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  1. Plusw

    Pump station - Doom II wad

    Very nice classic techbase with great pacing. I enjoyed the progression of weaving in and out of the facility, requiring just enough navigational skill to be fun but not so much that I ever got lost. I'd also like to point out that the map was quite pretty in a delightfully subtle way. Just the right amount of detailing to look nice but not get in the way of gameplay or readability. If I had one complaint I'd say the encounter over nukage feels a little bit like you HAVE to tank a little damage from one of the arachnotrons if youre trying to avoid a tracer from the rev. (This was particularly difficult for me since I had arrived there with quite low health)
  2. Plusw

    (Boom) - Land of the Imps

    Quite a fun map! I played on UV and had a pretty good time. The looping progression was satisfying and the combat was cramped but not stifling. The dark imp does a lot of work here, being a monster that goes down relatively easily but challenging your space more than a standard imp, making it possible to balance available resources around low/mid tiers without simply upping the monster count or starving the player too much to deal with healthier monsters. I also appreciate the little bits of flavor that add a nice sense of place to an otherwise abstract map (Those lava spouts turning on and acting as archvile cover are an especially good touch.) My only major complaint is that some of the ambushes were a little mean, not giving very much time to asses the situation before you were as good as dead.
  3. Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed! I should mention that the ash texture that's always a hurting sector is the titular "Demon Dust". I've always found unusual damaging floors charming so I decided to incorporate one as a narrative element. You'll certainly see more of it in future maps.
  4. DEMON DUST is a Boom format mapset for Doom 2 currently in development. This demo includes: -1 map -DEHACKED patch with minor balance changes to a couple weapons -Custom pallet -Original Midi Feedback/Demos greatly appreciated. DOWNLOAD
  5. normally I don't plug my music here, but for anyone interested: https://soundcloud.com/pluswplus https://plusw.bandcamp.com/releases Also, thank you all once again for playing Unwelcome! Episode 2 is currently in production and a lot of this feedback will be incorporated. Expect some sort of development thread sooner or later.
  6. I've been pretty busy lately but I missed mapping so I threw together this speedmap. Difficulty is on the easy side. DOWNLOAD
  7. Thank you guys so much for playing Unwelcome! I'm not around of the forums much these days as I'm busy with a non Doom related game project, so it took @galileo31dos01s mention for me to notice this thread. In regards to his post, I was in quite a hurry messing with all of the DEHACKED and general wad editing so I'm not surprised I made some typos... As for the MAP03 sequence break, I believe I know what you're talking about but I'm pretty sure I put in a failsafe at some point. My memory is a little vague however.
  8. SCENARIO 1231: A standard run of a standard UAC VR training program. Originally made for the 2018 Vinesauce Doom contest. Forgot to release it... whoops. DOWNLOAD Screens:
  9. Plusw

    Repossession (VANILLA)

    Pretty good map. Very satisfying progression and a fun layout. Only major issue is the abundance of hitscanners in open areas, specifically the courtyard and the main area of the base. pretty much every safe area was covered by a chaingunner, it was a lot of trial and error to figure out where i could stand without getting blindsided.
  10. Plusw

    What makes a Good doom wad ?

    memorability and novelty is what I value most in wads. There are so many "good" wads out there these days that I feel like a mappers own unique vision and style is the biggest source of sticking power for a wad.
  11. Hello all. Unfortunately I'm going to have to stop taking submissions at this point in time. I might start doing this regularly again in the future but right now its quite hard to find the time. I'll still be working through the maps that have already been submitted, so odds are if you posted your map here it will be played in the near(ish) future.
  12. I feel like people are taking this complaint a little too personally. It seems every time someone asserts their opinion here people feel the need to break out the "People can do what they want!" and "Stop saying your opinion is fact!" cards. Certainly it goes without saying that some people may disagree with the op, right? There's no need to be so defensive when someone posts something you don't agree with, simply discussing the reasons WHY you agree/disagree is enough.
  13. @Dragonfly Really fun so far! Love the map layouts and architecture.