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  1. what's the best looking vanilla doom wad and the best looking 2.0.63a and on zdoom pwads?
  2. So how would I run it in zdoom? I mean I have zdoom 2.0.63a and 2.1.7 but i don't know how to run dehacked required maps/tc's in zdoom.
  3. I'm running vanilla doom 2 with the batman doom tc right? But there's a problem. Anytime I switch weapons more then three times, no weapon shows up and i can't fire anything! What's happening? Anything wrong am i doing? Is there a way I can uninstall and reinstall batman doom from scratch? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Sweet thanks. I need to really post here more often. 82 posts in four years is kinda sad. But yeah, preferably non j-doom ones. Old P3 1GHZ processor is kinda crap now.
  5. Cause I can't find a thread about those. I found one about 2004 but not 2005 or 2006. Actually, wait three more weeks then say what the best 2006 ones were but at least tell me the 2005 ones. I need some new wads heh.
  6. Oh yeah sorry about putting it in the wrong forum. lol.
  7. Cause I'd like to play a level from the old days before source engines.
  8. Raziel

    retarded SNES version of Doom

    SNES Doom in itself is retarded.
  9. Raziel

    Heavy Metal Suggestions

    Pantera is groove metal.
  10. Raziel

    Imps: furry or not?

    dude its skin.
  11. Raziel

    Legacy of Kain

    I hate the blood omen games. Love both Soul Reavers and Defiance though. Don't know why I don't like Blood Omen 1/2 though. Wait, yeah i do. 1 was a boring action rpg and 2 was a boring third person action.
  12. well, with dos FPS games it sure seems like that to me. They are darker then any of my windows games (including fps games) and dos games themselves seem darker then windows games.
  13. and when it comes to monitors/electronics, I usually always buy brand new.
  14. LCD isn't worth it in my opinion. I have a fry's near me, is that a pretty good place to go for monitors? Well, now I can afford $140 for a monitor. And I will also be using it for windows games (from between 1997 and 2002) and for internet browsing and such too.
  15. Too bad there isn't any way to get an ultrabrite viewsonic 17" monitor for NEW at $130 or under.