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  1. prfunky

    Do you like other retro games (other than DOOM)?

    No time, no time, no time!! Actually, it's taken me quite a bit just to make time to work on DooM level editing. But... if I had all the time in the world,... I'm super-retro! Grew up on arcade and crappy Atari VCS(2600). Family had a ColecoVision which was much better graphics than Atari but Atari had so many more titles in the day. Favorites from the arcade were Defender, Defender:Stargate, Robotron:2084 and Sinistar. William's programmers were evil before DooM was ever even thought of. I've got that mini-NES retro thingie. One of these days I'll root it to put on all that custom homebrew revisions of Super Mario 3 and Pac Man 3 on it. First Zelda was the sh*t! Got a Super Nintendo hooked up to this monitor which I play once or twice a year; Super Mario World Kirby Super Star Mr. Do! Have some Sega Genesis in storage somewhere with ALL the Sonic's but I think I sold the 32x with the Knuckles Chaotix.... For PC, just got Super Mario War for Linux installed the other month. Maybe I'll make my own levels when I'm satisfied with the work I've been doing for DooM. Lessee, installed on this PC: Heh, Commander Keen ~ Lol! Retro City Rampage Tempest 2000 Gridrunner++ a couple of Galaxian clones Llamatron:2112 Demonstar Champ Kong Jazz Jackrabbit Xmas - can't find the other full version I own! Super Space Invaders and a bunch of Bejeweled puzzle crap https://www.vblank.com/RetroCityRampage/
  2. prfunky

    What are your favorite memories with MS DOS?

    Wow! I bought my first microcomputer with my paper route money in 1983, an Atari 400. I'll spare you all from what I did between 1983 and 1993. But in 1993, I bought an Atari XE Game System (XEGS) which was actually just an Atari 400/800 spiritual successor with a detachable keyboard (a whopping one and a half foot length cable!). I spent alot of time in the library back then and I'd read EVERY book on DOS I could find. I was trying to get a job where I'd be "knowledgeable" in computers. My Atari & Apple II experience just wasn't going to cut it in interviews. So, in 1994, I began assembling a PC-compatible computer with all the money I could muster. I think including the used Sony monitor, I got an AMD 386dx40Mhz put together with Trident video card, and ProAudio Spectrum sound card for about $700. MS-Dos 6.22 just came out. But part of what I wanted to do is use the PC's hard drive to store Atari software as no hard drive ever existed for the Atari. I was going to assemble this kit cable to transfer stuff between the two. I never got that done. Instead, I got sucked into the PC world. About this time, I was also on CompuServe on the Atari and met a, now, lifelong friend who was using a Commodore 64 to access CompuServe. Anyhow, back to the PC. This computer remained Windows-free for about the first two years of its service to me. Every month, I bought a copy of DOS World magazine and would type in programs for QBasic the same as I did for Apple & Atari from the old COMPUTE! magazine. There was some goofy fancy font drawing program that knocked my socks off with its results. I can't remember what it was called. But the fact that I could PROGRAM the PC much the same as the old 6502 8-bit computers is what hooked me. It was also useful for my girlfriend at the time as she used a computer on her job. Had a DOS office suite called PFS:FirstChoice. Then, I got a few games: Krusty's Funhouse Lemmings a game based on the Wolfenstein 3d engine called Corridor 7 By 1996, I had a job fixing PCs for the big local computer manufacturer/retailer in my town. In 1998, my own business doing the same. I still hate Windows...
  3. Thank you so much! I don't know why just that one link won't work for me; I've downloaded many files from Mediafire before and a few since this particular link yielded that mess pictured above.
  4. Maybe you're in the "in club" with Mediafire?
  5. "Permission Denied. Well, looks like we can’t go any further Something appears to be missing… This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire." ...in case you didn't know
  6. Whoa! Knew I had that file around here... Just cued up map01 & map02 for giggles. I played the living hell out of this wad back in the early 2000s. Always impressed by the balance of it considering it a product of multiple authors.
  7. prfunky

    Chap DM 3

    Well, originally was for ZDaemon/Zandronum for deathmatch but ZDaemon don't support some of the features I added. So now it's primarily Zandronum, though it loads up fine in ZDoom/LZDoom/GZDoom. See my website for more info or even read the txt files included in the zip. GZScoreDoom worked until I loaded up the DECORATE so now it just crashes out. Too bad, because I incorporated a single player mode too!
  8. prfunky

    Chap DM 3

    Chap Deathmatch 3 is finally here! You should download it immediately and find two to seven friends to play it with. If you don't think that Chap DM 3 is great, you're weird. Everyone you know thinks Chap DM 3 is the best deathmatch DooM wad file ever made. Their only complaint is it is too small. They keep screaming more, More, MORE!! Chap DM 3 is seven finely tuned deathmatch maps OR six, notso-great single-player maps, but still totally playable in single player mode. It took seven years to make Chap DM 3. When you age a wad file that long, you KNOW it'll get yo ath drunk! What are you waiting for?! Don't miss out! Download Chap Deathmatch 3 right now from: http://chapsoftware.com/chapdm3released.htm Chap DM 3 is intended primarily for deathmatch games in Zandronum. It has been tested to work with LZDoom and GZDoom as well. Chap DM 3 will NOT work with the ZDaemon port ~ Sorry! See wad file's accompanying text file(s) for full engine compatibility specifications and other information.
  9. prfunky

    Share your titlepics!

    Soon... very soon!
  10. Meh, still pretty good as old guys...
  11. Back when I was a kid, AC-DC and Black Sabbath. By 8th grade, Raven, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. By high school, Anvil, Accept, Motley Crue (and yes, their first 2 albums were actually good!). As a young adult got into Anthrax and my girlfriend at the time turned me into a Slayer fan.
  12. prfunky

    POWERGUN.WAD (Now with SuperPowerGuns.wad!)

    So DK, is there really supposed to be no sound made when using the gauntlets? I like the flaming enemies of the BFG but think the graphic for the fireball is cheesy (pixelated). Can you do the plasma in purple? Green is already used by arachnotrons. Do you have plans for the gun items graphics before you pick a weapon up?