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  1. DUSK is the bee's knees. 

  2. Going to catch up on everything on YouTube later.
  3. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  4. lots of monsters, keys, and bad grafix, amirite?
  5. I will buy Dark Souls a third time.
  6. I'm surprised it isn't frying my 8GB gpu if that's the case. I am using the limited palette though.
  7. Why, what engine does it use?
  8. It's a game made by a couple guys for fuck's sake. The graphics are inherently simple because the game needs to come out this decade, but they're antiquated because it's marketed towards mature FPS players such as myself. It's not like it's shoving the 90s gimmick in your face outside of the initial loading screen and some generously added flavour settings. I knew the game was legit when I fought a Scarecrow and it actually drew a bead on me before firing its pellets. They could have lazily made it a generic hitscan monster, but they made it fun to fight instead. The game feels to me like Blood 2 if it were done better, but apparently I must be imagining that. The lighting and physics alone would have probably fried my 4MB gpu.
  9. Vodka + Rocket League

  10. Called in sick. Time to get wasted!



  11. Bought my first vinyls today



  12. Pizza for breakfast!

    1. Ichor


      Breakfast for pizza!

    2. Coopersville


      Shadowrun for breakfast~!

  13. Sippin' my Coke Zero. 

  14. Is it still going? Not seeing it on my menu now.