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  1. Plasma clips from the plasma troopers still give 5 bullets instead of cells in GZDoom :( I'm running GZDoom 4.8.2 and wad version 1.0 on macOS

    Coolest Urban Sport?

    Coolest Urban Sport?

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    what a sky!!! what map?

    What is your favorite monster & gun?

    Archvile and Beserk

    White Classic Logo Doom T-shirt

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of a shirt like this, but in white? I remember seeing one for sale on an archived version of the idsoft site, but no more... the EU bethesda store only sells them in black.
  6. tl;dr if anybody has any knowledge on the construction of the flexible but stiff wire hoops used in pop-up laundry baskets and those cloth tunnels kids play in, post here My last-minute halloween costume this year is "comically large pumpkin", a 4' wide pumpkin with a construction similar to a crinoline or one of those round paper lanterns. My only issue is the construction of the hoops: Ideally they would be made of wire, and light/flexible, but I am not sure if the wire will be stiff enough and not too plastic while being able to deform, like those in the products I mentioned above. I could just make the hoops out of flexible piping, but that would also make the costume much heavier and make the lengths etc harder to calculate due to the pipes thickness. It seems such wire hoops are pre-tensioned; but nearly all wire is sold in loops smaller than 4'. Is there some way to "lock in" a certain form in wire, or to form it a certain way (straight) and then make it stiffer?

    Giving Away GTX 670 GPU, i5-3450 CPU, Apple Earpods

    Have been in want of some earbuds for a while... being able to watch TV while doing my cardio or share music with a friend would be great! I am a broke college student, so this is an excellent opportunity for me. I am in the US, put me in the hat!
  8. Thank you for your playtest, Hak! I'll definitely take it into consideration as I complete this map. Those pillars in the marble room actually contained the blue key and more monsters (I'll have to retexture those); and that other lowering wall in the vines room was supposed to allow you to get the plasma gun, but you found another way to get to it. In hindsight, those damaging floors definitely dont signal danger anoigh.
  9. In PrBoom+, Boom-format generalized raising floors set to crush, upon "catching" a monster, will stop moving and continouously crush the monster until it is dead; but in G/ZDoom, these same crushers will not stop, and only damage the monster for the duration of which the monster is "pinched" between floor and ceiling. Does anyone know a way to force the PrBoom+ behavior instead of the ZDoom behavior?
  10. What's the cleanest way to make a lift that raises, waits, and then lowers instead of the other way around?
  11. When I first started making maps, I wanted to make each part of the level engaging; that's why my first map was a super gameplay-restrictive 1024x1024 where every inch is some railroaded setpeice or trap. However, as I became more experienced and began studying other maps from a level designer's perspective, I began to notice what I call "Breathing Spaces" or "Sandboxes", areas not explicitly designed with specific moments, player tactics, etc. in mind, just usually static geometry and standard, low-level enemies or even none at all (Ex. many areas in E1, that one room with brown sludge and no enemies in Plutonia map01)(the rooms where nobody thinks "This is the Crushers Room, the Nukage Room, the Chaingunner Room, etc.). I tried making a map that utilizes more of this; but I find myself overthinking if each of these "spaces" are actually engaging or if the player would just be on autopilot through it, and if the player wants to be on autopilot. So I have some questions: What is an appropriate ratio of setpeice areas to "breathing spaces" Is it difficult to make these spaces engaging? How can I tell if I'm over-designing an area? How "gameplay dense" should a map be? Is it possible for a space to be "too open" or "too restrictive", and if so what defines those? Also inviting general level design discussion regarding gameplay restriction/freedom

    Auto-Texturing in Editor

    Is there a way/an editor to automatically texture/cull missing upper/lower textures? I dont care about breaking lift textures, I just want to be able to test my maps easily and not spend hours fussing over textures.

    Curious is the trap maker's art...

    crushers are always fun because they make the player pay close attention, also they work on monsters

    Doom Builder X 2021.1 (September 20) - map editor

    why use this over GZDoomBuilder?

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Yeah, but repeating