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  1. My only bone to pick comes in the final paragraph of the article;

    "That there is still a hunger for more DOOM, using only the tools available to Romero and Carmack and the rest of the id Software team 30 years ago, "...


    As a map and monster author, I say THANK the Hades we're not confined to using only the

    tools available to Romero and Carmack! Doombuilder 1.68 forever -hah-hah-hah!! Thank

    you SLADE for rescuing me from doing EVERYTHING in Windows with XWE and DeepSEA.


    Otherwise, it's a well-written article which early on captures my thoughts and feeling about

    chainsaw use EXACTLY! There's no other feeling like it in video games.


  2. prfunky

    Mapping Etiquette (Flicker Lights)

    I was gonna say! Yep; Time Gate. But it's so AWESOME map!! I would say if you have worry about epilepsy trigger in video game, stay away from 8-bit deathmatch as well...
  3. prfunky

    What frontend loader do you prefer?

    Still using Hypnotoad's Rocket Launcher 2.0. I spent years just cd'ing into whatever Doom engine directory I wanted to use and then issuing a command line; doomengine -iwad MyDoomWadDirectory/doom2.wad -file MyDoomWadDirectory/flavaOfTheWeek.wad Sometimes I'd simplify the process by writing a batch file to launch, say alienvendetta.bat or something like that. RL 2.0 has been good for me since having my own work I want to test. Dropping down the box on the left side to switch Doom engines on the fly has been time-saving and beneficial. That being said, it's not the easiest front end to set up. I don't ever use some of the default engine entries in its stock form. Being the Linux-y moron I am, that means finding the engines.ini and settings.ini files wrapped up in the .config/RocketLauncher2 directory and modifying them according to my nit-picky wishes as well as importing some new custom graphics and mis-naming them to other engine's names I know I'll never use because I couldn't ever get those to run on my system(s).
  4. prfunky

    Hell Revealed - WAD REVIEW PART I

    It features a new boss encounter that tests players' skills to the limit , set in a moody, atmospheric environment with highly detailed structures
  5. prfunky

    Hell Revealed - WAD REVIEW PART I

    Might be more useful to list the Internet Archive's rememberance of Hell Revealed's website rather than using the original address. Yahoo! ate GeoCities years ago; I know, they ate my websites there too! https://web.archive.org/web/20010519162838/http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/4704/
  6. prfunky

    How To "Fix" The Spider Mastermind?

    It's funny that this comes up as a topic now. I just released a map which features a DECORATEd SMM. In the process of making her, I considered exactly, that hitscan box hugeness. I decided against modifying the default dimensions however, due to trying to not face off with the laws of unintended consequences. I really, really, really just wanted to release what I'd done and couldn't fathom any more variables in testing that creation. Anyhow, oversized hitscan box became very apparent in this map where I was already replacing the hitscan-ness everyone rails against so much. As you can see from my screenshots, the chaingunner's new rocket-derived shots detonate quite a distance from the actual body of the SMM. I supposed original creators wanted something to happen if one was shooting at her legs and therefore the large hitscan box. The room I deployed her in is sized accordingly to screw with her maneuverability in that space to allow for player to have at least some place to dodge her attack. @deepthaw ... you task me... heh-heh-heh. Ever play the gridbug screen of the arcade original Tron?
  7. I'm sorry, I do not. Although I have absolutely no experience with Aseprite (probably because I never heard of it before 15 minutes ago), I did take a look at their DOCS page(s). It seems to me that they show no options for restricting a color palette down to only 256 colors like Doom, and many other games of that era, use. Rather, it looks like it supports variations on 16 million colors where each color uses some component of what's referred to as the RGB triplet (0-256 possible values of red, 0-256 values of green, 0-256 values of blue). I found this information on their page at: https://www.aseprite.org/docs/color-mode/
  8. prfunky

    Best years of your life?

    Damn straight Xyzzy! On that note, it depends on "best for what?". Best economically. Best love life. Best health. Best general happiness. I always loved Steven Wright's shtick about keeping a diary since the day he was born: day 1: still tired from the move day 2: everybody talks to me like I'm some kind of idiot
  9. prfunky

    Motivation and You

    Yes, play Monsta BBQ. If that doesn't get you in the mood to mod, what could?
  10. What is the lowest version of GzDoom that will load these maps? I just get normal Entryway each time I attempt to run this. http://chapsoftware.com/gzDoomInXP.htm
  11. Interesting. I've never seen this before what I'm going to describe. You have both a Doom II map01 and a Doom 1 E1M1 in the same wad. I'd never contemplated doing such before but I do like the ramifications of such a practice; it means it doesn't matter which game one chooses, the map should still load ~ assuming they are the same map and when I opened in SLADE, it sure looked that way. What got me there? I mean, what got me to open your file in SLADE to begin with? Missing texture grey/white checkboard. For a moment, I thought maybe I'd opened another file that required Skulltag assets or something. So, I opened this up and found that the texture I was SUPPOSED to be seeing instead of the checkboard pattern was called ASHWALL. I'm not familiar with Doom 1 assets but there is indeed an ashwall-lookin' texture there when I open up E1M1 using Doom 1 instead of map01 in Doom 2. I actually opened up your readme.txt file before I started all of this but went back to refer to it to see what I might've missed. Nope, you don't even document there being an E1M1 map in this wad file, just the map01 for Doom II. You may wish to correct all of this... or not. AH! Now looking at your original post, you stated this was an E1M1 for Doom 1. Still... what DO you want released?
  12. prfunky

    Complex (single level)

    Found a big HOM here...
  13. prfunky

    Casali-style Entryway edit

    Heh-heh-heh; I've seen a bunch of takes on Entryway due to how much deathmatch playing on dwango maps I've done. THIS one takes the cake for hilariousness. I hooked it up on HMP skill level and quickly became aware this is an IDDQD map. No problem, just I wouldn't even try to seriously play it again. For giggles in god-mode? Oh hell yeah. You should know about a HOM issue you have with one of your lifts, however. I'll attach screenshot here. If intentional, never mind.
  14. Smart! Sorry, I'm sitting here with the worst abscessed tooth today; link now provided in edited post.
  15. So, this is not my first map. It is, however, my first map dedicated from the beginning to play in single-player. I've always just done deathmatch maps. As has been my practice going back to Chap DM 2, I'd added monsters to those maps. I figured any deathmatch server running the game/map would typically have default deathmatch settings which include the -nomonsters switch. Therefore, it was benign and harmless to put monsters in. If one was trying to figure out wtf they had in their Doom directory on their computer long after having joined a deathmatch server which auto-downloads wad files, at least there was something to play. Well, over the last two years, I'd gotten heavily into monster modifications using DECORATE and felt that the time was right to actually build something meant for the single-player realm of Doom mapping. In a way, I'm a new mapper then but not really because of all the previous deathmatch map work. What I've created, I think might be interesting and not boring for, I dunno, ten minutes to a half hour depending on the players' skills at Doom. My sense of balance *might* suck at this single-player stuff as I'm actually not a very good Doom (or any video game) player. However, I've implemented all three skill levels so, yah: -- Can I Play Daddy? = least amount of monsters -- Hurt Me Plenty = a moderate amount of monsters and, of course, -- Ultra-violence = enough monsters to satisfy the typical Doom-playing sadomasochist. I hope this helps! This map/wad is meant to be played with ZDoom-based ports. Jumping isn't required but disabling jumping isn't recommended; there are a few nasty pitfalls where jumping may come in handy... All development was tested using Zandronum. Due to its heavy use of DECORATE, it's just not going to be something you can load up in ZDaemon nor Odamex. On my end, it tests good with ZDoom 2.81 and LZDoom 3.88b. Anybody want to take a crack at it with their versions of GZDoom are welcome. Doom purists who concentrate their energies and efforts on vanilla play, MBFs, UDMFs and/or complevels™ are going to be disappointed; sorry! http://chapsoftware.com/Files/mnstabbq.zip Happy birthday DooM! And happy holidays to all you Doom-worlders!