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  1. Eventually, games makes will stop imitating the look of movies and start imitating the look of what the human eye itself sees. That's when this stuff will start to look dated.
  2. I've released 2 maps so far: BRIMSTONE!, and Final Chambers. We don't talk about HELLSHIP.
  3. Perhaps investing in alternate energy would help. Once the industry becomes big enough, it will be able to capitalistically "push out" fossil fuels. That is, provided no government goes full retard and subsidizes fossil fuels.
  4. Specular and bump maps would go a long way towards making things more realistic.
  5. Anony got tips on UV-Pistol starting Doom 1's Command Control?

    1. Ichor


      There's a secret before the very first door.

    2. A7MAD






    3. Nevander


      Get the first secret to the left, then go out and grab the shotgun. That will give you a good enough start.

    4. mrthejoshmon


      Skip most of the map by gunning straight for the secret exit if you know where it is, ill advised if you don't have the chaingun or plasma though (unless you find one of these, the lost souls in the secret exit are a problem).

    5. Ichor


      @mrthejoshmon You're thinking of Command Center (E2M5). Command Control is E1M4.

    6. mrthejoshmon


      @Ichor yep, been running E2 Nightmare non-stop today, a very dumb mistake on my part.

  6. Does anyone else end up with really, really messed-up colors when they try to load hexen or heretic into GZDoom? I thinks somethings's wrong with the palette, but I'm not sure how to fix it.


    1. KVELLER


      Do you also get the same problem with other source ports? That way at least we can know if the IWADs or GZDoom is the problem.



      It's GZDoom. I've tried with a couple different downloads (For testing purposes only).

    3. KVELLER


      Did it start looking like that from the beginning or did it happen after some config changes in GZDoom? If the latter is the case you can just delete your .ini file.



      It looks like this as soon as you load it, if that's what you mean. Doom 1/2 look fine.



      I just tried with strife-- the same thing happens.

    6. KVELLER


      I meant if it strated happening the first time you started it up. You know, after you downloaded GZDoom.

  7. A mod that has massive, sprawling bases with fully detailed A/C, ventilation, heating, electrical, computer systems, logistics, camoflauge, job schedules, etc. for the player to interact with in order to kill/divert/pacify the enemies before they even know the player is there. And with a Hotline-Miami-style one-shot kill combat style, so it's important to take advantage of the systems.
  8. Mordeth II.
  9. Your profile picture is fitting.
  10. What an odd statement, Eric.
  11. Anyone here play MGSV? What are your thoughts on it? What custom music do you use?
  12. Does GZDoom have bump-map functoinality?

  13. I just got a new Win 10 laptop. What are some good pieces of open-source (or otherwise free) software/games to install?
  14. Imagine anonymously creating a computer worm that generates copyright-infringing material, thus completely overwhelming all of copyright law.
  15. Make a game that does suck dick.