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  1. Sorry, my bad. Its just I always use Brutal DOOM and never had this happen before.
  2. GZDoom with Brutal DOOM _v19 Sperglord Edition. Pardon my ignorance but how do I record a demo? I have the game saved at that point and just went in and tried to kill him again but he just gave me the middle finger and told me to get lost. Would like to record it before I replay the map. EDIT: Just noticed something. In Brutal DOOM v19 SE you have the ability to pick up the Revenants own dropped weapon, not everytime but sometimes. When you have that weapon the secondary fire mode is just spam all you want but with the primary fire you have the ability to lock onto to the target and it will tell if their is no target available. Well I be standing right in front of this bastard and the weapon says he ain't there. lol (Another reason I want to record this). :o)
  3. UDMF newbie training: E1 Replacement

    Well I like the story and the screens look pretty good. Good luck with this and look forward to playing it. :o)
  4. Do you guys still play Doom 3 online? (NOT BFG Edition)

    I have never played DOOM 3 online. Would love to try co-op sometime but I long ago lost my game discs so I only have the BFG edition.
  5. So I was really enjoying these levels, the wide open areas great for circle strafing enemies. The Cyberdemon fight was a blast with lots of cover so I could just circle around him, picking away at his health with the pump action. But, I am now in map 4 and have one revenant left on a bit of a cliff which refuses to die. I have hit him point blank with several blasts from the double barrel to no effect. I finally got fed up and put on god mode and hit him with everything left on the map and he still lives. Am I missing something here? Like was this intentional?
  6. The Ultimate Doom II : Doom II levels remade

    What a surprise!! Only been here a couple of months and never knew this existed. Thoroughly enjoying this, maps are huge and well detailed but you still notice areas and references to the original id software levels. Some nice battles and ambushes but thankfully its not a slaughter fest. Played the first 3 maps and am now about to play "The Focus". Thanks so much for this.
  7. [RELEASE] Hell Origins

    I use Zandronum and now it is working so I don't know what I was doing wrong but it was obviously human error. I am off to play this now. lol
  8. [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    Well other than the Doomguy acting like a pesky mosquito their have been no other issues that I have noticed. At least not in the first 2 maps anyway.
  9. [Release] Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    I have played the first 2 maps and am really impressed with the atmosphere, like a quake/doom/horror thing, also had the shit scared out of me a few times with the traps. One thing was weird though. I play everything using Brutal DOOM v1.9 Sperglord edition and in that mod the invisibility powerup is replaced with a DOOM guy on a stake, you simply free him (kick him) and then he gives you a hand like co-op. But in the first map when I free him ( first secret on the cliff ) he randomly attacks me but I don't lose any health, lmao, never had that happen before.
  10. [RELEASE] Hell Origins

    Is this for DOOM or DOOM 2? Its not loading for me with either iwad. The only text file in the download above was the changelog.txt.
  11. Help please!

    I don't do any mapping sorry but I sure hope this rocks like IRON MAIDEN. Hair metal and DOOM are like siblings. lol
  12. Check out what I got my hands on

    Wow! Only 10,000 copies were ever made. So like are ya gonna open it? Dare bees a poster in dar ya know.
  13. Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    I am laughing way too hard at this right now. :o)
  14. Your first time playing Doom

    Not sure my age at the time but my 5 year old son was having friends over for a sleepover birthday party. I took them to the rental store and they picked up several games, one being DOOM for Nintendo (the first one, not 64). As I watched them play it I was amazed at what I was seeing, this game was freaking awesome. I had played Catacombs and Commander Keen before on my (at the time awesome 486 WHOOP! ) but they paled in comparison to what I was seeing. They fell asleep about 11;00 pm and I played it till 5 in the morning. Didn't care that I couldn't save game either. Then I found out I could get it for PC and the rest as they say is history.
  15. What's your type of playstyle of doom source ports?

    Not sure if this is config thread or not but I play with.... Brutal Doom + Wad in ZDoom. I play everything with Brutal Doom since its essentially what got me playing Doom again after god knows how many years. I love what it brings to the game. CFG settings: Since I am missing half of my left ring finger I cannot use WASD because I have to spread my hand out. R = forward Space = back S = strafe left G = strafe right B = crouch A = rifle E = chaingun F = kick T = grenade Y = reload H = use J = plasma U = flamethrower Middle mouse = jump MB5 = shotgun/super shotgun MB4 = rockets launcher Freelook on and always run.