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  1. my pc from '96 would crash 8/10 times, I think this law applied to Doom aswell. I do remember completing the game back then, so it was maybe one of the few games I had that could run without major issues.
  2. OleBumma

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    Lol…. Romero still owes us an explanation for this 👀
  3. OleBumma

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    that sounds awesome! I wish I had things like that stashed on old floppies. sure remember I used to backup my copy of Doom II to floppies back in '96 scripting my own batch installer for it, but I got rid of those ever since I discovered how to burn CD's in '01! there's been a time I searched all over for those diskettes still under the impression that I treasured them somewhere. :T good luck with recovering those wads!
  4. OleBumma

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    in doom 6 imps will poop in the middle of the fight >.>
  5. OleBumma

    Which doom game do you have the most nostalgia with?

    The ending of episode 1 takes me back to those days when I would freak out as a kid hoppin into that black hole dimension leading to nothing but death lol I think going through each episode was such a quest for me back then, I still have a diary from that year where I would take notes of my progresses. ._.
  6. OleBumma

    Resource to get classic DOS installs for classic doom games?

    Yes, Doomgate was great at that.
  7. Hell, you convinced me. I’ll be playing your wad real soon! :3 speakin of stuff we would put out back when we were young bucks on the scene, I got pretty surprised one night seeing players still using Quake 2 skin models I created 20 years ago. Regardless to how much we feel embarrassed about that stuff it’s a pretty cool feeling to see others enjoy it.
  8. cool and relaxing episode to play :3
  9. OleBumma

    Ultimate Doom Megawads and Episodes

    I've been thinking for a while to pick 4 episode to group as a E1-E4 episode set. this thread seems my helping way to go! :p
  10. OleBumma

    What is the "nukage"?

    Bubble tea!
  11. OleBumma

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    21 gun salute for the resource files stuck in the limbo, like this 👾, in waiting to be rescued one day someday 😔
  12. OleBumma

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    Most of the maps from the August 2002 beta build are polished up versions of the May 2001 beta build, and the very few left unfinished can be found finished in the 2005 levels.zip Although Metabolist took down quite a bunch of his maps that he initially compiled into the May 2001 build. in poor words, the August 2002 build can be patched up making a quite playable build, and also all 32 maps from the 2005 levels.zip can be teamed together as reference for the most up to date revision up until 2005. I’m already lookin into it for my own fun lol, almost done with the 2002 build. Only thing I haven’t really looked into is the resource files. all files to metabolist’s old website are still live on doomworld, only the homepages are replaced with 404 pages lol
  13. OleBumma

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    password is "enn" minus the quotes
  14. OleBumma

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    @Berubaretto @SiFi270 maybe @Vile has been familiar with that beta....
  15. The majority came from BBS lists and some got around through email exchanges, so it’s impossible to go back to the source. The Doom team might have the original medias, if those even existed. I think id approved them sometime around ‘98 to be included in the historical archive but they were all BBS leaks prior to that.