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  1. Captain red pants

    Movie Night

    What if the two coolest guys you knew became best friends? It only ramps UP from here.
  2. Captain red pants


    Guten tag!
  3. Captain red pants

    Grungo hit jackpot

    When you get to the second game you should really lean into role playing a tribal
  4. Captain red pants

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    @Murdoch Huh. I have no idea whould could be causing that, but if you're doing fine with modding the original Morrowind then you may as well stick with it. I mostly use OpenMW because I don't have to generate distant terrain every time I change a few things around
  5. Captain red pants

    Games too scary you can’t play..

    I adore Darkest Dungeon's presentation, but the game stresses me out too much to play it for very long. Anxiety is a *kind* of fear isn't it?
  6. Captain red pants

    What genre is DOOM?

    Real time sci-fi themed dungeon crawler
  7. Captain red pants

    Games you never dared to play on hardest difficulty?

    I always wondered if the reason people kept posting Half-Life in the various "popular games you hate" threads we've had over the years is because they only ever played it on hard.
  8. Captain red pants

    Games you never dared to play on hardest difficulty?

    Most games honestly. Got enough in my life that makes me frustrated.
  9. Captain red pants

    What will the doom community look like 30 years from now?

    Every Doom 3 has it's Duct tape mod
  10. Captain red pants

    I owe you all an apology...

    Hey man, I'm glade that you've enjoyed your time with us...
  11. Captain red pants

    Sydney knife attacking spree

    Where you got 'proven' from? I've yet to see anything from any news outlet so far.
  12. Captain red pants

    Sydney knife attacking spree

    The Port Author Massacre resulted in a ban on semi automatic rifles. You can still own guns for Hunting and Sport shooting with the proper licensing, but you can't own one for 'self defense'.
  13. Captain red pants

    Sydney knife attacking spree

    I uh, don't know what the Australian Illuminati would get out of faking a couple of knife attacks as you're already not allowed to carry them for self defense purposes.
  14. Captain red pants

    Sydney knife attacking spree

    I mean, the Assyrian church attack was technically terrorism in that it was a public act of violence that was ideologically motivated, but the vibe I get from it personally was... you know those stories where dumb internet drama escalates into real life violence? I suppose it doesn't help that on one side was a hate preacher who literally wanted to martyr himself and the other was a Jr. Islamist so stupid he ended up cutting off his own finger during the attack, but if you where to point to this as example of an organized existential threat to Australia's way of life™ I would feel as secure as a snag in some hastily buttered white bread out the front of bunnings. Honestly the 'riot' imminently afterword probably spooked your average dinky-di ozzy more then the attack it's self. Despite being prison a colony for a while Australia is extremely cop pilled and they don't like it when you do rowdy civil disobedience like that. As for the first guy, all we know for sure was that he was homeless, schizophrenic and off his meds. Apparently he was from Toowoomba, and if the dates are right, we would have been in high school at about the same time, so I'll just say while we don't know his motives, if it did turn out that they where misogynistic in nature, growing up there wouldn't have helped :/
  15. Captain red pants

    Hello I would like to introduce myself

    Hello Massacher! What year? I'm from Australia to and back in the 90's some of my fellow students nearly got expelled for having a doom deathmatch in the computer labs. I'm curious if they've mellowed out nowadays
  16. Captain red pants

    A Plea to stop Publishers from terminating their Games

    Bethesda is breaking free mods so they can sell mods as mini DLC. They're not even fixing any of the decade old bugs the game still has to do it. That's pretty shitty in my book.
  17. Captain red pants

    New games are just not fun anymore?

    Hard disagree on not nailing the vibe though I guess I can agree that they value refinement over anything else but if they're not your bag they're not your bag. But if you really are looking for something new we can get a little weird Cruelty Squad Looks like this: You will probably have your divine light severed in the first mission I've sunk over 40 hours into it.
  18. Captain red pants

    What’s the best version of duke nukem?

    As an aside, How is Zoom Platform? is it worth getting for anything other then the best version of Duke Nukem if you're already using GoG and Steam?
  19. Captain red pants

    What’s the best version of duke nukem?

    Also I think Zoom platform is the only place online you can still get the first two 2D Duke Nukem games. They're worth a look to.
  20. Captain red pants

    New games are just not fun anymore?

    I mean, I'd love to help you out, but from this sentence alone it's apparent that we live in different realities.
  21. Captain red pants

    What’s the best version of duke nukem?

    I'm assuming you mean Duke Nukem 3D? Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour on steam is a good place to start as any if you're looking for a user friendly way to play Duke 3D. Has an extra episode made just for it's custom port, but the port it's self has a few quirks. Otherwise there's Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition on ZOOM Platform which is bundled with Duking it out in DC, Duke Caribbean Vacation and Nuclear winter as well as a few map compilations. As for source ports, there's Eduke32, BuildGDX and RAZE. They all use DUKE3D.GRP as an 'IWAD' as you put it. I don't think any of then can play the World Tour episode from Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour yet, but I haven't tried in a while.
  22. Bio Menace lookit dat blud! I was a pretty sheltered kid ok
  23. Captain red pants

    Recommend me some good Youtube channels to watch

    Are you a fan of old school CRPGs, Fallout 1 & 2 mods, Old internet drama, and obscure Eastern European politics? No? Well that's because you haven't watched Warlockracy yet!
  24. This somehow gave me feelings of nostalgia when I was about 5 years old
  25. Captain red pants

    The story behind your custom avatar

    this video