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  1. Kroc

    Demonastery - RELEASED! (Now on idgames)

    Really enjoyed this. I'm an exploration person and always play on medium or lower difficulty because I loathe excessive quantities of enemies slowing things down. I found the map well balanced for me and the architecture was stunning. In fact, the only disappointment was that the outer wall and courtyard area between the outer wall and monastery were not used! I would have loved to have run around the perimeter and the inside wall area would provide a tight space for combat.
  2. Kroc

    DOOM Retro v2.7.4 (updated November 4, 2018)

    New bug: REKKR is no longer displaying the correct names for most of its items; e.g. "cells" instead of "mana".
  3. For 2.4 ~ 3.2, play without PSXDOORS.PK3, all it does is flash the relevant key when you try to open a locked door. Others are reporting the TC doesn't work beyond 3.2.5, but I think this has to do with the customizer/launcher; I'm using my own launcher and PortaDOOM handles the game fine, even with 3.6.0.
  4. So is this project going to include to the original maps as well, and 'fill in the blanks' with the new maps?
  5. PSP Beta 2 release updated with the new fixes; same link as before: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oswf1mr64434mct/GEC_PSXDOOM_MASTERED_BETA2.zip/file BTW @Erick194 I don't know what you did to the file, but it stopped working in PSX2PSP; not a problem though, because it now works with my automated script to build PSP releases so that's even better.
  6. Kroc

    Innocence X3 - Released Now on Idgames!

    Thank you very much! I've been busy with my son's needs so I'm still going through it again. Would you mind if I included the series in PortaDOOM? I want to expand the PSX TC package to include any notable PSX/D64-likes to give more flavour.
  7. I'm autistic and have an autistic son and that description of Plutonia is the most accurate I've come across :)
  8. That's standard practice for PortaDOOM (you should check it out). It would help if you could create a standard idgames-format txt file for credits, as that's how a) the majority of WADs document themselves and b) it cuts down on my workload because I've got a concise document with WAD info and credits and I don't have to hunt down all this information myself.
  9. Ohmigosh, that's amazing! I was wondering when D64EX was going to serve a greater purpose! You wouldn't mind me including this on PortaDOOM? I want to expand the PSX DOOM package to include DOOM 64 stuff as well so people can download and play these games with no fuss (other than locating a ROM).
  10. Y'all throwing names everywhere, but you never gonna top Cacoworld.
  11. Kroc

    Favorite Source Port?

    PrBoom+: Speed. Easily 100-300fps and can handle huge, huge maps like COMATOSE.WAD when other engines can't DOOM Retro: Very good 'details' fork of Chocolate DOOM. If it gets true widescreen resolutions and map stats then I'll switch to this
  12. Kroc

    Playstation Doom on PS2

    IMO, the PSX could easily have had a "Special Edition" re-release toward the end of its life that utilised the hardware properly. If they ditched the column rendering and went with a true polygon renderer, then there would have been no issue at all reaching 30 fps and including split-screen multiplayer. The port of Quake II shows that the PSX was capable of rendering far more complex FPSes than DOOM and I would love to see a PSX DOOM that used the hardware to its full (and unique) potential.
  13. Kroc

    DOOM Retro v2.7.4 (updated November 4, 2018)

    NB: PortaDOOM does save-game separation by itself (via `-savedir` / `-save` parameter) since very few ports do this automatically, and there is no way to change this for past-versions (something PortaDOOM relies upon for certain WAD compatibility). I assume that your naming algorithm is the same as mine; if there is a PWAD, use its name, otherwise use the IWAD name. I'd appreciate a way to disable this behaviour in DOOM Retro because I intend to extend this naming scheme in the future to automatically separate save games of different mod-loadouts. Whilst it doesn't apply much to DOOM Retro, due to most major mods requiring GZDoom, I would mutate the save directory to include the mod name, e.g. "aaliens+highnoondrifter". I couldn't tell you how other uses are using the `-save` parameter so I don't feel like it would be safe to alter that behaviour. Rather a config var or another param to disable the folder nesting would be appreciated, I could apply that to PortaDOOM easily.
  14. Would it be possible to use the FinalDoom EXE for both games on the disc, so that mouse support is present for both?
  15. Kroc

    REKKR - V1.15

    Soooo good. Enjoying this immensely, at E1M3 but ran into a problem: