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  1. Korozive


    Do you have a link to this wad?
  2. Korozive

    Bloody Rust 3

    Did this actually happen? Because I never knew the series existed so I was gonna play all episodes like a little marathon.
  3. This is such good news. The first episode was awesome and I have yet to beat E1M8.
  4. Korozive

    Is Zion worth it??

    What is ZION?
  5. Korozive

    Base Instincts (CUSTOM BOSS)

    I agree that last screenshot looks like a migraine waiting to happen.
  6. Korozive

    Do you ever imagine about the Doom Marine's past?

    I doubt, at the time, anyone even ID software could foresee just how famous a Marine our beloved Doomguy would become. So a backstory wasn't really too important. Also as stated in a previous post this is a FPS shooter and YOU are the Doomguy so if you need a story make one up. Otherwise just keep on DOOMING.
  7. Korozive

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    and better and better...
  8. So I sat down to try a couple of maps before work and got so caught up in it I almost missed my bus. :o) Currently at the start of map 7 Prison Break and will finish this off after work. Very well done and loads of fun, thank you so much for this. \o/
  9. Korozive

    [Release] Umbra of Fate

    GZDOOM g2.4.0 and GZDOOM g3.0.0 same error with both. DOH! I just reread the initial post and will try it with 3.3. anddd it works. :o)
  10. Korozive

    [Release] Umbra of Fate

    Error message: 6 errors while parsing DECORATE scripts. I have Windows 10 and your last map set was flawless. Any ideas?
  11. Sorry, my bad. Its just I always use Brutal DOOM and never had this happen before.
  12. GZDoom with Brutal DOOM _v19 Sperglord Edition. Pardon my ignorance but how do I record a demo? I have the game saved at that point and just went in and tried to kill him again but he just gave me the middle finger and told me to get lost. Would like to record it before I replay the map. EDIT: Just noticed something. In Brutal DOOM v19 SE you have the ability to pick up the Revenants own dropped weapon, not everytime but sometimes. When you have that weapon the secondary fire mode is just spam all you want but with the primary fire you have the ability to lock onto to the target and it will tell if their is no target available. Well I be standing right in front of this bastard and the weapon says he ain't there. lol (Another reason I want to record this). :o)
  13. Korozive

    UDMF newbie training: E1 Replacement

    Well I like the story and the screens look pretty good. Good luck with this and look forward to playing it. :o)
  14. Korozive

    Do you guys still play Doom 3 online? (NOT BFG Edition)

    I have never played DOOM 3 online. Would love to try co-op sometime but I long ago lost my game discs so I only have the BFG edition.
  15. So I was really enjoying these levels, the wide open areas great for circle strafing enemies. The Cyberdemon fight was a blast with lots of cover so I could just circle around him, picking away at his health with the pump action. But, I am now in map 4 and have one revenant left on a bit of a cliff which refuses to die. I have hit him point blank with several blasts from the double barrel to no effect. I finally got fed up and put on god mode and hit him with everything left on the map and he still lives. Am I missing something here? Like was this intentional?