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  1. Captain red pants

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Look, I'm just not real comfortable letting you guys play with screwdrivers anymore ok?
  2. Captain red pants

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Indie game called Blood West. A Weird West FPS with a focus on stealth with lite RPG mechanics and penalties and debuffs on death that sort of give it a Souls Like feel (though not as brutal).
  3. Captain red pants

    What would be the worse game universe to be stuck in?

    You can do a lot worse then a medieval-ish society with electric lights, plus for some reason getting knocked unconscious doesn't seem to cause anyone lasting problems
  4. Captain red pants

    Game that everybody likes but you dislike

  5. Captain red pants

    GTA VI Trailer

    Niko was so likable that it actually discouraged me from going on rampages in the main game. If I wanted to be an terrorist asshole I'd fire up one of the DLCs. Downwardly mobile Biker is just a better fit if you want to pick fights with people
  6. Captain red pants

    Fallout the movie teaser trailer dropped last weekend

    *sigh* Why is it the most annoying parts of fallout seem to be what make it a successful product
  7. Captain red pants

    GTA VI Trailer

    You might be interested in Glitch Punk
  8. Captain red pants

    i finally get unbanned (its not my fault this shit)

    Translating Spanish to English is one of the easiest things in you can do and takes moments of you time. Moments I will never get back...
  9. Captain red pants

    Talking to people you don't like

    I'll be honest, this is close to where I sat when I first read this thread, but thinking about it, some of these guys genuinely think that most people are as secretly super racist as they are but are too afraid to say anything. Normal people avoiding confrontation and pretending to listen to them when they start their shit sort of feeds into that a bit, and because it's pretty easy to convince yourself that being visibly angry is the same as being unreasonable, they can dismiss the people who do tell them to go fuck themselves. Some dude casually talking about his life like that can clue them in that a lot of people don't think that way and might move the needle.
  10. Captain red pants

    Talking to people you don't like

    Good point, 'don't feel like you've wasted an effort' would probably be a better fit for what I'm trying to say
  11. Captain red pants

    Talking to people you don't like

    I guess it's not impossible that you're the first white man to politely explain that Jews are good actually, but in my view, it's probably dawning on him that the aryan brotherhood shit's not going to be useful on the outside if people don't mind telling you about their Jewish ex-wife to a stranger with a swastika ´╗┐tattoo. He's probably not sure what to do with that information. Don't feel too bad though, he might decide to get that shit off his neck for purely practical reasons. A lot of places will cover it for free.
  12. Captain red pants

    Talking to people you don't like

    Did he talk about his life much?
  13. Captain red pants

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Say again? Did not copy. Your signal is breaking up
  14. Captain red pants

    what was doomworld like in the early 2000s and early 2010s?

    dwforums.wad will give you a taste of mid bush era Doomworld drama Warning: contains Doom palette GOATSE texture
  15. Captain red pants

    Internet breaks

    Without oversharing too much, a break from the internet would functionally be a break from %90 of my interactions with friends and family right now. I accept that it would probably be healthier if that wasn't the case, but that's just it is right now.