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  1. Gunstar Green

    what is your greatest doom games of all time

    Doom II Ultimate Doom Doom 64 Final Doom The distinction between the four is razor-thin for me. They're all Doom after all, they're all just variations on the same thing I love. I don't know where I'd put Doom 3 or the modern games. They're wholly separate things from classic Doom in my mind.
  2. Gunstar Green

    why is plutonia's difficulty so overstated?

    There are people who can't play the original IWADS on UV so of course to many Plutonia seems like an insurmountable evil. We have to understand that from the perspective of a normal gamer that has a casual relationship with Doom and has never touched anything the community has produced, Plutonia is going to seem brutal because it is definitely a large spike in difficulty over Doom and Doom II. A similar thing happens when people are playing Ultimate Doom for the first time and are unexpectedly slapped in the face with Thy Flesh Consumed. If you have eaten, drank, slept and shit Doom for decades now of course Plutonia isn't going to have that same challenge anymore. When people talk about Plutonia's difficulty it's not a discussion aimed at this audience.
  3. Gunstar Green

    Do you ever get tired of Doom?

    I don't play Doom constantly but there's never been a point in my life where I couldn't just hop into Doom and have a good time.
  4. Gunstar Green

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    On his own he's fine, maybe a little boring actually, but thrown in with other demons or another Marauder and it can be a little chaotic to have to juggle what he's doing while paying attention to everything else. Honestly I hate the Doom Hunter more. It's way more dangerous and such an annoying bullet sponge.
  5. Gunstar Green

    What if Doom never happened?

    There were already plenty of games cloning Wolf3D so I think the genre would have still taken off though it's impossible to know what would have taken Doom's place (if anything) since the games that followed Doom mostly took lessons and inspiration directly from Doom. The original concept for Rise of the Triad as Wolfenstein 3D Part II likely would have happened for instance. I'm glad we don't live in the darkest timeline where we all became Marathon fans and the Mac is the premier home computer platform for gaming!
  6. Gunstar Green

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    The ones that annoy me the most: Brutal Doom: It's not for me but I don't care. Use your free time however you want. Arguments about Doom Being 3D: Seriously it doesn't matter and it depends on how you define "true 3D" anyway and changes nothing regardless of your conclusion. What is "Truly Doomy": Like the Brutal Doom one, who gives a crap? Vanilla Doom is its own thing but that's not the only thing Doom is allowed to be. "Doom is Dying": This is like saying Super Mario Bros. or Tetris is "dying." It's kind of an absurd statement to make.
  7. Gunstar Green

    I'm worried about the future of Doom.

    I'm pretty confident Doom is going to outlive all of us here even if the more recent entries don't remain as popular forever.
  8. Gunstar Green

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    It's extremely 90's for better or worse.
  9. Gunstar Green


    Clippy would be a perfect addition to Doom seeing as in he's been banished to hell.
  10. Gunstar Green

    Doom 1 and 2 are ugly?

    Of course Doom's visuals do not hold up to modern standards, how would they? That said I agree with others that Doom has aged better visually than most of the early 3D accelerated games and 3D console games. Its simplicity is basically a style at this point. Similarly people make fun of Quake for being brown and green but I feel like if it were more colorful of a game its shortcomings would be even more apparent.
  11. Gunstar Green


    This could be a good thing for Bethesda, they were kind of floundering and I was starting to think they were going to die before the next Elder Scrolls. As for id, who knows. I felt like they took their new Doom as far as it can go with Eternal so it was already questionable what their next move was going to be. As long as they don't start doing something crazy like pulling the old games off of store fronts or making things Windows Store exclusive all I can do with this news is shrug. It is kind of funny after all these years of pining for it, Microsoft finally owns Doom.
  12. Gunstar Green

    Responding to GmanLives' Unity Doom video (Removed)

    I'm going to give props to gmanlives for removing his video because it really was chock full of misinformation. I don't think it was just Doomkid's response that did it of course, he was getting filleted in the comments section for his lack of research. I'm not a big fan of his videos but anyone willing to admit their mistakes and take down misinformation is OK in my book.
  13. Thanks for posting this I was starting to wonder if I'd gone mad.
  14. Gunstar Green

    Which is harder, Wolfenstein 3D or Doom?

    This. It feels like they just slapped together the packs using their level randomizer because they're just absolutely abysmal. I also think the new graphics and audio suck but that's more of an opinion. They're maybe worth looking at for a few minutes just as a curiosity but completing them is more of a job for sadists. You're probably better off playing Blake Stone if you want more Wolf-3D.
  15. I've found that Reddit is generally not a good place to go for technical help for any game because people will think you're there to call the game buggy and bad even though all you want is help.