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    You'd think fucking a mancubus would be more memorable
  1. You got it. This is pretty much how I imagined it. Obviously you could have options to enable or disable some of its AI (think quidditch) depending on what you're looking for. The caco possibilities are endless. Hell, I would LOVE to play caco polo, where you've either got opposing teams of cacos you play as or with the marines mounted on their steeds (more sprite work though), controlling flying directions akin to the fly cheat and shoot fire balls from their caco mount as an alt fire. They would try to score against one another's aerial goals, maybe herding a baby caco or lost soul. Many possibilities IMO.
  2. I'm waiting for empirical evidence of reduced shit-posting as a result of this change, but I think it can only help.
  3. How about "Herd the Caco" or "Cacoball" (essentially soccer) where you have to push the caco into the other team's net. It can be moved by momentum from firing or pushing and can't be killed. Or you could give it HP and there's a penalty for "deflating" the ball. :)
  4. If it was an actual build from development, the price would make a lot more sense. But as best as I can tell, these were later version retail discs without a box. There was definitely a misunderstanding that took place and the buyer may end up with some remorse for lack of recourse. On the plus side, I wonder what other things are in John's stash that will surface periodically as financially necessary.
  5. I found it distracting and don't miss it in the least.
  6. Occurrences like this make me think there just might be something to Bitcoin after all.
  7. Excellent job on this series, Nathan. My opinion is that some of them would be really cool as part of the "rotating backdrop" on the DW pages or included with any future DW themes.
  8. I think these would be right at home in Doom64 EX or Brutal Doom 64.
  9. Two wrongs don't make a white (onion).
  10. Same.
  11. Cool, my vote brought it to a 50/50 tie, 40 votes a piece. I'm okay with that.
  12. Sorry, this isn't any help, but I read your title and thought, "Why does he want to take his baseball bat to work?"
  13. If time allows, do you take requests? I'm absolutely curious how my avatar would look illustrated in your style, whether as a normally-sized picture or to forum avatar dimensions. Class up the joint a bit. :)
  14. When you think about it, this is really quite amazing. I can't imagine anyone anticipated things like this coming from the Doom engine over two decades ago.
  15. I'd argue some of the stuff in here is as big of a stretch, or bigger. Could be legit.