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  1. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus, when i was 9 yeard old. That was where i fell in love with mgs. After playing that i got metal gear solid peace walker, and clocked 4000 hours on it
  2. Stop playing video games (so much) Become dedicated/committed to something/someone/anything
  3. Doom16 enemies are much, much more difficult to fight than doom2 enemies, though. Even the imps and zombie analogues are far more deadly. Having to keep track of, avoid, and attack more than the 14(?) enemies that are allowed to be active at once would be extremely difficult for 99% of players.
  4. You can play Wonderwaste, by me
  5. Wait a moment, how are voxels supposed to be displayed? As sprites in the position of each voxel, or as dots with the space between them interpolated/filled in? or any other way?
  6. The massive pop culture influence. No other nation in the world is kore consumerist than the USA.
  7. Does anyone have all these files compiled into just a pk3 or two, that one can load as they please? I don't want to have to set up a seperate GZDoom install just for playing the TC.
  8. Oh, right. Perhaps, then, one could conserve textures by overlaying primitive textures w/ various combining methods?
  9. Wdym? It can't be that hard to have an alternate loading routine for some textures.
  10. I don't know why games don't use procedurally-generated resources more. You could probbably cut down a 5th of the filesize just by generating rock and liquid textures at runtime.
  11. Why are the arachnotron walking noises so loud? I can hear them from across the map, just walking around.
  12. Archvile: Witch Cacodemon: Floating eye Pinkies: Meaties Imps: rumblers (I mistook the grumble of an unseen imp for my stomach growling once) Cyberdemon: Grand Poo-bah Mastermind: Big momma
  13. Cacodemon: Santa Claus Lost Soul: Ghost (the type where you wear a sheet on your head)
  14. What just happened? Did anyone else see that?

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Yes, if you talk about status updates. 

  15. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????