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  1. Not a big issue at all, probably not even an issue for most but... Could the position of “level stats” be adjusted a little lower or the upper right corner in a future update? If you’re moving at all while checking the stats. It’s easy to accidentally pick up something, and the notification will block the kill count for few seconds.
  2. plynthus

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED January 26

    I forgot the Miscellaneous Replacers from the list of monsters. Here they are: Swarm EyeEx EyePoison EyeSpider EyeBat SpiderImpHead Trite Tentacle1 Tentacle2 SentientGlowingMushroom StoneImpHidden1 StoneImpHidden2 StoneImpHidden3 StoneImpHidden4 TeslaCoil GemTurret SentientMushroom Hornet I'll also update the earlier post. I hope that's everything now. I'm pretty sure EyeSpider, EyeBat and Tentacle2 are unused normally. But they came with the other ones so they can still be spawned.
  3. plynthus

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED January 26

    saibog Thank you for your example. I'm actually new at this kind of stuff. I've been learning as I go. So what you just wrote, is all new to me as well. And I really can't tell if would it work that way. But I don't think my way is going to be that bad after all. It's just a lot of text. But mostly copying and pasting. I did this another test today, and it didn't take long at all. monsterspawnmenu.wad(better to use this without the monster randomizer) It adds a menu in which you can spawn any of the original monsters("summon" and "summonfriend"). This could work in the randomizer as well. For example: 1. choose a submenu for "spawn a monster" or "spawn a friendly monster" 2. choose a submenu for "regular monsters", "zombieman replacers", "shotgunguy replacers" etc. 3. choose the monster you want to spawn. I'd also add an optional shortcut to open the menu directly by press of a button. The same way I already have for "Replacer Settings". So it'd be little more convenient.
  4. plynthus

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED January 26

    I'm doing fine thanks. Luckily here in Finland it isn't very bad at the moment. Hope you and everyone here are doing well too. The summonfriend command is not broken. It's just that every regular monster has been replaced in this mod. Even normal ones are a copy of the original monsters. Here's a list of names so you can summon any regular monsters when using this mod: And here's a list with all the current replacer names(I hope I didn't miss any): Also I've thought about adding options to summon any monster from the menu. It's just going to take a lot of work to add everything. Especially if I also add summonfriend. If I'll do it, it won't happen right now. I'm currently not really working on this. This requires too much time. But I will jump back in to this at some point for sure!
  5. From: https://bethesda.net/community/topic/388434/doom-doom-ii-patch-notes ”Quick Load and Save can now be bound from Customize Controls and will work without pausing the game.” How do you access Customize Controls? I couldn’t find it on Xbox One or Switch versions. I did update and all the other changes were there and are really great to have!
  6. plynthus

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Or by using this password: W83M 7H20 BDY0 N9VB and easily beat just the last level. Easiest difficulty, all demon keys and weapons. For anyone not that familiar with the last map:
  7. plynthus

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Switch version has a very annoying disadvantage in comparison to Xbox One and pc versions(probably PS4 as well). You can't bind weapons at all on Switch. You only have Next/Previous weapon buttons. You could easily bind 4 weapons to d-pad alone on switch. I've been playing the xbox one version and it's been almost as good as when I play on GZDOOM(only things missing for me are 180 quick turn and being able see the level stats). A fantastic console port of a classic Doom game. I played couple levels on Switch today and noticed this problem. I personally would not want to play the whole game(unless it was the only option) always having to slowly scroll through the weapons. I hope it will be added at some point.
  8. plynthus

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Apparently you can unlock the new chapter using a password to map28 and beating it. I just tried it on Xbox One version. I also unlocked achievements for Unmaker and BFG9000 in the first room of MAP28. I didn't think to try this so thank you! (I've been able to play this game and Doom Eternal today, because I changed the location setting on my Xbox to New Zealand. Don't know if it works this way on other consoles... but it's out very soon either way.)
  9. plynthus

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED January 26

    Laser shark is in the video because I wanted to show everything I added. But it's very rare 'cause it's more of a joke monster. There's more like that one and they all have very low spawning chance. I agree those 3 you mentioned don't fit well theme-wise. But gameplay-wise I think they all fit great! I'm open in adding an option like that. But I would have to choose very carefully which ones are "out-of-theme". I'm sure there's a lot of opinions on that. Is heretic/hexen-ish stuff out of theme etc. Also the more I add options like that the more complicated the mod becomes. Making it harder/slower for me to add more stuff. But that's definitely not out of the question. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. plynthus

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED January 26

    UPDATE INFO: JANUARY 20TH(big update): VIDEO UPDATE -25 Added monsters(total is about 250 now) All the new ones are in the video update. -Added GLDEFS: They we're all missing before because i never added them. Now all the GLDEFS that came with the monsters have been added. I also added them for some monsters that didn't come with them(by using already existing lights from other monsters). I'm planning to add more in future updates. -New/improved settings and features: -Disable shooting by Demon/Spectre/Lost Soul replacers Instead of stopping those replacers from spawning completely. Now you can disable just those attacks from them. When shooting is disabled some of them might get little faster, or do a new attack instead. It's disabled by default now for better balance. -Monster Mixer Intended for DOOM/ULTIMATE DOOM. These will be added on top of their original replacers. You can have Chaingunguy replacers(reduced health, will drop a shotgun on death) for Shotgunguy. Pain Elemental replacers(reduced health, most should not infight with Cacodemon or it's replacers) for Cacodemon. And Hell Knight replacers(double health) for Baron of Hell. Turn them ON for better monster variety(over 40 more in total)! Keep them OFF for better balance. Not recommended in DOOM II/FINAL DOOM. -Choose what Pain Elementals spawn Lost Souls ONLY Lost Souls + Replacers -Alternate blood colors Lost Soul = no blood Cacodemon = blue Hell Knight/Baron of Hell = green Nothing new... But if you want them you would need a mod anyway. So why not. -A lot of nerfs/buffs for so many monsters: For example Revenant replacers should be a lot more dangerous now. Some Archvile replacers that couldn't resurrect enemies before, now can. Few examples in the video update. -A lot of fixes: Few examples in the video update. JANUARY 22ND(small update): -I tweaked some spawn chances of different Imp replacers Something I already did for January 20th update. But after I released it, I did little more testing and wasn't completely happy with it. Small change, but it feels a lot better now. -Baron replacer: ShadowBeast(at 3:55 in the january 20th video update) I limited that fake death thing(the one that spawns the ghosts) which it does sometimes when taking damage, so it can only happen 2 times max. It rarely happened 3 times anyway. But when it did happen, it felt like it was too much for such a short encounter. I actually really like that attack! -Added a power-up replacer for MegaSphere that gives you 300 health and 300 armor. Only 2% spawn chance for every MegaSphere(power-up replacers can be turned OFF in the menu). -Imp replacer: Catharsi(the one that spawns a bomb on death that shoots out fireballs after few beep sounds) I added a faster and slower versions of the bomb. Original bomb still spawns 75% of the time. -2 Hellknight replacers that wields a shield: Hellwarrior and ImpWarlord I decreased the chance for them to block after taking damage. So I could raise their health a little bit to be better as hellknight replacers(or baron when using monster mixer). -Couple other little changes/fixes
  11. I would love to have quick turn in these versions. On gzdoom I have the turn sensitivity very low, and when I need to turn fast I just press the analog stick for quick 180. Works amazing in Doom in my opinion. That and shortcut to chainsaw/fist instead of something else. Or to have 2 weapons for each d-pad button. These personal preferences aside. I’m very happy with these versions now.
  12. plynthus

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    When it comes to gameplay(in Doom and Doom II at least on Xbox One and Switch versions) I think there's something very important missing. Quick access to different weapons. Scrolling through all the weapons one at a time is way too slow for Doom games. The d-pad does nothing. There's no reason not to assign those for different weapons. You only need the 4 d-pad buttons. Xbox Live Arcade versions did that. If I remember correctly one was for Fist/Chainsaw/Pistol, one for Shotgun/Super Shotgun, one for Chaingun/Rocket Launcher and one for Plasma Rifle/BFG. And it worked perfect. I played Doom 1 yesterday and for example I kept shooting Demons and Spectres that I normally would punch or chainsaw, because it's too slow to switch. I know this has been mentioned but I’m also wondering what is reason for No Rest For The Living episode not being included. Still happy to see the master levels in there!
  13. plynthus

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I received my Standard and Beast Boxes yesterday. My Beast Box number is as high as 1346. No wonder it took a while to send these out.
  14. plynthus

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED January 26

    UPDATED JULY 5TH: REPLACER SETTINGS now has A LOT of different spawn chance options! A missing options is included as an extra .pk3 file. This one comes with a problem: Thanks again whatup876! If you hadn't asked about adding menus to this. I wouldn't have done this, at least for a while. It was a fun challenge for sure! I just hope I can fix the "missing options" problem at some point. EDIT: NEW UPDATE JULY 7TH -Basically the same things, but done better. And I added an option to turn ON/OFF Demon/Spectre/Lost Soul replacers with long range attacks. (check the original post)
  15. plynthus

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED January 26

    I spoke too soon again... The Ambush flag issue is fixed now. But +BossDeath doesn't seem to transfer. Meaning after you kill the Barons/Baron replacers in E1M8 for example. Nothing happens. Or after killing Cyberdemon or it's replacer in E2M8. At least I think +BossDeath does that. Adding +BossDeath and A_BossDeath manually to each Baron or Cyberdemon replacer didn't help either. Worked fine when it was just RandomSpawner. But to have the spawn options the way I have. Now it's SpawnItemEx, which spawns the RandomSpawner, which spawns the monster. Here's a short video demonstrating the problem in E1M8 and E2M8. If you want to mess around with the broken version. Download here. (right-click and “save as”, if the link doesn't work) All these settings are working for all the monsters in it: Only the boss levels are a problem right now. As well as Dead Simple with Mancubus and Arachnotron triggers. I'll update the main download link as soon as this is fixed. Help would be very welcome, as I currently don't know how to fix it. Also no need for alternate versions after this has been fixed. Edit: I think the +BossDeath transfers fine after all. Problem is because GZDOOM probably doesn’t count the replacers as Barons or Cyberdemons anymore. Because the “replaces baronofhell” is not on the randomspawners themselves anymore. I'm working on a temporary solution. Hopefully it's only temporary. Baron of Hell, Mancubus, Arachnotron, Cyberdemon and Spidermastermind aren't going to have any extra settings unfortunately. Two different ways I've tried to include the settings for them so far. 1. - caused them not to trigger their special triggers at all.(the video shows this one) 2. - caused their special triggers happen immediately.(for example e2m8 ended as soon as you entered the map) The second would be a small-ish price to pay to include more settings for Baron, mancubus and arachnotron. because those don't end the level immidiately. But with the second option I would have only been able to add "Default", "Replacers Only" and "Off" settings. And it's a lot more work to do than the first way. So I'm putting the options for those enemies on hold right now... It's really annoying though, because the problem only affects few maps. But it does break them. I'll upload that version tomorrow July 5th, unless I encounter more bigger problems while testing.