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  1. Plusw

    [CL-11] [RC2] U N W E L C O M E: Episode 1

    Thank you! Fixed for final release.
  2. Plusw

    [CL-11] [RC2] U N W E L C O M E: Episode 1

    Updated to RC2. Fixed a few issues mentioned in the thread. Hopefully this will be the final release version.
  3. Plusw

    [CL-11] [RC2] U N W E L C O M E: Episode 1

    Damn. I was aware of this issue and thought I fixed all instances of it. Definitely getting fixed for the final release. thank you!
  4. Plusw

    [CL-11] [RC2] U N W E L C O M E: Episode 1

    Thank you for the demos and feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Health and ammo balancing is likely to change in the final release. (Also, I posted map03 as a speedmap independently from UNWELCOME but later decided to use it. So you quite possibly did play it before.)
  5. I'VE HAD THESE EYES AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER IT HURTS IT HURTS TO OPEN THEM EVERY NIGHT UPDATE: RC2 UNWELCOME: Episode 1 Maps: 8 Format: Complevel-11 Tested in: PRBoom+, Zandronum Features: -Fully original soundtrack -Custom Pallete -Unique Progression gimmicks -Custom textures, some original -DEHACKED patch for custom intermission text Creidts: -Skys: http://www.custommapmakers.org/skyboxes.php -Falls textures: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/cchest4 -Foliage: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/s-u/skyewood DOWNLOAD
  6. THREAD UPDATED This will now serve as a thread to post maps that need additional testing/feedback before release.
  7. This was somewhat intended. I didn't want to overwhelm the player when teaching them about the "go back to the start" gimmick of the mapset. The return will get more complicated in other maps. Currently I'm balancing the mapset for pistol start but I'll do some tweaking later to make things more enjoyable for continuous players too Very perceptive, I was sort of running out of ideas at this point... Thank you!
  8. Plusw

    Pillars: a Speedmap

    Hmm. I was able to play it with no problems on Zandronum 3.0.
  9. Plusw

    Pillars: a Speedmap

    Made to help with some mappers block, could possibly be repurposed for my mapset. Created In: ~4 hours Format: Boom Compat (complevel -9) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehu97kjy83qgs1z/pillars.wad?dl=1 Screens:
  10. There are so many great Megawads out there but I find it hard to finish them. In fact, I've never finished a 30+ map PWAD, simply because there's so many to play that I want to move on and see what else the community has to offer. I have 3 questions related to this: 1: Do you finish Megawads? why/why not? 2: Should more mappers aim to make smaller, more focused projects that are more likely to see completion by more people? 3: Does the Megawad format hold some value that a ~15 map wad would not?
  11. @FormerGeneral Thank you! Currently there are 2 maps of 9 completed. Hoping to have this released by the end of the year. @mgr_inz_rafal Thanks for the demo! I went ahead and fixed the texture issue you pointed out.
  12. most of the images you posted feature rich, earthy colors contrasted against a more vibrant element. Those types of colors are nice to look at but can get monotonous without something to provide contrast.
  13. Plusw

    The logic of map flow

    Adding "Non-linearity" or "Navigational challenge" to a map does a couple of nice things. First, it gives players a sense of agency regarding how they tackle a map on a macro scale, it adds an extra layer of decision making on top of the combat. It also provides some nice downtime in between big set piece encounters by letting the player use their brain in a totally different way, which helps a lot with pacing and player engagement. To me, creating a map with good map flow means understanding player psychology and good pacing enough to create a map that DOES: engage players in multiple ways, provide an extra sense of space to the map, give players the joy of discovery, and pace encounters well. And DOES NOT: Confuse the player with mixed messaging, ask players to make any unreasonable assumptions about which way is progress, or make players use baseless trial and error to discover a singular viable path through the level.
  14. Thank you for the demo! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and yes one of my goals with this project is to design more dynamic, open ended encounters than most modern maps. I want to provide some novelty for veterans.
  15. The textures in the texture pack are probably pngs which aren't colormapped. It should work in opengl rendering modes by default but if I'm wrong I'll add a compatibility note to future releases.