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  1. Mordeth

    ACS scripts for ending conditions?

    Personal pet peeve: You're still checking roughly 4 times per second to count remaining monsters. You really need that kind of fast response for a switch to become available? Your switch must be SR type with above setup. If you require the enabled switch to be S1 type you can use SetResultValue(0) instead of Terminate for the "inactive_switch" script. This enables the S1 switch to not count as pressed until you switch out the underlying script with SetLineSpecial() for the real one that does stuff.
  2. I tend to lock the player in a small simple area with no or few distractions and the only way out is to figure out how to use the new gizmo. Eg. want to make sure the player knows a barrel can blow up a wall? Drop him in a small simple holding pen and a single barrel near a wall. Eventually the player will shoot the barrel and discover the way out.
  3. Mordeth

    Limit removing problem in Boom

    There's still the map size limit: all architecture seen on a 2D plane in the editor should fit a ~ 32k x 32k box. Break it, and specific sections of the map become no longer able to register collisions of any kind. Eg hitscans don't register on the wall but in some other remote part of the map. It also causes flying monsters with a very high altitude difference to their target to miss their target consistently. There used to be a similar problem with maps containing very long linedefs but this has been fixed. I sometimes still get flying monsters very (very) high up mistargeting the player; this is usually traced to a malformed portal layer.
  4. Mordeth

    Electric Arcs

    You should mention the port(s) this is targeted for.
  5. Are you talking "live editing" of actual engine code, or modifying a level? The latter can be done with the DoomBuilder editor family, latest and current one being "Ultimate Doom Builder". It has a 3D view for editing, so you can see live what you are changing. As far as I know, you can't change geometry lines while in 3D mode.
  6. This new actor needs to have its internal flags set to "dead". Merely being inert and having a Raise state isn't enough to get resurrrected. In GZDoom / EE that flag is "corpse".
  7. Mordeth

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Again: do not nominate your own work.
  8. I've removed your profile picture. Please pick a less offensive one.

  9. Mordeth

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    This. Although peeps have warned you about starting a project without sufficient experience in that matter. It helps with you being firm on theme, texture set and engine target, and have other released level (sets) under your belt.
  10. Mordeth

    It's been like three weeks.

    Doomworld doesn't host your files. That would be the site gamers.org, hosting /idgames. Doomworld provides a frontend for /idgames. If you uploaded your file there, check their incoming or rejection logs.
  11. Mordeth

    Welcome to Doomworld- Introduce Yourself!

    Account is now banned.
  12. Nice troll attempt. Next time you'll be awarded appropriately.
  13. Mordeth

    So, how old are you ?

    Unfortunately, for legal reasons you need to be at least 13 years old before subscribing here.
  14. Mordeth


    Assuming you have an editor in the DoomBuilder family, look at a random 2-sided linedef. The front (1st) side references a sector index, namely the sector that is in front of the linedef. The back (2nd) side references a different sector, namely the sector that is behind the linedef. This field can be edited. If you create a sector A within a sector B and have the linedefs point inwards towards sector A (toggle 'f' in doombuilder to change orientation), you'll notice all the boundary linedefs point their front side to sector A and their back to sector B. A self-referencing sector does not have any of its boundary linedefs point to any other sector than itself. In above example, that would mean that all the linedefs bordering sector A only point to A. To do that, you need to replace the reference to sector B on the back side of those linedefs to sector A.
  15. Mordeth


    Fake 3D bridge, can only be walked over, solid floor texture Fake 3D bridge, can be walked over/under, using midtextures