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  1. @Potatoguy: Alright, looks like you are going to convince me to add a life system. It is easy enough to also add health and ammo drops on regular kills, maybe increase the amount you receive on glory kills only. HmmNess
  2. Thanks for the review Potatoguy. We are supposed to be receiving campaign support in the next update, so I am hoping this will resolve the 1 life issue by allowing players to restart the mission in game. There are a lot of different elements in this map that can't be reset or would require more network (which I do not have) to reset. As for only 2 weapons available in this map, these maps will be episodic and you find new demons/weapons/items in later episodes (part 3 is more than halfway complete.) I want the difficulty to be very high. I thought about nerfing the difficulty, but that would take away from the panic feeling you get while playing. The 1 life system also gives you that feeling of panic. HmmNess
  3. Anyone had a chance to try these ones out yet? HmmNess
  4. HmmNess

    Spawners that just refuse to spawn

    How are you triggering these spawning points? You need to make sure that you give the nodes some time to communicate with each other. If you do not add any delays to your inputs/outputs when you are activating a ton of logic, the engine cannot handle the stress and will fail at certain points. Let me give you an example: I created a map that had 24 spawning points. These were single spawns that had a gate connected to them. On triggered, the gate would set A and B to true and test the gate; which would send a signal to spawn a demon. When the demon was killed, the gate would be tested again, and if A and B are set to true, it would spawn another demon. All 24 spawning points had the same logic/nodes. I then created a trigger box that would set the Gates of 12 spawning points to A true and B false (this would stop the Gate from activating a spawn). The trigger box would also kill the demon belonging to the spawning point. I created a 2nd trigger box to perform the same actions to the OTHER 12 Gates. I set the demons to be on my team so that I could watch them spawn throughout the map. I moved back and forth through both trigger boxes and the 1st few times, the spawns worked perfectly. After a few more times running through the gates, I seen a huge delay of demons being killed and the other side of demons spawning. Eventually, the logic would not work for 12 of the demon spawns from 1 side. My whole point, is that the engine could not handle the logic after a while. It would work only a few times and then would start to delay, until finally not working at all. What I ended up doing, was adding a delay to the Gate tests and separated the amount of space between the trigger boxes. This gave the engine enough time to catch up with all the logic and spawn the demons correctly. HmmNess
  5. HmmNess

    Anyone know when the new SP options are added?

    If you guys and gals missed it, there is more information in the interview below: HmmNess
  6. I have completed and published DoomNess Part 1 and Part 2. Both maps have been tested and are fully functional. You can check out the complete play through of both levels in the videos below: DoomNess - Part 1: The Awakening ID: EKYH3U72 DoomNess - Part 2: The Darkness ID:ZY6V62HY These maps are very hard to complete. I created these maps to challenge players by overwhelming them with enemies while completing objectives. I am starting part 3 of this series and I will continue to create more content in this series, as long as I can come up with new ideas. Please post your comments below if you have tried out these maps. HmmNess
  7. HmmNess

    Anyone know when the new SP options are added?

    ^ Yup, that is the E3 info directly from the mouth of the beast... HmmNess
  8. HmmNess

    Anyone know when the new SP options are added?

    I heard that they were going to release the DLC in July 2016. That being said, they should release the Snap update along with the DLC drop. HmmNess EDIT: Here are some resources... http://www.gamenguide.com/articles/28767/20160614/doom-unto-evil-dlc-release-date-first-multiplayer-update-adds.htm http://www.ecumenicalnews.com/article/doom-unto-the-evil-dlc-all-set-for-next-month/46302.htm
  9. HmmNess

    Snapmap update details

    Well, all we need now are outdoor mars modules to match these windows. They are already working on the hell mods that have outside areas. Maybe id will throw in some new outdoor UAC modules in the next update. HmmNess
  10. HmmNess

    Snapmap update details

    I really thought they were going to allow us to edit the module settings and open up the ceiling to display a true skybox. I don't know what this little window crap is all about. I guess these windows would have been nice when combined with a true ceiling skybox. In addition, they didn't even add options to the windows to allow different types of sky boxes. HmmNess