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  1. Dear Admins of all sorts, Who do I talk to about getting into my sehacked page account? I emailed Arioch replying to an email from him about 9 years old and then PM'd Bloodshedder on here replying a message giving me my last known password over 6 years ago. I keep getting authentication failed. I want to change my email in a couple txt files and update links, possibly with wayback archive links for any page that no longer exists. Also my forum avatar is stored there.
  2. Gokuma

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    Great work Linguica. The Rock should be proud.
  3. Gokuma

    Mental Illness

    I have frost giant psychosis.
  4. Gokuma

    Mental Illness

    I'm alright. It's not fatal but it is chronological.
  5. Gokuma

    Mental Illness

    I have Temporal Æonic Displacement Syndrome, also known as TÆDS.
  6. Gokuma

    Mental Illness

    Me arse be the smartest of all. Me thinks there be a second brain thar!
  7. Gokuma

    The Great British Pork Scratchings Rip-off

    Also, "to fill someone in" means to inform them of something in the US, but it means to beat them up in England. My grandmother once wrote to an English friend to fill her mother in. Fortunately it wasn't taken seriously.
  8. Gokuma

    Norway for Snowden

    I expected you've been expecting me. And thanks.
  9. Gokuma

    Mental Illness

    I have Dimmu Brain Fungus. It heralds the end.
  10. Gokuma

    Norway for Snowden

    CIA France was offering a great deal on free CIA webspace and CIA babelfish did some decent translations.
  11. Gokuma

    Mental Illness

    That's a rare here.
  12. We suffer from "Tragedy of the commons" and psychotic fascist assholes screwing everything up.
  13. Gokuma

    Mental Illness

    I have Demonboogers.
  14. Gokuma

    Norway for Snowden

    Snowden is an act. The real deals don't get covered by the media. Also, wikileaks was censoring what it was releasing. Someone leaked everything unedited and pissed them off, but of course the media was very quiet about that.
  15. Gokuma

    Jaguar Wolf sprites for ECWolf?

    The high res sprites unfortunately have fewer frames. I did some work on the ubermutant though here.