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  1. Coopersville

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Okay, this is epic.
  2. Coopersville

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    It's about dang time tbh.
  3. Coopersville

    Epic Games stops development of Unreal Tournament

    That really sucks, but I'm not super surprised. I downloaded it like two years ago, and even then, there were only like 20 people playing.
  4. Coopersville


    What the h*ck?
  5. Coopersville

    fallout 76 sucks significantly less after a patch.

    Probably won't be bothering with a 45gb patch.
  6. Coopersville

    How do you deal with a bad day?

  7. Coopersville

    What is your favorite soda?

    Mtn Dew Voltage, maybe.
  8. Coopersville

    What are the best songs your favourite band(s) did?

    My favourite band is Iced Earth, so my recommendations would be: Diary Depths of Hell Iced Earth Creator Failure Dark Saga Greenface Colors Dracula Burning Times Nightmares
  9. Coopersville

    Minimal Doom Logo T-Shirt

    Nice. Considering...
  10. Coopersville

    What are some things that keep you going?

    Doomworld is my inspiration.
  11. Coopersville

    What's your favourite band?

    Iced Earth, though admittedly I don't listen to them that often anymore. I'm excited for the Purgatory remake though.
  12. Coopersville

    The greatest video game of this decade so far

    Hard to decide, but some games that'd I'd vouch for would be: Dead Space 2 Arkham Knight Max Payne 3 XCOM: Enemy Unknown Spec Ops: The Line Doom, duh
  13. Coopersville

    What is the closest you've been to death?

    I was hit by a car when I was seven, but walked away with just a few stitches.