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  1. Hello all. Unfortunately I'm going to have to stop taking submissions at this point in time. I might start doing this regularly again in the future but right now its quite hard to find the time. I'll still be working through the maps that have already been submitted, so odds are if you posted your map here it will be played in the near(ish) future.
  2. I feel like people are taking this complaint a little too personally. It seems every time someone asserts their opinion here people feel the need to break out the "People can do what they want!" and "Stop saying your opinion is fact!" cards. Certainly it goes without saying that some people may disagree with the op, right? There's no need to be so defensive when someone posts something you don't agree with, simply discussing the reasons WHY you agree/disagree is enough.
  3. @Dragonfly Really fun so far! Love the map layouts and architecture.
  4. I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow so the videos will be on a short hiatus. Expect a return to the normal rate in about a week.
  5. @Deadwing Great maps! Can absolutely feel the Plutonia. The chaingunners hurt so good. Sorry about the pace of these videos guys. I got way more maps than I anticipated and I'm trying to work through the backlog. Currently I'm doing a first come first served kind of thing but I may end up skipping a couple of the longer submissions for now to try to catch up. Apologies in advance.
  6. @Lorenz0 Awesome maps. Only got through 5 in the video but I'm absolutely going to play the others!
  7. Thank you for all of the maps guys! I'll try to find some time to record all of these but it may take a bit to get through, apologies.
  8. @Misty Here you go! (one of them is a Twitch vod because I streamed it on accident)
  9. As some others have already done, I will play, record, and commentate maps posted to this thread. The commentary will focus mostly on level design critique and analysis but I'll talk about aesthetics as well. My preferred port is Prboom+ but I will play zdoom format maps as well. Please submit shortish maps. (<1hour preferred) Thank you! currently uploaded commentaries:
  10. Plusw

    Seeing Blue - Single Map! v1B

    Got around to playing this one finally. Overall it was very good but I go into more detail in the video.
  11. Was busy around thanksgiving but finally got a chance to make the final adjustments and put out a 1.0 release! Thank you for all of your feedback, it was a fun journey creating this and I hope to do an episode 2 someday soon.
  12. Plusw

    How important are complex room shapes?

    I thought about it for a while and unfortunately I chose this as my medium to express my thoughts on this.
  13. Thank you! Fixed for final release.