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  1. I would be a humble imp hiding in one of the more tedious secret areas so I could dance in place for 24 hours then get on with my life.
  2. In some games a plot and other storytelling elements can be used to great effect. In Doom, it's not really necessary. After playing through the original IWADs and certainly fanmade WADs, Doom starts to feel like an electronic Lego set that can be rearranged in infinite ways with the basic concept of one versus many in a series of labyrinths. It starts to develop its own story via gameplay and what the community puts Doomguy through rather than what the canon walls of text say at the end of each episode. While certain official story details such as, "There's a giant fucking grinning computerized goat skull sealed into the wall of an acid room eternally summoning demons to take over Earth because evil and one of the game developers is actually the brain of said goat skull," are amusing, they really don't have to be there for Doom to demonstrate what makes it great. All that you need to know is that you're a space marine who's best friend is a civilian firearm from the 20th century and evil's doing evil things and that's bad.
  3. I have become increasingly obsessed with the Carmageddon series for whatever reason. Note the Doom Slayer HUD image in the 4th shot.
  4. The internet seems almost barren of information about this issue, so I figured why not try this hail Mary? So I got I'76 and I'82 in a bundle from I'76 is pretty shakey, but easily playable. I'82, on the other hand, crashes whenever any actual match is triggered to start. The menus are fine: there's no choppiness and the sounds all play properly. However, the game is completely incapable of displaying anything besides the menus and cutscenes. There isn't even time for it to show a loading screen. I have searched the internet for a solution to this problem. Most of what I've seen are suggestions to mess around with the file name in order to negate some kind of check (which I have tried) and activate a compatibility mode (which I have extensively tried). Neither of these work in the slightest, or even cause different behavior. The game is as smooth as possible up until the exact same point. If there are any fans of the Interstate series on these forums, or someone vaguely familiar with the problem, I'd appreciate input.
  5. I've got to show some love for Odamex. I have no interest in multiplayer, honestly, but with the limited experience I have with source ports, Odamex by far has the best WAD filing and loading system I've seen. I was thoroughly surprised when it seemed as though GZDoom required a launcher to get the same effect with drag-and-drop being the only other option. I of course use GZDoom periodically for its more ambitious mods and WADs, but Odamex is my main for all vanilla and near-vanilla content.
  6. The one that sticks out most painfully in my mind is E1M7 from the PSX version of Final Doom. I distinctly remember wandering around without knowing where to go, no living monsters left to speak of, and eventually having to turn the game off because the repeating screams at alternating pitches unnerved me so badly.