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  1. Job

    DOOM: Anomality

    I got a really strong Unreal 1 vibe from the video.
  2. Job

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    IF a movie is intended as a platform for societal or political commentary, there are far better IPs than Doom to use in pushing that agenda. I really don't care what's between Doom-Person's legs, as long as the script makes an attempt to remain faithful to the franchise. They could shoehorn whomever into the Praetor suit and gender/sex would never be an issue, real or imagined. Hell, just as a troll, they could have Doom-Person pull off their helmet in the last few seconds for a Samus Aran reveal and that would prove how stupid preconceived notions of gender-based competency are.
  3. Job

    Brand New Dark Ambient tracks!

    Can't wait to have a listen. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, @Aubrey Hodges!
  4. Years ago, like back in college, I made a brick and metal hell map where I detailed every brick in the wall. It was called Brick by Brick. An early version of Doom Builder didn't like the detail level, and one day the node builder killed the data. The backup file was so old that I lost motivation. That was the end of Brick by Brick. It would've been pretty sweet if I had gotten to finish it.
  5. "What did it felt like when you guys started mapping?"
  6. Job

    Impromptu Minidido (Project Thread)

    Criminy, are 100 tags really necessary? Unless that's just the range available to the mapper. Definitely interested. This could scratch my ADD mapping itch.
  7. Job

    Most favorite level from Episode 2

  8. Catpho

    Where did the title go :(

    1. Job


      Crap, the system must have automatically changed my title upon hitting 5,650 posts. Time to petition the admins, I guess. :(

  9. Job

    Baron Of Hell VS Revenant

    Depends on who the archvile is friends with.
  10. Job

    3DO Doom, how the wall rendering works

    I didn't really understand most of this, because I was spacing out listening to the speaker's voice. That guy has a gift for relaxing people.
  11. Job

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Definitely the lighting. If it was all a uniform brightness like Wolf3D, the atmosphere would have suffered terribly.
  12. Although mappers may opt to sketch a layout, with today's stable, fluid, flexible editors, it isn't really necessary. These days, the Doom Builder grid is as good, or better, of a sketch pad to conceptualize your map than pen and paper.