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  1. Mordeth

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Last thread: To upload without using attachment space you can upload pictures to https://imgur.com or short videos to https://gfycat.com.
  2. Mordeth

    Memento Mori 3 is Cancelled

    I've been removing more derailments / backseat modding comments from below my previous comment. Please stay on topic from here on.
  3. Mordeth

    Memento Mori 3 is Cancelled

    The poster in question had like a dozen warnings and a temp ban already under their belt. Want a picture? Poster posted one themselves in the usual place. And so proud of it, too. I also don't appreciate accusations / hostility towards our mods here after they do their job by taking out the trash. Don't do this again, please.
  4. Mordeth

    My Third Map- Treacherous Tunnels

    Moved thread to appropriate forum.
  5. Mordeth

    Favorite Source Port

    Menu > Options > Key Bindings > Basic Movement > Toggle Autorun. Default is capslock to always autorun.
  6. Mordeth

    Mordeth - FEB'97 version



    The first six levels of the Mordeth TC, with lots of new monsters and great playability! Please refer to the Mordeth Home Page for extensive information about all features.
  7. Mordeth

    Is asking questions about Hexen allowed?

    Yes, Hexen and other doom-likes are allowed here.
  8. There's a typo in your 'about me' url (double slash) thus causing a 404 error.

  9. Mordeth

    Gardeners of Doomworld

    Google Image says this is a poppy flower, possibly Australian Shirley variant.
  10. Mordeth

    Gardeners of Doomworld

    Crocuses are spring flowers, and one of the first to emerge after winter. So no. Judging from he picture it looks more like onion-type flowers: large stem carrying a sphere of tiny flowers.
  11. Mordeth

    How controversial can wads get?

    Since I see @Solek_1312 is posting from Moscow, let me cut straight to the actual question here: if you post anything remotely seen as glorifying the Russian invasion, I will ban you on the spot.
  12. I've just hidden a bunch of posts parroting kremlin speak. Next person parroting kremlin speak will be (temp) banned.
  13. On Jim Flynn's own page the source for Patcher is also listed. Quick look inside reveals what appears to be CLED source code files.
  14. Is there a chance to do the same for CLED ..?
  15. Mordeth

    DBP45: Vrack Botanicals

    I've just split the usual & expected DB drama to a separate thread.
  16. Mordeth


  17. Mordeth

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Last thread: To upload without using attachment space you can upload pictures to https://imgur.com or short videos to https://gfycat.com.
  18. Mordeth

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    A new year, a new thread! Continue your posting here.
  19. Mordeth

    The 2021 Cacowards

    Happy birthday, Doom! Congrats to all the winners and runner-ups of this year's Cacowards! And of course major kudos to the Cacowards team, for pulling this off yet again.
  20. Mordeth

    Map threads removed

    @Yuki The Programmer some of your threads were automatically hidden because you share the same IP as several other accounts posting maps that are not theirs.
  21. Mordeth

    ACS scripts for ending conditions?

    Personal pet peeve: You're still checking roughly 4 times per second to count remaining monsters. You really need that kind of fast response for a switch to become available? Your switch must be SR type with above setup. If you require the enabled switch to be S1 type you can use SetResultValue(0) instead of Terminate for the "inactive_switch" script. This enables the S1 switch to not count as pressed until you switch out the underlying script with SetLineSpecial() for the real one that does stuff.
  22. I tend to lock the player in a small simple area with no or few distractions and the only way out is to figure out how to use the new gizmo. Eg. want to make sure the player knows a barrel can blow up a wall? Drop him in a small simple holding pen and a single barrel near a wall. Eventually the player will shoot the barrel and discover the way out.
  23. Mordeth

    Limit removing problem in Boom

    There's still the map size limit: all architecture seen on a 2D plane in the editor should fit a ~ 32k x 32k box. Break it, and specific sections of the map become no longer able to register collisions of any kind. Eg hitscans don't register on the wall but in some other remote part of the map. It also causes flying monsters with a very high altitude difference to their target to miss their target consistently. There used to be a similar problem with maps containing very long linedefs but this has been fixed. I sometimes still get flying monsters very (very) high up mistargeting the player; this is usually traced to a malformed portal layer.
  24. Mordeth

    Electric Arcs

    You should mention the port(s) this is targeted for.
  25. Are you talking "live editing" of actual engine code, or modifying a level? The latter can be done with the DoomBuilder editor family, latest and current one being "Ultimate Doom Builder". It has a 3D view for editing, so you can see live what you are changing. As far as I know, you can't change geometry lines while in 3D mode.