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  1. Speed Racer or Dragon Ball, I forget exactly.
  2. I rewatched Army of Darkness on Halloween night. I like it a little bit more each time I see it.
  3. Went through it in four hours. I have regrets.
  4. One Punch Man Neon Genesis Angel's Egg The Vision of Escaflowne Trigun King of the Hill
  5. A baby Caco
  6. Who would want to destroy us after listening to Rush?
  7. I still keep up on mine.
  8. If we come up with some topics I might arrange something.
  9. You can play it for free through the Bethesda Launcher.
  10. I'm looking to get some team members as well.
  11. Meditation, benzos.
  12. Simpsons arcade, After Burner, 1943. Good times. I miss arcades.
  13. Hopefully I can get some fun out of this.
  14. single blade bronze snowflake here
  15. Invent a time machine and ask 16 year old Coopersville.