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  1. okbuddy

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    What are you using for MIDI playback for the demo video music in the OP? I really like the way they sound.
  2. okbuddy

    GZDoom Weapon Auto-Center

    I just looked through the options and compatibility settings and I couldn't find anything to disable it. Forum user TDRR has a dehacked patch that enables the weapon centering on ports that don't support it. Maybe you could ask them if it can be done the other way around.
  3. okbuddy

    GZDoom Weapon Auto-Center

    Or how firing during weapon bobbing snaps the weapon to the center of the screen? In vanilla doom it would go straight up from its position in the bobbing motion when firing. Certain source ports give the option to enable this but I'm unsure if it can be disabled in GZDoom.
  4. okbuddy

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    Achievements/Trophies I'm typically verbally assaulted for taking a stance against these but I wholeheartedly despise them. They're either laughably simple and awarded for just pressing buttons (ArcadeArchives type games) or insanely difficult to where only the top 1% of gamers will ever earn them. One need only look at the games in their own library to see how many games have literally less than 1% of players who have a platinum trophy/all achievements. Not to mention being left with a permanent stain that I can't wash off if I buy a game I don't like (so, so many 2% of trophies games on my PSN id...). A good game is its own reward and turning games into lab rat food pellet dispensers doesn't drive me to replay a game. No I don't want to be a douchebag to every NPC in the game to get 75% renegade points this playthrough. Who cares if I killed 50 enemies with the laser. Who cares if I completed chapter 1. Etc, etc... GOG mercifully allows you to opt out of them if you're using galaxy. Please every gaming service ever adopt this system. Then they're there if you want them and gone if you don't. Similar to how on XBox you could (still can?) pay to change your user id, I would actually pay Sony or any service for the opportunity to delete trophies and lower my level/score. Yes control over this should be left to the user at no cost but since big companies love small transactions I would pay per session to clean house on my account because I change my mind a lot and have bad OCD. Also on Steam you can permanently delete games from your library. Again, every game service ever please adopt this.
  5. okbuddy

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    New name, new name... PrBoom... RpBoom... RBDoom... ... ARBY'sDoom!!! Taking a similar tack to Doom Retro's Google search name recognition, people and stoners everywhere trying to GrubHub a roast beef and cheddar can (re)discover this beloved part of gaming history. If that isn't aggressive enough I suggest doing a point release that intentionally breaks demo support and touts it as a new feature. We'll call that release: NewBoomTM. Then, when outrage from the community is about to hit its breaking point, another point release that restores demo support named PrBoom ClassicTM. The genius of this tactic is that nothing like it has ever been tried before.
  6. okbuddy

    GZDoom Resolution Scale in a Window? *Resolved*

    You need to set the custom resolution to the desired numbers not the window size. I typically use 854x400 in full screen. However this will give a square pixel letterbox image on my monitor to which you need to set vid_scale_customstretched 1, in order for a correct aspect ratio. Alt-Entering to a window should keep the window filled. The settings you have now are setting a 4:3 resolution to 16:9, hence the compression in your second image. Make sure to set resolution scale back to custom as using the 320x200 or 640x400 presets will always force a 4:3 image. You could also use 426x240 or 854x480 and that will keep the square pixel menus as GZDoom does by default. If that's important to you. If it still doesn't display correctly check the settings on you graphics card or monitor as they could be forcing a certain ratio too. Hope that helps Edit: Also if you use 426x200, 854x400 or some mutiple, etc. be sure to set HUD preserves aspect ratio to "off", as the cvar mentioned above will do the correction by itself