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  1. Mordeth

    Help again (serious)

    Think OP means the make his new monsters visible in the editor as a thingtype that can be selected from the menu? UDB can read decorate files. If not (like it doesn't with EE) you'll have to manually add them to (a copy of) the UDB config files. You can find those in the folder Configurations and Includes.
  2. Mordeth

    How many LGBTQIA+ people are here?

    Yeah, you're on my list now.
  3. Mordeth

    What keeps Doom modding alive?

    I'm pretty versed in Doom mapping, but Build stuff still seems like black magic to me. Doesn't help that the overal build community doesn't have the updated modern tools we are so spoiled to have.
  4. Adding to previous comment, you can also use SetLineSpecial to zero out other line triggers. If you're worried about multiplayer, use a map variable to check if something has run already or not.
  5. I reupload my game. ReBoot Doom Adventure Game.


    Thank you for your help.

  6. Mordeth

    Does anybody still use DeuTex?

    I'm still using DeuTex v3.6 to build my texture / pnames lumps from textfiles.
  7. Mordeth

    Help to Unban account

    Contact me and provide details. Peeps who got caught in an IP spamfilter can be whitelisted. Peeps who got banned for their behaviour are very likely to remain banned.
  8. Mordeth

    Help Debugging Script for a Drill

    Sectors can't do two similar things at the same time. You either lower a sector's floor or raise it, but not both. You need to wait on the sector's action to be completed before doing something new. So: use TagWait(tid).
  9. Mordeth

    Why wasn't Linux Doom adopted as the standard?

    The released doom source was originally for Linux. So for the first 3rd party engine modifications this was first ported to DOS. Hence why we're talking about "source ports" to this day, instead of "source / engine mods".
  10. Mordeth

    Every GZDoom Game on Steam

    That's because it's a known chatbot (and now banned).
  11. Mordeth

    What was I banned for and how did I get unbanned?

    You probably used a VPN / IP that got banned due to spam abuse. Next time this happens: note your IP, message me and I'll add that IP to the whitelist.
  12. Mordeth

    Anyone have customer support numbers?

    Report these posts as spam. They'll be auto-moderated after a short while.
  13. This attitude is... something else. It's a one-time action to just turn off that option yourself.
  14. We're done here. Some peeps best not show up in my report inbox for a while.
  15. It seems that the last couple of days several new users are not getting their verification emails. Changing email and/or resending the verification does not seem to help; nor does there seem to be a pattern in this. If you're having this issue and it doesn't resolve itself within a day or two, please PM me (Mordeth) to look into this and have you approved manually. I have the same username on Reddit; dw_mordeth on Discord.