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  1. Mordeth

    The 2019 Cacowards

    At this point, I fear a release might break the universe in some horrible way... :)
  2. Mordeth

    The 2019 Cacowards

    Happy birthday, Doom! Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups of this year's Cacowards, and mad props to our Cacoward team for another terrific write-up.
  3. Mordeth

    open world-esque doom wads

    That would be Planisphere.
  4. Mordeth

    Romero Interview in The Guardian

    Did The Guardian ask his opinions on BRutal EXtinction International Tournament..?
  5. Mordeth

    Bizarre, Inconsistent Signal 11 Crashes (PrB+

    What I usually do in these kind of situations (for the Eternity Engine) is to test the same version of the engine against older development builds of the mod, and see if any changes in the mod triggers this crash. If not, I'd test the latest mod version against older development builds of the engine, and see at which point this behavior got introduced. This usually helps the developers pin down the (what I think is a ) memory leak a lot faster.
  6. Mordeth

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Those forums are under completely separate administrations, so that would be fine.
  7. Mordeth

    Cant find spider web sprites or models.

    Adding to the suggestions above: Hexen, Blood. Latter also has various complete spider spritesets.
  8. They have a 'stony' look and feel to them, instead of living flesh. It also hasn't filled in the implied details as well as with other sprite sets (notably the Imp's teeth, Mancubus mouth).
  9. Mordeth

    Teleports for Boom Format doom 2

    The Doomworld Editing Tutorials -- Boom -- Teleports
  10. Much appreciated, will check out later.
  11. Really? Would love a few links. As for Duke3D (or rather: eDuke): there's Bottles to the Ground, AMC Pleaser (from same author as Roch); Alpha City, which has a very weak subway start area but improves greatly after; Welcome Home (whome.map), a short solid romp; a big city map called Filler; and a pretty recent comeback by well-known author Merlijn van Oostrum with a huge destroyed city map called Collapse, or 'Shaky Grounds pt1: Apocollapse'; and It Lives, an attempt at a haunted hospital. Found at the repository and/or the usual duke3d sites.
  12. Just removed some inflamed posts. Keep on topic, please.
  13. "Non-linearity" for me entails that the player can have a choice in how to tackle that map's progression. The most obvious example is an exit requiring a red and blue key and those keys being held in two separate buildings, giving the player the choice where to go first. But even in cases where the progression roadblocks are fixed (eg: red key first, that gives you access to blue key, etc) you can still give the player multiple paths to go about it. A good non-linear map does so without the player obsoleting (major) parts of such a level after choosing an approach option.
  14. Mordeth

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Out of curiosity, what texture set is this?
  15. Mordeth


    Too late.