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  1. Please forgive me! I am embarrassing myself. I was using ZDoom. I am so sorry for wasting your time. Now I have downloaded GZDoom and run the command. And it worked. At least I did not get any unknown-command-messages. Is that all I have to do to solve the mainproblem? / Per
  2. I notice something strange, when I write the command "vid_renderer 1" (with a space between the last word and number 1), the number 1 seems to be lost. I get this message "unknown command "vid_renderer"" I tried to fill out the space with _ , - and whatever... Still doesn't work :-(
  3. Oh, silly me... It is GZDoom
  4. Port??? Sorry, I don't know what you mean..
  5. This doesn't look like my GZDoom. I never get to this "welcome-window"
  6. I tried that as well, still unknown command :-(
  7. Okey, I found the console and wrote the exact text (like above) several times and I get the message "Unknown command "vid_renderer1""
  8. Should I do this while in the game or in GZDoomBuilder? I tried both but nothing happened.
  9. I am sorry. I think it is the language barrier that makes it hard for me to get. Where do I find this "console"? Thank you for your patience.
  10. Thank you! Can you explain how that is done? /Per
  11. I am having problems when I make slopes/bridges. Making slopes and bridges separatly works fine, but when I make a bridge THAT slopes it becomes invisible while in game. I am using GzDoomBuilder (bugfix). /Per
  12. Hi! Is there a "SNDINFO" in the Doom2.wad like in Hexen.wad? Or where can I find information about different sounds in doom2? I need the names of the sounds to use in scripts like "PlaySound........" / Per
  13. Yes! That's right. 1024 (secret). I had to type the numer myself, while it could not be found in the list. However, it worked... Thank you!
  14. Hi! That special is "unknown". I forgot to mention that I use GZDoom Builder (Bugfix), if that makes sense? / Per
  15. Hi everyone! How do I make a secret area while editing a doom2-map in GZDoom Buider? / Per