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  1. Korozive

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    So you're saying this won't run on my 486? O_o
  2. Korozive

    [Release] The Unending

    Sweet, Thxs so much
  3. Korozive

    [Release] The Unending

    There are others?
  4. Korozive

    [Release] The Unending

    Do yourself well and let it inspire you instead.
  5. Korozive

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    If that latest screenshot is an example of you going insane then we don't want you sane for the forseeable future.
  6. Korozive

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    You can't say that. Erm..well I guess you did but what I mean is I think the creators of Eviternity accomplished what they set out to do. I think so anyway. This project is just way more ambitious.
  7. Korozive

    Ungodly Dwellings - First Map

    Nice screenshots. All these first time mappers coming out of the woodwork lately is nothing short of exciting. DOOM will never die.
  8. Korozive

    Help with Perdition's Gate

    Thxs for the download link. Is this a full megawad? I never knew this existed. Also I read the doomwiki for it but I didn't see the date it was made unless I missed it?
  9. Korozive

    Back to Saturn X difficulty

    Back To Saturn on HMP isn't really that difficult to tell you the truth. I think you should just grind through it and get better at DOOM.
  10. Korozive

    Embers Of Armageddon

    My favorite mod for ripping though a megawad. You get stronger as things get more difficult.
  11. Christ on a bike!! Can't wait to play this. \o/ Reminds me of FEAR.
  12. Korozive

    15 map megawad, need testing

    Love the screens but not a big fan of forced deaths.
  13. Korozive


    Was the link on moddb supposed to bring me to a download.....cause it didn't? (uhm..nevermind, I just noticed you said "started" a megawad. My bad. Following now. :o)
  14. Korozive

    Visions of Hell E3 beta

    Never knew this existed. Was there an earlier thread?
  15. Mutiny is solid as F#$K. A total blast to play. Might rip through it again after I finish Good Morning Phobos 2. So many wads...so little time. :o)