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  1. I, for one, actually like the old mouse control scheme. It's nice to be able to play the game with just one hand. especially when playing hdoom I wish moden FPSes could be controlled like that.
  2. Mods, this is why we need post hell. So that masterpieces like this are never lost.
  3. Flying monsters should be affected, unless we implememt damaging lines.
  4. As a thing for fourth of July, I wrote the history of the US' founding in only four-letter words!
  5. Hey, guys, I'm making a website! Visit and leave some footprints!

  6. BRB, have new map inspiration.
  7. What are we going to work on, then?
  8. Perhaps the easiest way to make a "good" VR-FPS would be to slap the player character in a motorized wheelchair. Then, all the players need is a swiveling chair and they're off! No more motion sickness, because players can move around using a relatively natural, intuitive movement system, and an easy explanation for simplified inventory systems.

  9. Maybe a 1996 theme, complete with default HTML font and borders? Maybe some nice bitmap graphics too...
  10. Scythe 2 MAP06 is my main mapping inspiration.
  11. @@kb1: The way I interlreted it is that there's a set of generalized triggers that have an tag parameter. once activated, a trigger activates all actions that have that tag. Unlike normal doom, the actions do not have built-in triggers, enaling more data to be packed into them. this separation means more complex triggers and actions. for example: doors with comllex rules regarding what sets of keys can open them and what keys will lock them, preventing monster use aforementioned equation controlled light and lift effects more scroller options arbitrary texture changes better generalized sectoreffects different types of actions from one trigger turing-complete doom maps? re: leave it to scripting not all ports can and/or will implement scripting, and not all mappers can understand it. Also, scriptin opens up a can of worms with maintenance, standardization, demo compatibility, etc. The trig-tag system and the parameter stuff i discussed earlier are easier for mappers to understand, for editors to implement, and for ports to accomodate. as an extended mapping format, this new format should have the features that Id could have implemented back in 1993 had they wanted to and had the time, such as scrolling floors, generalized actions, etc. and not features like dynamic lights, scripting, advanced physics, view rotation, etc. excuse my writing, im posting from a PSVita.
  12. Does anyone have any ideas for new forum themes? Currently there's the doomworld theme, which is ok but gets old, and the plain white theme, which is just a nasty default. What about a red theme? Yellow theme? Gold theme? Post Hell Theme?
  13. I'm liking this trig-tag system. Coupled with the Pass-through use action flag, it will allow a much larger set of actions possible. We could even use a like similar to trig-tag to specify parameters for complex functions. For example, you could have a "parameters" linedef that uses its space to store a short string. Then, you could do things like have light actions and assign floor/ceiling height actions refer to equations on "parameters" linedefs, allowing a whole world of possibilities. You could even use that system to arbitrarily change textures, flats, and linedef/sector actions. Maybe even play sounds and spawn things.