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  1. whatup876

    Doom Eternal

    I think there's no more plans for something like story expansions, now it's mostly updates and content like modes, skins and BattleMode stuff. I do think there's still some ideas they could do for gameplay expansion. Someone (i shared one of his vids already) made a video about a hypothetical "ogre" enemy, based on that Sentinel army concept art golem. The idea of it being big enough that you can walk on it is like a merge of enemy and platforming, something that could be cool if bigger enemies become something more in a later game.
  2. whatup876

    I'm Glad Doom Eternal Is Hard

    The Dark Souls stuff is always weird to be since Souls fans weren't even memeing it being hard, that was mostly journos. I think "git gud" was less "trying to sell it as hard" and more "it's not that hard". Plus the setting and tone of that game, which means Doom Eternal was considered hard because of the "actually it's the demons that are stuck with you lol" imagery. Otherwise, if there was no "Slayer" character and Doomguy actually had that "broken/stuggling" imagery carried from the originals that would also make him more comparable to Guts, then nobody would complain about the difficulty as much because "oh yeah, i'm a badass but still a DOOMED badass". Because a title like God Hand actually flopped and had one infamous review that served as an ultimate example of game reviewers being bad at their job. While Eternal is still an AAA game with its own ideas on how to help players, like the tutorial videos and the HUD designs. But a reality is that you probably don't want to sell your game as "hardcore only, casuals stay out" because if anything, that only makes it even more niche. Is it that some games are actually casual filters or it's just some fans that make it seem that way? Maybe in occasions like Space Station 13 but it's better to sell a game's depth with a "you can do it" message than the other way around. Acknowledge limts so you can overcome them, not to think you're stuck in the road. Otherwise, a fanbase gets smaller and some values aren't even learned outside, even if you're worried of outsiders potentially ruining stuff, but that's why you gotta make sure they get dedicated and don't cause drama or something. The actual issue with Marauders and later on, the Dark Lord, is that they're not really "Vergil" types of characters which sort of puts an end to the "it's like a character action game" comparisons. Like, an ideal description i once heard of rival characters is "they have enough attacks and abilities to feel like playable characters, sometimes making you WISH you were playing as that guy instead", which also works when they have their own playable campaigns, as opposed to BattleMode turning the Marauder in another demonic class. (but if he had more to his BM arsenal, it would make his campaign-monster version dishonest) Specially if you wanted to contrast/parallel Doomguy's diverse arsenal and abilities. Another thing about rival characters is when they're presented as "cooler than you", hence cutscenes of them beating up your character or doing something cool, which may not be that possible with the Slayer because to most fans, it would ruin his "brand". Also, a problem with "THEY MADE DOOM CARTOONY" is moreso it wasn't the right type of cartoonyness, because for a series where the original devs didn't care much of its setting, not a lot of people bother to examine the difference between the "goofy latex models out of a B-Movie" and "very detail designs with chittin anatomy meant to suit descriptive lore". The comments of "this looks like WoW/Darksiders" may seen overdone but i've seen people say "Doom is now like Shin Megami Tensei and Bayonetta" which if anything, only examplifies the differences between West and East even more. I feel like the view on Doom's setting shouldn't even be "ignore the story, doesn't matter" but more "it's weird presented but at least you can interpret it in different ways", so i don't even think you need that "story in a porno" comment by Carmack when how the games/manuals presented it should be enough. People treating "Doom's story doesn't matter" like a mandatory rule when modders and fan artists might as well been creating/examinating a Doomverse for years. Doom is silly, but also cool. In a way, you cold also look at the lore and art direction and feel some "restrictions" from the side effect of "expansion", so you could assume they're not taking advantage of a "potential magic" that some Realm667 asset mod/mapset did. Like, "Doomguy fights literal Hell" but then you compare it to some JRPG and start to think that, for a heavy metal series of an angry guy murdering demons with a chainsaw, Doom needs a bit more more abstraction and weird. Otherwise, it could have been "more epic". Or it could also be people thinking that some textures and art stuff is iconic enough to Doom, even if it means FIREBLU, so there's a lot more to make Doom stand out. (then again, same for coloring the Praetor helmet white or grey lol) Then again, Doom also has a history of being misrepresented. With OG Doom, it's people bringing up debunked rumors like "Doom is keyboard only" and associating stuff with mods or source ports. Modern Doom is statements like "Doomguy is the most tragic character" that are just fan bias or someone not consuming a lot of other media. I also think Doom being "one of the good Western games these days" is why there's these comparisons to Japanese games, because if these people looked more into Western games, they could see why someone said that some designs have that "Joe Mad" feel to it. 2016 sort of planted the seed for what Eternal has and if you look at either the licensed comic or the early 2010's Chuck Norris jokes with a Doom skin and jealousy over Master Chief, you can see some of the ingredients used to create the Slayer. A Doom game making Doom more OP is kinda similar to Looney Tunes acknowleding Big Chungus. I heard Carmack and Romero didn't mind that MS owns Doom now, so we hope someone there lets Romero release the unused assets he has left to share. Still glad Doomkid brought attention to that.
  3. whatup876

    Doom Eternal: End of an era?

    Might not be a fitting thread for this but someone made a video about how the Harvester from 2016's MP could return in Eternal. One thing he mentions is how the upcoming Horde Mode potentially rewarding players for conserving BFG ammo inspired him to think of the Harvester "harvesting" BFG ammo/projectiles and using it against the player. It's the kind of stuff that means there's still some room for new ideas on this formula.
  4. whatup876

    Is DOOM 3 Cannon in the Doom Universe?? D:

    I feel like it was always meant to be a different timeline like the RPG games but some things in 2016/Eternal lore make me think they're not that connected to classic "lore".
  5. whatup876

    Update 6.66 Information (Fall release)

    This is update 6.4, but they also show the Pirate Mancubus skin. https://slayersclub.bethesda.net/en/article/6b5zP4yVtOBv2BGOmXRhK3/doom-eternal-update-6-4-release-notes
  6. whatup876

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    There was some DL concept on Twitter: The Dark Lord's New Groove.
  7. Sometimes, having autism aint such a bad thing.

    On one hand, you gotta challenge yourself and learn new things, so you can overcome that.

    On another, there's a lot of crazy people that don't even have any mental illness or disability and are just that, crazy.

    Don't put yourself down because of an internet subculture that might as well be almost over.

  8. I always think back to FreeDoom and how it carries Doom's gameplay but in different visuals and sounds, so most gameplay elements of the enemies are still recognized. So basically, any enemy that is recognizable by how it "feels" or something. I think it was Linguica who said something about spawning things in an area and the obvious comparisons would be the Carcass and Cybermanc in modern Doom games. In terms of visual design, could be anything. Dog enemies, gargoyles, other zombieman classes, creepy women like that cut 64 thing, variants like the "double Cybie", lions, centaurs, other mythical or ancient creatures, tank based enemies etc. I like to think a monster shaped like a cross or star could have been fun.
  9. whatup876

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I was thinking of Animatrix, Star Wars Visions, Batman Gotham Knight, Marvel's What If, Halo Legends and wondered if a "Doom compilation" type of thing could work. Maybe as an actual series of animated shorts and not an actual game trying different styles. Reminds me of that Doom tribute animation project from Newgrounds, with the Into Sandy's City remix. Also, just saw this concept art for the shoulder cannon:
  10. whatup876

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    On this episode of "random ideas i pull out of my mind": if id tries another attempt at a "CEO of Hell" (whether or not it's just experimentation or a response to how people felt about TAG 2), maybe the thing on Davoth's chest could be like a weak spot for a boss. If the IOS has the forehead hole, some other big boss has something in the chest.
  11. whatup876

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    What if the next innovative/experimental Doom game was a rhythm based one?
  12. whatup876

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Another comparison of TAG and 64 is one new weapon: Unmaker and the Sentinel hammer/Hellbreaker. I heard Agony was also buggy at launch. Though with Doom's case and extreme content, it's like a matter of "How cool can it be?". edit: also idea for a demon design: a star shaped one like a Decarabia sort of thing.
  13. whatup876

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    The Final Doom comparison is weird since TNT/Plut are noncanon and were just mappacks, even if it's because of a different scale/team/etc (and TAG was like 3/4 chapters while Final Doom is 2 "episodes" on the same 32 maps number thing as 2), but for 64 and horror stuff, i feel like it would have a drastic change from Eternal. Like, it goes back to people saying Eternal was more goofy than 2016 (colors, classic designs, some glory kills, story tone) but also the usual trends in both games like the "chittin" aesthetic or even its differences from classic Doom's "B-Movie" style. In a way, a story tone and art style/aesthetic are like "languages" and whether it's coming from an artist, what inspired them or the audience's reaction, these things can always evoke something, even if it's from personal viewpoints and subjective. I feel like if Doom tries horror again, it'd probably have to be seperated from 2016/Eternal because of their tone and art style, so we could get designs that are grittier but also more experimental and paranormal looking. And the aesthetic of 2016/Eternal is meant to suit these types of games about a "saturday morning cartoon inspired battle between good and evil with a superhero-like marine violently murdering demons of Hell that fear him". Even if 3 had some "alien designs" at the time, we still had some with enough "weirdness" and not a lot of lore explaining how demons function and where they come from. (i still remember a pre-Eternal article someone wrote saying "where did the weird go" about 2016) Maybe take a few more notes from classic Doom like certain weird textures or bits like Archvile's face tubes. In a way, the point of making Hell scarier and grittier can complement Hell's power level, which in turn complements Doomguy's i guess, but you can also make it fit a "cool factor" for the edge/risks alone, without going too edgy like Agony. Experimental designs can mean a lot whether it's "still alien but weirder" stuff trying to be Wayne Barlowe (he once did concept art for the cancelled Doom 4) or designs that tend to have representation/meaning/magic/etc behind them like JRPG/SMT demons. The real question is how would these enemies play like. Speaking of "language" again, classic Doom's may not "communicate" as much as later entries, hence the games having a history of everyone interpretating them in a lot of ways. But this is also because 64 in itself was different from 1 and 2, so a reboot Doom 64 would be different from Eternal and 2016. Also, if we get another "Doomed marine" protagonist, imagine the intro cutscene being like a superior kicking you off a helicopter before a mission starts, so you start off as a wimp that can't even fight back his boss like Doomguy in 1's manual. Then you confront your corrupted boss in a boss fight and do something cool like kick his decapitated head. (maybe make this a gameplay thing like Blood lol) Speaking of designs, maybe some weird anatomy ideas like a demon made of giant heads or something with a Catdog-like anatomy lol.
  14. whatup876

    DOOM Eternal - Enemy Randomizer

    And THIS is the Tesla Tyrant: edit: found the Cursed Pinky:
  15. whatup876

    So I finally played Doom Eternal...

    Found a channel that does analysis on Doom Eternal stuff, if this helps.