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  1. Evilution started life as a community project before it was noticed by id and they decided to make it an official retail release. Plutonia might be held in higher regard but it was a later decision to let the Casali brothers contribute another full IWAD. What Romero means is Evilution is the reason Final Doom existed in the first place.
  2. Gunstar Green

    Doom & Doom 2 on the Switch - 1st Impressions

    I can respect that they want to make a few bucks with the anticipation of the new game but it's a shame there's no effort here. For most of us there's no reason to want to mess with this. I know I won't be. I'm still looking forward to Doom Eternal, but the new Wolfenstein was pretty disappointing (different dev team I know) so I'm a little concerned.
  3. Gunstar Green

    Is Final Doom Canon???

    I don't think id cared much about the plot and how it all worked together after Tom Hall left so neither do I. It's all just, "Oh no demon's again?! Shoot the demons!" to me. And that's fine.
  4. Gunstar Green

    Your Favourite Doom title ?

    Doom 2. It's the one I played the most back in the day and had the most fun with. While there are things I prefer in the original game or Ultimate Doom, Doom II built upon it in ways that really elevated Doom into what we know it as today.
  5. Gunstar Green

    How NRFTL or Sigil would be treated without....

    I'm not going to lie here, for me the most important and attractive thing about Sigil is that it's made by John Romero. Is there bias? Hell yeah there is. Is that wrong though? For some of us who have been playing Doom from the start it was just cool to see him return to his baby, like an old rock star coming out of retirement to sing a classic hit song again. Maybe it's a little rusty, maybe the world has moved on, but for some of us the event itself is still important. Anyone who really cares about Doom community content absolutely knows Sigil is not some ground breaking, innovative map set, and I'd argue it was never meant to be one anyway. Maybe it would be different if Sigil outright sucked but I don't think it's surprising that a pretty good Ultimate Doom WAD by John Romero himself is going to be loved and get a lot of attention especially by the old timers. As for more casual fans whose knowledge of Doom WADs begins and ends with Sigil and think it's the greatest thing ever, they're not the people you make maps for anyway.
  6. Gunstar Green

    Doom's charm...

    Doom still looks cool, sounds great and still plays as well as it did in the 90's. It's a desert island game for me especially with all the community content available, keeping it going forever.
  7. I'll go in expecting the drama to be super exaggerated and try to have fun with it.
  8. Gunstar Green

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Limited Run has been shipping them out in waves, probably related to when they receive the shipments of the goodies. So some Beast Boxes are out but not all of them.
  9. Gunstar Green

    25 years ago in Doom - USENET edition

    X-Wing above Privateer and TIE Fighter? Bah! I throw this entire list into question!
  10. I mean, it wasn't ideal (the port or the controls) but I played a lot of Doom using this until we got a PC at home that could handle Doom.
  11. Gunstar Green

    25 years ago in Doom - USENET edition

    If you were into deathmatch, Quake was an absolute revelation. If you just wanted a good single player game it was easier to see the arguments for Duke at the time. Now we're far enough removed from the era that it seems almost silly to pit them against each other.
  12. Gunstar Green

    25 years ago in Doom - USENET edition

    The Duke 3D vs. Quake flame wars were epic.
  13. That honor probably goes to Quake since you still auto-aim by default on the original exe but it's not exactly recommended. Terminator: Future Shock, which came out a little before Quake, was the first FPS to have free mouselook and then pretty much everyone used +mlook in Quake anyway so that spelled the end of keyboard only FPS.
  14. Gunstar Green

    25 years ago in Doom - USENET edition

    A little bit of context on Eric Yick Leung: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Eric_Yick_Leung
  15. Gunstar Green

    25 years ago in Doom - USENET edition

    Haha, I wouldn't go to David J. for any predictions about the future, especially regarding the longevity of games! Seems like he was an old-school golden age arcade dude who preferred games that have no end state other than "game over." His mindset back then would be so foreign to most modern gamers.