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  1. Bobo

    New Skys?

    my Equinox wad has a kewl blue cloud sky and a big Jupiter thing, though they look horrible in Legacy
  2. Bobo

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

    There IS NO damn /incoming! it doesnt exist! Everyone tells me 'upload to /incoming' but IT DOESNT EXIST!!!! ..ahem
  3. Bobo

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

    thanx you guys, but exactly WHERE do i upload to? is it Newstuff?
  4. How am i supposed to upload something to the FTP /incoming? And by the way, what is the full ftp address for it? Thanx.
  5. Bobo

    Murderous Intent, coming soon!

    Listen buddy, your wad looks like ANOTHER one of those looonngg wads which are over complicated and get boring quick. I just dont see the FUN in this wad of yours. But dont worry, alot of wads made these days are boring and look all the same. Just try to be more... original.
  6. Bobo

    Inconsistency in DooM, DooM II

    you must be REALLY bored...
  7. Bobo


    damn my Equinox wad is gonna be HUGE! its currently 15 megs in size, and theres still more stuff to put in. Have you played my other older, crappier wads?
  8. Bobo

    32.wad... Where is it..?

    thanks for telling me its a brown one. That was close.
  9. No not really. the UFO is 0 high? no way! its about 128 high and then it takes off to 1000 hight. but yeah, fine, you're basically right. But the damn thing is huge and looks good, OKAY!
  10. yeah well im making a mega-Wad aswell called Equinox (i thought it was a kewl name). And since i hate old, brown stuff in doom wads, my wad is gonna be very metalic and futuristic. Hey! just yesterday i worked out how to make a ufo take off from the ground in doom! it looks kewl.
  11. Why is it that nearly all the Doom(2) wads made these days are so god damn boring? Why is it that they all have the same 'medievel' style to them? you know, like coblestone walls, and all that yucky brown colouring to them. Whatever happened to the futuristic style wads? or the outer-space style? i mean, look at Requiem for example. Doomworld was praising it. When i played the wad i was sick to death of it. Brown, brown, brown. Everywhere. i tell ya, Doom wads arent made like they used to.
  12. Bobo


    Ok Doom guys, i need some help here: How do you reduce the size of your wad? i've deleted unused sectors and linedefs and sidedefs, but the damn thing is still big. The weirdest thing is, is that it isnt that architectually big. I've seen levels waaayyy bigger than this in Doom but for some reason whenever i edit it in a wad editor it always crashes and tells me that it cant alocate enough bytes. What do i do? Oh for the love of God, what do i do!
  13. Bobo

    Does anyone know all the cheats?

    Cheat codes? IDDQD IDKFA IDCLIP (or IDSPISPOPD for Doom1) IDDT IDBEHOLD (then type first letter of what you want) IDCHOPPER Thats all of them i think
  14. Bobo

    Really stupid and pointless question...

    E2M2 was frigin scary. With all the piles of crates, you didnt know what would pop out from behind. Basically the whole of episode 3 scared the shit out of me. There was blood and bodies everywhere, and that satanic music! Its a damn shame Doom2 wasnt that scary, except for the Archvile. And yes, Doom3 won't be the same. From the look of that Doom3 movie they showed, its waaayyy too dark. Its another Quake. Doom wasnt dark. Ambient light should be everywhere.
  15. What the hell are you saying? The Icon of Sin was the best way to finish Doom2! It shows us where all the bad guys come from! What would you rather have? Another f_cken big bad guy who walks around and hurls rockets at you? Like Quake2? and WHY DOES EVERYONE CALL THE LAST BAD GUY THE 'BOSS'!! It makes it sound like an old Nintendo game.