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  1. Today I finished creating proper glass textures in various stages of breaking. This took way too long. The impromptu placeholder textures I had so far are now being replaced in all maps. So far I'm pretty pleased with the results. Will probably take a few more days before this job is finished.


    Also, it turns out soundsequences can't duplicate the vanilla open-wait-close door sounds. There's no distinction between the 'open', 'wait' and 'close' periods. Meh :/

  2. I just saw BahdKo respond in a thread. Yes, Badhko.


    Do you guys know it was BahdKo was actually introduced me to the greater Doom community? Logging in to the erstwhile main Doom IRC channel with my own name, she told me to pick a *handle*, so I picked the name of my not-yet-released doom project "Mordeth". Much to the amusement of the residents there, considering there was already a guy present there using the handle "Deth"...


    You might think of me, @Linguica and @dukrous as "old-school"; us being founders of Doomworld nearly twenty years ago... but we were not, in fact, "old-school". We were the newcomers, the noobs. There was already a Doom community established at that time, using bulletin boards and the odd separate websites, in the days before Google even existed. TeamTNT already made its fame then, Adelusion and Fingers were the mapping celebrities, the Walnut Creek /idgames repository already established as our central hub.


    And that is why our Doom community still exist today. Because we welcome our noobs, just as this community welcomed the noobs called "Mordeth" and "Linguica" way back then. And in the same spirit, today's Cacowards winners are the people we welcomed to our little community just a few years before.

    1. traversd

      I've wondered at times if Adel is still doing game dev/modding stuff?

  3. From a photon's point of view, he has never traveled. He left his origin and hit his destination at the exact same 'time'.
  4. Last days I did not do much at all due to either lack of time or just plain being tired. Still, the detailing of a major center piece of E2M3 is finished to my liking and I've been occupying myself with several modding odds and ends such as minor tweaks and sound design. For the latter, I usually scrounge sites such as and adapt suitable soundbytes with Audacity to my needs.


    I've still not decided on a few key 'connections' between areas in E2M3, apart from some vague ideas. I'll probably return to this later and shift attention to other levels first.

  5. ...Really?
  6. Duke 3D modding has one major disadvantage: no modern community-made tools. This means you are still stuck using archaic support to make your level with any ports extensions.
  7. Confirmed: this commit fixed this issue.
  8. These past few days I did some much needed cleanup of the E2 ACS scripts. More importantly, I've started detailing a major but old section of E2M3.  And by "old", I mean "ancient". The level is in fact based on two rescued sections of a much older level that first made use of EE's just-released-but-then-unfinished portals. The only other level based on even older stuff is E2M5 of which you might have seen screenshots before ("catwalk suspended over poison basins"), although remade from scratch altogether.


    That's all that survived from the previous pre-portal incarnation of E2. The various type of portals really did transform the way I design levels in such a drastic way that most "finished" stuff was obsoleted instantly.


    Strictly speaking, there's also E3. Yes, that's still a thing too. Two of those levels are now partly rebuild with portals in mind. Although I'm focused on E2, I very occasionally go back to E3 when the inspiration hits me.


    1. Albertoni


      Good luck, man. Good luck. If episode 2 makes me feel one tenth as amazed as your first episode did, I'm nominating you for a cacoward and doing all I can so you'll win it.

  9. The one thing I hate about starting a new job is the training period. Your new company is supposed to break you in the details of their business and system. I have yet to find the company that actually does this properly. Absolute bottom so far is a previous employer, who took two (2) months before assigning me to any team or project, leaving me to fend for myself.
  10. I've (finally) spend some time exploring the new Edge Portals in Eternity. They are basically an existing type of plane portal but unlike normal portals this plane does not need to match its surroundings. The exposed 'edge' is given a new linedef flag for a seamless transition. Hello tables, chairs and stairs :)


    Especially fun if combined with 2-way anchored portals. Unlike linked portals, anchored portals can be moved so you can create stuff like floating 3D platforms that bob up and down. You can even travel from underneath this platform back to the main area; but alas I have yet to find a way to travel from the main area back to the portal.

    1. esselfortium


      I'm eager to see what cool uses you find for these.

    2. printz


      Edge portals are meant for more complex structures than chairs and bridges :) stuff like new passages beneath other passages.

  11. Glad to see the point came through at last..? Next challenge: understanding that no matter which direction was taken, neither approach is by itself superior or inferior to the other. So that we may, at last, finally be rid of your remarks that EE has "no point" in every single thread about it?
  12. Uh huh. That's why the physics (such as is) feel slightly "off" when comparing ports. And mind you - posting this disclaimer for the umpteenth time: that "off" feeling is highly subjective. Personally, I *really* don't get why you seem to always feel the need to pressure others to your side of an argument (which this discussion even isn't). It's completely unnecessary. I play lots of ZDoom mods / levels and enjoying it. Great port. But can people please have their own preferences?
  13. It means that for ZDoom, Doom gameplay comes second after the ability to have feature X. For EE, having feature X comes second after Doom gameplay. It's not like this hasn't been said before.
  14. I prefer an EE forum where each topic is its own thread. Like, what we have right now. If that's accessible right as a subforum under "ports" or on its own on the main forum index page doesn't really matter to me. What either option does for its popularity is just not an issue I'm concerned about. As for EE's niche? It's a Doom engine that happens to have advanced features. Unlike ZDoom, which is an engine with advanced features that happens to play Doom. The difference is subtle and appreciation highly subjective. Also, ZDoom peeps claiming that EE does not have any discernible features are a bit like Facebook claiming that Snapchat does not have a business case. Which is why AutoDoom won't make a difference... at least, not for long.
  15. I actually got more or less the same info from @DavidPH. It had to do (and I'm paraphrasing here) with the fact that scripts are not executed in the exact same order or moment as in the previous tic, plus the fact that a tic does not actually represent an exact or same time period from one iteration to the next. Delay(0) basically means "wait for the next iteration" while delay(1) means "postpone 1 tic". So with delay(1) you're not actually getting a continuation of your loop each and every tic, as you would expect. You get "slippage". The easiest way to see this in-game is to make script to transfer a light level from sector A with some kind of light flicker to a different normal sector B. Basically, in pseudo code: while ( 1 ) { n= GetSectorLightLevel( A ); Light_ChangeToValue( B, n ); delay(1); } You would think this would continuously update sector B's light level to that of A as B's level changes since this is executed every tic, but that is not the case. Choose a "blinking light" effect, and you'll occasionally get sequences of very fast changing light level changes... and they will not propagate to B on time but lag or skip altogether. Choose a delay(0) instead, and B will always match A (with a sharp decrease in performance). Also, I do not think this is the cause of the altered behaviour reported in the original post. I guess the combination of a delay() with polywait() is having some unexpected effect.