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  1. +Currently an unfinished feature as a bonus(updated September 6th)
  2. New update with 30-40(depends if you count all variations) new monsters. Including multiple very rare ones. Bunch of new settings, tweaks, fixes etc. VIDEO UPDATE Details: MAKE SURE TO NOT LOAD VDP-NeutralMonster.pk3 ANYMORE If you have downloaded the August 26th version of the main mod file. It's an in-game setting now and the VDP-NeutralMonster.pk3 is outdated.
  3. This works. Download this file: VDP-Disable_PowerUpReplacers.pk3 Then load in this order: 1. VDP-MonsterRandomizer.pk3 2. VDP-Disable_PowerUpReplacers.pk3 3. Lambda_Code.pk3(or the other one) If I find a way to make it compatible without a separate file, I'll include it in future updates. But this works well too.
  4. I tried with Lambda. To my surprise load order didn't fix it. I was fairly confident that was the only problem. Right now I'm not sure how to fix it. Don't understand why it prioritizes VDP for power-ups, regardless of the load order. Also wonder if it's only these two mods. Or any mod that replaces power-ups. I've been working on another update. I'll try to look into this again before that's out. Maybe I'll come up with something I could do. Can't promise results, but I will try.
  5. Power-ups also are rarely/randomly replaced by new power-ups. So berserk being affected by this mod is intended. But maybe a different mod load order could fix it. Whichever mod you load last should overwrite the previous mod in cases like this. Like when both mods try to replace the same object by a different thing. The mod that was loaded after will be the one to replace it.
  6. One more update for now. No new monsters this time. But this increases compatibility with a lot of wads that use more advanced map formats. Details: This change also makes this mod work only on GZDoom 4.7.0 or newer. If you're using an older one you can load this with the main mod file: VDP-OldGZ_Compatibility.pk3 VDP-NeutralMonsters was also updated.
  7. EDIT: This is fixed now! If you see "July 17th 2022 version" in the replacer settings menu then you have the fixed version. This was the problem with earlier versions: Okay apparently there also is a problem with Map Specials with newer versions of GZDOOM. The same problem happens even with the older versions of this mod. So no need to avoid downloading the new one. details:
  8. Glad to hear you that from you. Yeah I liked it too. That was the first one I downloaded and messed around with before I decided to do an update. It's also good because Arachnotron doesn't have too many replacers. I also really like the updated monsters as well. Like SuperDemon's new sprites and attacks make it much nicer in my opinion.
  9. To anyone who downloaded the latest version(July 16th): If you're ever planning to use other mods with it. Please re-download it. I had removed a line of code which I thought was meaningless. But when I tried to load it with autoloads on. All the monsters were default ones. So it has some compatibility issues which shouldn't be there. It's fixed now. Really sorry about this one. (VDP-NeutralMonsters.pk3 didn't have this problem)
  10. New update. There's also been couple smaller ones between this and my last post. VIDEO UPDATE
  11. I remember reading comments of people saying it’s going to be full 32 maps. I didn’t believe it until I heard John say it himself. I think it must have been the anniversary stream where he played Knee Deep in the Dead. But the comments were before that though. Probably in the Sigil 2 post here in Doomworld. I was going to check but I can’t find the stream on twitch or YouTube.
  12. plynthus

    Quake Remastered

    This video shows very well in detail what's the problem with the analog dead zones and turn acceleration. These added as options would be so helpful. I also tried changing the dead zone settings through console on PC. (in_joystick_laxisdeadzone from 0.24 to 0.1 in_joystick_raxisdeadzone from 0.265 to 0.13) Already felt so much better! Still very playable and so much fun even with the default settings. I've played through almost everything already.
  13. plynthus

    Quake Remastered

    On controller the weapon wheel and D-PAD have the opposite order for left and right weapons. (weapon wheel left = nail gun, d-pad right = nail gun) Would be nice if they were the same or we could rebind the D-PAD weapons. I’ve been using both actively and works really well overall. But it’s easy to get confused every now and then. Other than that and the analog dead zone thing(X-Box one version). It’s easily been my favorite way to play this game.
  14. plynthus

    Quake Remastered

    I tested for little bit on Xbox Series X(which currently is the x-box one version) and on PC. Both with a controller. On the Xbox version it feels like the dead zone for the analog is too big. Making aiming harder. On PC it felt noticeably better with the same controller. I hope there will be an option for dead zone in the future or something Other than that this feels amazing. So happy to have Quake like this! edit: tested the switch version on pro controller. doesn't seem to have that issue. felt great.
  15. Does anyone have an idea why my "GAMEMAPS.WL6" file does not work when I load it in Wolfenstein 3D with ECWolf? It has an unfinished level in episode 1 map 1 slot. And for some reason it does work with Spear of Destiny with ECWolf. And through dosbox it works with the original Wolf3D.exe. These errors happen when starting the game, and it crashes before main menu: I had used ChaosEdit to make it. And it was the original GAMEMAPS.WL6 file from Wolfenstein 3D, not from Spear of Destiny. With a new unedited GAMEMAPS.WL6 file I can make changes to it and it still works. Just asking if this is a common issue. And there's a simple fix. Not planning to do anything bigger than a map or two for fun. And maybe it works if I just start over. But would be nice to know in case it happens again. UPDATE: I got it working by exporting the map into .MAP file. Then I copied an unedited GAMEMAPS.WL6, opened it with chaosedit, and then imported the map into that one.