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  1. So, popular opinion (meaning, 8 peeps) has it that this space will be used for Mordeth E2 status updates. Very well.


    Lots of stuff in E2 is breakable, from animated ventilation fans to computer screens to glass windows. Some of this breaks at first impact; other stuff (notably the glass windows) crack progressively after initial damage and only shatter after sufficient damage has been dealt to it. Hitscan attacks are registered by the linedef itself; blast damage however was registered by likewise-tagged custom mapspots. Those mapspots also served to provide the x, y and z coordinates plus byteangle orientation to spawn the appropriate debris objects after destruction (eg. glass shards or metal shrapnel).


    Problem is, putting down those mapspots and using CLED / ExtraData to assign them to the proper ID / action is a lot of hassle. Especially when you typically have a few hundred of them for each map. So wouldn't it be nice if I could, like, NOT have to place mapspots..?


    Enter the new ACS functions GetLineX() and GetLineY(). With these, I can retrieve the X and Y coordinate plus deduct byteangle from the tagged linedef itself, without the need for an existing mapspot. The Z coordinate I can get by tagging the adjacent sector with the same tag and using GetSectorFloorZ(). The different types of breakable stuff I can currently only handle by making use of tag ranges.


    This means I only have to tag linedefs within a certain tag range and have a corresponding ExtraData field to assign a similar ID and action to the linedef. I can then use ACS to automatically spawn in the appropriate mapspots within the first second of gameplay. This is also future-proof, when (or rather: "if" ) there's going to be a doom to UDMF-EE format conversion tool.


    So these last few days has been spent tweaking the new scripts and reporting the inevitable bugs to the EE folks. Today I've started to convert the first map (E2M3) to the new system.

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      Why not post updates like this in your Mordeth website? Just to revive it.

    2. Mordeth

      I've lost my credentials. Yes, sure, Linguica could probably set me up now that Doomworld is independently hosted but so far I haven't really felt the need.

  2. I wonder if I could (should?) use this newfangled "status update" thingy to give small updates on what I've been working on that day?

    1. esselfortium


      That'd be great! I imagine a lot of folks here would be interested :)

  3. Bump. Consider a vertical (north-south) linedef with a certain TID: int x = GetLineX( tid, 0.5, 16.0 ); int x1 = GetLineX( tid, 0.5, -16.0 ); int y = GetLineY( tid, 0.5, 0.0 ); int y1 = y; SpawnForced( "DoomImp", x, y, z, tid, byteangle ); SpawnForced( DoomImp", x1, y1, z1, tid, byteangle ); This will spawn an Imp to the left and right of this linedef centre. So far so good. Now let's try the same with a horizontal (east-west) linedef: x = GetLineX( tid, 0.5, 0.0 ); x1 = x; y = GetLineY( tid, 0.5, 16.0 ); y1 = GetLineY( tid, 0.5, -16.0 ); SpawnForced( "DoomImp", x, y, z, tid, byteangle ); SpawnForced( DoomImp", x1, y1, z1, tid, byteangle ); And now the two Imps are spawned on top of eachother. Sounds like GetLineY does not handle its third argument correctly, while GetLineX does as expected.
  4. Is there a way to disable avatars?
  5. A port compatible version is available here. Use the two WAD and the DEH file with your favorite port of choice.
  6. Thanks again for the kind words, Jonathan. Time sure flies, and I consider myself lucky that people still hold E1 in high regards.
  7. Some of the Gothic crew joined the Mordeth project afterwards, aiming to make a Gothic single-player episode. Apart from a few level scraps that never panned out.
  8. Isn't 'showing portal map overlays on the automap' a togglable option right now? So peeps can already choose themselves if they want option 1 or 2. Perhaps make this available for a keybinding.
  9. I do my taxes online, as with almost everything else when dealing with banks, insurance or government. This thanks to a national electronic signature ID system. This also means most of my finances are already known by the IRS. Taxes are due April 1st; I'll wait until the start of March, see if there's no bugs mentioned in the news (this sometimes happens due to new legislation not having been processed correctly). By this time most of my information has already filtered down to the IRS databanks and all that's left for me is basically to double check the numbers before setting my electronic signature and pressing submit.
  10. Not to fan the flames, but that did happen to me when GZDoom switched from 1.x to 2.x. and my old-ass no-longer-supported graphics driver could not cope. Grilling did not happen.
  11. People at the time were complaining about it. Like, why claim this level is 'zdoom only' if the only thing that makes it non-vanilla are those two green particle fountains in your nukage pool?
  12. A large dose of luck. And I don't mean that in a condescending way. All you really need is momentum. Enough people who use your port and who mod for it, generating interest. Including from tool makers, who go and introduce eg. Doom Builder support specifically for your port. And this pool of people holds your knowledge base for newbies' editing questions, and generate mods that serve as inspiration for others. At crucial times, ZDoom happened to introduce features that attracted players. If you remember, one of the early ZDoom WAD waves to hit /idgames were basically vanilla levels with some particle fountains thrown in. People *loved* their particle fountains. For features the developers took stuff that they saw was popular elsewhere in other games, as opposed to other most ports post-Boom which were created with some specific goals in mind. Also helpful is that the ZDoom developers did not wait until such a feature was 100% complete but introduced it at, say, 80% usefulness and worried about completing / fixing it later. Once you get enough people playing and modding it will generate its own feedback loop to sustain and grow interest. Now the only thing you need to do is not fuck up (by eg. developer quarrels) and bingo: community standard port. There could be an absolute KILLER source port released tomorrow but that would not be enough to 'steal' (G)ZDoom's place. Because people would have to learn how to edit for it, without custom tools, without support from a community, with no help, without knowing if people would actually be interested in playing their mod, without anything to play that shows off this killer port's features.
  13. Spawns a friendly marine, because "Give A Friend".
  14. Holy hell, he's alive..!