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  1. What's it replaced with? I find that the most annoying thing about Revenant's is solved by giving the homing fireballs a sound. I know hit and dying by a silent Revenant fireball cluster is a right of passage, but it gets a bit old after a while.
  2. I finished Dark Souls 3, Elden Ring, Cyberpunk 2077 twice, but a full third of my playtime was taken up by Rimworld lol I wish I could get this thing to track when I fire up a Gzdoom executable. ADACA rad as hell by the way, it's got a demo up to!
  3. Captain red pants

    Leaning keys in FPSes / immsersive sims

    On a QWERTY, I tend to rebind them to Z and C for leaning Left and Right respectively. It's a hold over from the Thief/System Shock 2 days when the player could lean left, right *and forward*, where I bound forward to X. E has to be 'use' see :P
  4. Just curious, do the weapons in HROT look like toys to you?
  5. Because, in my view, the artist did a good job at making it look like something dangerous.
  6. Well ok. I suppose they don't look like the kind of thing and army would carry to war, but I think if I saw a toddler playing with this thing I'd probably try to get it off them.
  7. Uh, are you talking about all the quake games or just quake 2 and 3? I always thought of quake 3's weapons being sort of 'sports' versions of guns which would be appropriate for the setting. Quake 2... I donno. I just think the strange use of coloured lighting and poly budget together gives that impression. Quake 1's guns don't really look like toys imo.
  8. Captain red pants

    Obscure, Hardly Known Bad Games/Guilty Pleasures.

    There is a mod that let's you downgrade to the OG Gothic 2 if you're interested called 'Gothic 2 Classic'. It's even available through the steam workshop.
  9. Captain red pants

    What nostalgic games did you grow up with?

    MicroProse combat simulators that looked like this:
  10. Captain red pants

    what FPS has the prettiest weapons

    Gunfire Reborn's got a good set of shooty bangs, pokey sticks and the odd squeezy lizard boy:
  11. Captain red pants

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    OG Ultima, but I knew how to cheese the heck out of the main quest.
  12. Captain red pants

    Describe a Movie/Series You've Never Watched

    Gorge Orwell's 1984: A grim 'What if' scenario where a few people announce they are offended at a comedian's offensive joke.
  13. Captain red pants

    Describe a Movie/Series You've Never Watched

    Andrei Tarkovsky's STALKER (1979) Set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone after a second disaster, The Protagonist, known only as Marked One owning to the word STALKER being tattoo on his arm, wakes up after being thrown from a 'Death truck' and taken to the local trader known as Sidorovich. Marked One, with no memories, and a PDA with only one instruction: 'Kill Strelok' is given several tasks by Sidorovich for 'saving his life' and sets off to find Strelok, and hopefully, answers.
  14. Captain red pants

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Steel capped Red Back boots and some Hi-vis long sleeve shirts for a new job
  15. Captain red pants

    The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King.

    She died of old age, in a literal palace surrounded by jewels and armed guards. Nothing the most dedicated republican could say is going to change the fact that she pretty much won. Still gonna lol though