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  1. SaladStream

    Author Appreciation Thread: Dean Joseph (deathz0r)

    Made poogers map29 Literal doomgod A bit of a nerd <3
  2. SaladStream

    Ode2dubzzz demos [-complevel 2]

    Ode2Dubzzz UV max IL runs for all 32 maps Map01: 21.86 Map02: 17.20 Map03: 39.43 Map04: 25.57 Map05: 38.54 Map06: 41.60 Map07: 1:13.91 Map08: 35.34 Map09: 31.26 Map10: 1:41.03 Map11: 1:30.14 Map12: 3:06.57 Map13: 2:06.49 Map14: 3:54.69 Map15: 25.29 Map16: 22.69 Map17: 41.63 Map18: 43.09 Map19: 1:05.57 Map20: 59.29 Map21: 43.26 Map22: 1:10.89 Map23: 21.03 Map24: 54.63 Map25: 44.23 Map26: 1:25.97 Map27: 1:18.89 Map28: 1:57.83 Map29: 1:08.83 Map30: 1:35.60 Map31: 30.11 Map32: 52.11 ode2dubzzzILs.zip
  3. SaladStream

    Ode 2 Dubzzz RC1

    While watching someone run Circle Strafe I decided that we need another arena style wad but with the full 32 maps for obvious reasons. I am not Arto91 despite popular rumours. Enjoy Ode2DubzzzRC1.zip
  4. 10 - HeLL rEvEaLeD 10 - Sunlust 10 - POOGERS 8 - Alien Vendetta 7 - Fractured Worlds 5 - HeLL rEvEaLeD II 5 - Magnolia
  5. They were the ones behind it all and secretly wanted the invasion to continue as a way of justifying increased military funding in the next budget.
  6. SaladStream

    Most confusing map ever?

    I 'conquered' Poogers map29, no single map in Archie is more confusing however as a whole it definitely deserved a mention
  7. SaladStream

    Hell Revealed 2 demos [-complevel 2]

    Map02 Pacifist in 17:33 hr202p.zip
  8. SaladStream

    1 Bad Wad demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP03 Stroller 0:24.80 - 1bw03str.zip MAP05 Stroller 0:21.80 - 1bw05str.zip
  9. SaladStream

    1 Bad Wad demos [-complevel 9]

    A couple of stroller runs; MAP01 Stroller 0:21.80 - 1bw01str.zip MAP04 Stroller 0:08.97 - 1bw04str.zip
  10. SaladStream

    Regarding Sunlust

    Have you tried HeLL rEvEaLeD? If I'm being serious though it's not for everyone, nobody is forcing you to like it or play it again. We are lucky enough to have such a variety of wads this never becomes a problem, for example I didn't like the last episode of Ancient Aliens. Found it boring and repetitive where as I thought sunlust was engaging all the way through. Just play what you like =)
  11. SaladStream

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doom 2 can be completed in full without ever running even once, just walking and the occasional RJ, moving onto ultimate now.
  12. SaladStream

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    For me afterlife and post mortem will live long in my memory. I actually enjoyed the whole of hell revealed. Misri halek is an absolute masterpiece and probably deserves the top spot. Deus vult is very memorable although i didn't really like it that much. Also I take it no original maps are included here but e1m7 computer station is in my opinion the best from the 3 episodes. Think I might just have to play e1-e3 in full when I finish work in around 4 hours
  13. SaladStream

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Two players can thing run against eachother for an insane speedboost across pretty much any gap, such as the start of doom 2 map 29 to get straight onto the stairs at the end. Probably only doable in TAS due to needing the right angles and both players to move together