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  1. TDRR

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Fair enough, that's reasonable. Either way I just decided to lower the resolution and played around with some of the shadowmap and light filtering features, and squeezed some more performance out. Looks pretty and runs acceptably, so I'm happy! :p I wonder, though- are there any other options? Going back to Windows for this PC is an absolute no for me, those drivers are horrible and crash exceedingly often. And in Linux, well the other ones I know are practically ancient Mesa versions under a different name, AFAICT. Either way, I'll stick with this, so thanks anyways.
  2. TDRR

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Hey man! Hope you're doing alright, good luck out there. I've recently tried to compile and run k8v on Puppy Slacko 8.3.2 beta, which was shockingly, really easy! Didn't expect the only requirement to be SDL2, that's awesome. But I've run into an issue. While shadowmaps work fine, neither stencil shadows nor lightmaps work. Stencil shadows just behave as if dyn lights had been disabled, and lightmapping looks like... this: I assume that's due to this: Init: OpenGL: Intel Open Source Technology Center / Mesa DRI Intel(R) G41 (ELK) / 2.1 Mesa 21.1.1 Error: OpenGL: your GPU drivers are absolutely broken. Error: OpenGL: reported OpenGL version is NOTHING, which is a nonsense. Error: OpenGL: expect crashes and visual glitches (if the engine will run at all). Any workaround for that? (and, I'd stick with shadowmapping, but performance decays really, REALLY quick on this old iGPU)
  3. TDRR

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    K8Vavoom even has a help parameter? That one's very rare in Doom ports :p Ah, great to know then. The idea is to help with K8Vavoom support, not kill it, so I'll definitely keep that in mind, heh. And, this isn't an issue or bug per se, but it'd be nice to have. You know how there's two multiplier CVARs for light size and brightness in GZDoom? Could K8Vavoom get that too? It might sound a bit niche, but given Heretic and Hexen have almost no custom maps it's hard to fully appreciate all of K8Vavoom's lighting enhancements in them, and that'd help a lot, even more so with Hexen which has many light-casting objects around but their light is often too dim or small to be really noticeable. EDIT: Oh, seems like Hexen MAP04 crashes on enter, with the following error:
  4. TDRR

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Same! Very glad to see you never stopped improving this more and more, either. That is very true :p I guess that's fine enough, I've already patched D4T v1.0.1.1 to work better with current K8V, so maybe I'll do the same, albeit with current QC:DE, given it's not likely to get updates anymore. Would be cool to play those awesome mods with a matching awesome port! Good thing it's just a warning then, lol I'll try to keep that in mind for my own stuff, thought there wasn't any workaround for a bit. Oh, that's actually fine then. I was mostly reporting that after thinking there probably was no parameter to do that (tried with -ignore-menudef because I recalled there's a -ignore-zscript which did work, so :p), but now it's not a big issue, thank you. That's reassuring, good to know it'll stay then. Ah, that's very useful! Is the one parameter necessary or optional? I'll try to continue testing and report any other inaccuracies and such. One I forgot, ACS Warp seems to not return a value, but in ZDoom it returns whether the warping failed or not.
  5. TDRR

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Hey, it's been a while :p It's really awesome to see the shadowmapping, and in particular that it works with sprites! One thing I always wanted was sprites to cast dynamic shadows, but of course that wasn't reasonable with the old methods. Very neat to see this, which creates a lot of pretty eye candy even in vanilla Doom maps. Besides that, I've noticed some small problems with DECORATE, ACS and MODELDEF. [DECORATE] 1. Gotos jumping to non-existing states are a fatal error. This is reasonable, because it makes no sense to do that. However, some mods do it even if they have a virtual jump before it, which is the "right way" to do it, so perhaps those cases should be replaced with a Stop or Goto Null and let go with a warning? 2. A_ZoomFactor requires two arguments, but the function in ZDoom actually doesn't require any. A call with no parameters resets the FOV back to 1.0. 3. Weapon.SlotNumber has priority over Player.WeaponSlot, but in ZDoom this is the other way around. This might break a few mods having all the weapon slots jumbled around. 4. Projectiles, when bouncing on the floor (at least those of BounceType Hexen), won't count towards the counter that would put them into the death state, so at one point they'll just slide along the floor until they hit walls enough times to explode. 5. "Spanish Inquisition says: in decorate, thou shalt use `|` to combine constants." has some false positives. As in, not even that it's called in places where flags are used properly or something, I mean stuff that uses ||, logical OR! :p Like this example from D4T: "MARM A 0 HealThing(!(velx || vely || velz))" [ACS] 6. The layer flags in HUDMessage aren't supported. Not a big deal or very high priority, it's a seldom used feature but just in case you're not aware. 7. SetMusic only supports 8-character long names, not full paths. [MODELDEF] 8. INHERITACTORPITCH is broken. Like, very broken. The models using it display upside down and facing backwards, and don't respond to any changes in pitch at all. Oh yeah, and MENUDEF. Why not ignore unknown option values? In ZDoom they're left as "unknown", but you could very well just gray them out or remove the entry completely. Surprisingly often, mods include shortcuts to various ZDoom options, but anything K8Vavoom doesn't have will cause an error. 1 and 2 in particular would be nice to have solved. They're the only things stopping QC:DE and D4T from booting up in K8Vavoom (and in fact at least D4T does play pretty nicely in K8V once that's resolved). Also, since you can check if an actor exists using SpawnForced in ACS, could one K8V-exclusive actor that is always guaranteed to be there, be added to help detect K8Vavoom reliably? I'm currently using K8Gore_Blood for that purpose, but given that's been changing from a "mod" to a built-in feature, I'm kinda afraid it'll change in the future, again.
  6. I wonder, will these new sprites be a lot more like the real deal from Doom 64 or will they just be improved versions of the current Motherdemon?
  7. Well. is that little problem only visual or once it's there you can't get it out? Because i really doubt i can fix that. (But admittedly i did chuckle when i saw that screenshot) By the way, i was planning to add a Zombie mode that is planned to be sorta like Unturned, but i don't really have any good ideas about how to make it interesting, anyone has any ideas?
  8. TDRR

    Doom Center

    More weapons, more 1 sided walls so the map runs better, WASD vehicles that don't dissapear after leaving them (I already converted 2 DCenter vehicles so if you want them just tell me) and maybe more stuff for fun on single player, missions like shipping drugs or weapons and stealing banks and other sorts of GTA-y stuff. If you ever get around to it, i would like to help with coding and such.
  9. TDRR

    Looking for a certain gamemode

    Do you remember anything else? Maybe with more details i can get an idea of where to search.
  10. TDRR

    Looking for a certain gamemode

    A quick Google search yields the following result: https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2843 Looks pretty fun.
  11. TDRR

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    This (image at the bottom) i actually played it once on a Zandronum server with Brutal Doom v20 (The framerate was VERY low) other details are that at the starting section (The small room seen in the background) has a pseudo-3D bridge, and that you have to run around looking for keys to open a single door.
  12. Click this link to see the same post in the ZDoom forums Doomguy's Unknown Battlegrounds This mod is mainly made for competitive gamemodes (Such as Deathmatch) but Single-Player is supported too. The aim of this mod is to be a fairly open-world (nothing as ridiculous as GTA 5 or Just Cause though) multiplayer mod that plays sorta like PUBG, big cities with a closing barrier thingy etc. You know the drill. Let's get to the good stuff, shall we? Features! Weapons Vehicles Screenshotz! Credits can be found in the main PK3 itself. Remember to bind your keys before playing! Apply pressure on this long bar of text so a page will load where you can press another button to DOWNLOAD! this mod Feedback is greatly appreciated, any suggestions will be considered.
  13. TDRR

    Rescue of Earth

    Looks pretty interesting, however, it would be a great idea to NOT include any wads or source ports or whatever along the level packs because if anyone wanted to play this with D4T they could simply load it along with your mod. Also, is this mod playable without D4T?
  14. TDRR

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I prefer Corn Flakes over any other cereal I'm boring, i know.
  15. TDRR

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Don't we all?