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  1. This is very cool. Super happy to see EDGE is being kept alive. I'll have to see if my old QDOOM stuff will still run on the new engine. :)
  2. Fanatic

    Custom music for multiple engines

    For anyone interested, here's the wad, zdoom friendly. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/music/doomed
  3. Fanatic

    Custom music for multiple engines

    That's good enough for me. :) If anyone wants it in something else, I'm happy to update or help with a different script. I uploaded it to /newstuff, hope everyone likes it!
  4. Fanatic

    Custom music for multiple engines

    Following up, I found on the zdoom side a good solution. Basically used SNDINFO and remapped the named tracks to mine, works great, and it should work with most IWADs.
  5. Fanatic

    Custom music for multiple engines

    Perfect, thanks.
  6. Fanatic

    Custom music for multiple engines

    Thanks! The only midi in it is the drums, and it's a custom sound font and mapping (not genmidi). Rest are live guitars/bass.
  7. Hey everyone, I finished up 17 tracks of new music for good old DOOM/DOOM2, and I was hoping to make one WAD with something to allow the songs to work with either game engine. I'm testing with Slade to import my MP3s into a new WAD, but the scripting I've been able to find isn't very detailed with examples. Since I don't have 32 songs, I'm aiming to assign the songs I think fit the map, using some more than once. I also can't find notes on replacing the intro and inter tracks. But basically I'm trying to avoid making 2 WADs with the same music, but with the original MUS names. One WAD with 17 tracks (15 for maps, intro and inter music), and use scripting that at least works with zdoom. I realize not every engine can use mp3, or possibly support custom music names, but if someone could give me some help, I'd really appreciate it. I put the songs individually on soundcloud for free download as well, for use in whatever way you'd like to use them (for reference). https://soundcloud.com/marcpullen/sets/marc-a-pullen-doomed
  8. Fanatic

    QDOOM Revisited

    I've lurked around here once in a while over the years, still like seeing the screenshots in newstuff. I stopped doing DOOM stuff a while ago, and worked on maps in the original Stronghold and Stronghold 2 for a while, had more fun editing maps than playing the actual game. I did work on the Cube engine for music and maps, then Sauerbraten for a while doing more of the same, did a LOT of music for quite a few releases. That was pure heaven for in game 3D editing, so easy to learn. All the music I've done is on last.fm, just look up "Marc A. Pullen" there, you can grab all my songs free there (32 albums worth). After that, around 2008, I made the mistake of playing WOW, and haven't stopped since. I'm also playing a lot of Diablo 3 lately (this WOW expansion is kind of meh now), and (less of) GTA 5. I haven't done a lot of music since 2008 between work taking up a lot of time, playing WOW too much, and just being short on musical ideas. The last album I did was Odious in 2008, and I put so much into that, used a lot of what was left in my idea bucket and then some. Now I have a few dozen mini-imcomplete-songs and riffs, but no complete album themes. I don't think people generally listen to one single entire album anymore, thanks to streaming like Pandora. I considered just writing one off songs and release them alone, but that doesn't feel as epic as a shiny new complete album. Free time is hard to come by nowadays... I've thought about doing some old DOOM mapping, but I don't think any of my old editors work on newer 64 bit systems. I have an old Windows XP box somewhere in my closet I could polish off and see if it works there, but unless there's free time in the closet too, probably won't happen anytime soon.
  9. Fanatic

    QDOOM Revisited

    Oh man that is an old promo video! Forgot all about that little nugget. :D
  10. Fanatic

    QDOOM Revisited

    Greetings all! It's been a long time since I've done anything with DOOM or EDGE, but I recently saw a video of someone doing a quick run through of QDOOM's first episode, and was inspired to do an explanation type video after all these years. QDOOM originally came out around 1999, so it's been roughly 15 years since the final release. The video linked below is mostly me blathering on about how I did stuff in QDOOM and the EDGE engine, and running through the maps showing various features. If you like classic DOOM, the EDGE engine, QDOOM, or just game design, you might find it interesting. It's a rather long video (1 hour 21 min), so grab some popcorn and a drink before you get started.
  11. That sounds about right. The people that made it bought more copies for nostalgia than anything else (myself included).
  12. Fanatic

    Not Taking Forever

    You can download the 5 songs I did for Foreverhood here: http://www2.fanaticalproductions.net:8080/index.htm?module=music_album_view&albumId=28 Told ya it was awesome. :)
  13. Fanatic

    Resurrected Dreams

    Running through those maps makes me want to load up my editor and do more stuff with the classic DOOM engine. Even with an engine this old, and maps that are in some cases from 8 years ago, they still look awesome.
  14. Fanatic

    I had a dream about a Doom TC last night

    That's what I did with QDOOM, screenshots of the 3D models, then paste into PSP, resize, import the DOOM palette, clean up the bad pixels (usually horrid pink pixels, everything was so brown and drab in Quake). Some monsters had 100+ sprites for all the actions needed. And I trimmed down the number of frames for each action too. I originally wanted to do 5-7 frames per action to make it look smooth, but it was just way too much. I could do one monster, all actions, in an evening. No way I could have done all that by hand from scratch. :)
  15. Fanatic

    Forever Waiting

    Just wait till you see this thing in action, he brings such a fresh and unique feel to the old DOOM engine (I got to play an older BETA when writing a few songs for it). Really amazing work, can't wait till it's released! The new screenshots look even more amazing than what I played too. Totally sweet.