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  1. Sorry guys I am really new to this...I will try to fix the bugs and reupload it with attractive improvements And ya you have to press the window front to Activate the monster
  2. IWAD:doom 2 port:Gzdoom only Notes:singleplayer only new maps 1 map no. map01 new textures:yes new monsters:yes multiplayer no
  3. all in txt file attached to rar file dude
  4. hey everyone check out my wad known as skybase.... as you explore depths of galaxy u come across a desolated base now it's your job to find out about what caused isolation............ hope u like it............
  5. ok i will try well thx very much it worked
  6. NO... its like when i press a switch .... while in a level i want to hear a sound..
  7. ya i have the same problem
  8. i want to play some sound in my wad for sometime...... i don't know what to do....... i tried ACS commands for ambient sound but it didn't work plssss help
  9. should i reduce levels???????????????????????
  10. ok got it posting new wad soon...........
  11. guys should i remove many custom things
  12. thx guys for all your advice i'll try my best to improve my wad and upload it as soon as possible ok and hell gonna strike back.................. and plsss play it.
  13. see it was working properly til i went out.but now it just freezes.......on startup and my pc specs 5th gen i5 nvidia 780 and 8 gb ram
  14. one thing more my gzdoom is not working properly any suggestions. therefore when i uploaded it i cant test it freezes after startup i have tried every version but no good. and sorry i cant test it becoz i was out and came back and uploded it.Also can it be a good wad
  15. what do u mean?