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  1. Congrats on the mention in Cacowards! I loved DUMP3, but it was very buggy given that there was no baseline for all maps, RAMPART has definitely improved the experience massively! I have a couple of bugs to report: * Homage to Doom: Blue keycard does not appear in the level -- problem with HNTR or less? * Cerpsen Manor: There are two non-solid walls within the first room, allowing you, and enemies to escape the map Looking forward to working through this, thanks all for your efforts!
  2. Kroc

    Dissecting Sega Saturn Doom

    Yes, but also no. The Saturn has two 20MHz processors, a decent SPU and a bunch of 2D features that are almost entirely useless to Doom. The sky could be done by the background hardware, but one has to understand that outside of backgrounds the Saturn's 2D quads/sprites are really, really slow. The PSX might not have backgrounds in hardware, but its fill rate is several times that of the Saturn. Multi-threading does not help Doom much; the 33 MHz PSX CPU is still better than 2x20MHz unless someone can pull off some god-level programming. Yes, the Saturn could run Doom but it'd take a _lot_ more effort, to run well, than a straight port might imply but I would love to see it.
  3. Agreed with @Lollie; it should be the whole experience _but_ for players that have already played PSX Doom in the past a separate release could be made of just the cut content, or a separate selectable "game"/"episode" that contains only the cut content.
  4. The EBOOT does require CFW but should work on 6.21 or 6.60/1 and doesn't require any particular POPs version that I'm aware of. As riderr3 has said, use the cdda_enabler (included), or you could use an older version of POPs that still plays CDDA (v5?, v4)
  5. To what extent can text-mode show two colours per cell? I'm wondering if you could have two "pixels" per cell (one half one colour, and the other half another), to give you a not-unreasonable 160 "px" wide resolution.
  6. There's also CGA analogue colour... 16 colours through 1-bit dithered ouput
  7. Textures from BREW! This is an incredible landmark; that version of DOOM RPG was practically lost to time, and nearly impossible to actually emulate / play!
  8. Kroc

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    Since any mod is less likely to be run on an original cart than on an Everdrive or emulator, the question is: what do they support? I've heard that some emulators can see a larger address space from the FX2 that original hardware.
  9. Totally correct, I got muddled there. The 24-bit mode was not used often for this very reason, a single screen buffer would take up most of the VRAM!
  10. Are you sure this is the case? In the PSX VRAM screenshot below we can see that the status, flats & textures are narrower than the screen buffers (e.g. compare Doom-guys face in the rendered frame, vs in the status textures). On a PSX, textures that appear narrower indicate that they are stored at a lower bit-rate. VRAM is always 1024px wide (at 8bpp), so images in lower bit-rates appear narrower. The emulator is correcting the colour in the VRAM dump for you, otherwise they would appear discoloured due to two 4-bit pixels being interpreted as one 8-bit pixel. Perhaps another approach to saving VRAM without altering the vertical-strips rendering would be to store sprites as vertical strips without the leading/trailing transparent pixels and have those vertical offsets provided by a table in RAM.
  11. Are the monster sprites stored as-is; that is, with lots of wasted transparent space around them? I can see why the Cyberdemon would occupy so much room if that's the case. If I had to attempt to rectify this, I would split the monster sprites into 8x8 tiles and omit the entirely transparent parts, re-assembling the monsters on-screen as a tilemap of 8x8 sprites (the PSX's sprite blitting is very fast)
  12. Kroc

    [On Hold] Doom 32x: Delta

    Could you use the MegaCD to stream the 3DO soundtrack, to do something about the... questionable... 32x music. (Or convince BlastProcessed to do a new soundtrack!)
  13. Kroc

    Extreme Source Porting V2.0

    At this point, it would not surprise me if it were possible to port DOOM to pure shader code and run thousands of instances at once, all on the GPU.
  14. Oh hey, this is where that Minecraft map for Multiverse came from! I really enjoyed that, can't wait for a whole megawad!
  15. Kroc

    Why gzDoom doesnt autoupdate?

    Please no. Compatibility with some maps sometimes breaks between versions and there's always new bugs. In the case of DOOM WADs in particular, you want to stick to a version that's known to work with that WAD; there's just too much history attached and that's very unlike most other modern software!