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  1. Mordeth

    [Moved] Mordeth stuff thread split

    Moved the (accidental) derailment of BTSX E3 thread to new thread. You can see the train arriving. Doors open, you enter. Door closes, the train leaves the station. You can see it dwindling in the distance; the next station approaching. Try not to get eaten by zombies while you gawk. Doors open, and you've arrived at a different station on the other side of the same map. It does return trips. A schedule at your platform informs you with a running clock when the next train arrives. No moving polyobject-portal used. This predates it by years. It even predates the inclusion of (workable) ACS in Eternity, with the movement of the train controlled by Boom scrollers. I've described the technique here before: a set of non-Euclidean linked portals, (un)masked by anchored portals, both for station as the subway tunnel.
  2. Mordeth

    [Moved] Mordeth stuff thread split

    Those are from a 'map doodle' sprung around the initial test map for moving usuable subways, and then expanded on to experiment with an urban setting. The upper portals simply weren't implemented yet. It's eventually going to end up as a map for E4; while the subway is used in E2.
  3. I'd use a different approach. Give the projectile a damage mod (eg 'ouchy'), and Doomplayer a custom pain state for that damage mod ('pain.ouchy'). In this custom state you can call a script that does the wanted 'open wounds' stuff to its activator (tid = 0, the Doomplayer that called the script).
  4. Mordeth

    Favorite Source Port?

    While EE aims to be able to play Heretic/Hexen, I don't think it will have vanilla demo support for these games.
  5. I've not tried this myself, but "AmmoClip" is defined as an "artifact": artifact AmmoClip { artifacttype Ammo maxamount 200 interhubamount -1 ammo.backpackamount 10 ammo.backpackmaxamount 400 } So in theory you could make up your own artifact ammo type and use that as a base. Thing is, it wouldn't show up on your HUD ?
  6. Mordeth

    Features and improvements since Eternity 4.00.00

    Just FYI: impassible linked portals were already possible. See the sector "portalflags" properties.
  7. Mordeth

    Doomworld getting spammed by asian posts

    Just report a username. Don't bother reporting all the posts from the same user; they'll be removed as spam automatically.
  8. I too would be interested. I've been told Slade does this, but attempts to make this trigger by intentionally including a vanilla patch didn't generate a warning.
  9. Mordeth

    Enjoyable Pistol

    Intended as an EDF practice run, I've made a quick & dirty variation on Perkristian's 'Smooth Weapons' mod for the Eternity Engine earlier, which you can find linked somewhere in its forum here on Doomworld, with the modifications I described above. Chaingun has a windup and winddown mode, which passes quick enough not to feel that different while preventing tap-sniping (ok, how do we even call this quirk here?). Well, at least not that different to non-demo scene plebs like me. Pistol has accurate first shot, and less spread than normal on subsequent shots. I've played around with it for a while and found myself switching back to pistol in some situation (fodder enemies, long distance sniping enemies, conserving ammo). Normally I would have continued using the chaingun and its tap-sniping ability instead. And it's not like you can't use the chaingun anymore for this, it's just that you'll waste more ammo doing it. And I kinda like the pistol getting a useful 'niche' use, just like you would occasionally revert to the chainsaw despite having better weaponry. Then again, I don't feel strongly enough about this to consider making it the new default.
  10. Stick to English, please.
  11. Mordeth

    Enjoyable Pistol

    Quick look: pistol does bfg shots instead? Yeah no. A serious look on the pistol: it gets replaced by the chaingun, because it's much easier and faster to achieve simple accurate 'sniper' shots by staccato firing of the chaingun. You need to take this ability away from the chaingun, and let accurate shots be the sole domain of the pistol. You could do this by giving the chaingun a windup and/or a winddown animation. First two shots can still be accurate, but staccato firing is now much harder to pull off. Add in a tiny boost in pistol animation, and the pistol is now the preferred weapon of choice for long distance sniper shots.
  12. Mordeth

    Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Discord

    @Ermin The next report of you harassing members, anywhere, will result in a stronger response than a mere warning.
  13. Mordeth

    Doom 1 Doesn't Hold Up Anymore

    Doomers in general tend to hate vanilla-looking monsters that don't act vanilla. But some randomness would spice things up, like some Heretic / Hexen monsters do.
  14. Mordeth

    Automap Question

    Yes, you need to grab it from the last stable release.
  15. This includes collision. Although you can also choose to make a setup purely for visual effects (using not linked, but anchored edge portals).