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  1. Dokta Whawee

    Play NUTS with Russian Overkill?

    Is there a way to play the map NUTS with the weapons from Russian Overkill? If there is, can you tell me how? Thanks.
  2. Dokta Whawee

    Which Doom map has the most enemies?

    I have some potential candidates. It may either be Okuplok or Holy Hell Revealed. Any more to consider?
  3. Dokta Whawee

    Which Doom map has the most enemies?

    I would consider that, but honestly, it just doesn't feel... Right. I don't know how to put it, but it feels like cheating. I am looking for real levels. Sounds intresting! I will have to look into it. Yeah, I knew that official was MT. Pain. But as for that map... I am certainly intregued. Nuts is nothing compared to Okuplok. Oku has like twice as much. Thanks for the idea, though!
  4. Dokta Whawee

    Doom II: List of all hard wads

    Wait, Sunder is only 3? WHAT THE FUCK?
  5. Dokta Whawee

    Doom Alpha Maps port?

    Is there a way to port the maps from the IdGames Doom v0.2/4/5 Alpha builds? I know that they are just older versions of maps for the most part, but I have always taken an intrest in this kind of content, and would love to know if that is indeed possible to do, or if someone already has. I would love to see it!
  6. Dokta Whawee

    Doom Alpha Maps port?

    Thank you so much! I love the work you did! Sadly, the old download links were lost to the sands of time, so I need to thank you so much for this!
  7. Dokta Whawee

    If Doom II monsters had people names what would they be?

    True, tho.
  8. Dokta Whawee

    If Doom II monsters had people names what would they be?

    The Cacodemon would be named David.
  9. I have always wondered this myself, and have yet to find a satisfying answer. Is it even possible?
  10. Dokta Whawee

    What would you do if an actual invasion of Earth by Hell happened?

    I would get my chainsaw - the great communicator.
  11. Personally, it's: 1: Doom 3 & Expansions - Excluding a few encounters that are tricky, Doom 3 is no challenge, even on veteran. 2: Knee-Deep in the Dead - Overall, a fantastic intro to the series. Easy, concise, to the point. 3: Inferno - Slightly harder, but just really forgettable. Except for E3M2 and E3M6, overall very easy. 4: Shores of Hell - Large maps, more enemies, and overall higher difficulty. Not much to say. E2M5 in particular... Just... Ouch. 5: Doom 2 - Longer and generally more difficult than Doom 1. My personal favorite game ever, though! 6: No Rest for the Living - The sadly often forgotten expansion. Quite fun. Map 08 is a real challenge for me. 7: TNT - Mostly easy and rather boring. But FUCK MAP 27. The worst and hardest officially released Doom map. 8: Doom 64 & Lost Levels - Rather tough, but really enjoyable. Perfect for those who don't want a game as punishing as Plutonia. 9: Thy Flesh Consumed - E4M1, E4M2, and E4M6... Just... No... 10: Doom 2016 - Very tough, but very fair. 11: Sigil - The most fair and balanced episode in the series, also the hardest. 12: Plutonia - Fucking. Insane. I personally think it gets WAY to hard at some points, and I just don't like some things about it. But this is really fun at a lot of points. (I haven't played eternal yet.)
  12. Dokta Whawee

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    I always felt that it was a combo of Doom and Quake. Between the movement, and the incredible combat, Doom 2016 feels like a spiritual successor to both. I haven't gotten Eternal yet because I spent all my money on Touhou waifu memorabilia food, so perhaps I will try it for myself some day. But I did play through Doom 2016.
  13. Dokta Whawee

    Classic MAP16 texture restored!

    Yeah, I just decided to do this for the hell of it. The texture was nothing more than a placeholder, so I suppose it isn't exactly useful outside of being a curiosity.
  14. Dokta Whawee

    Classic MAP16 texture restored!

    I am not sure if someone has done this, but I am uploading this anyway. Have you ever looked at the box screenshots for the original Doom 2? You might have noticed that the screenshot for MAP16, Suburbs had an odd texture. It looked very similar to the odd Gargoyle-Wall texture from E2M4. For years, this texture has sat and rotted away, not being used in the final game... That is, until now! I have restored the textures to their former glory! I have made a mod for MAP16 which adds these textures in. MAP16 is the only one effected, so it is only a MAP16 mod. Feel free to copy and use these textures in whatever you wish! I mean, I just restored them, I don't know if you can call me the "Creator". But, anyway, I hope you enjoy this completely useless texture mod! Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1h_NHeQ0xwPtzCsG8n16ncvdUuFcBZ_bP P.S. I have made Gargoyle texture for both BIGBRIK, BIGBRIK2 and BIGBRIK3. Only one is used in this map, and are renamed to BIGBRIK4, 5 and 6 respectively.
  15. Dokta Whawee

    Knee Deep ending pic?

    I am creating a wad and I was wondering if someone made a proper ending pic to episode 1 like there was in the ending of episode 2, 3 and 4?
  16. Dokta Whawee

    Knee Deep ending pic?

    Okay, thanks! What I meant to ask was if there was an "Endgame1" picture I could use, because in Ultimate Doom, it's just the credits. I was thinking of having an image of a base on Deimos itself.
  17. Dokta Whawee

    How many Doom songs are there?

    I decided to rip the raw MIDI files from Doom 1, 2, TNT, as well as the unused music for my own listening pleasure. Including all of the songs from all the games listed, I got 91. Please note, I took out the repeats so there wouldn't be 3 copies of the "Dave D Taylor Blues" in there. (I didn't take out the repeats for the Unused songs.) Does anyone know if I have the right number?
  18. Dokta Whawee

    How many Doom songs are there?

    Yeah, I am a huge perfectionist, sorry.
  19. Dokta Whawee

    How many Doom songs are there?

    So I can make sure that I have all of the MIDIs from the classic series.
  20. Okay. So, after a while, I am actually going to continue Meme soundtrack work once sigil comes out, much to the dismay of you all. To be fair, I am going to update Vol. 6. There is no way to get the stages into one wad without copying them, but I will remove the other stuff from Vol. 6, including the stage that Sargent MK 4 made. I didn't mean to have it come off as me stealing, so I am sorry about that.


    I will, however, keep 2 of the levels that I personally made in the game, as well as the Multi-player maps.


    Sorry for the late reply.

  21. Dokta Whawee


    Are you ready for the most expansive and advanced Doom OST overhaul of ALL TIME? You had better be! Every official DOOM level from Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, No Rest for Living, Master levels, and even some PWADs have their own meme songs! It is officially released just in time for Doom's 25 Birthday! Why wait? An entire world of awful meme music, and equally terrible rap songs, are included! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D5G1JkbJDpLTh4_tlXNkI0uPs3YVxPT3 Feel free to share it! (pls share)
  22. Dokta Whawee


    @Melodica Thank you so much for playing, as well as everyone else. First off, I just wanted to appologize to you, and to everyone else. Sorry if it didn't live up to what was expected. Second, I did include a TXT file answering some of what you said. I.E. I don't claim to have made anything except for a few custom levels. Most of those that are customs, though, are not mine. I did include them, yes, but I don't claim to have made them. You could say that's stealing, but I would disagree. If you want me to take down this post on account of stealing, I can. It's kind of embarrassing to see that nobody liked this, but oh well.
  23. Are you ready for the most expansive and advanced Doom OST overhaul of ALL TIME? No? Well, you should be! Actually, at least be ready for the First of 6 parts! That's right! The Ultimate Doom: MEME SOUNDTRACK is ready for download! Get ready to hear music that fits! Music that doesn't fit! Music that really doesn't fit! And, of course, EPIC MUSIC!!! (And music that doesn't fit, too.) On December 1st, the ENTIRE MEME SOUNDTRACK MOD will be released! It includes The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom TNT AND Plutonia, No Rest for the Living, Master Levels, AND some Personal levels, AND the console exclusive levels! Almost 200 songs used! All of them not in Doom! All of them memes! What song will you hear next? Find out by playing part 1: The Ultimate Doom! Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17YzIbYFPX1Rb8eP_nk5DZ2ZQ1CSZdMqG/view (Please spread the word! The whole WAD took me from Early Febuary from late October to finish!)
  24. Dokta Whawee

    Doom: THE MEME SOUNDTRACK! (Part 1 released!)

    Yes, that is true. Later parts will have this fixed, I hope.
  25. Dokta Whawee

    Make different Episodes with Mapinfo?

    Thanks! I will make sure to use this info wisely...