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  1. Dis. Iconic, but a garbage level nonetheless. It's an even bigger disappointment over what it could have been in context of its namesake. One gets the impression that the id was running out of steam and time, wanting to get the product shipped.
  2. Evidently, the discussion and practice of ethics is largely the public's self-imposed domain. Less so for corporations, if only because they have a team of lawyers behind them.
  3. In my experience, Doom humor wads usually fail both at being humorous and decent Doom wads.
  4. That's what I can killing a mosquito with a shotgun.
  5. When Bethesda says so.
  6. I can't really think of a nice way to say "all of them."
  7. Well, there goes my lunch. I applaud your effort, but not the STARTAN2.
  8. When I would still drink, over 3 years ago, I would sometimes play a game of Doom while lightly intoxicated. I still have enough of my motor control in place to play decently, but my inhibitions dulled enough to take risks and not really care if I died. There was something zen about dodging melee attacks in the crowds or weaving through streams of fireball from across a courtyard.
  9. Well those are all just terrible.
  10. Settle the age old feud, choose your favorite and explain why!
  11. You can't spell "slaughter" without "laughter." It's all just farcical whimsy. With buckshot and bullets.
  12. Well, now I'm agitated.
  13. I'm still grappling with the shame of letting the community down. You're still owed a Revenant Encounter to follow this:
  14. It is on all of our hands. You On our hands. So, yeah.