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  1. guineu

    Wrath of Cronos

    As far as I know the original author disappeared after the release of 1.8a2, but some people kept updating/fixing the mod and it's up to version 2.0c2 All the versions and patches can be found here: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/wads.php?name=wrathofcronos&order=date_desc. Basically: -To use with Hexen Last version: wrathofcronosr2c2.pk3 Extra monsters: wrathofcronosr2c_extramonsv12.pk3 -When using with a game other than Hexen: wrathofcronosnothexenpatch.pk3 +when using with Doom: wrathofcronosdoompatch2.pk3 +when using with Heretic: wrathofcronoshereticpatch2.pk3 +when using with Strife: wrathofcronosstrifepatch1_8a.pk3 -Optionally: Monster randomizer for Doom: wrathofcronosdoomrandom2c2.pk3 Also as already said it requires an old version of GZDoom (I think it's 2.2).
  2. guineu

    Anguish Confinement

    Simple and easy, but not bad. With such description and no screenshots I was expecting something awful.
  3. guineu

    my first map - Payday.WAD

    Maybe it's just me (playing at 8 am) but the ring of Cacos in the blue key seemed a bit out of tone with the balance of the map. As someone said the map is fairly easy, no problem with that. Except for the BK fight, which seems out of balance and much harder than everything else in the map. Take a second too long to react and it's pretty much an inescapable situation as the Cacos body block every escape option and fire comes from every single direction. I'd either reduce the number of Cacos there or make the rest of the map more challenging.
  4. guineu

    The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    The problem about always playing with freelook is that when I do an ironman you just need a few simple hitscanners out of vision in a vertical area to stop me. Died on map 5; narrow steep stairs with what seemed a ton of chain/shotgunners. Demo (Category 1)
  5. guineu


    I don't mind the orthogonality but still didn't like the map very much. On an open map like this, I'd say give the player something from the very start or make sure the player gets something no matter the route he takes. The first couple attempts I was walking around the map with just my gun getting sniped by hitscanners on ledges until in my third attempt I finally went towards the shotgun. Just making the shotgun visible from the player start would be enough.
  6. guineu

    Blanket Techbase (BLANKETC.wad)

    There are many Sergeants, one soon after the start and many later on.
  7. guineu

    Castle Struggle

    Liked the map a lot because of the non-linearity but more than that because of how the different parts of the map feel interconnected, unlike "non-linear" maps with three keys in three separated areas that you can get in any order but each of those areas is completely disconnected from the rest of the map. Wanted to record a video for a while and today finally got to it. It took a few attempts, died at least twice at the BFG/plasma so in the end I took a coward approach:
  8. I'm the kind of person that never used Megaelixirs on Final Fantasy always holding them for a "perfect moment". I often do the same in Doom with big pick ups. Watched my own demo and there were actually 2 Megaspheres in the area were I died D:
  9. It was interesting... for the few minutes it lasted :) Happy birthday.
  10. I liked the maps, nothing bad to say about them. The theme/gameplay are very generic, something done a million times, but the layouts managed to have some uniqueness. Recorded my playthrough:
  11. ded on map 1/2/2. While checking everything was working I saw the location of the first shotgun in map 1, other than that it's a blind run. demo files
  12. guineu

    [Heretic] Chainman's Labyrinth

    Same problem as mgr_inz_rafal, can't get out: Can't open the door, there's a visual bug when lowering the platform and then I get trapped in the pit. Tried both links, seems to be the same file.
  13. Tried it but I stopped at the dark area where you use the yellow key and a mouth starts chewing a corpse. The layout feels too disorganized and the architecture/structures too weird and disorganized, lacking cohesion. Doesn't help that the puzzle-like elements are not my cup of tea either.
  14. guineu

    New Map: Dalida Satanica Mortis

    I recorded my playthrough yesterday, it took quite a few attempts. Not a FDA but I hadn't seen other players/videos previously. Great map, enjoyed every aspect of it: interesting layout to explore, nice detail, fun and fair gameplay. The final encounter was cool but (spoilers) unless I missed something it was just running in circles as fast as possible for a while and picking up the invulnerabilities at the right moments. If I had to suggest something to make it more interesting I'd add interactivity with the player: the eye could be shut and the player needs to activate something to open the eye temporarily. Then balance the monsters spawning accordingly to not make it too hard.
  15. Nice map, much better than what I expected from a "my first map". I agree with bonnie though, the first spot in particular: it opens like a door and it's a bit confusing, could be frustrating for someone not realizing the button can be shot from the window. Also you could add some more info on the first post, in particular the IWAD. I loaded Doom I after reading it's a "reinterpretation of E1M1". Here's a recording of my playthrough:
  16. I get stuck in this narrow corridor, tried to squeeze but in the end I had to idclip: Was using the updated map ('Infiltrationv1.1.wad') and gzdoom 3.2
  17. guineu

    Tekgren Tension 2 [Playtest]

    Not a fan of maps with too many teleporting enemies, but in this case it was small groups with no big threats so it wasn't annoying. Enjoyable small map. Recorded my playthrough:
  18. Got to e2m5, no secret levels and advancing slowly at my own pace. Cleared most of the level and then there's a 15 minute pause, sorry about that. Anyway when I come back I wander around the level for a while trying to remember where I have to go until I realize the only unexplored area has damaging floor and I already picked the rad suit earlier. I go into the nukage and the outcome is the expected, RIP. DW Ironman December 2017 About the category: I played this but I barely remembered anything (something obvious watching the demos), still better to tag it as Category 2 as I knew there weren't huge threats/ambushes and that's an advantage over someone knowing nothing about the wad.
  19. We are allowed to make a separate demo for each episode, right? Oh and what's the command to start recording at episode 2? -warp e2m1 didn't seem to work.
  20. Nice map. Early on challenging because of how tight ammo is and later on because of the combat. A little too long for my taste, I get tired of the Heretic bestiary very fast. Had a fast look at the Hexen version, looks very dark, at least after playing the Heretic version just because of how much brighter it is.
  21. guineu

    Painful Cave (Remastered)

    I recorded my playthrough. Not really a first attempt since I played the previous version so I knew what to expect more or less. The map is much more enjoyable now than it was the Chaingun only version. My only observation: The last fight felt underwhelming and actually the easiest part of the map, even easier than the BK fight right at the start; two single Archviles when you're carrying Rocket Launcher & Plasma in an ample area full of cover and no other threats won't be much of a problem, even if they have a field full of corpses to reanimate chances are they'll die before reanimating anything.
  22. guineu

    The DWIronman League dies to: Oscillation

    I had played Oscillation a few months ago so with the addition of the categories this month I decided to go all-in and practice to do a Type 3 run. I practiced maps 1 and 2 a few times... and then Nioh came out for PC and suddenly it's the 28th. Oh well, hopefully I'll get the 'most pathetic Type 3 run' award. Actually I'm happy having reached map 4 but disappointed on how I died. Fuck skeletons. guineu ironman nov'17 Oscillation PRboom+ _____ PS: I like the addition of categories and I think it's a good way of dividing them. Only thing I'd change is the possibility of participating in 2 categories: one for Type 1/2 and another for Type 3. The reason being how different those categories are. Type 1-2 need fast reaction, improvisation and general experience with the game, while Type 3 needs memorization, planning and experience with the maps in particular.
  23. guineu


    There's no need for (overly) harsh reviews but there's no need to overreact and delete posts because of harsh criticism either. There's only 1 really harsh review and it's buried at the bottom. The wad has many things that, in my opinion, aren't enjoyable for most people: abuse of flashing lights, weird/unconventional layouts, questionable texture placement/choices, missalignments, etc. If people get annoyed or don't like something, it's normal for them to criticize and give their opinions.
  24. guineu

    heretic d'sparil keep V2.1

    Interesting. You should put a description with more details. What about more enemy variety? I tried it up to level 3 or 4 but all I saw were Disciples.
  25. I don't remember much about the endgame run because it was early in the month when I did it but nothing special happened. Jut finished endpoint and that was a more interesting run. After reaching map 3 (with an amazing speedrun time of ~30 minutes) with plenty of supplies I got a bugged ghost Imp. Second month in a row hit with a bug! Luckily this time was just one monster so I pushed forward. Unfortunately I'm not used at having an ethereal companion Imp trying to backstab me and I tried to go faster than I'm used to, making stupid mistakes and finally dying embarrassingly to a solo Revenant. endgame - map4 endpoint - map3 guineu endxxx ironman october 2017.zip