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  1. Is there a reason in particular why you added those items to the start on other difficulties? Maybe to compensate for difficulties with the areas that have slowdown issues? I'd only keep them for UV, buta little later in the map or put them in an easy to find secret.
  2. Job

    Twice the demons?

    Nightmare variants, that's how.
  3. Job

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    Manipulating Doom gameplay and programming quirks to dominate in battle. I know it's cheap, but it feels so good.
  4. Job

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    Way to channel a negative situation into something very positive. :)
  5. I can only imagine. It must be extremely challenging to try something even the original developers walked away from. There's a lot of limits and constraints to work with.
  6. Awesome work, everyone, keep it up! It's times like this that I'm really proud of our community. :)
  7. Now all we need is an exhaustive guide on how many kb sectors, vertices and items consume. It'd be really nifty to implement a "memory guesstimate" function to calculate the resources used versus available in the editor.
  8. I've been a fly on the wall during the course of this project thread so far. Frankly, this is absolutely fascinating. I'm also very impressed with the tenacity and ingenuity of the participants. You are doing a very good thing, very well. This is getting my Cacoward nomination, no questions asked.
  9. Does this format limit the number of levels in any way? Or can we have an additional, community-made episode, "Into the Darkness" or at least some secret levels?
  10. This is great, but I'm more interested in a PSX megawad in this engine, featuring member-authored maps. When would something like that be an option?
  11. bring back the tv screen face guy everything else is details
  12. Well, God is Satan's dad, so no. Of course, Doom Guy has the same dad, so if you consider the Omnipotence Paradox, things get kind of messy.
  13. Job

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    I believe what you're referring to was the trigger for an obscure secret, not necessarily a secret level. The puzzle for completing the level is still intact, I believe.
  14. Job

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    Someone after my own heart. Unfortunately, you're right about having a hard time recapturing that sensation. I think it's a combination of improved skill at playing Doom, getting older, and desensitization, generally. That makes me sad to know I'll probably never get that sense of nostalgia again.
  15. Job

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    Take your pick from PSX Final Doom. I can't believe this thread got so far without a mention of it.