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  1. ViperGTS96

    Doom Sleigh

    Alternate source to download. Mod Database Just made this to go with "Doom Sleigh" Download Let it snow on your desktop! Wanted to add this to "Doom Sleigh" but it runs better on its own. Use low settings to reduce load on your CPU. (Min:1, Max:7, Count:400) is a good setting. -Viper vipergts96.com
  2. ViperGTS96

    Doom Sleigh

    Thanks for the compliments! Want to put this in DOOM? Here's the RGB frames in .png format (plus the .gif which is indexed color). Santaguy png files … Have fun! -Viper vipergts96.com
  3. ViperGTS96

    Doom Sleigh

    Watch Doomguy fly across your desktop in a UAC Santa Sleigh being pulled by pinkies! (goes well with Holiday Lights for the desktop) Doom Sleigh Download Link Holiday Lights Free Download (Xmas Bulbs) Merry Christmas! -Viper www.vipergts96.com
  4. ViperGTS96

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

  5. ViperGTS96


    Thanks for showing your interest! Working on it everyday. Hope to have it finished by New Years. I tend to post preview media on my twitter. twitter.com/vipergts96 Cheers. -ViperGTS96
  6. ViperGTS96

    The CYBER-DEMON reborn in 3D

    That's disappointing ya, I forgot to mirror the pictures. DOOM mirrors him (in game). So when I exported him back to 3D studio for the renderings I forgot to mirror them again afterwards. I was getting tired... He is the right way in the game though. My bad. Cheers. -Viper
  7. ViperGTS96

    The CYBER-DEMON reborn in 3D

    The CYBER-DEMON is back like never before for DOOM GTS! HD Pictures at http://www.vipergts96.com/cyber.html Follow @ViperGTS96 for futher updates.
  8. ViperGTS96

    How to set your Player's veiwheight.

    The description was misleading and vague... It simply stated : "changes the player's viewheight. the default is 41." when other values on the page do show decimal form. Making it misleading.
  9. ViperGTS96

    How to set your Player's veiwheight.

    No, the example was even with out a decimal. It was vague and misleading. Only those who wrote the program are going to know what you just said. I'm helping the the folks who don't know everything about ACS. This is legitimate help. Helping the community shouldn't be responded to this way. Remarks like that are what stop people from posting such help.
  10. I was able to get APROP_ViewHeight to work finally. The missing information was: you need to use a decimal place in your integer. Not using a decimal will give you a 0 view height (the floor) even if it's 487. Script 1 (void) { SetActorProperty(0,APROP_ViewHeight,46.0); } http://zdoom.org/wiki/Player_properties http://zdoom.org/wiki/Actor_properties#Player.ViewHeight This code does require the newer ports fyi. Hope this helps. -Viper
  11. ViperGTS96

    Alternate HUD numbers offset..

    My HD Font is acting weird on the GZDoom Hud only. I can't figure this one out. The lumps's offsets are all at 0. Anyway to change the offsets in this HUD style?
  12. If you'd like to make it a homing missile, you'll need to make a projectile with the +SEEKERMISSILE flag set. Then fire it using A_Tracer. http://zdoom.org/wiki/A_Tracer
  13. ViperGTS96

    MIDI and ensuring loop

    http://www.ccarh.org/courses/253/handout/smf/ Hope this helps.
  14. ViperGTS96

    Is Player viewing map?

    Wow, Thank-you Scifista! That, just made my day. --they have no affect in Zandronum 2.1.2. Just my luck.
  15. ViperGTS96

    Is Player viewing map?

    Is there anyway I can execute a script to hide my hud-messages if the automap is viewed? I tried double-binding TAB to puke the script but no luck, and that method would also be prone to losing track of button presses depending if the main menu is open and the button is pressed for some reason.