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  1. Don't get to play co-op. I have no friends :o) Well I have one friend but he doesn't like me very much.
  2. After following this game for awhile, today I decided I just had to play it so I bought into early access and dove in. Man, i just love it. Love the movement, the weapons, the enemies so far are pretty cool. Can't wait for the full release. One question tho. Since I just purchased it today, the 26th is it automatically up to date with the patch released on the 18th or do I have to patch it?
  3. Korozive

    Tis the season.

    Merry Christmas and /or Happy Holidays DoomWorld. :o)
  4. Korozive

    6 new maps special "25 Years of Doom 2"

    I couldn't agree more. I never tire of another persons interpretation of the original classic when it is done right like this was.
  5. Korozive

    confirmation of new quake game in the works?

    That would be awesome! \o/
  6. Korozive

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    Yes I meant E2M2 sorry and I have no idea what was going on with the quote thing. I just meant to post to the topic in general and the quote kept popping up so I just emptied it. I guess I just made a mess. My bad
  7. Korozive


  8. Korozive

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    Just started episode 3. Its been rather enjoyable tho things do tend to escalate rather quickly once you reach map 9. O-o
  9. Korozive

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    I doesn't mean anything near as I can figure. Just a name for a DOOM wad.
  10. Korozive

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    How did I miss this? I try and check in every other day or so. At any rate a nice surprise. Downloading now.
  11. In regard to the Doom engine, limit removing refers to increasing or removing static limits inherent in the original executables and the Doom source code, which can be considered bugs by players or WAD designers. WAD designers sometimes describe their levels as requiring a limit removing engine.
  12. Korozive

    Doom II: 25 Years on Earth - 6-map demo release!

    Thank you for this very enjoyable teaser. Can't wait for the final release. Archviles were a nice surprise, wasn't expecting them. lol
  13. Korozive

    Akeldama - Beta 4 Released!

    I see Episode 2 is complete \o/, and not to sound ungrateful but will it be compiled into a single episode like Episode 1 was? Makes downloading and playthrough a heckuva lot easier.
  14. Korozive

    DK Shrine - Remastered

    Screenshots look great. Downloading.
  15. Korozive


    I didn't think it was forgotten actually.