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  1. Perforator

    Which Game do you think has the best Graphics?

    Why do you think the ended up holding HL2 back till next year, they're probably shaking in their boots right now making the graphics better.
  2. Perforator

    Beat Doom 3

    Actually Carmack said in a plan file that the game would be around 25 - 30 hours. They made the decision to make the game length that well...length bassed on the idea that the market is leaning towards shorter games. But that is probably without exploring like said earlier. When I find the plan file I will put up a link.
  3. Perforator

    doom III rated "E"

    I started playing Doom when I was seven, of course thats when the shareware came out.
  4. I just got the new version of skull tag but I can never find anyone online...does anyone have any i.p's for server's that are usually populated. Thanks.
  5. Perforator

    Captain reds Doom 64 Adventure!

    I haven't played Doom 64 yet, I heard someone was porting the levels and all the textures, sprites (enemies, weapons, dead hookers in my trunk, ext...). I think I heard about it being ran with ZDoom, who knows. Sort of a down note that the game doesn't have any multiplayer features at all, but the gameplay looks promising.
  6. Perforator


    TETZ....w00t I didn't even see you, but then again that could be do to the fact that I have the attention spand of a goldfish.
  7. Perforator

    Whoooaaahhh! How bout that new version of the "Archvile"!!!

  8. Perforator


    1. DSM is exactly right about Doom 3 and how faithful to Doom or "Ultimate Doom" it is, I loved doom 2 but its levels weren't nearly as interesting or as scary as doom 1, felt like urban warfair or some shit, but I still love the game. 2. Q3A is fucking awesome, so what if it doesn't have assualt or domination, q3:ta covered for that. 3. One thing I can't comprehend is why PEOPLE ARE FUCKING BITCHING OVER A GAME THAT HASN'T EVEN BEEN FUCKING RELEASED YET. You guys went off the fucking topic and are bitching about a wrothless user key thats been bitched about in about 4,000 other threads by now. 4. The Doomworld forums have been around longer then 2000, lin had to update the user registry or some shit because I remember I had to re register. By the way, where the fuck is the old crew, I don't see any fimiliar faces around here besides Lin.
  9. This world is to boaring anymore, I miss my avid collection of alcohol. Ok so it was only bud's but it still gets me drunk after acouple of acouple of acouple of acouple.
  10. Perforator


    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST...you just found out that snipers motive lin. That would explain the "I am God" on the back of that terot card, I hope that camper sets his sights on the parking lot of my work, I could do with a few less insipid morons.
  11. Perforator

    My thoughts on Doom 3 multiplayer!

    For on in response to "there would be no way to fix it." They could recode part of the engine if they were talented enough, I mean look at all the modes that have "Doom Legacy, Quake 3 Generations". There is even modes for quake 2 and 3 that alow 64 player deathmatch. And iD also announced that as of now "which was about a week ago" there will only be 4 play death match, john carmack said this himself. He said do to limitations of the engine (because how bad ass the graphics are) that would be about as many as possible. They also said they would only be able to put about 4 to 5 characterson screen at once without making for some major frame dropping. iD did say they would have maps that support more then 4 players, but bassed on what john carmack has been saying lately, no one has any clue. But iD really hasn't even started the multiplayer part of the game yet, so its pretty unfair to say what will happen. If anything I think it will at least support up to 8 to 16 player multiplayer. But then again who knows...we do know when this thing gets on xbox that it wont support more then 4 play multiplayer, because xbox is a 733 mhz pentium III with geforce 2 tech...It suprisses me that is even bothering with consoles, but I own an xbox so I'm not complaining.
  12. Perforator

    That's handy.

    I like my weapon slanting to the middle of the screen from the right. But I feel that all fps's should have an animation for the gun in the middle, sometimes I just wanna go in old school.
  13. Perforator

    hidden from our eyes

    My opinion is with the ending of the movie "On Deadly Ground"
  14. I'm an athiest and damn proud of it. But I have nothing against people that worship a religion nor embrasses the power of a "god". I only blame the bigots a the biased bastards that say its truth and all of us that don't believe will burn in hell. Further more people blaming doom for the deaths of teens in school shootings is non-sense. Look at doom, you're killing evil, its not evil but should be said as an instrument of destroying evil...while I don't believe in any of this "holy" and "unholy" stuff. But I'm not about to blame a whole belief structure on the insolence of god fan boys....yes I said god fan boys, if you fucking take every word of god and change every aspect of your life to fit it and bash others, you're are worse then a fucking star wars fan boy (don't get me worng, I love star wars). SO short and simple, I say keep to your own, and fuck the world, don't let the ignorance of others destroy the person you are.
  15. Perforator

    more doomed dreams

    Everytime I'd lay down to goto sleep I sware I'd either hear the revinate swing his fist or other sounds from doom. One time I drempt I was inside doom, everything still looked like doom and I was kicking the shit out of a bunch of demons. I hope to god I have a doom dream tonight....havent really had one since I was 7, damn 10 years have flied by fast.