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  1. Hell-o Doomworld. I haven't been around in quite a while. Moving will do that to you.

    Steve, I need your e-mail address, so send me a message at ablatitious@hotmail.com

    Doom 3 seems pretty cool, but I won't have a sufficient medium to run it on anytime soon. They didn't happen to make a PS2 version, did they? According to my recollection the X-box was the only console getting it. A new computer is out of the question.

    So there's a GWAR concert tonight up in Milwaukee with a public pre-show party. I'll at least be seeing the show (don't know when the ride will show up). My first concert was a GWAR show back in 1996 on Halloween. I was 14. I came to school the next day in my bloodsoaked t-shirt I wore the night before. My German teacher's face turned red when he first looked at me.

    I am missing So I Married an Axe Murderer as I sit here on a friend's computer typing this message inspired by the need for an e-mail address.

    Funnier things have happened.

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    2. Epyo


      I remember you from the last time you came back and I didn't know who you were!

    3. Coopersville


      Epyo said:

      I remember you from the last time you came back and I didn't know who you were!

    4. Sharessa


      Lüt said:

      And GWAR's still around? I thought they died out years back.

      An old friend of mine who was a fan of theirs told me that they'd never vanish because they planned that whenever a band member died, they'd replace them with someone else. Pretty nifty idea.

      Of course, I could see them all meeting their end simultaneously in a horrible stage mishap. :P

  2. Vominus

    Lucid dreaming

    Actually it's just a natural reaction to external noise... the nature of which determines the effect it will produce. One time, the sound of my dog wining mournfully at the foot of my bed caused the boss of the 3rd level in Splatterhouse 3 for Sega Genesis to enter my dream and frantically dash to and fro, annoyingly blocking my path to a destination I cannot recall. The most lucid dream I have ever had occurred several months ago - I was floating down a perfectly straight two-lane highway through a coniferous forest. About 5 feet from each side of the road was the linear, impassable threshold of the trees. I was in constant forward motion. It was almost as if the world around me was moving as I floated freely, much like the appearence of an old racing game like Rad Racer for NES. The road never curved and I couldn't go much higher than 25 to 30 feet. I was moving at about 50 or 60 MPH, and there was a 5-foot-in-diameter beach ball floating in front of me. Every time I came close enough, I would clench my fists together like you do in volleyball and bump it forward. Then it would bounce around the perimeter of my restrictions until I came close enough for the next hit, which I would constantly have to shift my position to do. After several fun, dream-length minutes, I suddenly forgot about the ball and managed to float about 100 feet above the trees and looked over a neverending landscape of pines and evergreens with the one road, stretching on as far as I could see. That's when I woke up.
  3. Vominus

    A Case of Nostalgia

    After making my post in Stealthy Ivan's thread, I got to thinking about some of the other old games I played in the 80's. I remember going to my local library all the time to play The Oregon Trail. Sometimes I'd bring a friend, and occasionally my dad would join me and do things like name a character "Lester Moore" then on his tombstone write "Here lies Lester Moore... No less, no more." Anyone else remember this classic game or have a bit of their own nostalgia to share?
  4. Vominus

    A Computer/Doom Question??

    Heh, well, I started on an 8088 with 512k RAM playing Tink Tonk in the Land of Buddy Bots and Tapper.
  5. Vominus

    A Computer/Doom Question??

    I as well began on a 486 SX 25 with 4MB RAM. The old 2x CD-ROM drive used cases too. It was a Packard Bell aka piece of crap. Now I slaughter and maim on a P3 733, 128 MB RAM with ZDoom.
  6. Vominus

    Hissy is free!

    Wow!! I want Hissy!!!!!!!
  7. Vominus

    Hissy is free!

    Um... what the hell are you guys talking about?
  8. Vominus

    Frozen Pizza

    Man... I just baked up an amazing frozen pizza. (Tony's this time around.) I always try to tell my friends that there's a technique involved in making them, but they just don't get it. First you gotta check the instructions to see if they call for pre-heating or not and to find out what temperature to cook at. When it comes time to put the pizza in the oven, it's best to cook it directly on the racks (unless you like your crust soggy), preferably the middle-lower ones. Check on your pizza every few minutes to monitor the progress of the cheese vs. the crust. If the underside begins to turn brown while the cheese above is still not fully melted, slide a pan under the pizza. You can also move it to a higher rack if you prefer. It also helps to rotate your pizza so that the heat is evenly distributed. When the cheese around the edges begins to turn golden-brown, you're almost done! Give the pizza one last, thorough inspection. The bottom should be between brown and dark brown. Then you must let the pizza cool for several minutes! Trust me. When it's all done and cooked, you want the crust to appear something like this. If it doesn't, then you are a lesser cook than I! After you're done admiring your work of art, slice and serve!
  9. Vominus

    I don't trust my own body anymore..

    Try microwaving a slice of salami for several minutes, it tastes kinda like bacon. Frying up a slice of Krakus ham can also be good. I think I'll go make some pierogies.
  10. Vominus

    Frozen Pizza

    I like the butter crust Chicago-style pizzas. Reggio's, Home Run Inn, and Connie's are all excellent brands that feature this style. I've always liked DiGiorno but I do think that sometimes they're a little heavy on the sauce. I like Tombstone's stuffed crust/deep dish creations, but I never much liked their regular pizzas. The crust on them seems just as thin as the actual thin crust ones, and I've always thought that the flavor of the sauce was a little overwhelming at times, but I'll still eat 'em! Actually they do make a killer Mexican pizza. Jacks isn't bad, it's pretty similar to Tombstone minus the sauce issue, and the price is always right. I'm a pretty big fan of Tony's, regular and bake-to-rise. Red Baron was a favorite of mine for a long time but Tony's has usurped that position. This past summer I was addicted to Reggios and even got a couple friends hooked. Back on subject though - Red Baron makes great deep dish pizzas and their Mexican pizza is great too. There's this place by where I used to go to school called "Bacci Pizzaria" and they serve 14" slices, and yes, they do serve 28" pizzas! The only problem with them is that the end-crust is kinda thin and boring, but all substance leading up to it is quite delightful. And where else can you get a jumbo slice of pizza and small soda for exactly $3.00? (it's $2.74 before tax) Pizza.........
  11. Vominus


    That's a toe-tally jammin' avatar you got there, Assmaster! Being just one of the millions of every-day citizens who stroll the streets of America, I'd say the only way to fight terrorism is to just not be afraid. You have to treat it like lightning: You never know where it's going to strike, and spending time worrying about it is just going to be counterproductive. We know lightning is drawn to grounded metal just like terrorists are drawn to large, visible, symbolic objects that often contain people.
  12. Vominus

    maybe it is bad..

    You might wanna just record as much information as you can gather regarding the problem and then write up an e-mail to the company or something...
  13. Vominus

    Frozen Pizza

    Yer all talk and no show. I am the reigning frozen pizza king until someone proves it otherwise!
  14. Vominus

    Frozen Pizza

    Actually, 3 1/2 dollars for a large DiGiorno is a pretty damn good deal. Around me they're typically $6.99. Now... Off to Aurora!
  15. Vominus

    Frozen Pizza

    This pizza was a solo effort. I can't believe I ate the whole thing!
  16. Vominus

    Article on The Simpsons...

    As far fetched and out there as Simpsons episodes can be these days, I still enjoy them. I know the golden age is over, the best episodes have all been written and aired (maybe not), but the new ones have their own sense of charm. It's not like it used to be anymore, but nothing ever really stays the same. Bah I'm too drunk to formulate a concise argument anyways... The Simpsons ruled, but they still continue to rule, and even if they can't churn out episodes that possess the old qualities and charms, they can still be off-the-wall and funny as hell. Just approach it with an open, slightly innebriated mind and you'll see what I mean.
  17. Vominus


    Good point, Assmaster. I've been bouncing around college courses for nearly the past 2 years, and I'm still fucking miles off from my Associate's because I can never make my damn mind up (it'd take a whole new thread to explain my acacemic difficulties), but goddamn, people need to turn their cells off when they're busy!! I've been in so many classes when the professor is in the middle of an important lecture, or even worse - in the middle of a slideshow to augment the lecture, and someone's damn cell phone goes off. It's a distraction and an annoyance that could easily be prevented, so be mindful of your possessions and your whereabouts!
  18. Vominus


    Yeah... Phones are convenient and they allow us to make simple connections which can lead to complex plans, but they never fucking fail to interupt at just the right moment!! I've been many deep conversations (mostly with my good buddy, Eric, who plays in the excellent melodic death metal band, Enforsaken) when the damn cell phone rings. It always rings right when I'm building up to the central point of my argument or my rant. I know that ultimately it's just a coincidence, but goddamn, it's annoying!! I wanna build my own log cabbin in the mountains with no damn phones where I can be happy all by myself. Maybe with a DSL or cable line line though!
  19. Vominus

    Hexen-esque warrior (in progress)

    That's sweet, dude. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
  20. Vominus


    Besides all of the logical solutions and their practical applications, I still hate telephones. They never fail to ring when I'm invloved in something and don't want to be interupted, it doesn't matter what. Infact, I have a funny little anecdote on this very subject. When I was in 8th grade, I was an avid Magic player (yeah, Magic the Gathering). In the midst of an intense match with a formidable opponent, I decided to exectute a spell that involved sacrificing a card. As I announced this action, the scene played out like this: "I'm goin to sacri-FUCK THE PHONE!!!!" As you can imagine, the phone rang in the middle of my spell, and for a long time "Sacrifuck" was an inside joke between my friend and I. I know just how The Captain feels. Even though phones are necessary and convenient, I hate them all and would not be sad if they were suddenly destroyed.
  21. Vominus

    A window on my world

    Do any of you (who haven't read many of my posts) ever notice my avatar and wonder just what the hell is going on, or why? Or maybe you've seen it on Cliff Yablonski and have thought the same. Well... On a dark and not-so-stormy night about 4 years ago, Lüt unveiled his plan to form a band that would parody Rammstein to me. It was to be called "Six Mad Chefs." Our goal on that night was to create a mockery of the torture devices used in the album photos for "Sehnsucht" by using kitchen utensils and various other household objects. Lüt had discovered that a wrist-rocket (sling shot), when inverted and stripped of its rubber shooting band, could be used torturously. So, we proceded to his secret basement labratory to document this discovery. See here. Now you've had a closer look at the zany world I've grown up in. You've also just met me (4 years ago), face to face. Hello. EDIT: Upon closer inspection, I've realized that it wasn't actualy the rubber shooting band, but the plastic strip that rests on the wrist.
  22. Vominus

    A window on my world

    Unk unk unk!! Yow Schnow Zule!!! We got terribly off subject... It seems no matter how hard I try to draw attention to myself it always gets drawn away. The noises that I have uttered above can be re-created via reversing a sound clip of Curly (of the Three Stooges) saying "A wise guy eh? Nyuck nyuck nyuck!!"
  23. Vominus

    A window on my world

    You could buy me some more memory. 32 MB RAM is pretty pathetic these days, especially on a P3 733 MHZ.
  24. Vominus

    A window on my world

    Wow... This thread turned out to be a lot more useful than I could have anticipated!
  25. Vominus

    A window on my world

    I was thinking along those lines, although I just remembered a small obligation I had agreed to earlier, so if you want you can call me in a little while. Say around... oh... 7:30.