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  1. There's absolutely no way I'd Dis Dr. Sleep in this poll.
  2. Job

    Doomiablo 0.2.0 - Diablo & DooM Crossover

    Looks like fun. Is there a beta or playable build yet?
  3. Job

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    My deepest condolences to the Anderson family for your recent losses. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with John, and confirmation of his passing. Although it's likely little comfort, he really was an important, influential person in our community due to his contributions. Others before have said it as well as, or better than, I could what his works meant to us. His Master Levels were a vivid part of my childhood recollections playing Doom. His style was unique and also, in my opinion, managed to represent the perfectly-distilled essence of Doom. The atmosphere captured my young mind and remains a foundational reference point within my own mapping style. Whether he realized it or not, the significance of his canon cannot be overstated. He lives on by the indelible mark he left upon us individually, and as an entire community. He lives on in every Master Levels and Playstation Final Doom disc. He lives on in our memories and our own works. He is passed but not truly gone, but still alive in our reverent remembrance. For some reason, as I read all of this, I felt compelled to share this Final Doom intermission screen as a capstone to this eulogy: Episode 3, PLUTONIA: YOU GLOAT OVER THE CARCASS OF THE GUARDIAN. WITH ITS DEATH YOU HAVE WRESTED THE ACCELERATOR FROM THE STINKING CLAWS OF HELL. YOU ARE DONE. HELL HAS RETURNED TO POUNDING DEAD FOLKS INSTEAD OF GOOD LIVE ONES. REMEMBER TO TELL YOUR GRANDKIDS TO PUT A ROCKET LAUNCHER IN YOUR COFFIN. IF YOU GO TO HELL WHEN YOU DIE YOU WILL NEED IT FOR SOME CLEANING UP.
  4. E4M2 will get the troll vote and probably take the poll because Romero. However, if you really consider it, E4M5 is a solid, if overlooked, map. It's got a dash of later-E3 while being its own thing. The original midi was good (the track for Limbo) and a good fit too. There was a lot of height and depth variation, solid layout, architecture and style overall. In terms of gameplay, there's steady pressure on the player and dynamic combat. The real dark horse of this poll and the correct choice. E4M5 gets mine.
  5. Job

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    The sound the switches make. It's extremely satisfying.
  6. Job

    What does DOOM means?

    I think you're just supposed to shoot the bad guys.
  7. Job

    "The Spectre Awards"

    In a similar, yet slightly different, vein I would like to propose The Spectre Awards. It's intended to be a companion award along with the "Not Cacowards" (see preview below) pitched by @Catpho. This award is intended to stoke recollection and incite questions like, "Yeah, whatever happened to that anyway?" or exclamations such as "Neat idea, I can't believe that project crapped out" or "That was bogus" and so on. Nominees would include projects that got /newproject-ed, buried pages deep, or otherwise on life support. Or projects with a ridiculous premise, like pay-for-play. It would be interesting to find out what was, almost was, or what could be, like the figurative skunk apes of the Doomworld forums. One potential benefit would be a reigniting if interest or collaboration to help get sobe worthy, albeit forgotten, projects over the finish line. What's the opinion of the community? The Spectre trophy image is there, although you may not be able to see it.
  8. That's a tough pill to swallow come middle school. Then you're just catching up the rest of your life.
  9. Job

    Jaguar Doom Conversion

    As I recall, the Jaguar port had an interesting lighting system. I say this as someone who had rented the game a number of times for my console. Although I wasn't a fan of the lack of music, the monsters seemed unusually fast and aggressive on NM (even with the fast parameter).
  10. Agree. Doom Eternal looks pretty cool, actually.
  11. Not to pick on any one culture, but there's a lot of terrible, awful, no-good garbage YouTube videos, presumably from Asia, geared toward kids. Sometimes I wonder if it's a nefarious scheme to further decay America from the inside out at an accelerated rate. But then I shrug and realize that's probably not the case because we're doing a pretty good job on our own. Some of it has marginal redeeming educational value, but most of it is just schlock, batshit crazy or blatant recycling of public domain IP. I really don't see this as something as deliberate as a meme. Source: 3+ years as a father, trying to keep his kids away from this crap on YouTube.
  12. This is going to sound silly, but my solution was pretty simple, with ePSXe at least. When you click the execute, select run ISO and then choose the .cue file and it should run okay.