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  1. Now all we need is a save of Multithreaded Doom.
  2. Does anyone know how the light effects you immeditately see at the beginning of Sunlust M02 work?

    1. Not Jabba

      Not Jabba

      Those sectors are all set to use the Glow effect, and the exact light sequence is controlled by a combination of voodoo dolls, scrolling floors, and repeatable linedefs that instantly change light levels. It's hard to explain, but open the map up in Doom Builder and you should be able to figure it all out. Basically, there are going to be a bunch of tiny little sectors outside of the playable area that are there just to help create effects. Figure out which ones go to those particular sectors, and then try to recreate what's happening in the map.

  3. BRB, making this in Doom.

    If I ever make a secret level, it will be based off of thie song and have it as the audio track. It will automatically kill the player and exit the level at the end.

  5. What's an easy way to modify a midi so it loops nicely? What's a good free midi editing program? I've been using Aria Maestosa, but it's missing some features and lags when more than a few notes are onscreen at once.
  6. Midis that aren't designed to loop.
  7. It's May 15th, and that means it's time for those who signed up to be assigned their unfinished WADs. Here is the assignments. Mappers: Once you know which one to finish, download the linked file, extract it, and begin working on your assigned file. @Gunsmith - FR_Unnamed (FR_Unnamed_INC) @NEANDERTHAL - GS_Unnamed (GS_Unnamed_INC) @floatRand - WC_Unnamed (WC_Unnamed_INC) @Walter confetti - Compacto (NT_Compacto_INC) If anyone wants to finish @axdoomer's level, Fountain of Youth, please say so. He has decided not to finish any levels, so his is the odd one out. Remember to post here about your experience and thoughts as you finish these levels!
  8. A day and a half left to sign up!
  9. I've recently got the idea to start a small socialist work haven centered around the production and sale of used panties over the internet. I pick used panties because it's one of the easiest products to produce, and commands a very high price in the right circles. This organization would provide reliable identity masking via swapping the girl's photos around, thus allowing the creation of new photos to prove to online clientele that the girls who wore the underwear are in fact real. Another plus to the used panty industry is that since used panties are technically not pornography, panties from under-aged girls can be sold legally at a higher price due to their taboo-ness. Along with reliable identity protection, this service could be marketed as a way to assist homeless or poverty-stricken women.


    Women looking to make money could sign up to this service and send used panties over to the depot on a regular basis, receiving in return compensation for the panties lost, payment, and perhaps special requests from clientele. What would make this advantageous to them is, again, the identity protection, the ease of the work involved, and the guaranteed paycheck. I could even begin to provide insurance.


    Expect a panty-based socialist, feminist nation to begin to appear all across the US in the near future.

    1. Fonze


      So what; my man-thong from dancing on the weekends isn't good enough to sell now? It's totally fragrant with the sweet 'n salty aromas of man-pheromones.


      Also, your idea is already kinda creepy in Japan where at least it's a different culture that isn't my own so I know not to judge, but here, that's just really creepy.

    2. Doomkid


      I need an adult

  10. Sorry about that! You are most definitely on this project. I've fixed it now.
  11. Only a week and a day left until the deadline closes! Join and submit a map now!
  12. Name: Quick Tim Build Time: 2 hours 24 minutes Music: Default Theme: Inferno + <750 vertex This is my first speedmap.
  13. @floatRand , Thank you for your level! It is indeed massive. I'll put you on the list, and send you an incomplete on the 15th.
  14. @Walter confetti , Thanks for your contribution! I've downloaded it and it looks like it just fits the unfinished map criteria! The unfinished maps will be assigned to mappers randomly.