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  1. I feel there's an opportunity for a spoof film out there akin to "Remember The Titans" that could really run with this name.
  2. Simply sportsmanship, like in the title of the article. In combat sports, you don't just throw a heavyweight at a flyweight just to see someone get destroyed as much as possible. Especially in children's sports, it's important to teach humility towards your opponent. Even in Grappler Baki, which well into my 30s is the manliest thing I've ever seen/read, this point is driven home constantly. But this goes both ways... a team suffering from a staggering loss should know when to forfeit. This is a rule in professional baseball. Is it not possible in Football? If not, fine, they should amend that rule. And yeah, Americans obsession with Football starting at the high school level is cringe.
  3. Coopersville

    What does Doomworld think of Godot Engine?

    My interest is piquing.
  4. Coopersville

    Modern engine limitations

    Proper volumetric liquid / blood physics. I won't be satisfied until I can see realistically simulated entrance/exit wounds that will drain blood for hours across any surface.
  5. Ralphis hacking the website was peak Doomworld for me. Been chasing that dragon ever since.
  6. Coopersville

    Kenneth Scott is remaking "Birdie".

    What could this new monster be bros? A new Baron of Hell, or maybe the Nightmare Imp from Doom 64?? Also there's no way that flying robot head is the Lost Soul. I'll quit gaming if they ditch the skull design for the most iconic monster in the franchise.
  7. Coopersville

    Software rendering

    How Doom III was intended to be played.
  8. Coopersville

    I didn't really like Doom 3

    It did. The title is styled Doom³ (pronounced Doom Cubed, as in 3D) and ditches the Roman Numeral system used for Doom II: Hell on Earth.
  9. Coopersville

    New love

    I at least unlocked everything so that I could blast through on New Game+ during future replays.
  10. Coopersville

    Doom inspired by Spear of Destiny?

    Hitler messing with the occult was a big meme for a long time. Doom started as an Aliens game, then they fell back into demons once the movie deal fell through.
  11. Coopersville

    Just Found This Gigantic Hot Take From TV Tropes

    I love MAP08. Solving as much of the level as possible before the Invulnerability Artifact wears off is fun as hell. All of the Doom 2 maps are kino until the lul in the city episode. Don't necessarily agree that Sandy is a god at level design, but he definitely had his moments, and his YouTube channel is bussin.
  12. Coopersville

    Update 6.66 Released - Impressions

    99% of the time horde modes feels lazy and tacked-on, but having one in Doom Eternal feels right to me. I'd much rather the demon killing and Mick Gordon'ing never end.
  13. Coopersville

    Your doom head-canons?

    Doomguy died at the end of E1 to get into Hell. I also subscribe to the Doom Eternal "Every Doom timeline and wad is canon" lore.
  14. Coopersville

    Tips for New Doomers

    To defeat the Cyberdemon, shoot at it until it dies.
  15. Coopersville

    Was Wallace Breen Really The Villian Of HL2?

    Bad boy. If Gordon and the rebels were capable of overthrowing the Combine at the height of their power, they would have still been able to do so, even after a more catastrophic war. The people who survived as slaves are negatable, as the other survivors would have been able to regroup and potentially continue to reproduce without Breen's meddling. What decisions he might have made with foreknowledge of Freeman's return are interesting to ponder, but his actions are quite damning.