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  1. Mordeth

    Changing the location of pickup messages

    The Eternity Engine supports this. See the EDF basics. You can use layout and a small selection of colours. The screenshot shows a pickup line that's adjusted a few lines to the middle, centered, and using a brick colour for the 'red' word. [Edit] Keep in mind that this is still a "pickup" message. Meaning, the next item(s) you pick up will either drown out this line, or be displayed below it awkwardly. Or possibly both, haven't tested this myself.
  2. Mordeth

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    To be fair, Grain of Salt gave the max score with just the comment "it's good". That's indeed "not helpful" for those peeps trying to find a WAD to their taste and pretty much warrants the "not helpfull" score.
  3. Mordeth

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    The "condensed" search new posts option now no longer shows the updated threads, but every single new post. This intentional? Also, the search function itself no longer takes wildcards into consideration.
  4. Mordeth

    Commissioning mods?

    Have I mentioned before how much I hate image / gif / meme replies without additional content? Because I really do.
  5. Mordeth

    Commissioning mods?

    And that's where you're wrong. In the past, plenty of times we've seen somebody just scooping up dozens / hundreds of free mods, burning them to a CD/DVD and putting them up for sale as "exclusive content". And you're going to see an increase in that sort of behaviour once there's a normal in-community online market emerging for paid-for mods. Those scammers are not in it for the duration, but rather do a hit-and-run hiding behind anonymous handles, rake in the suckers, and after being banned will repeat it again under a different handle. And again, no, that sort of behaviour isn't likely to come from somebody who is specifically commissioned to create said content. Because commissioning is, like I said before, a completely different beast.
  6. Mordeth

    Commissioning mods?

    Commissioning assets is fine. But selling mods opens a Pandora's Box. Once money is involved, expect lots of unscrupulous folk taking other people's freely released mods without credit, and selling it off as their own.
  7. Mordeth

    Archvile wont res until death state ends?

    I assume you took Empyre's advice and are using a KILL type ACS script? Instead of doing the fading with that script, create a 'fade' decorate state and do a setactorstate() for that monster to this state in your script instead.
  8. Mordeth

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Never use sectors for detailing if you can get away by using a (custom) texture instead.
  9. I've been working on lots of odds and ends since the last status update. So many I'll probably forget to mention a few of those here.


    Let's see... upgraded the breakable glass feature from 4 distinct states to a satisfactory 14; introduced more & customized debris for other breakable stuff; repainted several textures and trimmed obsoleted stuff from the resource WAD; detailing / refining / correcting lots of small stuff in existing levels. Also redid the "jumping monster" logic, which is now in a acceptable usable state. Current mapping focus is on E2M4, which is taken shape nicely. And while keeping a sharp eye on @printz's polyobject-portal developments.


    With the latest Eternity Engine update, it's finally possible to customize pickups thanks to EE dev @Altazimuth. So, I went ahead and... revamped the armor system for E2. Regular green armor now gives 50% and can be stacked to 200%; armor bonuses now give 2% extra. However, regular armor has a lousy absorption rate. So, I'm introducing a RPG-like element in the form of "armor tokens". The more you collect of these items over the course of the episode, the better your armor absorption is going to be. A form of permanent upgrade for your marine. If you already experienced OCD over the intermission 'secrets' tally, you can now worry about the 'items' tally as well. Whee! Going to run with this setup for a while; see if it performs satisfactory.

    1. Marn


      You're a friggin' madman <3

  10. Mordeth

    How Would I Add Footstep Sounds if I'm Using UDMF?

    Sure. The GitHub link, right below the one you tried.
  11. Mordeth

    How to make 3d floors with multiple shapes?

    Buildings made from linked portal layers can be destroyed. Or at least, they can in Eternity. The thing to remember is: a linked portal boundary plane is fixed. And the lower section's ceiling height has to match the upper section's floor height. So, if you tag sectors with a linked portal id but the lower section's ceiling height is lower than the portal boundary and the upper section's floor height is above the portal boundary, the linked portal there won't display and it appears for all intents and purposes regular geometry. But, if you in-game then proceed to raise the lower section's ceiling to above the portal boundary and lower the upper section's floor to below the portal boundary, the linked portal will appear and your solid floor/ceiling there is gone. I'm using this myself to destroy floor/ceilings so the player can fall through the floor in the room below. Because each portal plane is separate piece of geometry, doing this for several building layers requires the same effort except repeated a few times.
  12. Mordeth

    How to make 3d floors with multiple shapes?

    Suggestion: don't use 3DFloors but use portals instead. (G)Zdoom has them, and they are supremely suited to build rooms above rooms.
  13. Mordeth

    Jim Flynn

    "A Memory of Titan"
  14. Mordeth

    Jim Flynn

    This is sad news. I had been hearing about his deteriorating health over the years, but you still hope for the best. My condoleances to his next of kin, and thanks to @Lee Killough for informing us.
  15. Mordeth

    Wavy Water

    Moved post to 'Doom Editing'.
  16. ZDoom doesn't always render vanilla tricks correctly, so don't use it to check out these example levels. For popular vanilla levels ZDoom resorted to use hardcoded corrections or conversions.
  17. Holy fucking hell, it's prower. Welcome back, mate!
  18. Mordeth

    Script producing the wrong results

    Thing_Spawn: So the question is, are you mapping in UDMF format or not?
  19. Mordeth

    3D Floors and Performance.

    Um, yeah, you can build a skyscraper with each floor having windows right above or below the one in the other plane. And you can attach different portals to the lower, middle and/or upper part of a linedef (using edge portals). Disclaimer: talking strictly about Eternity's original implementation. I don't know how zdoom does things. This is solid advice. Use the regular level geometry to your advantage. This is another advantage of portals: it's actual level geometry, with all the usual rules, while 3D Floors are placed afterwards in a sector already rendered (the overdraw issue mentioned above in the video link). But like said before: both have their uses and strength/weaknesses in a given situation.
  20. Mordeth

    3D Floors and Performance.

    Why not? Not sure what you mean by 'windows', though.
  21. I've spent some time exploring the EE-UDMF mapping format. It offers some more options for polyobject portals in particular that EE-DOOM format just does not provide. While seeing this stuff in small test setups makes you all giddy, it mostly is still too iffy to use in actual maps. Too many random visual / gameplay glitches, especially near other portals. Still, this stuff looks promising especially for a WIP... I wonder where the EE devs will be able to take this.


    Part of the experimentation included the manual conversion of a smaller level to EE-UDMF format. Whelp. I sure do not look forward to the absolutely enormous task of doing the same for the other, much larger levels. Will probably have to write my own custom tool in order to keep myself sane during that process.


    Not that I'm switching right now. There's no reason, yet.

  22. Mordeth

    3D Floors and Performance.

    The only limitation (EE) portals have is the available mapping space in your editor of choice. Moving polyobject-portals are currently still a bit iffy. For "open world" levels your best strategy is to approach the level as a cake. Each layer represents 128-192+ units of height, and you try to fit your map geometry in such a way that it makes the most use of these 'default' portal layers. The more layers you use, the smaller your level will have to be since you're using up the available mapping space. For details (mostly in buildings) you can use additional portals. For furniture-like details, you can use edge portals to great effect. Only geometry that requires lots of different 3D heights (such as 3D stairs) are much easier to set up with 3D Floors.
  23. What gzdoombuilder did for some stuff (eg action + argument), is to expand on the searchbox field in the search window (F3). So a proposed UI would be the ability to put in for the eg tag field "10" something more like ">=10 && <=15". Much more important is to ability to search for custom fields. This is now completely missing (in any editor) and can't be seen unless you bring up the editor box for each individual sector. So things like selecting all the sectors affected by portal id = 10 becomes an absolute nightmare in UDMF format. Although leaving this functionality to plugins is fine. In DBX, a highlighted sector is highlighted by a (default) yellow gloss over its bordering linedefs. GZDB does this yellow gloss for the entire sector surface, but only a linedef border highlight for a broken sector. Also: you mentioned GZDB visual mode and normal DBX visual mode. Despite setting the shortcut key ( Q vs W) the GZDB visual mode never activates (both in ee-doom as in ee-udmf map format) while normal visual mode works as expected.
  24. There's a program called "doomword" that let's you create graphics with words in doom-style font. It's what I use, at least.
  25. Same as gzdoombuilder then. Problem: gzdoombuilder used to compress similar sidedefs regardless of tag presence which, as you can imagine, broke a lot of stuff. Maxed added a flag to prevent it packing sidedefs containing any tag. Feature request: ability to search for linedefs/sectors with a certain tag range. Eg. select all linedefs with tags between 50 and 60. Feature request (UDMF): ability to search for values for a linedef or sector's custom fields. Feature request: when highlighting a sector in sector mode, use floodfill for the highlighted sector and a border highlight for a broken/unclosed sector. Yes, just like gzdoombuilder. This helps greatly to quickly find these kind of errors.