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Everything posted by SilverMiner

  1. SilverMiner

    Random Video Thread

  2. SilverMiner

    The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

    Is it possible to do bunny hop in original Hexen?
  3. SilverMiner

    Random Video Thread

    Played it around 2018 Good wad
  4. SilverMiner

    A little game i'm making

    Oww! Oww! xD
  5. SilverMiner

    Doom Music played via Nokia 6100 Soundfont

    @Deⓧiaz Heretic music must sound almost without note dropoffs on this Nokia due to its low polyphony. (Kevin Schielder had written it specially for SB16) But I don't think V. Kuligin would want to sit another hour recording new video.
  6. SilverMiner

    Doom 2: Sequel or Expansion Pak?

    In my head, Doom 2 is the second demo of doom engine abilities.
  7. SilverMiner

    Bastion of Chaos public beta by Bridgeburner. A GZDoom map

    Geometry looks good :) I hope gameplay is not bad too
  8. SilverMiner

    How does one get good at Doom?

    Play some Half-Life/Counter Strike/Plutonia/Kama Sutra/Akeldama maps and you will be OK Playing CS on deathmatch servers should really improve your skill
  9. SilverMiner

    What do you think about the flying barons and laser firing dudes of Scythe 2?

    Evil Marines could be perfect infighters if not be faced separately with original monsters Afrits are not bad but too hefty EDIT: It's my ITYTD opinion
  10. SilverMiner

    Random Video Thread

  11. SilverMiner

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Hmm, Luigi content isn't a joke?
  12. SilverMiner

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    IMHO cuz there were already sounds of the same quality in the wad.
  13. SilverMiner

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    Added some sounds from doom_rus.wad, herian2 (also ss nazi sprites from herian2), stalker NEGATIVEONE_v0.82b.zip
  14. SilverMiner


    Haha just jump to the exit
  15. SilverMiner


    This wad left a lot of good memories when I played it back in 2016
  16. SilverMiner

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    omagad wotefe is going on'e
  17. SilverMiner

    Who is good enough at Doom to finish Sunder?

    I finished this wad in almost 2 minutes
  18. SilverMiner

    Cursed Doom Images

    Mmm allhell.wad
  19. SilverMiner

    What is the worst official Doom/Doom II/Final Doom level?

    IMO: E2M9 and E3M1 of Doom Map12 and 21 of Doom 2 Map08 and almost every map after map20 of TNT Evilution except Habitat
  20. SilverMiner

    Post your Doom textures!

  21. SilverMiner

    Why do you WAD?

    WADding, I effectively consume my large amounts of free time.
  22. SilverMiner

    Buggy Final DOOM teleports

    Maybe Carmack wanted to add a z-height check to the game, as he did in Heretic, but left it unfinished. EDIT: IMO, falling from height when teleporting is unique Final Doom's feature, not a bug.