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  1. okbuddy

    What is your favorite sector light mode for GZDoom?

    Do you have brightmaps checked on your gzdoom startup window? Brightmaps disable sprites from going full bright and only the portion of them that would actually be "lit" by firing a weapon, attacking, etc, will light up. Brightmaps also don't work in the gzdoom software renderer.
  2. The options are in the HUD/scaling options section I believe. There's a slider to make it square pixel or stretched (you'll know it because it only has two settings) and another to adjust the scale.
  3. okbuddy

    What is your favorite sector light mode for GZDoom?

    To fix the squished face in GZDoom make sure hud preserves aspect ratio is set to on in the hud options-> scaling options section.
  4. okbuddy

    GZDoom HUD does not fit in a 1920 × 1080 resolution

    You could also try this mod. If the border on the sides of the statusbar bother you. The level stats and colored numbers can be disabled.
  5. okbuddy

    DOS box for doom is trash,change my mind.

    OP, you've yet to respond to any of the compelling counter-arguments put forth on your thread. Can we all breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing your mind has in fact been changed regarding the merits of DosBox? Or are you still building a consensus?
  6. Is your Doomguy wearing a Baron skull?   That's awesome!

    1. okbuddy


      It came from an idea I had for a "true" Doom III mod I had.  Like if DoomGuy is on Earth with the last surviving bit of humanity that didn't get evacuated in Doom II.  The people that did get off planet have nowhere to go and are fading fast.  So he roams the apocalyptic wasteland hunting down the last of the demons on Earth to bring them home.  The skull is his badass warrior helmet.  I wanted him to have an Eastwood-style poncho, but as I have no artistic ability whatsoever, this was Frankensprited from DoomGuy, a clean ShotgunGuy sprite I found somewhere and the Dune Warrior From Realm667.  Add a grayscaled top of a Baron head and there you have it.


      TL;DR yes.

  7. okbuddy

    Is it Doomguy, Doom Marine or Doom Slayer?

    DG Blazkowicz
  8. The wildly inconsistent art. I give a tremendous amount of credit and respect to the effort of not only physically modeling all of the monsters to then manipulating and massaging them to make rotations for all of them. This was no small feat to be sure. The spiderdemon and the mancubus cannons in certain rotations are the worst offenders. Most monsters blend together well but the model origins of the mastermind are extremely apparent. The hanging body sprites and textures also stand out. And to be fair to the artists I think the ability to run Doom in very high resolutions on modern ports compounds the issue. 300x200 probably went a long way in disguising this. The absolute worst offenders are the weapons though. The pistol, shotgun idle frame, ssg, rocket launcher and plasma rifle idle/firing frames all work well together to my eye. The shotgun pump, chaingun, plasma rifle cool down and BFG all have a photo-realistic (for the time) look to them that is completely out of place. The shotgun alone is particularly bad because of the inconsistencies in the sights and barrel/mag tube length between the frames. These may seem trivial as they're only onscreen for a fraction of a second at a time but to the OCD sufferers among the community, once they are seen they can never be unseen. Apologies to all the people that pointed out the ssg pixel. Hopefully these won't keep you up at night now.
  9. Are there any plans to bring any of the recent features/UI improvements from FPCDoom over to this?
  10. okbuddy

    FPCDoom 1.14 (Apr 10, 2022)

    Just wanted to say thanks and great work on the new release!
  11. okbuddy

    FPCDoom 1.14 (Apr 10, 2022)

    Thank you for your feedback-feedback. Looking forward to the next release!
  12. okbuddy

    FPCDoom 1.14 (Apr 10, 2022)

    Is there a way to turn off the disk loading icon? Mouse x/y sensitivity settings don't get saved. Is there a way to run in widescreen with a correct ratio HUD, title graphics etc? Like with pillarboxed title graphics and either a floating-style statusbar or the gross PRBoom/ZDoom bordered statusbar? Also the fullscreen HUD doesn't display any armor count for me, which makes it not so effective... 1280x720 is the only resolution I can get to actually display widescreen. Setting resolution to 2560x1440 displays a 4:3 image with either compressed or correct sprites if widescreen support is set to off or on respectively. Other than these, this is pretty cool and shows a lot of promise. I could easily see myself using this regularly with a few minor(?) fixes. Thanks
  13. okbuddy

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    What are you using for MIDI playback for the demo video music in the OP? I really like the way they sound.
  14. okbuddy

    GZDoom Weapon Auto-Center

    I just looked through the options and compatibility settings and I couldn't find anything to disable it. Forum user TDRR has a dehacked patch that enables the weapon centering on ports that don't support it. Maybe you could ask them if it can be done the other way around.
  15. okbuddy

    GZDoom Weapon Auto-Center

    Or how firing during weapon bobbing snaps the weapon to the center of the screen? In vanilla doom it would go straight up from its position in the bobbing motion when firing. Certain source ports give the option to enable this but I'm unsure if it can be disabled in GZDoom.