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  1. Mordeth

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    It has, both for HUD as for the automap. Sounds like you toggled this off.
  2. Mordeth

    You know 100,000 Revenants, now get ready for...

    Stop spamming your own thread, thanks.
  3. This reads like some shitty 'alt right' bingo card.
  4. Mordeth

    [SPLIT derailment] zdoomisms

    Offtopic posts split off into its own thread. I personally grow tired of having to prune ZDoom posts yet again from another port's release thread.
  5. Mordeth

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    I'm not going to really comment on the original question, especially since it's framed as a comparison with GZDoom. This inevitably results in remarks why one prefers EE over GZDoom and this usually gets certain GZDoom devs offended when no offence was intended. Especially when i mention that I see EE as a Doom source port that has advanced features, and GZDoom as an advanced engine that just happens to play Doom. I also don't get the premise of peeps not using EE wondering why EE isn't popular. People tinker away at their own source port for much the same reason people continue to play Doom: even though you aren't a zeromaster or looper, you still enjoy playing Doom. Should you stop doing what you love to do, just because someone else holds the world record or won the popularity contest or whatever? From my point of view there's a really interesting observation to be made between the development of EE and Mordeth E2: Eternity inspired its development to a great degree, and vice versa what E2 needed influenced Eternity in return.
  6. Mordeth

    Source port tier list

  7. Mordeth

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    For me this is a bigger problem. Plenty of wads out there that haven't implemented proper difficulty settings, because their creator does not want to "compromise their vision" by adapting their perfect arena, trap or whatever to lesser-skilled players or to players who just roll their eyes when required to die dozens of times before 'getting it'.
  8. Over at the ZDoom forums somebody made a pathfinding system for this. Of course I can't seem to find it at the moment, or I'd link it. Basically monsters would use scripting to drop a special invisible thing at their target's location at regular intervals. In case line of sight was lost, they would go for this special thingtype instead. Their final version used ZScript to modify the normal Chase codepointer to incorporate this behaviour. This system can then be extended to follow the exact path the player took and thus enable the monster to navigate difficult paths without its usual AI getting it stuck in dead corners. With just ACS there are two main issues to solve: how to construct a sequence of path-things and when to invalidate them, and how to chase those down instead of the player without invalidating the player as its target.
  9. Mordeth

    Mordeth-style wads?

    There's a tribute map in the 10 sector competition megawad (Gas Panic? from memory) and personally I find Brigandine also has a similar theming except more elaborate. As far as I'm aware that's it..?
  10. Mordeth

    Removing "unmodified Id resources" from my wad

    Slade can detect those id resources and remove them for you.
  11. Mordeth

    Can we have smooth Player Sprites for Smooth Doom?

    The player sprites were also upscaled, see the neural upscale thread. Not sure if that made its way into Smooth Doom, but that sprite set is available.
  12. Mordeth

    Testing Issue In DoomBuidler 2

    Can you manually build your level and run it?
  13. Mordeth

    Can we make more angled sprites?

    Already possible, see here. The problem is making all those extra frames.
  14. Mordeth

    Changing max health / armor ingame

    If you want to know how much damage a thing/player just took, you can just compare the properties 'spawnhealth' versus 'health' with GetActorProperty and adjust your ACS logic accordingly. Obviously this does not take powerups like Supercharge into account and looks to me quite finicky and error-prone to use on stuff like the player. If you want to do stuff on player taking damage, just call an ACS script from the player's Pain frames, with the same objections as noted above. You might be better off following Rex's suggestion on doing this with ZScript, which allows you to overwrite native behaviours instead of circumventing them with ACS.
  15. Mordeth

    Changing max health / armor ingame

    A quick way would be to use an ACS function like HealThing. Instead of a pickup giving a pickup effect to the player doing the pickup, it kicks off a script that uses HealThing to change the player's health. The amount and max amount are thus modifiable by your own logic kept within ACS.
  16. Pretty sure that fails the "continually active" criteria cited in the thread title. So... I'll be expecting my well-earned cookies in the mail shortly :)
  17. Mordeth

    How to spawn monsters with the "Ambush Players" property?

    Using the default ACS spawning scripts results in monsters that do not have the ambush flag set. Better do what Aurelius suggested: put your extra monsters in a dummy box somewhere and give them the ambush/deaf flag and a TID and use SetActorPosition or somesuch to move the extra monsters from the box to the desired area.
  18. Mordeth

    Eternity Engine 4.01 Released

    Heretic support is still a work in progress. You just mentioned the few things that are still left to be implemented.
  19. Mordeth


    Terrible news. My condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.
  20. Mordeth

    Midbar texture as door

    For the vanilla trick, click here for a tutorial. If you're mapping for the usual source ports, just use the 'transfer flat property' feature (action 242 in Boom) to set the ceiling flat of a normal door to the ceiling of the surrounding sectors and use a midtexture with the appropriate Y offset as door.
  21. No, that doesn't work. It really depends on what you want to achieve here. Like, "change targets very frequently"... what does this mean? All monsters have one single target after being woken up in single player: the player. They don't target other monsters unless damaged by that monster. If you want a monster to switch its target to a monster that just damaged it, use the thing flag QUICKTORETALIATE for immediately retaliation. The Archvile exhibits this behaviour. You can check which Thing is a monster's current target by having it call a script and use SetActivatorToTarget to switch to its target and examinate. Remember the special use of tid = 0 for meaning the activator of the script, in this case the target of your monster after the SetActivatorToTarget call. You can then switch back to your original activator and use HateThing (or something, forgot) to target a different monster instead.
  22. Mordeth


    You mean, being served a C&D for using interpretations of famous rock tracks, or using the likeness of D&D monsters, or being sued by their erstwhile employer for using its hardware for your own personal business? Because that is what would happen now.
  23. It would help telling us where exactly you are stuck in this process?