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  1. Dokta Whawee


    @Melodica Thank you so much for playing, as well as everyone else. First off, I just wanted to appologize to you, and to everyone else. Sorry if it didn't live up to what was expected. Second, I did include a TXT file answering some of what you said. I.E. I don't claim to have made anything except for a few custom levels. Most of those that are customs, though, are not mine. I did include them, yes, but I don't claim to have made them. You could say that's stealing, but I would disagree. If you want me to take down this post on account of stealing, I can. It's kind of embarrassing to see that nobody liked this, but oh well.
  2. Dokta Whawee


    Are you ready for the most expansive and advanced Doom OST overhaul of ALL TIME? You had better be! Every official DOOM level from Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, No Rest for Living, Master levels, and even some PWADs have their own meme songs! It is officially released just in time for Doom's 25 Birthday! Why wait? An entire world of awful meme music, and equally terrible rap songs, are included! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D5G1JkbJDpLTh4_tlXNkI0uPs3YVxPT3 Feel free to share it! (pls share)
  3. Dokta Whawee

    Doom: THE MEME SOUNDTRACK! (Part 1 released!)

    Yes, that is true. Later parts will have this fixed, I hope.
  4. Are you ready for the most expansive and advanced Doom OST overhaul of ALL TIME? No? Well, you should be! Actually, at least be ready for the First of 6 parts! That's right! The Ultimate Doom: MEME SOUNDTRACK is ready for download! Get ready to hear music that fits! Music that doesn't fit! Music that really doesn't fit! And, of course, EPIC MUSIC!!! (And music that doesn't fit, too.) On December 1st, the ENTIRE MEME SOUNDTRACK MOD will be released! It includes The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom TNT AND Plutonia, No Rest for the Living, Master Levels, AND some Personal levels, AND the console exclusive levels! Almost 200 songs used! All of them not in Doom! All of them memes! What song will you hear next? Find out by playing part 1: The Ultimate Doom! Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17YzIbYFPX1Rb8eP_nk5DZ2ZQ1CSZdMqG/view (Please spread the word! The whole WAD took me from Early Febuary from late October to finish!)
  5. Dokta Whawee

    Make different Episodes with Mapinfo?

    Thanks! I will make sure to use this info wisely...
  6. How do I make different episodes with Mapinfo? For instance, the Episodes seen in Doom 1?
  7. Dokta Whawee


    It was the Font "Stencyl", I believe. I put a Camo Texture on it.
  8. Dokta Whawee

    Suggestion to the Doom Speedrunning community

    You are right. I always wondered why I couldn't play GZDoom Demos properly... Yeah, that is a good point! Well I, personally, do see a bit more value, but that is just me being a bit of an "Under-The-Hood" kind of player... And I know that only a few others are. That's actually a really good idea! Thank you for suggesting to me! Also, sorry if I sounded a bit upset in my earlier posts... I completely missunderstood some of the things you said.
  9. Dokta Whawee

    Suggestion to the Doom Speedrunning community

    Alright, I see. Thank you! In hindsight, some of this was on my behalf: I should have done a bit more research into this aspect of the community... I thought I knew a lot, but apparently, I didn't. Oh well, that doesn't really matter.
  10. Dokta Whawee

    Suggestion to the Doom Speedrunning community

    Well, of course. I see what your saying. The problem is that I don't mean to be "participating in the tour-de-France on a Hayabusa motorcycle". What I wanted to see was a completely different catagory to appeal to a completely different type of runner. So, instead of participating in the tour-de-france with a motorcycle, you would be participating in a motercycle race with a motorcycle, if you know what I mean. So, both of them would be different events, so to speak, while still having the same goal: Win the Race. Of course, though, I do get what you mean. But do remember, the idea I had would be in a different category entirely. So, I want to hear your opinion: If it was in a different category, do you still think it would be a bad idea?
  11. Dokta Whawee

    Suggestion to the Doom Speedrunning community

    I would be more than happy to try to beat them myself!
  12. Dokta Whawee

    Suggestion to the Doom Speedrunning community

    Eh, I kind of changed my mind on this one, too. At the time I was looking at some of the records, such as E1M1, which are basically the human limit. Looking back, there are some which could use quite a bit of improvement!
  13. Dokta Whawee

    Doom EX (My first public mod)

    I had an idea which hatched from a conversation between me and my brother. We were talking about Doom maps, and I brought up the fact that the console versions of Doom had some exclusive levels, and that there was no real port of them to the PC. Well, I was wrong. Someone did import the console exclusive levels. But there was no mod which would truly impliment them into the game. Sure, they were there, but they weren't accessible through normal means. And, that got me thinking. And soon, I was modding. I got the console exclusive levels, and implimented them into my mod. At first, I intended for the mod to do nothing but implement a "MAPINFO" for some of the levels so that they could be played through normally, without having to use the "IDCLEV" cheat. But that was when I got thinking... Perhaps that wasn't enough. At that point, I was basically stealing, which isn't right. So, I needed an idea which would make my mod more original. That was when another idea came up: A version in which every secret was accessible through normal means. So, no having to use "IDCLIP" in order to get the secrets that the devs never patched up. This always bugged me as a completionist... And then, one last idea came into the fray: The unused music. Doom had quite a bit of unused music, and I felt that the Console exclusive levels could use some of them. Also, the "Thy Flesh Consumed" maps would have their own music files, and their own intermission screen. The intermission screen I got from "thyinterpic.wad". So, this was my mod idea. If you wanted to play some classic Doom in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary, or if you just wanted play the game in a slightly different way, this mod is for you. What do you all think of this idea? Should I release it to the public? Or should I just let it alone on my hard drive? Thanks for all the help! P.S. No, I didn't include all of the Doom Maps, because uploading all maps with no changes would be piracy. You still need to run Doom 1 as an IWAD. While a few of the official levels are there, they have been modified solely so you can access the Console Exclusive levels (They are secret levels). I will also give credit to the modders whose content I borrowed from.
  14. Dokta Whawee

    Suggestion to the Doom Speedrunning community

    Heh, okay.
  15. Dokta Whawee

    Suggestion to the Doom Speedrunning community

    And I love it when people get so upset at me for just a simple suggestion... You know, by you being toxic, you actually made me want to change my mind less. Just putting it out there. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)