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    You'd think fucking a mancubus would be more memorable
  1. It's not really a theme or setting (but kind of is) but give me a double serving of that PS-XXX Doom any day of the week.
  2. Oui, il est très bon.
  3. This is a good tool for helping hone one's technique. I suspect it would be very useful for deathmatch too.
  4. I was just thinking back and I think this one was my first too, not STRAIN.
  5. I want to say STRAIN, but that was years upon years ago.
  6. At work, recovering from swapping the rear axle on my Jeep this weekend. I didn't think I could do it, but I pulled it off. Cool.

  7. Exactly. The whole thing is a feat in and of itself, in spite of whomever is the intended audience.
  8. Regardless of how you feel about it thematically, you have to admire the vision and skill involved to craft the sprites.
  9. Probably "of."
  10. Perhaps as annoying as a regenerating pinky or perhaps even the IoS as it exists in Map30.
  11. The fist can at least be berserked. Meanwhile, the pistol is just hogging ammo that the chaingun could be using.
  12. Eye of Horus. I just finished it today and boy was it long (but fun). You're even prompted to take a break half way through, a warning I should have heeded. Another one that I enjoyed and is currently featured, is one about time traveling to save a base. I forget the name but it cleverly utilized the resources available.
  13. Shotgun. It feels satisfying to use and has good feedback.
  14. Hm. I downloaded and installed Quoth. Pretty cool, except it when I finish the 2nd level, it says there's nothing for e1m3. It looks like mine might be an isolated incident.
  15. If the player is bored, they should load a different map.