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  1. Job

    Monsters that you feel are undervalued

    Just a hunch, I suppose?
  2. Job

    Monsters that you feel are undervalued

    The Mancubus. It makes a great turret enemy and also works well as an obstacle for progression. Very underutilized due to its radius, though.
  3. Job


    I prefer to get 80% of all kills with infighting and environmental obstacles (barrels, crushers. Generally, I use my weapons as little as possible. In some ways, it makes the game more challenging.
  4. I don't mind reactionary enemies, as long as the window is reasonable. Problem is, you're always reacting, so by the time you've finished dealing with other enemies, you'll see that window open and close out of the corner of your periphery. Annoying.
  5. The only way it'd be better is if it was an Armored Possessed Cursed Prowler. Same technique to dispatch it, except you have timed, regenerative armor to get through first, like the Armored BoH. Anything less than this is a compromise, id.
  6. What we really need is a Possessed Cursed Prowler. First, you need a Blood Punch to get the spirit out, then you have to microwave it, then use another blood punch to actually kill the Cursed Prowler. Are you listening, id? Make it so, unleash the suffering.
  7. Breaking rules, breaking established expectations via loopholes just to artificially increase challenge reminds me of the advent of mappers placing an archvile in a hidden monster closet with a clear line of sight. It's not fun, it's not challenging, it's lazy development and just irritating.
  8. Job

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    Do Slayers Dream of Electric Demons?
  9. Because they touch themselves at night. That's as plausible as anything, given the retcon soup we were served.
  10. I'm disappointed by the Dark Lord boss. When we got the clues about his identity in the first DLC, I imagined it would be something cool, like fighting the doppelganger boss in SotN, for those if you who recall that. The boss we actually got was a total cop-out. Big missed opportunity. Though the same could be said of all religions the mangled lore.
  11. Job

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    Corporations always put profit first and foremost. The customers, community, IP history and legacy only have value insofar as they generate more profit. You're deluding yourself if you believe otherwise. Romero is one of the last active OGs from a time when things weren't quite so black and white. He was also an original founder at id and certainly a maverick in his own right. However you look at it, his continued contributions to Doom irrefutably affirm that.
  12. Job

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    I understand his reasoning for not continuing to release these materials. Now, if they were to be leaked, well, those things happen. *wink* The presumed behavior by id towards JR's releases is kind of like a kid whose friend found an old toy he forgot about. The kid doesn't care about it until someone else shows interest in it. You know they don't care about it because one of the wheels is busted off and was cast away like trash.
  13. Job

    Bringing back the Chaingunner

    Nah, we just need a Marauder who is equipped with a chainsaw instead of an Argent sword, and yes it's a one hit kill (or quick time event for a chance to lose only 50% health and armor). And his dog companion can bite and hold onto you, reducing your movement speed. Possibly equipped with an "ice belch." I can see the busted controllers now... 🤔