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  1. Korozive


    Cool. Thxs for the info, I never knew this.
  2. Korozive

    Mixed DooM

    I thought that with the release of "A long trek back home." Sorta like playing DOOM 2 backwards, all had been done with DOOM and DOOM 2 that could be done. Now we have this mashup of DOOM and DOOM 2 and I think it's a pretty cool idea. Will have to give it a go soon.
  3. Korozive


    Well nobody replied to the question so I may as well spill the beans. Map 3 of Alien Vendetta but you have to cheat to find it because it requires jumping. :o)
  4. Korozive


    Just found out their is already a similar topic. So yeah I am an idiot,
  5. Korozive


    How many players know where this is located?
  6. Could you post a link to your channel?
  7. Korozive

    Gossip [WIP]

    I think after the initial release you should just go ahead and write the novel for this. I would not only read it, I would pay for it. :o)
  8. Korozive

    DOOM REFIRED: A (WIP) DOOM II Community Project

    This is awesome news!! \o/. I too was a bit disappointed with DOOM 3. Still enjoyed the game but it just wasn't what I expected from id. Can't wait to see DOOM III :o) What a year this is shaping up to be for new content and it's only April.
  9. Sweet. Thxs for this. Will check it out on days off.
  10. Welcome back. PS:I am 56, Playing DOOM is ageless :o)
  11. Korozive

    doom 2 weapon mod : Painkiller Damnation Reloaded

    I must have missed this when you first posted it. Stuff gets buried pretty quick sometimes. I absolutely loved Painkiller and own everything ever released on Steam. Gonna give this a go right now.
  12. Korozive

    Doom: The Summoning, demo first level

    Screens would be nice. Love the title tho, kind of foreboding.
  13. Korozive

    [Community Project] Morior Invictus (Imagine Doing Map30 lmao)

    Rocket Launcher: When A Grenade Absolutely Positively has to be there on time. :o)
  14. Korozive

    [Community Project] Morior Invictus (Imagine Doing Map30 lmao)

    When I listen to that I get a feeling I'm about to be chased by little clowns with knives. ( no disrespect of course I like it a lot:o)