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  1. Payload4367

    Doom's charm...

    It's all about the "Dance" for me. That brilliantly balanced gameplay.
  2. Payload4367


    @austinado Thanks for the videos and comments. Feel free to use any of the scripts or ideas from Dark Encounters in your own works. Let me know if you need any help.
  3. Payload4367

    How to balance survival horror maps?

    You could make the secrets harder to find. Something else I try to do is make sure there are fewer items (ammo/health/etc) located on or near the easiest/quickest route to complete the map. Make the player hunt for that ammo and health in side areas. Like Mordeth said, though, if the player explores the whole level and/or finds all the secrets, you will still run into this problem. Of course, you could use death-exits...please don't use death-exits :)
  4. Payload4367

    Doom mods that aren't Doom

    Here's the first map of an Aliens TC I've been working on. The pk3 can also be used with any iwad and most pwads turning them into alien experiences.
  5. Payload4367


    Thanks a bunch. lol...sorry to pull the rug out from under ya' about the classes, but you should be pleased to know that the Predators do make an appearance in later maps along with other enemies. Still can't play as them though :)
  6. Payload4367


    With all the fantastic Doom content coming out (from Eviternity to Sigil and everything in between) I decided to work on something a little different before returning to some good ole Doom assets. So, here is a little taste:) IWAD: DOOM2 TESTED WITH: GZDOOM 3.7.2, GZDOOM 3.2.4 SINGLE PLAYER (adding multiplayer at a later time) JUMPING AND CROUCHING REQUIRED. MOUSE LOOK REQUIRED. The Aliens have risen again on planetoid LV426 at Weyland/Yutani corporation's best kept secret...A second colony! They still want the creature for research. Play as 4 different classes, each with it's own story, starting inventory, gameplay, item/monster placement and more! (press F1 in-game for more info) Enemies and items are placed in the traditional manner instead of random spawners allowing players to learn and develop winning strategies. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a2fj2old4awkddl/ALIENS_ERADICATION_DEMO.zip/file MANY WAYS TO PLAY: HOW TO PLAY: KNOWN ISSUES: TESTING: CREDITS:
  7. Payload4367


    No, that secret is there for the player to access even without the yellow key if they notice how to get there. The player still needs the key to progress past that secret area so the map doesn't break. In later builds I plan on making it a little harder to get some of the weapons not given by the class chosen, so gameplay elements like the pistol's inability to break open vents becomes a larger factor providing a little more gameplay variety. The combat synth can't use med kits now, and must find repair stations in the map that have finite resources. Looking to create as much variety between the classes as possible. Thinking out loud :)
  8. Payload4367


    By the way, that playthrough and editing in the video is fantastic. Great job! Thanks for featuring my stuff on your channel.
  9. Payload4367


    I offer one of the few 32map Megawads for GZDoom. Hope you like a lot of monsters :)..but not slaughter style.
  10. Payload4367


    Thanks for playing and commenting. I'm still learning to mod at this point (more of a mapper really), but I'm getting better and will if I can. I have yet to use those...guess it's a good time to check em out, because that sounds like a solid idea. Another good idea. Will do, thanks. I have never even looked at their health...lol...I'll look into it. Thanks again, now I'm gonna sit back and watch your video.
  11. Payload4367

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    As its creator, it is hard for me to judge. If I had to put it somewhere, it would be around Base Ganymede. Others may have found it harder (or easier...I'm no legendary player:))
  12. Make sure you don't have the "dormant" flag on for the lights. I've done that. Also make sure they have all the difficulty settings flags checked so they will appear in all settings.
  13. Payload4367

    Base Nevana my second wad

    I finally got around to trying this. I think I'm about half way through the map and I really like the level detail and over all look of the map. I agree with what others have said on this thread and would add that I really didn't like the weapon sounds. Not a big fan of spawning enemies directly behind you. Keep mapping, there's a lot of good stuff here. I'll finish it up later in the week and give you a more complete review.
  14. Payload4367

    What baits players to play your maps

    The screen shots look great. I'm gonna try that Base Nevana and let you know what I think. Try to stay a little more positive in your posts. Lots of mappers get overlooked, I'm sure.
  15. Payload4367

    Damaging floors that damage monsters...

    Nice. I was waiting for answer to this as well. Cool idea.
  16. Payload4367

    Paradise v2 [RC3b 6/23/2019 // bonus map balance]

    Excellent! I finally have some time to try this and those screenies have been calling my name for a while now. Looks just great! Awaiting next update.
  17. Payload4367

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Blood on the BuildGDX port. Never could get very far before because I never liked the control. This seems better and am really enjoying this.
  18. Payload4367

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Thanks MasterO, but I don't know if it will be done in time. But I'll try my hardest. Oh and... +Eviternity +Sigil
  19. Payload4367


    Very surprised and thrilled to see this. I think he liked it :)
  20. Payload4367

    How to make a map pack?

    Start a new map like normal but name it map02. Then go to File > Save map into... and save it into your map01 wad. Make sure you have an exit in map01.
  21. Payload4367

    A impossible upcoming megawad..

    I remember having those lofty megawad aspirations when I first fired up Doom Builder. Then I read a few threads like this one and thought to myself..."Hmmm...probably not a good idea." Released a single map and then a few 6 map thingys. There is good advice here among these posts. Please take it.
  22. Payload4367


    It's certainly different. Let me know what you think.
  23. Payload4367

    Recommend me YOUR wads

    Thanks a bunch for playing and commenting!
  24. Payload4367

    Recommend me YOUR wads

    Here you go. Dark Encounters is standard Doom 2 style gameplay and Dark Universe is a slower paced survival wad. Hope you enjoy and thanks.
  25. Payload4367

    custom actor type for maps

    You might have put in a number already in use by the iwad. Try a different number like the 10000 that R4L suggested.