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  1. Probably the PE or archvile. I'm being realistic on additions and feel either would fit well with the dynamic of Doom 1. Plus, the archvile had his bas relief on walls all over the place.
  2. That gets a bona-fide lol from this guy. I'd "settle" for a PSX Final Doom Master Levels-Esque map with a playthrough video as well. Before you get too upset, I'm old as hell and need something to buoy my spirits.
  3. Yeah, I figured reality and fantasy are miles apart, but a guy can dream. ;)
  4. At the risk of being THAT GUY, it is my birthday today, and I would be ecstatic to have the next build as a gift. j/k
  5. Job

    Sandy Petersen Reacts to Doom Eternal

    TBQH, I find it to be a hilarious snub (since he helped develop OG Doom, obviously) while also being a stereotypical "geeeeez, dad" moment.
  6. Job

    Are you supposed to kill every demon?

    Doesn't matter. Get through those levels ASAP, kill the IoS, win the game. All the surviving demons are collateral damage anyway per the ending text.
  7. Job

    Sandy Petersen Reacts to Doom Eternal

    This is like a modern-take "Doom's on first?" sketch.
  8. Job

    Cheese tactics!

    Savescumming is my ultimate SSJ3 full-power cheese tactic.
  9. SNES Doom would have words with you.
  10. This question has been on my mind since the release of Doom Eternal. Having played it, and 2016 as well, I never considered this until recently. Imagine for a moment, that Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal existed somehow, in a vacuum and within their own context, outside of classic Doom. Although they borrow heavily from our beloved 90s era Doom, a great deal of their features, approaches to gameplay, etcetera, are unique. Without leaning upon a name that carries the weight of nostalgia, a preexisting fan base and corresponding legitimacy, would these games create their own lasting legacy? Doom was the first to the table in helping bring a new genre (although not necessarily creating it, as some may intimate) to the forefront of public attention, and that was a contributing factor in its legendary status. Would 2016 and Eternal stand on their own or be forgotten within 15 months of product cycle, lost to memory as another "me too?" I have my own opinion, but I'm more interested in hearing yours.
  11. Job

    Do you see the map as it is being created?

    My maps rarely look as good or cohesive as they do in my imagination, unfortunately.
  12. Cloaca getting some much-needed love, I see.
  13. Job

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    With all this talk of the inherent limitations of SNES Doom's game architecture, I'm left wondering if we're trying to modify a ROM, if we're trying to "export" the game and create a sourceport for it (which would obviously create a lot more flexibility at the expense of authenticity)? In my mind, that's the end goal, but I'm curious if that's even being realistic.
  14. I saw @CacodemonTube's video about the unused Doom guy faces in SNES Doom. I'd be really happy to see them restored. If you haven't seen them yet, you should take a look.
  15. Before the "#metoo" movement, that phrase meant something else. It hasn't necessarily been supplanted or removed from the lexicon in this context despite what you may believe. Nice try though. Please don't derail the discussion here.
  16. Job

    arachnovile! UPDATED

    I like it. Santa of Death, pulled by his eight red tomatoes.
  17. Job

    arachnovile! UPDATED

    /waits patiently for an ArchRevenant nobly riding atop a pain elemental
  18. Job

    How do DOOM 2 deaths work?

    The mancubus is actually composed of human corpses sutured together. When a fatal blow is made, the foundation stitch comes undone, effectively unraveling the body.
  19. Job

    "The Dreamlands" Mega Wad - working thread.

    Same. Good sense of place.
  20. I cannot stress how excited I am for the github repository to be finalized. It will take some work and adaptation, but there are a lot of new possibilities thanks to Mr. Linden. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can clarify if it's possible to simplify the tool chain described and whether a free-standing source port would be an option, as opposed to being tied to a ROM/emulator situation. Edit: It will become much clearer once we can pick apart the source code, but it'll be worth documenting all the idiosyncrasies specific to SNES Doom. Cacodemontube already demonstrated some in his videos, but others come to mind. For example, rocket splash damage is huge, plasma rifle shots do nearly a shot gun's worth of damage, BFG cones are far wider and insta-kill, etc.
  21. Job

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    Has there been any developments on this? I heard this might be occurring this week, as well as whispers of tools.
  22. Close. One that just loads Doom 2016 and stops there. That's it.
  23. I changed the difficulty from UV to HMP after dying dozens of times in that lava arena before the first mech. Haven't looked back. I think the game keeps track of deaths, because far later, I randomly got offered the sentinel armor buff. But I turned it down. A man has to keep some measure of pride. Well, I spilled it. What's your guilty conscience carrying?
  24. Job

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    Oh, thanks, I wasn't aware. Can you confirm who the people in this thread should contact, then?