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  1. Oh I like the orthogonal blocks only! It gives a certain predictability to the gameplay, hard to put into words. I think it could use more decoration though. Well, it could use a lot of stuff =]
  2. I love board games, been playing a lot of Lost Legacy lately (which is similar to Love Letter if you've heard of it). I also visit giantbomb and reddit way too much, and watch too many Let's Play videos on youtube. My main hobby is game development, been working very hard on a sorta action RPG in C# for a few years now:
  3. Epyo


    I'm very impressed with snapmap and can't wait to try it out. The reason doom is the only game I've ever enjoyed making content with, is that it is easy to understand. Yep, it's fast, yep, it's flexible, but what actually matters is that it is easy to understand. This seems to match up with that. I just want to jump in and make a full level without watching tutorials. (And it looks fast and flexible as well? hard to tell. Bonus, if so!)
  4. Epyo

    share a file forever

    fuck everything, this is fucking beautiful
  5. Whoa, totally on my front page of reddit right now. Just so awesome.
  6. Twitch chat is pretty much the worst thing on the internet. A stream that has <1000 people is usually okay, but >2000 is completely unbearable. ...AGDQ chat probably has >100,000 right now
  7. Thanks for making an effort Dime, I've enjoyed your past live runs. Next time!
  8. Epyo

    Game of the year 2014

    Hexen Oh, they still make games since Doom and Hexen? Who knew. All right, I did play a handful of games this year. Best games from "2014" I've played: 5-Trials Fusion (more Trials, basically) 4-Mini Metro (brilliant beautiful real-time puzzle game, but early access atm) 3-Mario Kart 8 (more fun and skillful than Mario Kart has any right to be) 2-Lethal League (first "fighting" game I've ever enjoyed, except perhaps smash bros) 1-Shovel Knight (I love 16-bit-era platformers and this is probably the new best one ever) Highly recommend all five of those. Shovel Knight is amazing. Other "2014" games I played that were less good: Gauntlet (meh all around), Starbound (huge dissappointment, felt very boring), Defense Grid 2 (I'll give it another chance someday because I loved the first game, but something felt janky about this one), Super Smash Bros For Wii U (The level editor is worse and that was my favorite thing in Brawl, yeah I'm crazy)
  9. Epyo

    Quakecon 2014 discussion

    The new Doom is definitely getting hyped right now at Quakecon. But, they're trying to keep the footage secret, only for attendees, as a special treat. However, people I follow on twitter are all very excited about what they saw. This Kotaku article sounds pretty hyped up about it: http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/17/5913883/doom-4-quakecon-reveal EDIT: Why did I say Kotaku? That's Polygon, sorry. Griffin McElroy is a pretty trustworthy games writer, FYI.
  10. Ugh, we literally *just* had a thread about this game http://www.doomworld.com/vb/everything-else/20886-big-rigs/
  11. Epyo

    Condense the IWADs into an episode

    Ooh I think it'd be fun to just reduce episodes 1/2/3 to just one episode, with the sameish story: M1 E1M1 Hangar M2 E1M2 Nuclear Plant M3 E1M4 Command Control M4 E2M2 Containment Area M5 E2M5 Command Center (secret exit to M9) M6 E3M2 Slough of Despair M7 E3M6 Mt. Erebus M8 E3M9 Warrens M9 E1M9 Military Base
  12. Epyo

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    If anyone's reading this thread and can't post anywhere on Doomworld, try editing any field in your profile (e.g. AOL IM name), you then might be forced to verify your email address. That's what I had to do, and now look -- I can post again! If anyone's reading this thread and you're not receiving your email-address-verification email, or any other email from doomworld, try checking your spam folder. That's what I had to do for my gmail, and now look -- I can see emails from doomworld again!
  13. Epyo

    Myst discussion.

    I loved exploring in myst when I was like 5-7, and I thought the majority of the puzzles were completely impossible. Myst III was the first game in the series that I was actually able to complete without a guide. Less than a month ago, I saw that a fully-3d collector's edition of Myst was put on Steam, and I had an afternoon with absolutely nothing to do, so I gave it a go. Turns out, I'm much smarter than I was when I was like 5-7! I was able to breeze through the game in less than a couple of hours, and didn't need to look up a single solution. Even the puzzle that I remember from my childhood as thinking it was absolutely insanely difficult and no one could ever expect to figure it out, now I figured it out in just a few minutes -- the underground tram puzzle, as already mentioned in the thread. When I was young I just skimmed my strategy guide for the directions to go to get through it, 'cause I just wanted to explore. Spoilers about the tram puzzle: You do have to take notes sometimes, but these days it is as easy as picking up your phone and taking a picture of the screen! How awesome is that. Bucket's right though, it hasn't aged well, even the 3d version I was playing just didn't look very good. I bet I could still play Myst 3 because it was very pretty and very unique looking, but Myst is just kinda boring by today's standards.
  14. Epyo

    What do you think about AVGN?

    I'm providing redundant opinions, but I think he's a really likable guy, and although he's had plenty of terrible episodes, he's had some really funny ones too. The super hands-on episodes with obscure consoles are a very valuable contribution to gaming history IMO. Best episodes to me are most of the old console episodes, Silver Surfer, Ninja Gaiden (the only time a side character has worked really well), Castlevania retrospective, and most of the very recent ones like Tiger Electronics and Atari Sports.
  15. Epyo

    Heretic: Curse of Darkness

    Well that looks incredible. (Also wanted to mention that Castlevania: Curse of Darkness is a really great game)