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  1. There's a tool named WadSpy, which can be used to count total hp of all monsters. Just a thought
  2. SilverMiner

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS) - Christmas jukebox special

    I've used 4.2.1 on some of my stripped exes and got 426 kbs. Cool
  3. SilverMiner

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS) - Christmas jukebox special

    @ludicrous_peridot how did you manage to reduce the exe's size to 438 kilobytes? (from 1,5 megs)
  4. My guess as explanation: the sides with the same brightness and height are treated by engine as one visplane, and the midtexture is not cut by it, but when one or both values are changed, they become two visplanes, and midtex is cut off, cuz it's obstructed with a visplane. When there's one visplane, the engine wouldn't want to cut anything
  5. Change brightness by 1 on one of the sides of the midtex
  6. SilverMiner

    What are your creative crutches?

    good idea, thanks
  7. SilverMiner

    What's your favorite color?

  8. SilverMiner

    But every author uses samples from copyrighted sources!!!

    ? Edit: I thought you posted nothing, sorry
  9. SilverMiner

    Voxel rendering for S/W ports

    Cool, I didn't expect voxel renderer alone to appear so soon
  10. SilverMiner

    BOOM/MBF IBK that mimics Doom's instruments?

    Ah, so this means I actually heard allegro's instruments in boom 2.02 on a real old pc
  11. I'm not rationalizing what I'm doing when mapping, it seems
  12. SilverMiner

    What's your general play style in Doom?

    If I can't use RL, I like to avoid monsters and run away. When I get powerful weapons, I spend them on anything I see, like I'd feed a zombieman with a rocket if I found one. If I have to shoot but don't have RL or higher, I choose chaingun
  13. @Scileboi the lift doesn't lower further than this [Map04]
  14. SilverMiner

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS) - Christmas jukebox special

    @ludicrous_peridot enable PMs pls, I wanna send you a savegame crash fix
  15. There was one screenshot posted in September on the project's discord
  16. SilverMiner

    dsda-doom v0.27.5 [2023-12-03]

    If someone complains about opl2, they can choose not to use it. Why remove it?
  17. SilverMiner

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    TNTAV - if the player is dead, a friendly fuzzy archvile spawns nearby and goes to revive the player, and after revival, disappears in smokes
  18. SilverMiner

    Don't count decoration sectors in nodebuilder

    I guess the structs of tiny pieces, into which nodebuilder fractures the map, can hold only one flatnum, and due to this, nothing can be done on the nodebuilder's side
  19. SilverMiner

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    If you're okay with drawing some more geometry like shadows, then I favor the no-fog theme. If you're not gonna draw shadows, fog would suit the map well. (Cuz in reality, there's mostly no shadows <edit> when it's foggy)
  20. wow, I thought we had slightly more