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  1. Thanks! I understand. Where can I get it?
  2. Hi again! What engine (for Doom, Hexen etc) do you use? I'll be happy to know. However, I solved my problem with the switches by placing a monster (ettin) in a singel room in the far distance together with a moving polyobject. And for every switch you pull, the polyobject moves a bit closer to the ettin and when the final switch is pulled the monster is crushed on which I have put action to open the door. I could not have figured it out myself so thanks to you all. Now, another question: How do you make an event that, when triggered, changes the texture of a wall? Thanks a lot!
  3. I am interested in this "Vodoo Doll" that you mentioned. Maybe you can explain more or have a link to share where I can get more information? Thanks a lot!
  4. I am really sorry that I forgot to tell you that, and I am thankfull for you all being so patient. I really would love to use ZDoom and include "zcommon.acs", but I have tried so many times but faild. I fot the file, but it still won't work. I read somewhere in this thread that zcommon.asc is not compatible with Doom Engine (snowberry.exe). I will gladly listen to your advise in choice of a adequate game engine. Thanks again for your patience!
  5. Hi! Thank you for being so accurate, and for explaining in a way that I understand. All this is new for me and English is a secondary language for me. BUT, there is no such thing as 666 (it is a unknown action) and neither is there a "Commander Keen" to place and definitely no exploding barrels. I am making a Hexen map (not Zdoom (Hexen)). I am sorry if I have not declared that from the beginning. / Per
  6. Thanks! That would work, I have done it before. You see, since I haven't been able to use script I have developed quite a skill in making maps WITHOUT scrips. One have to use the imagination to make a good map. :-)
  7. Ah, maybe that is the problem. Please, tell me what I shall use and where to find it. Thanks!
  8. Yes, it is Hexen format. I have tried "ZDoom(Hexen)" and whether the "zcommon.acs" is found or not, scripting don't work. It is as if the game (which is run by DoomsDay (snowberry.exe)) can't read the scripts. For example: I make a switch which opens a door, by scripting. While in game and I press the switch, it lights up but nothing happends. And BELIVE me I have checked everything such as tag, ceiling hights etc.
  9. Okej, I got this error message: "Couldn't find include file "zcommon.acs" I looked for it and it is located at C:/Doom Buider 2/Configurations/Includes
  10. Thanks! But i can't use "zcommon.acs". It just won't work. Many have tried to help me but failed. I've tried to reinstall doombuilder and stuff. Nothing helps. Then I tried "common.acs" and scripting all of a sudden worked :-)
  11. Yes, I include "common.acs" because I have tried "zcommon.acs" for so long time and it has never worked. I have tried to get help at this very forum and many have tried to help but nothing ever changed the fact that scripting doesn't work. The last answer I received was that it doesn't work on all computers and no one knows why. That is another story, however... Are you saying that I can't make those switches by including "common.asc"?
  12. Hi! Sorry, but that did not work either :-(
  13. I'm sorry but that did't help :-( But thanks anyway!
  14. Hi! I am sorry, I don't know what you mean. Commander Keen? Vanilla-compatible?? /Per
  15. Hi again! I have a few scripts so I just copy all of them here. Take a look please: #include "common.acs" script 1 (void) { Polyobj_RotateLeft (1,6,64); polyobj_RotateRight (2,6,64); ACS_Terminate (1, 0); } script 2 (void) { delay(150); Thing_Deactivate(3); Light_Fade(1,20,12); Light_Fade(2,20,12); delay(50); Floor_LowerByValue(2,16,112); } int switchPresses = 0; script 3 (void) { switchPresses = switchPresses + 1; Delay(1); if(switchPresses == 2) Door_Open(4,16); Door_Open(4,16); } Okey, that is all. I put both swiches to action 80 - script execute, script number= 3, map number= 0, script arg 1, 2 and 3 = 0. Script 1 and 2 just work as soon as I erase the line "int switchpresses =0;" I just don't understand what I am doing wrong. /Per