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  1. prfunky

    Should Doom have had a BFG-wielding enemy?

    This sounds so badass! It's rot90fix.wad? Downloading...
  2. prfunky

    What is the "nukage"?

    Nukage is green because DEVO. See Neil Young's movie, Human Highway, for proof.
  3. prfunky

    Common wad mistakes

    Reminds me of an old Steven Wright joke which I'm not about go research to quote verbatim, but it went something along these lines: I moved into a new apartment and there was this switch on the wall that didn't seem to do anything. So, every day I would flip it on and off. After about a month of living there, I got a call from a guy in Germany who said, "Stop doing that!"
  4. prfunky

    All Caps - Case Convention for WADs?

    Case sensitivity, DOS and you... So, in the Unix/Linux world case of letters matters; it is perfectly legal to have a directory with the following files in it: README.TXT readme.txt ReadMe.Txt All of those will refer to a different file! DOS had no case sensitivity whatsoever, so the above example was impossible in DOS. If you tried to save a different file from the EDIT.COM text editor and the file README.TXT already existed, an error would be generated and spit back at the offending user. Windows 95 began a period where the operating system allowed filenames which were longer than the, then standard, DOS eight character with three character extension after the period limits. The operating system itself was still case-insensitive but became case-preservational. Therefore, all files in this environment ended up having two filenames! The most common example I can think of is the notorious Program Files directory. In the confines of the Windows 95 desktop's Explorer program, the name was preserved completely. But if you were to drop to a command prompt screen and issue the DIR command to list the root directory of the drive, you would actually see both names listed; PROGRA~1 followed by Program Files. I might also add that in DOS, having a space character in a filename was also impossible. Doom was built for DOS ~ 1993 Doom II was built for DOS ~ 1994 Long filenames did not exist yet because nobody but Microsoft insiders had a copy of Windows 95 running yet (codenamed "Chicago", I believe?) Anyhow, that's why all of the IWADs for Doom default to capital letters. And of course, any PWADs people made from those early days will also be in all caps.
  5. prfunky

    Megawad Main themes/Anthems

    Equinox: Level 1 I always know exactly what wad I'm playing once this level starts. According to author, B.P.R.D., "Level 1 music is a back-choir of an Enya song that has a beat to it". Equinox Level 1
  6. When not using Doomseeker for Zandronum online, I use Hypnotoad90's Rocket Launcher 2.0 . But still do command line stuff with some frequency, whether on Windows or Linux. (because I like slash & backslash confusion)
  7. prfunky

    Mining Praxis DM

    The Brain is Back! Okay, so Happy Turkey day to any 'mericans here. I wanted to get this new deathmatch level out by Christmas. I busted my butt, err, brain for over a month trying to get one right the first time without having to do a patchup release afterwards like some other single-map files I released earlier this year. New level is Mining Praxis. Its targeted Doom port is Zandronum, because, well.. DEATHMATCH! As has been my custom for quite awhile now, the level plays well as a single-player game too. The progression is free-flowing rather than linear. Choose your own path... choose wisely. No B.S. keys to hunt all over for. I'll be putting up some servers you can find on the Doomseeker; just filter for "praxis". I'm sure it'll show up. http://chapsoftware.com/miningPraxis.htm
  8. Don't worry about it. Some people around here get hostile when they're warming up to you. It's their way of welcoming you to DoomWorld forums. I'll be shorter in my response this time. The actual list for any 5 of your 7 criteria is as follows: 1. Zandronum That's it.
  9. prfunky

    Bread Doom

    Doom 1.
  10. prfunky

    Bread Doom

    Missing texture here:
  11. ... and the forum software will let a line of text run on and on to the right and I find that difficult to read. I prefer a narrower focus for my old eyes. Reminds me of back in the day when I read a newspaper.
  12. Believe it or not, there's a shit-ton of reading to do when it comes to Doom stuff. The finding what it is one is looking for is the pain in the butt. Way back like seventeen years ago, one could punch into Google whatever-the-f*ck one was looking for and pretty much come up with an answer to one's question in fifteen minutes or less. Well, it ain't 2005 anymore and depending on the specificity of the information one needs, it could take a week of searching. Hence, it's sometimes easier, and more convenient if one values one's time, to ask at wonderful forum like this here Doomworld! I like spend alot of time reading at ZDoom.org's Wiki and occasionally at the Doom Wiki . They're great places to start but neither is definitive. Many online manuals for source ports are incomplete with "stub articles" for whenever someone gets around to finish documenting things. To the OP's original question, I think the only answer is Zandronum due to the list of requirements stated which include Brutal Doom. You ain't running that in either Odamex or ZDaemon. My only experience with running a ZDoom server was a handy command line that was shared to me by Dr. Frag, I think: lzdoom -host 1 -skill 4 -altdeath +dmflags 17536 +dmflags2 1049098 -zadmflags 16448 -compatflags 33554432 -zacompatflags 33554448 -file sample1.wad -file sample2.wad +map map01 This allowed me to get on with my testing work for deathmatch without Zandronum or Zdaemon. OBVS, replace "sample1.wad" & "sample2.wad" with whatever wad files one wants to use. The number after "-host" is how many players, which is just me in my testing use case. For more players, one would have to know in advance how many are going to join and then each would need their own command line which includes <shudder> an IP address, e.g., lzdoom -connect -file sample1.wad -file sample2.wad My assumption is that GZDoom works the same way but I don't have any experience with doing so. OP listed punching command line with IP addy's not something they want. Apologies for sharing those but I was living in the world of DOS when hamburgers were a nickel!
  13. Have list of split-screen ports? I looked into this years ago and thought that Legacy was the only one that attempted to do this...
  14. I'd like to see Chap Deathmatch 4. But since it took me seven years between Chap DM 2 and Chap DM 3, it might never happen in my lifetime...