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  1. Gokuma

    Favorite Flash Games?

    River City Hacky Sack. Fortunately it's a standalone exe.
  2. Gokuma

    Best Black Friday Ever!

    What if you seize control of Poenari Castle which I'm pretty sure is unoccupied and sell tours?
  3. Gokuma

    Doom Slayer is coming to Fall Guys

    I hope the left side of that silhouette is supposed to be an arm. Otherwise, someone should see a doctor.
  4. I don't like water monsters in real life. Unless I'm safely a good distance away on land.
  5. Gokuma

    Best Black Friday Ever!

    I had a seasonal spiced beer and a hot pepper chicken & gouda sandwich outside at a good brewery and otherwise stayed home. I avoid black Friday like the plague as well as the ongoing lukewarm plague.
  6. Awesome! I bought the 20th Anniversary Doom 64 soundtrack some months ago.
  7. Is he going to make Mai Shiranui wear a burka?
  8. Gokuma

    The New Doomworld Pet Thread

    Check out this adorable little guy. His name is Boris.
  9. Gokuma


    Of course. Antifa calling themselves Antifascist totally means they never act the least bit fascist or exactly like what they pretend to be against, and they totally just don't really want to be the authoritarians in power. And everyone whose business they burned down and are now against them are just white supremacist fascists! A lot of black people are white supremacists too!
  10. Gokuma


    Holy shit, the freaking Triforce is Racist! Ban Zelda!
  11. Gokuma


    LOL. that douchey ADL site lists Anti-Antifa stuff as white supremacist. Also apparently just about every number and probably math itself are RACIST!!
  12. Gokuma


    Also, WikiLeaks and Project Veritas and anything exposing lies and corruption of the happy communistic (but really Wall Street serving) party or its media conglomerates and big tech allies are all far right conspiracy theory, and therefore no information from them is allowed to be recognized as credible no matter how vetted. Hey, what if someone makes up a Communist Pepe. Is that alt-right?
  13. Gokuma

    Heretic Episode Wads

    Here's an oddball: Requires Zandronum/LZDoom/GZDoom, due to use of UDMF and 3D sector transfers. QuikHt1a.wad - replacement episode 1 composed of maps converted from EntryHangar Plus. Some of it done with dm2conv and then fixed up and further edited and some done without dm2conv. Not all original maps and none originally made for Heretic, though one was originally made for Strife, converted to Doom & expanded, and then converted to Heretic. Features Heretical Stereo Systems in some maps.