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  1. Zandroner

    Intermission screen error

    Well, suddenly out of nowhere, the problem solved itself.
  2. Zandroner

    Intermission screen error

    Midi mapper and Microsoft GS wavetable synth.
  3. Zandroner

    Intermission screen error

    Whenever i play Doom 2, modded or not. I can go through the intermission screen. Its very slow and when it's finished. I can't go to the next level.
  4. Zandroner

    Custom weapons in doom builder 2

    I meant that then i go to "Things mode" it doesnt appear on the list.
  5. Zandroner

    Custom weapons in doom builder 2

    I downloaded some custom weapons for Doom from realm667. I placed them in Slade. Then in the game i typed in "idkfa" and the custom weapons appeared. But not in doom builder 2. How do i get them to Doom builder 2? My sourceport is Zandronum.