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  1. terrcraftguy695

    Single player dlc is coming to doom eternal

    No you read it wrong here is one quote for the article "game director Marty Stratton confirmed that post-launch, there will be singleplayer DLC for Doom Eternal. "Absolutely," why on Earth would they make the main single player campaign shown in the trailer the biggest thing anyone would buy doom eternal for be released post launch this means we will see a expansion pack/ dlc with more levels and enemy's
  2. Read the article below https://www.pcgamer.com/doom-eternal-will-have-have-singleplayer-dlc/
  3. terrcraftguy695

    gz doom how to load .deh files

    No I did that I just got a version of the aliens tc that supports g/zdoom be fore that the original version even draged on the gzdoom application with the was did not work so I made the post the looked on doom wiki on aliens tc and got the unofficial g/zdoom version and it worked
  4. terrcraftguy695

    gz doom how to load .deh files

    nvm fixed it
  5. terrcraftguy695

    gz doom how to load .deh files

    trying to play aliens TC on most recent version of gz doom .deh files wont load is there a way to have it play with .deh files? unless aliens TC should look like this
  6. terrcraftguy695

    Nonlinear wads/mods

    Are there any wads were there are branching path ways like exit A leads to path A having different levels exit B leads to path B and so on and if there isn't does this idea sound interesting to you?
  7. terrcraftguy695


    Does any one want a server up for zandromium 3.0? Using tspg so say what u want and if people agree it'll go up
  8. terrcraftguy695

    chexquest deathmatch

  9. terrcraftguy695


    boom:doom but havent figured out how to do gzdoom:doom just says doom2 and thats it
  10. terrcraftguy695


    how to make a door?
  11. terrcraftguy695

    chexquest deathmatch

    got a server open for it ip zds:// using zandronium 3.0
  12. terrcraftguy695

    come and play

    connect by in zandronium going to console and typing in this and pressing enter connect going to bed though so have fun its doom.wad and no other wads incase your wondering
  13. terrcraftguy695

    come and play

    hosted a server come and play
  14. terrcraftguy695

    come and play

    The link takes me to a site that is about portforwarding but dosnt tell me how
  15. terrcraftguy695

    come and play

    Thank u