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  1. DoomGuy420

    Wolf 3d Weps for normal doom

    @NoahMLG sorry but i cant mod that well, im talking about a mod not sprites sorry
  2. DoomGuy420

    Wolf 3d Weps for normal doom

    does any1 know a place where i can get wolf 3d weapons and just that? no maps no enemies just weapons, thanks :)
  3. alright sorry dude, let me make one for you? doom 1 or 2?
  4. you need to make a .wad with doom textures, then replace each doomguy face with your face (remember to rename each file to the original sprite name of the doomguy face)
  5. DoomGuy420

    Doomed Space Wars

    the guy below that anonymous below me is a piece of shit and should kill himself
  6. DoomGuy420

    GZDOOM lighter colours

    well what happened was gzdoom strangely returned my settings to default and well... i re-did every setting but for some reason every colour was lighter :/ the only ones i noticed were blue and green that looked like puke but can some1 help me pls? thx
  7. DoomGuy420

    Doom Font

    am i putting you through trouble? sorry if i am but i tried using the doom font pictures with the software (bmp sprite maker or smh) but i dont know how to use it sorry i mean how can i download the font onto my pc like a TTF file
  8. DoomGuy420


    hey! how do i change the exit location so if i find a secret exit i can make the exit go to map 31 and not exit 2? sorry if its already answered :(
  9. DoomGuy420

    Doom Font

    thank you <3
  10. DoomGuy420

    Doom Font

    sorry it only gives me a google search thing. i have 2 doom fonts but there not the menu one meh nvm. i said i couldn't find it anywhere
  11. DoomGuy420

    Doom Font

    Hello there! I'm a youtuber called DoomGuy420 and i want to use the DOOM menu font (like but i cant find it anywhere could you help me? :D