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  1. Pelle1986


    Okey, I guess it would be easier if I Just tell you more exact what I want to do: I just want to operate the "Death Wyvern" (in Hexen) as normal thus the monster is awaken, then flying in cercles, attacking actor (player) until it is beaten. I could have told you this from the beginning. Sorry...
  2. Pelle1986


    How do I make a specific script to run first after a monster (with a given TID) "wakes up"?
  3. Pelle1986

    What is this?

    I already deleted the map since I just started to make it. I just started over. Thanks anyway.
  4. Pelle1986

    What is this?

    Hi! No, I didn't try to Edit the map. It just got the same name as the original Hexen map cuz I don't know how to change the name of it.
  5. Pelle1986

    What is this?

    I cannot get around this problem. There are errors with the linedefs and when I remove them the errors just moves to onother one. Anyone know what to do?
  6. Pelle1986

    Invert shootability rules

    I made a 3D-floor with the "BRNSMAL1"-texture (name of the texture thats looks like a fence) and want to be able to shoot through it. The 3d-floor is solid and even if i put a check in "32: Invert shootability rules" it still doesn't let a single bullet pass. Whats wrong? EDIT: I now realized that bullets from the pistol (doom2) and the shootgun go through, but not rockets or fireballs from imps etc... Can I make every projectile go through? Best regards Per
  7. Pelle1986

    Three Questions

  8. Pelle1986

    Three Questions

    A) How do I make the perfect arch, round and nice? B) How do I make a 3D-floor move sideways, not only up and down. Like a polyobject... C) Can I rotate the texture of a wall or make it up-side-down or mirror? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! // Per
  9. Pelle1986

    Sound information

    I am making a doom-scenario and i can't make the "PlaySound"-script work. For example, I want a sound to be played when a door opens and i type like this: PlaySound(4,"DSPSTART",CHAN_BODY,1.0,FALSE,ATTN_NORM,FALSE); I am not sure if the soundinfo is correct. I couldn't find any "SNDINFO"-textfile like in hexen.wad. /Per
  10. Pelle1986

    Hide things inside...

    Hi! You know in Hexen; How do I hide something inside a pot? So when you break it, an artifact (for example) will show up... / Per
  11. Pelle1986


    Please forgive me! I am embarrassing myself. I was using ZDoom. I am so sorry for wasting your time. Now I have downloaded GZDoom and run the command. And it worked. At least I did not get any unknown-command-messages. Is that all I have to do to solve the mainproblem? / Per
  12. Pelle1986


    I notice something strange, when I write the command "vid_renderer 1" (with a space between the last word and number 1), the number 1 seems to be lost. I get this message "unknown command "vid_renderer"" I tried to fill out the space with _ , - and whatever... Still doesn't work :-(
  13. Pelle1986


    Oh, silly me... It is GZDoom
  14. Pelle1986


    Port??? Sorry, I don't know what you mean..
  15. Pelle1986


    This doesn't look like my GZDoom. I never get to this "welcome-window"