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  1. Mordeth

    Doom in the browser

    Yeah, I never said that. That is not what this is about. It's about id Software, and now Bethesda, having condoned that common practice in the modding community because the modders were playing fair. But once you break this unwritten rule by going out of your way to enable playing pwads with modified assets without the original IWAD present, there's a good chance some lawyer type will want to step on that. An WAD option lump, recognized by most ports, that tells a port which IWAD it was designed for (if at all) goes a long way into displaying one's "fair play" intentions, even if such a solution is technically and legally inadequate.
  2. Mordeth

    Doom in the browser

    He's not the only one. So far, you could feel "morally right" to upload a recolored Imp sprite with your level. PWADs simply needed the IWAD to run, so you were not distributing (modified) id art to peeps who did not already have those sprites themselves. With FreeDoom acting as its own IWAD, it's technically possible to abuse this and play stuff with (modified) id art present without owning a copy of Doom yourself. And this puts the whole modding scene on rather shaky grounds. It feels to me like a breach of the original understanding between id Software and early modders. And you get to worry if Bethesda or any other of the big name corporations are going to change their policies in regards to this. Don't think this is technically solvable. It's perfectly legal to use a GPL'ed source port and build your own commercial game with it, making all the assets yourself. And, from a modder's perspective, being able to make commercial stuff is pretty cool in its own right. Perhaps, for future mods, source ports could implement an option for a modder to point to the appropriate IWAD. So the PWAD could have a line that reads "iwad=doom2" and the port would know to pick the Doom2 IWAD to run this with. Or "iwad=" means it's stand-alone, so the port will run the mod itself like an IWAD. Absence of this line and you'll need to pick from an IWAD list just like we do now. And if a player overrules "iwad=doom2" and tells the engine to use FreeDoom instead, a simple message could be displayed like in the olden days, telling him he's using a modified version and where to purchase his own copy of Doom. This would mean that the onus of breach would be on individual mods (or individual players) and that other well-intending mods don't get swept up in the possible fallout.
  3. Mordeth

    Add TID

    In normal Doom map format, you can't give Things a tag. However, you add them in by using tools such as CLED (found in Boom editing tools archive). Example: CLED ..\doom2\rmb\test.wad thing(1,128).FLAGS=228 This will change Thing 128 in map01 of test.wad to have a tag of 228. If you look at it again in your map editor, its option/flags fields are 'jumbled'. Don't change it, it's just that the editor is now confused. Best practice (that I've found) is to work/build an unedited level, and add the tags with CLED after nodesbuilding. You'll note that without a source port that makes sense of tagged Things you still can't actually make use of that in normal vanilla Doom gameplay. [EDIT]: Above involves not TID, but tag. To give a tagged Thing a TID in a port such as Eternity (Doom format maps) is to use its ExtraData feature, which is basically an instruction textfile that can change your tag 228 into a TID, eg: mapthing { recordnum 228; type DoomImp; options "easy normal hard"; tid 100 } This takes the thing with tag 228 and changes it into a DoomImp with a TID of 100. Condition is that your original Thing has to be an ExtraData object thing.
  4. Mordeth

    can polyobjects be reused anyhow?

    You can re-use the polyobject construction, but still need to have individual anchor/set points. Additional difficulty: the position of the re-used polyobject is that of the first used setpoint offset by the positioning of your re-used pair of anchor/set point. This makes positioning incredibly messy / complicated and really not worth the trouble. Tested this once in EE.
  5. Mordeth

    How does one make high quality sprites

    He once had a tutorial to give a zombieguy a big belly, but it seems to have disappeared? Would love a link to that.
  6. Mordeth

    How do people lose the source code to their own game?

    I used to store backups on a different drive. That proved to be insufficient when a burglar made off with the machine.
  7. Mordeth

    Doom Anthology?

    Reported for warez, link removed.
  8. Weird, how the EU is somehow this unstable wreck you're painting it to be but, in your words, somehow survived a sovereign debt crisis, a migrant crisis and structural defects crisis and a worldwide fascist surge all at the same time. And, yet it is still here..? But hey, to quote our UK friends over the last forty or so years: any year now. And then you get to tell me, "I told you so". So exciting.
  9. Mordeth

    Demons aka Mortally Challenged

    Finding assholes on my forum really grinds my gears, so it's not advisable to keep at it.
  10. Real Life stuff, including landing a new job, has been holding my attention for these past few months so there have been very little creative juices left for my favorite pastime. So, I've kept busy with mostly 'technical' stuff, including rewriting scripts.


    However, I've also turned my attention to monster sprites. Currently busy with several variations (Imps, Lost Soul) based on their Doom64 counterparts but vanilla'fied to my needs (WIP image linked below). Based on how well this goes I might be able to commission the more difficult stuff (human zombies) to a professional who actually knows how to sprite.


    Also, at long last, encounters are being implemented. Stuff I envisioned long ago but just couldn't implement at the time has finally become possible. Level details are being filled in; replaced if need be. And there's stuff that's seriously in need of attention (E2M2...) because I'm holding out for certain better / improved Eternity features.




    1. Memfis


      Are you going to use both imp versions at the same time?

    2. Mordeth


      @Memfis No. Above screenshot is from an earlier WIP test to see how the new sprite holds up to the regular one. Main difficulty, apart from the palette adjustments, is to reduce detail so the new higher-resolution sprite does not look totally out of place next to vanilla stuff. I've found that's about 0.7 scale max for monsters.

    3. Memfis


      Ohh, it's great to hear that you're thinking about the harmony in detailing. I've seen so many projects where hi-res stuff clashed with the original graphics badly.

  11. You should also post this on the ZDoom forums so it has more chance of being picked up by the devs.
  12. Duplicate post of I've closed this one.
  13. Mordeth

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    Nope. Can't say I've seen it used in ages. Although I'm using it quite extensively for the reasons mentioned, still using ancient tools like deutex to create the lumps.
  14. Mordeth

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    Perhaps a mapinfo-like feature where you can set the TEXTUREx lump you would like to use for that level only. The engine can then (re)construct the texture set, without it overwriting a different TEXTUREx lump for a different level...? But then again, it is not difficult to come up with a texture/patch naming standard for different contributors during development.
  15. Mordeth

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    Nowadays, the point is not to save disk space but to be able to combine existing patches into a new texture. So you don't have to open up your graphics editor of choice and create a brand new texture every time you need a new variation, and you especially don't have to redo a metric shitton of graphics whenever you replace or improve a patch.
  16. Mordeth

    GZDoombuilder slow down on big maps

    Please tell me you meant to write *sidedefs* instead of linedefs...
  17. Mordeth

    GZDoombuilder slow down on big maps

    Current in-progress level is 28981 vertices, 38176 linedefs, 60892 sidedefs, 6042 sectors and 727 things. That last number should be taken with a large dose of salt; mapspots (usually numbering a few hundred) are spawned-in at map load in-game. Biggest level so far tallies 32684 vertices, 43200 linedefs, 71037 sidedefs (yay for sidedef compression..!) and 6863 sectors. While initial texture loading takes a fair amount of time (sometimes up to 1,5 minutes), switching modes is instant. This using gzdoombuilder Occasionally I use gzdb-bugfix or doombuilderX for UDMF experimentation. No third party addons (I think); draw distance in visual mode maxed out; on an Intel Core duo cpu 3.00 GHz with 4 GB of RAM...
  18. Mordeth

    GZDoombuilder slow down on big maps

    Turn off 'fancy' features, such as lights or textured floorplans in editing mode. If you have 3rd party add-ons, maybe try and turn them off as well. My maps are typically 'a bit' larger than the ones you're working with, and I don't experience the slowdowns you describe with gzdoombuilder (although I use an older version), even on this older machine.
  19. Mordeth

    Anyone know a good conveyer belt tut?

    Take a look at Doomworld's Boom Editing Tutorials tutorials, which Linguica for some reason unlinked from the rest of the site. The information you want is under the "scrolling effects" section.
  20. Mordeth

    Blood is on sale @ GOG

    While Blood is a masterpiece, Blood2 - The Chosen is not. What made Blood fun to play is just not there in its sequel. That said, Blood2 does have its moments and set pieces to remember. The main cons? The enemy roster has annoying elements, such as cussing humans and an abundance of annoying imp-like spitting monsters that for some reasons spin like a carousel for their melee attack. The armor system does not seem to protect you from harm at all, often evaporating from fulll to zero in a single big hit. And the weapon loadout is tricky: it's too easy to pick up the 'wrong' weapons which will make combat pretty tedious / impossible in the later levels. Some monsters can only be dispatched easily with a certain weapon. And some levels are re-used, in an attempt to revisit areas that would be much better served using things such as a hub system. The level design itself is not up to the same level as the original Blood, although it sometimes has its moments. Music is top notch, though.
  21. Mordeth

    Planisphere 2

    Would that bug be hitscan puffs not appearing at the wall you're shooting at? That's very likely due to either breaking the map size limit (editor such as GZDB has an automatic check on that, press F4), or you have a very long linedef somewhere that exceeds 3,5K+ in length - I don't remember the exact size when stuff breaks. The latter is supposed to be fixed in (G)ZDoom.
  22. Mordeth

    Problem with PolyObj textures

    O my... Well, that certainly solves some issues quite nicely... ;)