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  1. What's the cleanest way to make a lift that raises, waits, and then lowers instead of the other way around?

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    Thank you for your playtest, Hak! I'll definitely take it into consideration as I complete this map. Those pillars in the marble room actually contained the blue key and more monsters (I'll have to retexture those); and that other lowering wall in the vines room was supposed to allow you to get the plasma gun, but you found another way to get to it. In hindsight, those damaging floors definitely dont signal danger anoigh.
  3. In PrBoom+, Boom-format generalized raising floors set to crush, upon "catching" a monster, will stop moving and continouously crush the monster until it is dead; but in G/ZDoom, these same crushers will not stop, and only damage the monster for the duration of which the monster is "pinched" between floor and ceiling. Does anyone know a way to force the PrBoom+ behavior instead of the ZDoom behavior?
  4. When I first started making maps, I wanted to make each part of the level engaging; that's why my first map was a super gameplay-restrictive 1024x1024 where every inch is some railroaded setpeice or trap. However, as I became more experienced and began studying other maps from a level designer's perspective, I began to notice what I call "Breathing Spaces" or "Sandboxes", areas not explicitly designed with specific moments, player tactics, etc. in mind, just usually static geometry and standard, low-level enemies or even none at all (Ex. many areas in E1, that one room with brown sludge and no enemies in Plutonia map01)(the rooms where nobody thinks "This is the Crushers Room, the Nukage Room, the Chaingunner Room, etc.). I tried making a map that utilizes more of this; but I find myself overthinking if each of these "spaces" are actually engaging or if the player would just be on autopilot through it, and if the player wants to be on autopilot. So I have some questions: What is an appropriate ratio of setpeice areas to "breathing spaces" Is it difficult to make these spaces engaging? How can I tell if I'm over-designing an area? How "gameplay dense" should a map be? Is it possible for a space to be "too open" or "too restrictive", and if so what defines those? Also inviting general level design discussion regarding gameplay restriction/freedom

    Auto-Texturing in Editor

    Is there a way/an editor to automatically texture/cull missing upper/lower textures? I dont care about breaking lift textures, I just want to be able to test my maps easily and not spend hours fussing over textures.

    Curious is the trap maker's art...

    crushers are always fun because they make the player pay close attention, also they work on monsters

    Doom Builder X 2019.1 (August 30) - map editor

    why use this over GZDoomBuilder?
  8. Is there a way in Boom to create an upside-down crusher? By which I mean the floor crushes the player against the ceiling.

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I get this error when trying to use prboom+ as the testing port in Doom Builder X. Does somebody more knowledgable about the port know whether it is a DBX problem or PRB+ problem? I am very confused, especially since the last \ is a / and there is no filename to the .wad NVM, it is fixed by saving the level to disk.

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    The fact that the video game industry and fans encourage people to take video games waaay too seriously and get really worked up over them... I now understand people when they say, "get a life, nerd"

    Ricer Mods

    What are some good files/mods to "rice out" doom? So far I've thought of BD (of course), smooth doom, that Xaser parkour mutator, and lights.pk3.

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Does anyone know the name of the WAD/PK3 that mixed the beeper soundbites and the regular SFX (and allowed customizaiton of it a bit i think?)

    What was your first ever video game?

    Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus, when i was 9 yeard old. That was where i fell in love with mgs. After playing that i got metal gear solid peace walker, and clocked 4000 hours on it

    2018 Goals

    Stop playing video games (so much) Become dedicated/committed to something/someone/anything

    How will id handle a Hell on Earth sequel?

    Doom16 enemies are much, much more difficult to fight than doom2 enemies, though. Even the imps and zombie analogues are far more deadly. Having to keep track of, avoid, and attack more than the 14(?) enemies that are allowed to be active at once would be extremely difficult for 99% of players.

    Whats the worst Doom WAD You have ever played?

    You can play Wonderwaste, by me

    DOOM HD Project

    Wait a moment, how are voxels supposed to be displayed? As sprites in the position of each voxel, or as dots with the space between them interpolated/filled in? or any other way?

    What is American about Doom?

    The massive pop culture influence. No other nation in the world is kore consumerist than the USA.

    PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Version 2.135 now released!)

    Does anyone have all these files compiled into just a pk3 or two, that one can load as they please? I don't want to have to set up a seperate GZDoom install just for playing the TC.

    What makes Doom (2016) 78.5g?

    Oh, right. Perhaps, then, one could conserve textures by overlaying primitive textures w/ various combining methods?

    What makes Doom (2016) 78.5g?

    Wdym? It can't be that hard to have an alternate loading routine for some textures.

    What makes Doom (2016) 78.5g?

    I don't know why games don't use procedurally-generated resources more. You could probbably cut down a 5th of the filesize just by generating rock and liquid textures at runtime.

    Noisy Weapons

    Why are the arachnotron walking noises so loud? I can hear them from across the map, just walking around.

    What are your silly monster nicknames?

    Archvile: Witch Cacodemon: Floating eye Pinkies: Meaties Imps: rumblers (I mistook the grumble of an unseen imp for my stomach growling once) Cyberdemon: Grand Poo-bah Mastermind: Big momma