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  1. Gokuma

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    Ok, I never attached the filter fortunately. Thanks for the info.
  2. That's because doom2.exe is hardcoded for the secret exit special to only work as intended on maps15 and 31. So any Doom 2 wad that's vanilla compatible will do that. Now with Doom 1 in any episode, a secret exit takes you to mission 9, but each episode is hardcoded where mission 9's normal exit then takes you. So with vanilla Doom 1 you have a little more flexibility. Hexen or ports supporting mapinfo (including the current official Doom Classic) allow you to change this. Or in Strife you set a tag # for the normal exit level to pick which map for it to go to and secret exit line triggers a story sequence instead.
  3. Gokuma

    what is the best milk

    Almond, but some people may say "Show me the tit on an almond." Or cashew, or a coconut blend with one of those. I like lots of milk based food but just drinking milk tastes funky to me. Goat's milk is supposed to better for people than cow's, so I've downed a small bottle of that, though I still don't like the taste. Dark chocolate is always my definite choice over milk chocolate and something being only available in milk chocolate irritates, except for ice cream is obviously made with milk.
  4. Gokuma

    Hex editing game files

    As far as editing text with a hex editor, there's some good youtube tutorials for doing that to NES roms. Now that information how big the file should be I think is called a checksum. I ran into that hacking save files of a special version of the Japanese Gameboy Advance version of River City Ransom (Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari), I think called 2007 Parodi Ban. Hacking the save data to change items in the inventory such as different technique books, whatever I changed the hex values by positively or negatively, I had to offset that amount by changing one item to some junk with the change to its value equaling the sum of all the other various changes. Well this checksum as I think was, wasn't necessarily the size of file, but rather the sum of all its data bytes added together. I have no idea where in the save file the checksum was located. Sorry if this is totally different and in your case, it literally just checks the size of file which was getting changed. But I guess this might give you some ideas of what could be going on.
  5. Gokuma

    What Are We Drinking?

    I had a little bit of moonshine since it got in style, but wasn't enthusiastic about it. The old stories of it making people blind from careless/stingy makers not discarding enough of the beginning of a batch (which is bad methanol) kinda deter me. I haven't heard of any such problems with the recent trend though. And I have no problem with the old bootleggers who did it good quality.
  6. Gokuma

    How do you pronounce the word "Cacoward?"

    I've always said KACK-O-DEMON, further reinforced by I'm pretty sure the word cacophony is pronounced similar and is the origin of it. There's also a band called that. Some people might pronounce it more like KAHK-O-DEMON. Think before requesting a picture of how that sounds. Something that drives me nuts though is I've always pronounced and heard advertisement like AD-VER-TIZE-MENT. But in the movie Twelve Monkeys, a women says it like Advert-tissment. I also say jibs for gibs and jiffs for gifs. And I say water like a soft worter rather than wahter.
  7. Gokuma

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    I heard there was a deadly gas leak at a cyber goth rave and there were zero casualties.
  8. Gokuma

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    Thanks for the tip. It seems mostly composed of rubber. Though seeming never used, the rubber yellowed somewhat sitting in its box and cloth bag for years.
  9. Gokuma

    No More Masks For Fully Vaccinated People!

    I've put on an old Russian gas mask at work.
  10. Gokuma

    What Are We Drinking?

    Damn I don't think I've ever had Optimator on tap, though I've had great beers on tap. Must be amazing. That's a real shame about that restaurant. Hopefully he recovers well.
  11. Gokuma

    Doom 90's Level CD-ROMS

    The Ultimate Add-on Collection for Doom1/2 was the first I got, same day my family got a computer. It's so old it has folders of just a bunch of sounds and graphics with .bat files to put them into your iwad with dmgraph or dmaud. There's some hilarious stuff just to browse through. Of course there's already made wads such as MSTDoom. As far as its map wad selection with its launcher, it's all Doom 1 maps and it runs them through dm1todm2.exe if you're using Doom 2, but then there are folders of a bunch of actual Doom 2 maps they just didn't bother to set up. Now Demon Gate Mega Collection, over 6000 levels, seemed to actually have good quality control for being so jam-packed with all the wads compressed. 3D Alchemy might have had the best quality control but obviously a smaller selection.
  12. Gokuma

    Monkey Thread

    Words of wisdom
  13. Gokuma

    What Are We Drinking?

    This is what I call a beer.
  14. Quake 1 style, but movement speed closer to Classic Doom because that will just be funner, and with more bosses. But have a use key instead of auto-pressing switches and less brown.