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  1. I am taking map 10 and this is the room I completed so far :)
  2. Suleyman

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    this is looking very pretty and I would be very happy if I were allowed to be part of this beautiful project :) I love the design of maps but I have a question that made me curious, let's say if you finished the wad couple of times and want to try out the weapons in other custom megawads can you? is this total conversion mod?
  3. Suleyman

    GLBoom+ Crashing (W10)

    is there 64bit version?
  4. yeah the missing texture does not make the wad unplayable but I think it's still good to fix it, i could only find one missing texture in entire mapset so i believe other maps dont have the same thing
  5. yes I will, sorry I did not use doomworld account for a bit...do you know how to take screenshots while using gzdoom? i tried taking couple but it only showed the game loading
  6. there is a missing texture on map32, if you need more details I can show it to you
  7. Suleyman

    Happy New Year

    it's 2018 here already
  8. Suleyman

    doom builder

    nevermind I got it working with help from someone helpful! everything is on right track now so no need to stress anymore
  9. Suleyman

    doom builder 3d view

    Yes! backups look useless when you are not in trouble but when something goes wrong they are your best friend in worst situations
  10. Suleyman

    doom builder 3d view

    thanks this helped me! :) everything is back to normal now
  11. Suleyman

    doom builder 3d view

    renaming did not convert the file from backup file to wad...I can still play it like wad file but it bothers me its backup instead of wad
  12. Suleyman

    doom builder 3d view

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxz4ohbzk0x14e5/Screenshot 2017-12-29 16.33.47.png?dl=0
  13. Suleyman

    doom builder 3d view

    is it possible to see map in 3d view mode in doombuilder like you would in actual game? so that you can take better pictures of the map without opening the game to show
  14. Suleyman

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    but if you like brutality in doom mod then you can't go wrong with brutal doom, it will have all the gore taste you ask for
  15. Suleyman

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    I like brutal doom but there are other great doom mods that I see that doesn't get much recognized...there is a new doom mod called doom incarnate which is great too and there are MANY MANY others that are also good...I think all mods are perfect in their own way. The mod that got my attention a lot which is pretty old was project msx