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  1. Summary: I've seen attempts at bringing doom 2 monsters into Doom 1 with the most notable effort from Phobos867, he went through the effort of rebalancing Doom 2's demons to accommodate the lack of a super shotgun. Phobos867's addon served as an inspiration for mine. While it can be fun to encounter Doom 2 enemies in Doom 1 there are issues that just can't be avoided, mainly monsters such as the aracnotron and mancubus getting stuck with D1's more claustrophobic level design and the fact that doom 2's more cybernetically enhanced demons doesn't really fit into Doom 1 since most of the Demons faced in the first game were not augmented with cybernetics. So this is where I came up with the idea of adding enemies that could act as early versions of Doom 2's roster, adding a bit of that Doom 2 challenge into D1 in a way that felt more fitting. Bestiary: Credits: Download Proto Doom2 Demons.rar
  2. This looks promising. I'll have to keep my eye on this one.
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    Hellswarm (Monster Randomizer)

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    Hellswarm (Monster Randomizer)

    A very early version of a monster randomizer that I've been working on, utilizing numerous monsters from realm667. The goal for this one is balance as other randomizers like to throw crazy hard enemies at the player. Enemies that are stronger than the ones they are replacing are less common. Also, I only chose enemies that had unique abilities so my randomizer doesn't get too bloated, realm667 has a lot of monsters that play similar to each other. I don't recommend playing this with a doom 1 megawad since Boss enemies are replaced and that could cause issues, I may make a doom 1 version in the future. I recommend playing this with a weapon mod like Final doomer, you could try the vanilla weapons but final doomer is what I've tested this mod with. Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/12fTDLCad5Cyv0PkMSFgoUKvwlp6qf0bo/view?usp=sharing