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  1. I don't make the config file, I allow Chocolate Doom to generate it itself (in a specific location); perhaps its Chocolate Doom that is writing 0 to the config file when it creates it? (with some set of command line parameters triggering the behaviour). Once that default is generated, PortaDOOM makes a personal copy for the user and uses that from there on.
  2. This is the command-line invocation being generated by PortaDOOM's "doom.bat". START "doom.bat" /D "saves\choco-doom\DOOM" "..\..\..\ports\chocolate-doom\chocolate-doom-setup.exe" -width 1366 -height 768 -fullscreen -iwad "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate Doom\base\DOOM.WAD" -savedir "." -config "..\..\..\config\default.choco-doom.cfg" -extraconfig "..\..\..\config\default.choco-doom.extra.cfg" This is the "default.choco-doom.extra.cfg" file: And this launches the setup program, if I tick "off" full-screen, then the following is shown. If I then save and launch that, I get a 320x200 window.
  3. Great, been waiting for this for a while for PortaDOOM. There is some strange behaviour if you provide `-width` / `-height` outside of the accepted choices. If you call `chocolate-doom-setup -width 1366 -height 768` then it displays as "0x0" in setup. Perhaps if an invalid size is given, the nearest 4:3 size that would fit within could be selected instead (i.e. 1024x768).
  4. Does this allow you to record commentary on an pre-recorded demo? I.e. if someone wanted to do an analysis of a speed-run they had already completed.
  5. Hi there! The `-config` parameter is not honouring relative paths. I have a project, PortaDOOM, that provides a batch-script launcher that normalises the behaviour of a myriad of different engines and ensures portability by separating out config files, save files and so on. When it launches an engine, the 'current directory' will be where the saves go (for engines that don't support a `-save` or `-savedir` parameter) and the `-config` parameter will be something like "..\config.doomretro.cfg". This works for everything except DOOM Retro that ignores the parameter and creates a "doomretro.cfg" file in the same path as the executable -- not even the 'current directory'!
  6. Doesn't PrBoom/PrBoom+ implement MBF's extensions? edit: yes, it does:
  7. One of the reasons I feel that DOOM boxes are more valued is that you can know that somebody actually called or mailed id to obtain it. This wasn't just walking in to a store and picking it off the shelf, like with DOOM II. In that way, it's more of a 'personal' artefact and more valuable as a historical comment.
  8. I loved this, the graphical presentation was outstanding. I really want to see where this goes now. I hope that someday someone creates a true-3D PSX DOOM using gourad shading, it'd be almost certainly less choppy. I can see with this video just how hard the 3DO has it without shading or texture offsets.
  9. Could we get a txt file or /idgames submission, for archiving's sake, please?
  10. Well that was outstanding; Cacoward well deserved. Incredible atmosphere, top-class music. Challenging -- I'm not a pro player and tend to play on lower difficulties because there are so many slaughter maps, which are a waste of time, and I prefer exploration but I played SotNR on Normal difficulty and that was superbly balanced -- ammo was always tight, but never desperate and unwinnable. I couldn't find the 8th secret on map 03, and on map 01 & 03 I was always short one kill! I cheated on the boss level, the whole thing is set up as a time-consuming slaughter-map and I would have preferred a map that had you attacking the boss directly through different area set up to vary the attack patterns and player's weapons / position / play-style.
  11. Huzzah! My eyes thank you!
  12. If you want 'easy to run', then I have created a PortaDOOM version of PSX TC -- it's a pre-configured, ready-to-run portable DOOM package. Just download "PortaDOOM_PSXDOOMTC.7z" from here:
  13. Very beautiful aesthetic, but please can we have an option to slow down the colour-cycling, this has to be the first time a game has given me a headache and made my eyes water!
  14. The link on the OP to ScottGrey's thread (where the downloads are) is now broken. What with the Lost Levels add-on, and all the fixes spread across the pages in this thread, there really needs to be a new release! :(
  15. Outstanding atmosphere. I've been to Slovakia (my wife is Slovak) and I just love how this map feels like any average small town in any former-Soviet state. Having all enemies as 'ghosts' really changes the whole style of gameplay and I'm a fan of it, though there isn't really enough monsters in general given the size of the map. The secrets are very, very difficult to hunt down -- I'm not sure anybody has claimed to find them all. I think most players end up walking around endlessly for hours trying to track down secrets but they're just too difficult; the number of hours required scouring every inch vs. the rewards soon reach a loss after about 12 secrets. By that time you've emptied the map of threats and it's just a slow slog going over areas again. If this map could be improved it would be to have new waves of enemies appear throughout as you unlock areas and discover secrets. Outstanding work and congrats on the Cacowards.