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  1. Captain red pants

    How the hell is The Simpsons STILL making new episodes?

    Who knows what adventures they'll have between now and the time the show becomes unprofitable?
  2. Captain red pants

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    Blood has what I personally consider the most satisfying weapons in any of the build engine games, also trash mob enemies are fun to fight. The level design is a bit all over the place in both games though shadow warrior does more interesting thing with the build engine. Bloods better but play both :p
  3. Captain red pants

    Can you play Doom 2 on Nightmare?

    OK I've bee looking for an excuse to ask this an this thread is a good a place as any: Seeing as doom is a game where you can save anywhere and can be played with a number mods and source ports, what conditions would you put on any player wanting to brag that they've finished Doom on nightmare? No brutal doom? Strictly vanilla? No saving? only saving once per map?
  4. Captain red pants

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    I like Shawn. He's a nice boi.
  5. Captain red pants


  6. Captain red pants

    why was the master/slave thread closed?

    log off
  7. Just so we're all on the same page here, maybe it would be a good idea to explain what you mean by Social Justice ideology
  8. If it actually making people uncomfortable and changing it made someones life less terrible then I'd be all for it, but I've never heard of anyone actually being bothered by it.
  9. Captain red pants

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    EDIT: Forget it. As frustrating as some of the posts here are I'm not going to get this thread locked
  10. Captain red pants

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    Owning fascists with friends to synthwave is extremely my jam.
  11. Captain red pants

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm trying to finish Demon Souls before going on to Dark Souls 3 and finally Bloodborne. It's not bad, but I gotta tell you I really don't miss the "brown is REAL" days of video game graphics
  12. Captain red pants

    Your thoughts on the Wolfenstein series

    Meanwhile, during my play through of The New Colossus: Edit: Fun thing about that clip: I'm pretty sure it inspired a feature in Sniper Elite 4. Rebellion, the makers of the Sniper Elite, are clearly fans of Charlie Brooker as he makes an appearance in the Kill Hitler DLC for Sniper Elite 3. In Sniper Elite 4, if you hold your binoculars over an enemy it'll give an 'intelligence report' that is usually a short back story that is something along the lines of 'conscript, father of three, misses wife'. This, by the way, is a game where you can use fun real life sniper tactics like 'booby-trapping bodies' and 'injure one and shoot the guys that come to help him (in the testicle no less)' so while it's technically a stealth game where you can sneak around your opposition most of the time chances are you're going to be murdering several young men who even BJ Blazkowicz would feel bad about killing.
  13. Captain red pants

    Post Apocalyptic Currencies

    "You all laughed at me when I locked down the Toilet paper factory when The Event started but who's laughing now poopy butt?"
  14. Captain red pants

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

    aw yeah I am so ready for heck on earth