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  1. pming

    If you were Doom Guy

    Hiya! I'd stand on top of the biggest building I was near, raise my fists into the air, and scream to the heavens: "HA! I WIN!" I'd then stand there and wait for either the demons to swarm me and lick all the skin off my face until I die, or the "One True God of the Universe" shows himself/herself/itself and congratulates me on winning the human race the presents me with a matching wine and beer glass set...then the demons swarm me and lick all the skin off my face. (because, lets face it, if I'm the only human left alive on earth as demons swarm over every square foot, then either God/[insert favoured deity here] doesn't exist...or he/she/it is a complete dick).
  2. Hiya! Hmmm... Toss up for me between an Archvile (I can get resurrected?...AND...I can get him to blow people up? Hellz yeah!), and either a Cacodemon, or 4 Lost Souls. Yeah yeah, you said 'a' pet, but c'mon...having 4 lost souls would let me put chain harnesses over them that would suspend an iron throne that I would sit on and they could float me around! I could do that with the Cacodemon, but they have that rather ominous looking, uh, "backside hole" that would be a little too close for comfort, "business" wise. Plus, where I live, it's dark, cold and snowy most of the year...so having 4 continuous flaming skulls would be rather handy!
  3. pming

    Just finished DOOM 2016.

    Hiya! Well, a few weeks ago I bought DOOM 2016. Figured it had aged enough I guess. ;) Here's my impressions. Overall, it was enjoyable. Much more than I thought! I thought for certain that I'd be "mostly annoyed" at how it wasn't "real DOOM!" (I'm old and cantankerous...so that's usually my initial reaction to anything newfangled...). Surprise surprise, I actually quite enjoyed it. The slow introduction of monsters was good. (Oh, I played it on Ultra-Violence...go big or go home I say!) The maps themselves started off interesting enough, with some good 'vibes'. But, as I progressed, the true suckiness that is the limitations of "SnapMap" became painfully obvious! I blame this fault squarely on whichever corporate suit decided that console gamers needed to play the same game as PC gamers. >:( Fuck that! I have nothing against console gamers...consoles are great for what they do; allow "anyone" to put a disk in and hit the power button...and play. But as for being "good" for video gaming? Not really. It's a "lowest common denominator" thing. PC Games can just do SO-O much more that there really is no comparison. To this degree, I felt that the edict to make the game playable 'equally' as PC and Console did a BIG disservice to the potential of what DOOM 2016 could have been. It's like the difference between the full "Shogun" mini-series and the "Shogun" movie. The mini-series is just over 9 hours in length...the other is a hair over 2 hours. BIIIIIG difference! Anyway, the biggest let down was the "boss" fights. The cyberdemon and the spider mastermind. They were just round rooms where you hammered at the boss until they ran out of hit points, or you did. Boring as hell. :( The other fights leading up to them were fun...different heights, things to climb on, hide behind, and all that stuff made your choice of weapons and your choice for Praetor Armor upgrades actually affect your fighting style matter. But with the bosses? Virtually none of that. Just "here's a big room...go!" Why? (probably has something to do with limitations of Console/Snapmap?) The end result for me: I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. :) I'm going to do another run through it, but this time try some different approaches and try and do a 'completionist' run while I'm at it (did pretty good first time around). Could DOOM 2016 have been better? Hellz yes! Ditch the whole limitation of SnapMap and open up the whole thing for full-on modding for one! For a second thing, allow more "free wandering" of locations; being able to finish one 'level', but not end it when you see you left three secrets and an Argent so you can wander around and try and find them would be good. I'll give it a 4 out of 5 pentagrams.
  4. Hiya! Rocket Launcher against either a group of troopers, or against a mancubus. Can't deny the feeling of "FUCK YOU DEMON-ZOMBIE-SCUM!" when a rocket splatters a half-dozen zombie troopers into goo. Then again, I love the "thud thud thud" of launching multiple missiles at a mancubus and then hearing him 'dissolve' into an exhale of gases and sloppy meat!
  5. Hiya! Also, I'd like to add that many (well, at least me...) also consider Hexen and Heretic "DOOM" whenever talking about "DOOM Modding". It's easy to say "I make DOOM maps", than it is to say "I make original DOOM maps, DOOM II maps, as well as the Hereic game that was based on DOOM, and Hexen which was also based on DOOM II but added a lot of other stuff". Most people would look at me like "Er, so you're a game nerd. Got it" if I said that. But if I say "I make maps for DOOM", pretty much everyone at least has heard the name and knows it's either an old game or a movie that had The Rock in it. Either way, it's easier to keep them engaged in the conversation, and even get them interested in such an "old game". So, uh, yeah. DOOM* rocks! *see description of what games are coverd when talking about DOOM modding. :)
  6. pming

    GZDoom Builder won't remove resources

    You're welcome. :)
  7. pming

    Risen3D mapping -- is it hard?

    Hiya! As someone who has tried (and failed) to really grasp R3D's mapping rules I can say...yes. Mapping for R3D is..."difficult". I would have been more motivated if R3D also supported Hexen and Heretic, like it's father (the Doomsday Engine), because then I could translate what I learn into Hexen/Heretic when I feel more in a fantasy mood. Good luck no matter how you slice it! PS: One thing I started to do when learning was write myself a document of my own "standardization assets". Light names with info (colour values, brightness, type, etc) in particular, but for other things I would likely use in multiple maps. Then I could just use it as a resource pack to add into GZDoombuilder when I wanted to start a new map. That way I would always know that "Thing #15524" is a "Static Blue-Green Light, Radius 64", and that "Thing #15525" is "Flicker Blue-Green Light, Radius 24 - 72, Random 48" because they would be listed in my document. ^_^ Paul L. Ming
  8. pming

    GZDoom Builder won't remove resources

    Hiya! When you launch, go to Tools --> Game Configuration. Then select the game config you are using on the left. Highlight the offending file under Resources, then click Remove. If this is what you are doing...create a simple text file with the same "name and extension" as the offending file. Put it in the dir where it's trying to find it. Now try launching, tools, game config, etc.. You will get an error about the file being 'bad' or somesuch, but it will be there in Resources, non-grey. Now Remove. ^_^ Paul L. Ming
  9. I'm going to go with DOOM, E1M1. I just LOVE where you start...the pillars, windows to the outside, stairs to your left in a dark'ish area, sunken area in front. Love it! I always picture it...hmmm..."realistically", not in DOOM textures and such, but as a real place. Light-shafts streaking through the windows, dust particles floating in the air, the strange smell of both fresh air garden vegetation mixed with the smell of electronics and oil...and then the smell of rotting meat coming from the darkened stair area. Just so evocative! ^_^ Paul L. Ming
  10. pming

    Dreaming with Doom (?)

    Hiya! Yup. Not very often...maybe once every 7 or so years (I think I've had 3, to date). Last one was about 4 years ago, maybe 5. Yeah, I remember it...because it was fucking AWESOME! :D Nutshell version: I was with 4 marines, one of which was my wife (a sexy redhead with green-blue eyes if you must know; and yeah, she looked hot in 'doom combat armor' *drool* ...ahem...anyhoo....). We were in some secret base on mars (orange/red sky). It was all dark, brown, metals with yellow lighting. A big 'hall/room' with wide steps. Tall and skinny open windows displayed the sky on one side. We had pinkies rushing us and we opened up with mini-guns and shotguns. One marine got torn to shreds, others were mauled, my wife got chewed on, I pulled out a super shotgun and started up-close blasting. We took them out but we heard more coming from behind us, up at the top of the wide stairs into the room. Someone was trying to get a silver door to open (it was stuck), and we turned to see a bunch of pinkies coming at us. Wifey whipped out a rocket launcher and let loose. We were holding them off but there were too many of them...if the door didn't open, we were soon to be demon chow. The familiar door opening sound indicated we could rush in through it. Everyone alive piled in, me last. I pulled out the chainsaw as one tried to come in at us...I remember the sound of the chainsaw and slurpy splourch sounds of cutting through flesh and bone, and the pinkies pain yell. Killed it, door closed. Looked around. Smallish room, high ceiling...then hiss of Imps and fireballs started coming at us from a hidden ledge way up high. ...I woke up then. :( It was a super vivid dream. I was absolutely terrified in it and woke up with my heart pounding and blood rushing and the feeling of adrenaline in my body (hence, waking up). A second later I was smiling ear to ear and thinking to myself "THAT was a fucking WICKED ASS DOOM DREAM!!". Loved every terrifying second of it.
  11. Hiya! I can sympathize with the OP. I also think WASD is not very comfortable. Long ago I said "Screw it! I'm making my own and getting use to it!" for whatever game can handle it. So I came up with... E = Forward D = Backward LCtrl = Strafe Left RAlt = Strafe Right Tab = Target Next Space = Jump Q, A, W, R and S will generally get hotkeyed to whatever is best for whatever game I happen to be playing. I think I came up with this scheme to be able to play "City of Heroes" for hours upon hours without getting cramps. I think it really is a matter of "whatever works for you". Obviously WASD is comfortable enough for most folks that it's default. PS: Yeah, obviously I'm Right Handed. My left hand sits comfortably with my fingers arrayed in a more or less 'arc' (pinky on Tab, ring finger on 1, middle finger on 2, index finger on E, and my thumb sits right at the edge of the space bar; my 'bottom left' of my palm sits on LCtrl). I can easily reach numbers 4 and 5, and QWRA...as well as F, C and X if I 'curl' my fingers a bit. Lots of keys to hotkey! :) PPS: I also can't recommend highly enough for one to grab a 'multi button' mouse. Not one of those ********** "gaming mice". Maybe one day I'll try one, but then again... I have a 7 (?) button Logitech MX Lazer Mouse and I have two or three of the extra buttons hot keyed as well. Useful for repetitive tasks in a game (like looting a corpse, 'activating' something, etc).
  12. pming

    Propose a new Hexen class

    Hiya! What about an Alchemist? One that uses nothing but 'flasks'. For his starting weapon it would be a dagger, about as fast as the starting wand, about as damaging as the mace. After that, he gets flasks/flechettes he throws or places. They could all default to the normal ones already found in the game, but give them a 'power up' where if he throws a 'normal' flechette he finds in-game, it counts as two of them. I foresee three different coloured flechette in his inventory to designate which 'type' it is for (Mage = gold, Fighter = red, Cleric = green). That way the player could distinguish between them. EDIT: I guess we'd need a fourth 'color' for the flechette that are multiple class pick ups. Purple would be good I think. The player would know it's multiple, but not which ones, just for added fun! (or, if you really wanted to be specific, purple with a band of the normal colour...gold, red, green; so purple flechette with a gold and green band would mean mage and cleric only; I'd rather just stick with purple and make it a mystery until the player picks it up). His "Power Weapon" would be the "Philosophers Stone" that he would hold in his hands. It would shoot out whatever flechette he has selected, for free, at 'rapid fire' (kind of like the Tome of Power Mace from Heretic); Mage 'mode' would use blue mana, Fighter would use combined, and Cleric would use green. Maps that have already been made will likely have most/all placed flechette as available for pick up by all classes. So there would have to be a 'randomizer' for when a flask with multiple class choices on it (e.g., if set for M/F/C, it would randomly select one of the three upon pick up; if -/F/C, it would be between fighter and cleric only, etc). I think that might open up some interesting play styles, and introduce a bit more item-management as the player would have to take care to not use all of his 'mage' flechette, for example, or he couldn't use that 'weapon mode' again until he finds a flechette for a mage.
  13. pming

    Question For Experienced Mappers

    Hiya! hmmm.... I guess I'd say I'm a 'very experienced' mapper, who doesn't release maps and rarely finishes them. :) I've been mapping since around 1994 or 1995. There are a few things I learned about mapping. *1st* - Do it for yourself FIRST, and others SECOND. *2nd* - Accept criticism and learn how to use it. *3rd* - Think artistically when designing...but always keep 'form and function' in mind. When I map, I'm doing it because I enjoy the process. I enjoy spending countless hours tweaking light levels, adjusting vertexes, playing with textures, and all that. It's fun. It's probably as much (or more) fun for me to map than to play. I have had some criticism of the two or three maps I've ever made (yeah...told you I do it for myself :) ), and each time it has helped me learn of one of my weaknesses. I still have a problem with monster to ammo/health ratios, for example. But I'm getting better...I think. The maps I make I enjoy making because I'm thinking of them artistically first. I'll think of some unusual use of a couple of textures, or of lighting, or some other mapping consideration. I'll plop down a room, look at it, and think "Hmmm...this looks like some kind of security holding place". That will lead to a certain light and texture placement. Doing that, I look at it and get a creepy vibe and imagine dark cells...so I'll add really dark cells. Then I'll think of some horror movie or something...and add one cell that flickers. Then I'll think of the player walking up to it and crossing an ACS_Execute script and unleashing a surprise Stealth Demon that wasn't activated until the player crossed that line. This continues on as I build a level, with each room or corridor playing out in my head and ideas popping in and out, and, well, yeah. I just kinda "go with it". Once I'm getting to the end, or not seeing any more new ideas, I'll go back and start to think of form and function. If there was a cell area...how were the doors opened/closed? Where and how? Why is this corridor curved? Why is it straight? Why are there stairs leading up? And I tweak a bit more. Eventually I get some other cool idea, close the map I'm working on, and start a new one with the new idea. As I said...I map for myself because I enjoy it. :) I felt I "came into my own as a mapper" when I realized I should be having fun, using my artistic flair, and mapping for myself first, everyone else second. Once I did that, I've never looked back.
  14. pming

    Aesthetics vs. Structuring

    Hiya! Depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm all energetic and itchin' to layeth the smack upon thine demonic brows! (er...I like Hexen and Heretic too...sue me... ;) ). When I'm in that mindset (which is few and far between due to having severe fibromyalgia, a wife I need to look after due to multiple sclerosis, and a 7 year old autistic daughter...my energy level is rarely at full capacity). Where was I? Oh... If I'm energetic, I like fast game play with tight confines and lazer-focused opposition. I find the 'large room with 60 revenants' to be just plain boring. I want to feel confined. I want to feel that sense of panic when I realize that I'm not where I thought I was after backing up down a hallway. I want demons and zombies with guns to be well-placed with thought...not just plopped down en-mass in a big room. Then, most of the time, when I don't have a lot of energy in me, I like to take my time and enjoy the scenery...with the occasional surprise of a hell-born fireball coming at me from the dark. I want something that looks "believable" when considering the subject area. Floating rocks and lava ceilings? Yeah, sure, if the rest of the map makes me believe that such things are "real" in this realm. So yeah. I like both...depending on my mood. :)