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  1. It times out for whatever reason. Might be my connection. I am on WIFI in a workcamp. Will it be in idgames in the future?
  2. Download link not working.
  3. Korozive


    By the look of the screenshots i'll need a headlamp.
  4. Korozive

    Goetia 1

    Downloaded :o)
  5. Korozive


    Thank you very much.
  6. Korozive


    Do you have a link to this wad?
  7. Korozive

    Bloody Rust 3 (2 slots available)

    Did this actually happen? Because I never knew the series existed so I was gonna play all episodes like a little marathon.
  8. This is such good news. The first episode was awesome and I have yet to beat E1M8.
  9. Korozive

    Is Zion worth it??

    What is ZION?
  10. Korozive

    Base Instincts (CUSTOM BOSS)

    I agree that last screenshot looks like a migraine waiting to happen.
  11. Korozive

    Do you ever imagine about the Doom Marine's past?

    I doubt, at the time, anyone even ID software could foresee just how famous a Marine our beloved Doomguy would become. So a backstory wasn't really too important. Also as stated in a previous post this is a FPS shooter and YOU are the Doomguy so if you need a story make one up. Otherwise just keep on DOOMING.
  12. Korozive

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    and better and better...
  13. So I sat down to try a couple of maps before work and got so caught up in it I almost missed my bus. :o) Currently at the start of map 7 Prison Break and will finish this off after work. Very well done and loads of fun, thank you so much for this. \o/
  14. Korozive

    [UPDATED] Umbra of Fate - v1.2 (8 Nov 2018)

    GZDOOM g2.4.0 and GZDOOM g3.0.0 same error with both. DOH! I just reread the initial post and will try it with 3.3. anddd it works. :o)
  15. Korozive

    [UPDATED] Umbra of Fate - v1.2 (8 Nov 2018)

    Error message: 6 errors while parsing DECORATE scripts. I have Windows 10 and your last map set was flawless. Any ideas?