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  1. Kroc

    Innocence X3 - Final Beta

    I'm going to give this another run through as I enjoyed it so much, but I didn't notice much last time. I can think of one thing off the top of my head and that is the lack of a notable "secret found" sound. it's very underwhelming.
  2. Kroc

    Demonastery - work in progress

    Yes, please do include the Boom support -- it's the difference between 30 FPS in GZDoom and a stable 60 FPS in PrBoom+!
  3. Kroc

    [RELEASE] Skulldash: Expanded Edition

    BTW thanks for porting it to GZDoom for the Expanded Edition, I had such hell getting it to run correctly (without missing textures) in Zandronum.
  4. Kroc

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Codeaward right here. Anything where "we technically could have done this in 1994" tickles me so.
  5. OK, save yourself a huge amount of time and download PortaDOOM's PSX DOOM package that contains a fully pre-configured and tested setup: https://github.com/Kroc/PortaDOOM/releases (NB: The music has been converted to lower bit-rate to save space, you can swap in your music PK3 for better audio)
  6. It's so beautiful! Is this the HUD that the game will use? I would have preferred a recreation of the HUD for each particular game in each episode; such HUDs likely already exist out there, someone's already doing a Chasm mod.
  7. @Uroboros87 This wall edge (and the one behind the player here) glitches when you move close to it / when the lift raises and lowers; In the downstairs computer area, the secret that requires you to leap across this gap to the wall opposite (that lowers) is extremely difficult to do on the PSX. It took me 23 tries, and that wouldn't have been so bad if you didn't have to go all the way around to try again. Amazing work on the map, definitely my favourite in the current beta.
  8. I've been getting screenshots from my PSP; there's one slight texture glitch. The map is absolutely awesome. Great to play, and beautiful to boot. My opinion is that the downstairs computer area is *way* too complex for the PSX aesthetic, and hardware. Some of the wall corners should be squared out, and the wall insets flattened. It's a highly complex area, and Romero didn't build it with even vanilla limits in mind.
  9. Kroc

    Doom 3 PBR textures

    The parallax occlusion stuff is amazing, and I love the effect of combining these high-tech shaders with low-res textures -- chunky texels forever! My only complaint is that it's all too shiny! The place looks wet and/or polished & buffed. For most textures the specular lighting needs to be far more subtle.
  10. PSP Release of Beta 1: http://camendesign.com/_stuff/GEC_PSXDOOM_MASTERED_BETA1.zip (269MB)
  11. I think people will know what they're downloading / playing; the information image is always ugly and adds nothing actually worthwhile. Also, I find it suits the PSP better to make the game icon 144x80 to fit other PSP-specific games on the system rather than standing out. I've converted many of my games to PSP with custom graphics and the best looking, most consistent format is to use just the logo for the icon rather than box art, which can be too small, indistinct, and in this instance not even correct as it's a ROM hack and not the original. Anyhow, I'll try and get a PSP release together soon, Erick could always replace the graphics as he pleases -- I just want to work out the correct process needed so that PSP/Vita users can enjoy everybody's hard work!
  12. I'm making a PSP release, but also creating a batch script to automate the process (so PSP releases could be done simultaneously and not have to wait on me). It would be working but I can't get it to work without a CCD file, and whilst you can convert CUE files to CCD, I've not found a command-line tool to do this (they all rely on GUIs). @Erick194 Could you output a CCD/IMG file as part of your process, or otherwise know of a method of converting CUE to CCD or CUE/BIN to IMG/CDD?
  13. Since I keep getting absolutely murdered at the end of level 1, I can only comment on that -- who thought that was a good idea?? Difficulty curve goes from flat-line to bloody vertical in an instant. You're standing in a tiny corner with fireballs all aiming at that point with nowhere to strafe, a zig-zag path over heavy-damage lava and far too many enemies for level 1. It's a WTF moment and very off-putting. Visually, the level is good, but there are two concerns I have: 1. Why were the pillars left out in the armour room? Clearly they could be put back in without slow-down since it was only for the Jaguar that they were removed, and they're an iconic part of Entryway. Addendum -- also, you can't get back to the rest of the level to complete secrets, a map-design sin 2. The complex structure in the outside area is a bit laggy and far too complex to fit in with the rest of the geometry in the level. I would recommend reducing it to just 4 pillars (instead of 6), or 3
  14. OK, just putting this on PSP! Do you think there would be a way to change the default control scheme? -- oh, also could you provide a list of passwords to each level so that users can test the later levels quickly, otherwise you'll get very lop-sided testing