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  1. baby's first maps!

    Going to try this later. You may want to update the download links in the first post with the updated version or most people will miss them. I almost did.
  2. Demo file: guineu_warlh.lmp.zip (Cat.1) And youtube video. As usual at my own pace, took me longer to reach halfway the map than some survivors to complete the whole thing. In the end died to a lone Revenant rocket. What can I say, I think he was using an aimbot. Damn hackers.
  3. Doom 3: Primary Excavation Site (BETA)

    Great map. I liked everything; the visuals, the realistic base design, the survival style gameplay. The map manages to be different than typical Doom in most aspects and yet it still feels like classic Doom. Here's my recorded playthrough, not a first attempt as I checked the map once beforehand playing until the blue key. From that onward it's blind play. There's a visual bug near the end (39:11 in the video), other than that all was fine.
  4. I like to think a megawad is 30-32 maps and an episode 8-9 maps, following the structure of the original games. Everything else is simply a set of maps in my opinion. But since there's no official definition I don't care much about people using megawad for whatever length they feel like.
  5. My first Doom WAD: "Canyon"

    I liked the layout; both the canyon at the start and the base are well made. The only part that felt uninspired to me was the long stairs at the end On the other hand the combat is too dull, the player doesn't feel danger at any point. One of the secrets counts as two, maybe you could consolidate them into one.
  6. [Boom] Btlgs1

    Simple but fun maps. There were many Archviles, but their placement and the fights in general are forgiving, so despite the threats the maps are relaxed. Here's my playthrough. I think the Plasma gun in Map02 is supposed to be a secret? But you can just run and grab it from the start (12:32 in video, as opposed to the secret leading to it from behind at 17:54) leaving the secret empty later on.
  7. Wrath of Cronos

    As far as I know the original author disappeared after the release of 1.8a2, but some people kept updating/fixing the mod and it's up to version 2.0c2 All the versions and patches can be found here: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/wads.php?name=wrathofcronos&order=date_desc. Basically: -To use with Hexen Last version: wrathofcronosr2c2.pk3 Extra monsters: wrathofcronosr2c_extramonsv12.pk3 -When using with a game other than Hexen: wrathofcronosnothexenpatch.pk3 +when using with Doom: wrathofcronosdoompatch2.pk3 +when using with Heretic: wrathofcronoshereticpatch2.pk3 +when using with Strife: wrathofcronosstrifepatch1_8a.pk3 -Optionally: Monster randomizer for Doom: wrathofcronosdoomrandom2c2.pk3 Also as already said it requires an old version of GZDoom (I think it's 2.2).
  8. Anguish Confinement

    Simple and easy, but not bad. With such description and no screenshots I was expecting something awful.
  9. my first map - Payday.WAD

    Maybe it's just me (playing at 8 am) but the ring of Cacos in the blue key seemed a bit out of tone with the balance of the map. As someone said the map is fairly easy, no problem with that. Except for the BK fight, which seems out of balance and much harder than everything else in the map. Take a second too long to react and it's pretty much an inescapable situation as the Cacos body block every escape option and fire comes from every single direction. I'd either reduce the number of Cacos there or make the rest of the map more challenging.
  10. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    The problem about always playing with freelook is that when I do an ironman you just need a few simple hitscanners out of vision in a vertical area to stop me. Died on map 5; narrow steep stairs with what seemed a ton of chain/shotgunners. Demo (Category 1)
  11. Hell Complex

    I don't mind the orthogonality but still didn't like the map very much. On an open map like this, I'd say give the player something from the very start or make sure the player gets something no matter the route he takes. The first couple attempts I was walking around the map with just my gun getting sniped by hitscanners on ledges until in my third attempt I finally went towards the shotgun. Just making the shotgun visible from the player start would be enough.
  12. Blanket Techbase (BLANKETC.wad)

    There are many Sergeants, one soon after the start and many later on.
  13. Castle Struggle

    Liked the map a lot because of the non-linearity but more than that because of how the different parts of the map feel interconnected, unlike "non-linear" maps with three keys in three separated areas that you can get in any order but each of those areas is completely disconnected from the rest of the map. Wanted to record a video for a while and today finally got to it. It took a few attempts, died at least twice at the BFG/plasma so in the end I took a coward approach:
  14. The DWIronman League dies to: Combat Shock 2

    I'm the kind of person that never used Megaelixirs on Final Fantasy always holding them for a "perfect moment". I often do the same in Doom with big pick ups. Watched my own demo and there were actually 2 Megaspheres in the area were I died D:
  15. Hell on Earth: Super Tiny Edition[RELEASE]

    It was interesting... for the few minutes it lasted :) Happy birthday.