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  1. Korozive

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Congrats on the release! Best $19.04 I have spent in quite sometime. Perfect timing as well since I have 2 days off to run through this. :o)
  2. Korozive

    (Doom 2) Red Clouds

    How about why?
  3. Korozive

    So I Started Blasting

    Nice screens and what an awesome sky texture. :o)
  4. "Recommended mods are in description below my video." ??? Absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Loving that intro paragraph that sets the tone. Following :o)
  6. I hate even small mazes in a map. This would turn me into a serial killer.
  7. Korozive

    VALIS (32-Map Singleplayer Megawad)

    Getting an error message when I try to unpack the rar. Windows says file is corrupt.
  8. Korozive

    Death Foretold (D4T): Final v2.1

    Been playing this extensively lately and I love it. You do know there is a version 2.5 though right?
  9. Don't despair. Posts can get buried rather quickly I find.
  10. Korozive

    What is the best Brutal Doom version?

    I only play with Brutal DOOM but am now hooked on DOOM Foretold with Nashgore mod. The mod itself is awesome but the weapons really kickass.
  11. I wish you success with your release. but I looked at the screenshots and ..yeah, not my cup of tea.
  12. Korozive

    RAMP 2022 [DONE!]

    Christ on a bike! I haven't even finished the last one. :o)
  13. Korozive


    Cool. Thxs for the info, I never knew this.
  14. Korozive

    Mixed DooM

    I thought that with the release of "A long trek back home." Sorta like playing DOOM 2 backwards, all had been done with DOOM and DOOM 2 that could be done. Now we have this mashup of DOOM and DOOM 2 and I think it's a pretty cool idea. Will have to give it a go soon.