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  1. Mordeth

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Last thread: To upload without using attachment space you can upload pictures to https://imgur.com or short videos to https://gfycat.com.
  2. Mordeth

    how do i change my password here

    If you don't get the verification email you should contact me.
  3. Mordeth

    2023 Cacowards

    This is me, every year :)
  4. Mordeth

    2023 Cacowards

    Removed a post complaining about banned peeps not being allowed to participate anymore. No more derailing of this thread.
  5. Mordeth

    Share Your Sprites!

    The beta lost souls are also present in WAD form for those source ports that have beta emulation, eg Eternity Engine. You can find the sprites in the base\doom\eternity.pke file, which I guess is a bit more convenient that doing the work yourself.
  6. Mordeth

    2023 Cacowards

    Happy 30th anniversary everyone! Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups of this year's Cacowards, and a massive thanks to the team that made it all happen!
  7. Mordeth

    Why was I banned

    You used an IP range banned due to mass spam waves. Your account is not banned.
  8. Mordeth

    "DOOM - Romero's worlds" - a book

    You made two topics about this, in different subforums. I'm closing this one and keep the other open.
  9. Instead of solid polyobjects (made up by 1s linedefs) you can also construct polyobjects made up from 2s linedefs /w Polyobj_ExplicitLine. See eg this discussion. Made some '3d' doors this way (can't check now), so it's definitely possible.
  10. Ah, I only knew him as Aardappel :)
  11. You get temp locked when using the wrong username / password combination for x amount of times.
  12. Ah, the one people have dubbed the "mordeth bridge" ..? Tried searching for author's name on /idgames but came up empty. Would be interesting to look at earlier levels that featured this.
  13. Mordeth

    Slow-Down Rotating PolyObject

    If you really want to stop your polyobject at a specific angle, you can use a variable to store the (expected) angle and compare this expected value with the value you want it to be after stopping, then do one RotaterRight with the calculated diifference. As far as I know there's no function to just get a polyobject angle.
  14. If you're talking about the midtexture-style bridges: those were invented and pioneered by Adelusion and Fingers and first showed up in Dystopia and later Requiem.
  15. Mordeth

    Slow-Down Rotating PolyObject

    If you want to wait for a polyobject action to finish, don't use Delay but PolyWait. The "OR" variants of polyobject functions allow for multiple (additive) actions, but only if ALL of the actions working on your polyobject are of that type. There are no single functions that ramp up/down the speed of an action, but you should be able to slow down a rotation started by an "OR" function by adding an "OR" rotation in the opposite direction..? Although have never tried that, and always went waiting for an action to finish and resuming with a lower speed.
  16. This dates all the way back to Boom. By messing with the thing's flags (normally used for skill settings and various options) you could 'extend' this to mean more stuff. Including giving a monster a TID. Eg: CLED ..\doom2\rmb\test.wad thing(4,134).FLAGS=9003 This gives for this wad thing with index 134 on map 4 a flag of 9003. This number acts as its recordnumber.. In EE, you can now use ExtraData to define the monster: mapthing { recordnum 9003; type "FlayerDropOffSilent"; options "easy normal hard"; tid 9003 } So the thing with recordnum 9003 becomes a monster type called FlayerDropOffSilent, which appears on all skill settings, and gets a TID of 9003.
  17. In Doom Format, unlike UDMF, you cannot give a TID to a monster in the usual way. For this you need to use the Boom editing utility CLED, a CMD based 16-bit tool (so use of dosbox required) or SLADE. Your regular map editor may or may not respect your monster's new flag.
  18. Mordeth

    Button sticking when pressed [SOLVED]

    That works for monsters. Never set player's health by SetActorProperty, use HealThing instead.
  19. Mordeth

    Why is Sir Robin's Castle on Doomworld?

    Doomworld used to host peep's personal pages. When Doomworld moved away from Telefragged the new setup didn't allow for this unless given access to the whole of Doomworld itself - obviously a no-go. These sites, including mine, remain mostly for 'historic purposes' or pure laziness.
  20. Mordeth

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    We're done here. [Edit] Re-opened on OP's request. They are looking for recommendations for what to do or not to do when making one's own source port. I'd suggest sticking to that specific topic.
  21. Mordeth

    Doom-Columbine Research

    This subject is not allowed here. We do not condone linking mass shooters to this community in any way.
  22. Mordeth

    How do you do secrets the "right" way?

    That's mostly because mappers tend to chuck a secret in rather haphazardly because they think it's fun and don't think about the (design) consequences. Say, putting some ammo into a destroyable crate. But that means that once your players find out they can get some ammo from that one particular crate, they will proceed to try and break every other crate they will encounter from there on out, even if that ammo crate was meant as a one-off secret.
  23. Removed link to abandonware site and the inevitable copyright discussion.
  24. Mordeth

    rotating door fallout vault style

    I've also seen this done in GZDoom with a camera texture as door.