
  7. VentedPennies

    Bethesda looked at a map of mine

    I only found this out two months later after some random guy messaged me on Xbox. Pretty cool, I had no idea. Just pluggin myself and sharing the news. Video: https://youtu.be/k97Wyd0hmXE?t=4m27s
  8. VentedPennies

    Are player defined rooms possible?

    The OP asked if a person can define by width, height, and length of a new room just by typing in 256x256x256 (256 being some measurement). And then the system creates a blank module with those specs. That is not possible. But sure, if you want to open a module and then create player blocking volumes to cut down the size of the module, that's possible.
  9. VentedPennies

    Are player defined rooms possible?

    I wish. Probably won't happen ever in Snapmap's current incarnation.
  10. VentedPennies

    SnapMap update

    Yeah, this update makes it tempting. But then I think, how many maps did this update just break?
  11. VentedPennies

    SnapMap update

    SnapMap New DOOM Classic Campaign Added Feature Pack Campaign mission, including new classic DOOM levels Classic DOOM Content New classic DOOM modules, props, interactable items, lifts, pickups, sounds, classic player deaths, and music. Community Support Community Curation system enables newly published maps to be reviewed and recommended by the community Community HUB overhauled, which makes finding your favorite content easier SnapFeed support, allows users to subscribe to authors, players, and maps to get up-to-the-minute details on new content Custom Environment Creation Detailed hotspot and tiling textured blocking volumes can be used to create custom environments Decal Tool to add blood, numbers, demonic symbols, grime, corrosion, and more to your maps Massive update of new Hell and UAC environment props Added new container object models Additional Logic Tools Copy content and logic from one map to Paste into another Created multi-level campaign using Next Map Logic Added Hazard and FX as a category of Spawners Set color input added for all volumes and hazards Snap Grid Offsets added to editor settings to allow authors to offset in XYZ coordinate space POI can now be set on spawner items Authors can get precise camera position by previewing the camera view within the editor Added set environment and fade to camera properties Authors can set their editor view to ignore current module environment settings Cylinder volumes can be used as shootable triggers Added support for silent (no VO announcements) lockdowns No longer need to set a DOOM ID to post to map leaderboards
  12. VentedPennies

    Map: Hell Chronicles Episode 1

    You could always post your messages here for edits before throwing them into the map. I'm sure someone would help.
  13. VentedPennies

    Candyland - Feedback / Testing appreciated

    Thanks buddy. Here's the full patch notes if anyone is interested. https://community.bethesda.net/thread/81627 Also, I assume "Clients" are demons. "Clients are now stopped by Player Blocking Volumes"
  14. Yeah, you can get some real sounding thunder by just using one of the "machine" types in 3d audio and putting the pitch lower. I accidentally ran across some sounds like that, but this was before we could pretend to make outdoor maps.