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  1. that's a very early version of the Doom95 engine (dated Nov. '95, probably the earliest I can recall of) that you have there, which was released on one of the authors' personal page, and might still be subject to some rough bugs that went unnoticed. afterall the "95" wasn't just a reference to Win95 being the system the frontend was aimed to be compatible for, it was also the year the frontend first came out. if the glitch may only happen with this specific version it would explain why people that generally downloaded the frontend from id software's official sources (game discs, ftp) don't remember about it. maybe they fixed the bug or replaced the demo afterward. first time discovering it's on a games sampler disc.
  2. what kind of sorcery is this?!?! resurrection of evil and astral body projection goin on. :s did that happen with that specific version of the engine you were playin with back in the day or you picked a random one of doom95? there were several builds for that engine although I have no leads to what would make it behave like that.
  3. sweet! can't wait for having a raw meat carnage in old school stylo once I'll try that out. thanks for getting that covered!
  4. OleBumma

    Ask John Romero Questions

    have you stayed at id after Quake got released would there have been a chance to see a Doom follow up being developed under the Quake game engine at some point in those years or would have the game deserved the long break that it was given?
  5. yeah, figured out you've implemented mouse bindings for the "Use" and "Next/Prev Weap" functions only, which were needed. would be cool to see it added someday, especially since the forward motion is bindable. I'll be on the lookout to see how your project progresses.
  6. what's a good tool to edit the config? all I want is to set the backward motion to mouseb_backward (MB3) and simply editing the config in a text editor doesn't let me do it. pressing the mouse button while in-game isn't letting me change the key for it. thanks in advance!
  7. OleBumma

    GZDoom's false aiming issue in Icon of Sin level

    thought about that aswell. basically by the time the weapon is playing the fire effect the projectile effect takes place from a level under where my player position appears to be. yes, the whole thing is more under control for me on Chocolate Doom because the vertical movement isn't there, aim isn't shaking from free look and projectiles are autoaimed anyway. I guess the most reasonable trick could be to aim above the target while the floor is lifting.
  8. does anybody know how to fix this issue? https://vimple.co/503ee30368f846bf8bbbd2e76845f622 hits in GZDoom keep going either under or above of the intended target, and this happens with Autoaim and BFG Aiming set off in the Gameplay Options and autoaim set to "0" in the Player Setup. the current settings work just fine in all other maps, but this tendency appears to take place only whenever I play the Icon of Sin map, making it kinda stressing 'cause hits might go anywhere else but toward your enemy, you end up taking self damage with the RL and you always struggle to hit at the Icon's virtual hitbox (despite the video snippet showing that I actually hit the hitbox in both attempts, the point is your would see all rocket missiles flying way lower and the last rocket missile flying all the way to the top making it always confusing to calculate the correct angle/timing). feels like there's still some weird behavior even if all the autoaims are toggled off. issue occours even with the latest version released of the source port (4.5.0) I also played the map using Chocolate Doom and even if I was privy to the customized settings took me maybe 3-4 tryouts to beat the map in a few minutes, way less that it takes me whenever I'm using GZDoom.
  9. OleBumma

    New members of Doom World, what brought you here?

    heard through the grapevine they'd give out pizza and free wads, so I got in.
  10. OleBumma

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    all those alphas have leaked before the game was even officially released, Frans only pushed them to finally become legally accessible for historical purpose. he hasn't included any kind of alpha that wasn't previously available, with the exception of v0.3 which has leaked in more recent times.
  11. OleBumma

    Quick Rant

    any modification of the game is only welcome 'cause it brings people onto the game, and you never know people that haven't played the game before starts discovering it the classic way. it's like listening to a song that uses samples and being introduced onto the classics that inspired it.
  12. OleBumma

    How To Use SKY1, SKY2, and SKY3 textures in DOOM II?

    set the sky1 variable from 1 to 4 according to the one you need
  13. OleBumma

    Got a Sigil Beast Box from Romero!

    great idea right there. always good to look at people's collections c:
  14. OleBumma

    question about doomr.wad

    are there any more references to the doomr.wad other than the 1.4 bootleg? in the romero dumps from 2014-15 maybe? I'd like to know if it's referenced anywhere else, 'cause for all I found looks like that was quickly changed to doom2.wad and I can't find any other resources that support that doomr.wad was being used. I also don't know the technical aspects about the 1.4 bootleg that link to it being intended for Doom II to run, other than the "commercial release" message (wasn't able myself to run any doom2.wad with it). if somebody can enlighten me up about that it'd be great.
  15. OleBumma

    Sandy Petersen giving a Doom 2 level 16 house tour

    lol, gotta love those behind the scenes about the game.