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  1. I wonder, will these new sprites be a lot more like the real deal from Doom 64 or will they just be improved versions of the current Motherdemon?
  2. Well. is that little problem only visual or once it's there you can't get it out? Because i really doubt i can fix that. (But admittedly i did chuckle when i saw that screenshot) By the way, i was planning to add a Zombie mode that is planned to be sorta like Unturned, but i don't really have any good ideas about how to make it interesting, anyone has any ideas?
  3. TDRR

    Doom Center

    More weapons, more 1 sided walls so the map runs better, WASD vehicles that don't dissapear after leaving them (I already converted 2 DCenter vehicles so if you want them just tell me) and maybe more stuff for fun on single player, missions like shipping drugs or weapons and stealing banks and other sorts of GTA-y stuff. If you ever get around to it, i would like to help with coding and such.
  4. TDRR

    Looking for a certain gamemode

    Do you remember anything else? Maybe with more details i can get an idea of where to search.
  5. TDRR

    Looking for a certain gamemode

    A quick Google search yields the following result: https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2843 Looks pretty fun.
  6. TDRR

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    This (image at the bottom) i actually played it once on a Zandronum server with Brutal Doom v20 (The framerate was VERY low) other details are that at the starting section (The small room seen in the background) has a pseudo-3D bridge, and that you have to run around looking for keys to open a single door.
  7. Click this link to see the same post in the ZDoom forums Doomguy's Unknown Battlegrounds This mod is mainly made for competitive gamemodes (Such as Deathmatch) but Single-Player is supported too. The aim of this mod is to be a fairly open-world (nothing as ridiculous as GTA 5 or Just Cause though) multiplayer mod that plays sorta like PUBG, big cities with a closing barrier thingy etc. You know the drill. Let's get to the good stuff, shall we? Features! Weapons Vehicles Screenshotz! Credits can be found in the main PK3 itself. Remember to bind your keys before playing! Apply pressure on this long bar of text so a page will load where you can press another button to DOWNLOAD! this mod Feedback is greatly appreciated, any suggestions will be considered.
  8. TDRR

    Rescue of Earth

    Looks pretty interesting, however, it would be a great idea to NOT include any wads or source ports or whatever along the level packs because if anyone wanted to play this with D4T they could simply load it along with your mod. Also, is this mod playable without D4T?
  9. TDRR

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I prefer Corn Flakes over any other cereal I'm boring, i know.
  10. TDRR

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Don't we all?
  11. TDRR

    "Ultra-Violence is the real way to play Doom"

    Doom 1 is that one game i can go through on UV without much problem, but Doom 2 i really can't play well on HMP or higher, only HNTR or ITYTD, and i can't even get past Plutonia.
  12. TDRR

    How far have you made it in Plutonia?

    MAP10, then gave up due to how hard it was.
  13. Nah, i'm good, i have more than enough food/money.
  14. As in "Pitch Black" or "Can't see shit"? If it is REALLY dark, as in, you can only see your enemies when you can hear them breathing, or see walls only if you stick to them, then yes i will raise the brightness or IDBEHOLDL if it's really dark.