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  1. whatup876

    Post your Doom textures!

    Looks like a portal to the Garfield dimension.
  2. whatup876

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    That one UAC ship/water carrier from the codex was something i always expected to be in the DLC's. Seems like something you would not want to waste. I wonder if part 2 would have a different HUB too. I also hope more keycard variants and even for explosive barrels and automap computers are a thing. There's something interesting about "expanding" on different themes with objects. I liked that Hell even had their explosive barrels and automap pick ups in 2016 and even Eternal had like exclusive barrels. As for keys, they felt underused and were more stylized like arcade-ish pick ups.
  3. whatup876

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    I wonder about what do they mean by abilities. Like grabbing barrels and tossing them at enemies, Donkey Kong-style. Or forming some shockwave/Area-of-effect attack, by either jumping really hard or falling down, to knock off enemies. (i think Rage 2 kinda did this)
  4. I feel like with other game series, this topic on demon and Hell potrayals is also common but with Doom you get interesting (even if not necessarily exclusive) cases like: * The era it came out, when Satanism or religious topics in media was somewhat relevant, even if "counter culture" or bashed at the time. (Specially with western games, because Japanese games had little or almost no trouble with religious imagery) * One of Doom's inspirations including the literally named Alien series as an inspiration, so it's like the setting of the movies but with aliens replaced with demons that just happen to still have some alien-ish/sci-fi elements. * Other inspirations also include old school DnD and metal music. (and some real life statues used for textures) * You had someone like Sandy Peterson included. * The series in itself being a victim of media changing the demons to literal aliens. (not including when the term "alien invasion" is just used to the describe things in a different sense of the term) * The series never having much of a story (even being known for ignoring it) or even a strict continuity. * Its portrayal of Hell being less about context (besides stuff like "oh demons created these things themselves" in manuals and intermission texts) and more about visuals, from level assets to monster designs. * The history of many portrayals people made up about Doom and even a modding scene that "created" a "universe" or two for Doom, mostly as an exploration of the setting and art style. (you know how people make Sonic OCs because the characters might as well have a "format" to their design? Doom in itself always had an aesthetic/identity that just facilitated content creation)
  5. I feel like "demons aren't meant to be physical" is something that never really was considered/thoughout by 90's id, even if it's true. Because it kinda comes off as Doom not trusting/believing in its own setting that much, as if it's going "you know...". Like, it becomes a bit more skeptical/cynical/even naive instead of being more confident and embracefull. (despite the more videogame-y/saturday morning cartoon direction) Even if Bayonetta and SMT aren't that comparable, they make their angelic/demonic creatures more "fantastical" while the new Doom's almost seem to go on an opposite direction, of either putting too much sci-fi/logic in them or as if they're not as "magical". It's as if new Doom doesn't really "believe in magic". Even the classic Doom's and maybe a slight bit of 3 had some "magic" while the new games feel like they have a lot of "actually" moments in the lore, that tells a different story from what the classic games presented in the levels and some in-game/manual texts. Despite the jokes about Doom being "the most Christian games", this direction feels rather "Atheist", even if not as bad as the 2005 movie and some of the novels.
  6. I think another problem with the lore behind Hell/Urdak is if it puts Doomguy's reputation/power level in question, when Hell seems weaker at times. Like, OG Doom had hitscanners and a more abstract Hell, then the new writing makes them feel like alien-like caveman demons that don't know how computers work and don't possesses the UAC guards actually carrying bullet based weapons. Like, did Doomguy got stronger or did Hell just got weaker? Because it's pretty clear these games were meant to reboot the setting like 3 but the idea of the Slayer possibly being Doomguy came later and part of why you'd assume the two were related is because of what inspired the "powerfull" depiction of the Doom marine in the first place. Also, i guess a problem with the pop culture referencial aspect is how that at times may clash with the art style or even tone. Like, the build engine trio has protagonists whose personalities/designs and settings sort of fit with the eras the games came in and/or the ones they wanted to reference. You get the idea of the genres to expect to be dropped with some expections but still. If Doom 1/2 were meant to feel 80's, they sort of nailed that b-movie aspect without even going hard on the pop culture stuff. (even if Doom wasn't the only series with a b-movie-ish method/spirit) The new games want to drop references to 90's and 80's but have an art style that looks very 2010's, so it visually looks more comparable to other games in the market and current gen, both in the sci-fi and fantasy areas. That's part of why i think a simpler art style would work besides just making it work better for classic designs or if the gameplay/engine/tech could benefit from it. Like, whether it's a comic book/cel-shaded style, something actually retro like Quake/low poly styled models or even a mix of these two, it could have been a bit more blantant but honest of a throwback than designing extra life pick ups like literal 1-ups, which even had the "1-up" text modeled because for the sake of feedback, they could have made that "flat" like an old Doom sprite always facing toward you. This sort of applies to what i said about the new games wanting to be cartoony but also "bad ass" as if it's considering some OG Doom stuff as too goofy for some audiences. Something could be said about the music too since Bobby Prince's works might seem more "cartoony" compared to Mick Gordon's "edgier" works but at least Gordon's tracks have a strong identity to them. Same could even apply to "Slayer" vs the nickname "Doomguy" as if someone wanted something on pair with Dragonborn or just a simple tribute to the band Slayer. (plot twist: Slayer is a reference to the character in Guilty Gear that Doomguy named himself after, since the gaming PC at the fortress of Doom makes it clear he's a gamer and it also turns out he plays fighting games) Maybe Urdak is just the way it is because someone at id looked up angels in Bayonetta and thought they couldn't compete. Speaking of Fantasy elements in Doom, i wonder if id also looked up Catacombs 3D or the obscure DS/phone title Orcs and Elves as reference.
  7. Whenever i think of new Doom fans making the same jokes/memes, i assume it has something to do with the games themselves (or the marketing), since they do have their own set of easter eggs and nods to very popular aspects of Doom history (E1M1, Daisy, BFG Divison) and even Doom related memes. (some of said elements being referenced too much, as if Doom had a limited universe) Not just Doot or the Doom comic phrases, but even the mere idea of Doomguy being the most powerfull character was something of a meme in itself too, since like one or two 4chan posts in 2008/9 and maybe Brutal Doom, the comic and even Death Battle i guess. (otherwise, Doom was the kind of game whose setting inspired Half Life and you had Doomguy's corpse in DN3D, so this whole Doomguy treated like Chuck Norris thing is recent from at least the early 2010's) I also feel like a lot of recent fans are likely to show trends related to modern gamer/nerd culture. Most noticeably the more "consumer" heavy aspects. I mean, Slayer's Club sort of makes it clear that ZeniMax wants the Doom fanbase in itself to be a marketable trait or part of the marketing. Chances are they love when fans do memes because it's like if they were automatically promoting Doom, whether or not these fans are even aware. Because otherwise, a reason to get new people into Doom is if they look at genuinely cool, if not important stuff like source ports, mods, fansites, wikis etc and see if they can carry these legacies. Because source port devs, modders, mappers, hosters of certain sites etc don't last forever so you'd need a post-mortem plan or a next generation to carry the many torches. Similar to other fanbases with guides, patches, mods, fan translations of old games, roms, rom hacks, fangames, works for accessibility etc Basically, the real reason why Doom is Eternal. Like, the Doom 64 port we recieved came from a history of fan ports that would normally be considered illegal. For a similar reason, there's also if some older fans just stop caring or drop interest, which means besides worrying about the new generation, you also have the old one to see if they can still keep the train going. For what we know, some people are in it because Doom is trendy but there will be some genuinely interested in the games and eventually the fanbase and legacy beyond the games. So it can't be just the modern age fan types that look like a Redlettermedia joke in real life. With Reddit specifically, it may seem like a punching bag and a recurring joke but there are times when it can get really weird. Like with most sites, some people hate when Twitter, Youtube or even Tumblr and even 4chan have terrible people in it or some features/updates that make the site worse, so some people are aware of problems or make fun of/hate a platform. I barely see Reddittors making fun of their site/community, as if the cringy/weird aspects of it are somewhat embraced heavily, sometimes probably enabled by corporate giants, even if this sounds like a conspiracy theory. I remember hearing there were some subreddits making fun of Reddit associated stuff that eventually were deleted like some making fun of Funko Pops. (although i remember hearing it could have been something more specific and not so related but still) I even have a theory that, where most sites have people wanting to use a chronological timeline for content (and hate it when sites disorganize the stuff), Reddit always goes with the "top" stuff because of the upvote system. So it's like a contrast to an older internet that felt more free but like the wild west vs the more commercial one that feels like a cyberpunk dystopia with an "wholesome" layer to cover most of it. Sounds crazy to bring this up, though.
  8. That GGGmanlives video sort of adds to the idea that Doom as a series is somewhat misrepresented/misremembered by the public, including those that actually grew with the games at the time. I mean, Dwars did like two videos about the ports, both were like 5 minutes or something and they seemed correct. I feel like GGGman at this point only ever became a retro FPS youtuber because it was a very niche category at the time. Otherwise, it's clear he always had some surface level knowledge of Doom and some other games unless he actually reviews a very obscure game but still. Using GZDoom like it was the "true Doom experience" is something you'd expect from a very recent fan.
  9. whatup876

    Post your Doom textures!

    I like to imagine this could have been the Gargoyles from Eternal put through classic Doom's art style. So they just look more "old school" but with the jaw still metal and maybe the blade arms.
  10. I feel like Doom being about Hell is for a similar reason for why before, id made an WW2 themed FPS with Adolf Hitler with a mech suit: it was like a rebel 90's attitude of making a game about one or two things that were taboo at the time, so there was a counter culter aspect to it. Doom always had a unique version of Hell but with some details and lack of story, you could still think of whether or not it could have been "the Hell", even if it was just a bunch of people throwing stuff and mixing it for the sake of it. The setting wasn't about a universe but rather just a cool idea, as its identity and in some ways, it was simple yet complex enough to warrant a creative modding scene that sort of built a universe for Doom. We also had Wolfenstein's Spear of Destiny, some images of Jesus in Quake 1 and 3 and even something like the Holy Water Pistol. And like one or two pathways shaped like upside down crosses and Doom 2's end text mentioning how Hell was the place were bad people go where they die. So Urdak and even some parts of Hell indiciate a different image of Doom in regards to the current state of the industry, how we view stuff like demons nowadays and the team behind it. Doom seems to be seen as a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, hence the pop culture references, the inclusion of lore in general (besides maybe marketability) and a lot of new elements going on in the story that make it more comparable to other franchises that otherwise weren't really comparable to Doom before. Urdak feels like something out of a Doom novel instead for a Doom game. With the "unified" chitin/crabshell/carapace/boney etc anatomy on 90% demons and their backgrounds, along with the simpler and less abstract Hell, the new games seem to have a more "cynical" take on the story of Doom despite wanting to embrace some whackyness. Kinda like how the MCU will have characters doing snarky quips but still puts them in some "overdetailed/tactical" suits vaguely representing superhero costumes because the mindset behind it still thinks superhero suits are too silly for some audiences. You could think of the "goofy"/almost puppet like demons of the old days as mockery of the human form with horns and something some people percieved as demons years ago while the new "more detailed and attempting to look badass" blocky demons of nowadays feel like something part of a safe trend derivative of an MMORPG or something trying to mimick the style of Darksiders. (i hope they rip off SMT next time, honestly) Or how the "sci-fi" is super modern and extremely detailed when classic Doom was not only somewhat low-tech but even "used future" and ranged from depressing industrial waste facilities to some comfortable looking areas with blue carpet. (low tech aspect also explains the simplicity of pick ups that belong to the world while still having visual feedback, something that 2016 and Eternal seemed to have split into two different directions for each one) Like a phrase that i repeat too many times and took from someone else who said it first: New Doom aims to be 90's when classic Doom felt 80's. Other takes include: One is a saturday morning cartoon and the other is a B-movie; One stars a superhero when the other has an action hero; It sees itself as a comic book but feels more like a live-action movie based on a comic. Doom 3 did have some alien looking demons but it's a similar case to the creepy Archvile just being next to the Barons and Lost Souls, so maybe we just needed more blatant demons in that game. (and we still had surreal designs defying logic like the Bruiser)(defying logic as a noticeable difference between aliens and demons being the supernatural vs science fiction i guess) Classic Doom demons were pretty much a mix of actual Hell/demons and then sci-fi or fantasy elements for variety, like demons can come in different shapes and forms, like some attempt at representing a sin or nightmare or just because "It Just Is". I expect that if id thought of a Heaven in Doom 1/2, it'd be like an inverse to Inferno or something where certain textures and enemies are "mirrored" for a Heaven theme. The series' new lore is also that of a reboot iteration, so it's not really "expanding" the material that existed before but rather reinventing it while still having the same Doomguy but in a different version of the series. (a Doomguy that pretty much is based on some fan memes and outside material, which is why sometimes i find it funny when people complain that Youtube comes make the same jokes because i feel like it should have been expected) Otherwise, a more faithfull Doom universe is pretty much a series of mods and wads with assets and elements that could potentially fit Doom, as if people studied the art style or tone of the games. (not all of them, of course but still) Like, there's good parts of the story but it being good is more of a case of "despite being tied to Doom", so even if it's "not Doom", that may not come off as a negative i guess.
  11. Seeing a lot of concept art still being revealed is why i wished the game had some concept art gallery feature or something. I heard The Ancient Gods would have some illustrations for what happened between Eternal and 2016 and that could be a similar reason. Like preserving the history of a game and its development within the game itself.
  12. whatup876

    Resurrecting the missing Doom64 monsters. (KEEN)

    It's like discovering a long lost treasure from an alternate timeline. Exploring cut content/concepts and making them a reality is always neat. There's more to be said, but still. And not only is it an exploration on cut stuff, but also 64's art style and more Doom in general.
  13. whatup876

    End of the Doom Slayer's arc?

    I think some demons still come to form differently. I remember that Doom 64 had his premise of visiting different version of Hell in different cultures and wonder if that could have been a premise for a Doom game, to experiment on different art directions in a single game. It could lead to needing a few more artists and some art style clash in the game but imagine revisiting different versions of Hell that existed in the series and some new stuff, some that seem like tributes or homages to Hell in different games or media. (something just to show the different planes of Hell in Doom) I also remember some concept art for the Hellrazer bleeding orange(?) and how that could have made them like the Eternal Barons were they could be lava made or something. I wonder if they even thought of tree demons, like weird demons that disguise as trees or something, then walk freely. This is mostly because of the art style of the new games. Like how the Baalgar in 2016 kinda looked like a rock golem deer so imagine an actual deer looking beast.
  14. Wasn't there a beta version of Doom 2 where levels were so different, Downtown had a dock area? Was wondering if that could have been part of an addon, even if just for historical value.
  15. I assume Dehacked support implies Valiant and Eviternity or at least something close. I guess TNT Revilution's turrets aren't a problem anymore except for the Duke Nukem 3D graphics. I wonder about most custom enemies in case they'd have to be changed sprite-wise, even if some were meant to fit the OG Doom art style. (making me wonder if some would be new/unique sprites or even something inspired by other Doom games like the Afrit from Realm667 being changed to that one boss from Resurrection of Evil but changed to look more "classic") Sounds too i guess, because that one exploding zombie from Valiant has the Serious Sam beheaded kamikaze scream. In fact, i wonder about original wads specifically made for the ports (that could still come out as regular non-restricted free wads) that take advantage of Dehacked now that it's a thing. There's also D4V which i think used Dehacked, even if it has that map 07 issue. I also remember seeing some people refering to these addons as "canonizing some wads" but that doesn't seem to mean "official" like how Final Doom was actually bought and sold by id or Sigil being made by Romero himself. As in, if a Doom game ever directly references some of these wads or they even make a presense in like a crossover cameo for Doom. Because Final Doom and Sigil are one thing but BTSX's inclusion for example is mostly a collaboration and not much an "officialization" on the wad. Althought Doom mods/wads in general were like the "Doom universe" kind of. Speaking of Realm667, i remember they have texture sets from Final Doom, console ports of Doom and alpha/beta material. (why did i brought it up, i forgot, i just had it in mind)