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  1. OT: Xaser, if you make a Dead.Air theme for the DW Forums, I'll pay you (with virtual hugs and kisses).
  2. Crap, I paid $28 at Walmart about 6 weeks ago.
  3. Head and shoulders above the rest.
  4. Absolutely not. My older brother insisted that I play Doom, in his words, "legitimately." We'd sometimes dink around in WadAuthor too, and he'd be insistent on making challenging, ammo-tight maps with me. He enjoyed calculating monster hitpoints against ammo distribution and calculated margin of error. I guess I still sorta map that way. That might even be why I'm not really keen on slaughter maps.
  5. There have been a lot of tweaks and changes since the new forum software was rolled out. I wanted to share how impressed I am with how well (quickly, smoothly) it works now. Some of the stuff that got pared down from the old forum is no great loss and actually streamlines the experience while still keeping things interactive.


    Excellent work to those of you who have been pushing yourselves to get this done. Your efforts haven't gone unnoticed.

  6. Doom was a compelling game when it was new. It still is, for a number of reasons that have been described. But the number one reason why? The community. No further clarification is necessary. Look at some of the responses in this thread for supporting material. We mod and map, because of, and for each other.
  7. First Aid Kit - Wolf
  8. I feel that those who are complaining about the forum update are averse and recalcitrant about change. You should be thankful for a webmaster/administrator who cares enough to invest time and money into updating the forum software. That is all.

    1. esselfortium


      I think the critical feedback is important and I hope that a lot of the common complaints get dealt with, but it's also important for folks to realize that things are still being worked on and that this isn't the final state of the new site. Just because not everything is working right today doesn't mean it's going to stay like that forever :)

    2. Job


      You're right. My thought is that there's a fine line between constructive criticism and complaining for complaining's sake. :) I do see that there are a lot of members who are expressing their appreciation and offering legitimate feedback or input, which is always great to see.

    3. Zalewa


      esselfortium, why rush the switch if it's not ready? Why not get everything ready and then switch seamlessly?

    4. Job


      Zalewa, I think no matter how much you prepare, with big projects like this, there's always some details that may have been overlooked, conflicts, or unexpected issues that you have to deal with as they crop up.

    5. esselfortium


      For sure. I assume the idea was that enough things were working to make the switch with at least partial functionality for now, and that the missing pieces would be easier to identify and prioritize once people were actually using the site.

    6. Zalewa


      Well, of course day-one bugs will happen as Murphy Laws dictate. The gripe is with stuff that's plainly gone: Wadseeker's API, idgames/ text files, large portion of the site (Cacowards), and dead idgames/ links.

    7. dew


      This was essentially a one-man job with very basic forum testing by several people, I mean "yeah this forum engine looks reasonable" testing. Migrating the 20year history of DW and its customized extensions is going to be a painful process. Not even a professional company with full-time employees would transition without issues and this is a hobbyist endeavour.

    8. Zalewa


      dew, why do you work on assumption that migration must happen on the live, "production" system? Was there any rush to switch before getting everything ready?

    9. Job


      At this point, it's kind of a non-issue. I'm not paying for use of DW or interacting with its community and I don't have to deal with ridiculous ads. That sort of precludes me from complaining too much.

  9. You can only remain ambivalent to, or positive about, forum content. Of course, you can report posts. That's sort of like disliking it.
  10. There's a lot of new, great features available. The updated skin and framework will take some getting used to, but overall it's more easily navigable. Although Blogs and Losers was kind of interesting, it looks like you can post personal status updates, which should scratch the spamming itch. Not sure where Post Hell is or if there'll be a purgatory for morons, but overall a thumbs up. Having helped my wife with site roll outs and similar stuff, I know it's a lot of work and can have a lot of hitches along the way. Great work, Ling.
  11. Check it out. That's how it was in the version I played, unless it was corrected later in a patch.
  12. That moment was kinda softened for me when I saw the model for her dead body still had its head firmly-on-shoulders.