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  1. Don't see negativity into anything! It's been said the wad has been finalized for a while now, hell they even forgot to fix a bug by the time the CDs already went into production, so it doesn't cost him more delay if he wanted to post some scrapped doom material on his socials. Everything that's happening lately doesn't really belong on Romero's watch. Know he probably isn't in with the time to arrange some extra map made from scratch, definitely has other priorities to follow than being concerned about making new doom stuff at this paricoular time... certainly he wouldn't have needed the time to, or LRG, or anybody's approval to pull some goodie out of his vault for the fanbase that waited this long if he wanted to. I don't mind that he didn't, and the sigil release is almost there... I still appreciate him being around regardless to how he handled things, and I can't deny that it's always cool to see him being active in the doom community with his knowledge, stories, stuff and anything he likes to share. That's why I've said I "wished".
  2. I wished Romero could drop some extra contents during this whole "parturition" of the Sigil release. something to make up for all these delays... a new map, or exclusive unseen goodie, or whatever :\
  3. amazing stuff man, loving those graphics! I hope I won't have any botherings playing some of this when everything will be ready for us :p
  4. OleBumma

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    the scar on the Doomguy's helmet could be an indirect reference to the Alien vs Predator movie, in which the predators use the aliens' blood to mark a scar on top of their armor masks, simbolizing their warrior status. the doomguy has one too that's in plain red blood instead.
  5. great read, it does answer some questions. and yeah, being the Bucketead music the profitable aspect of the beast box, I knew there had to be a mistake on the reporter's side when they said it came with the free wad. in another part of the interview Romero cleary refers to the soundtrack being what you're buying the box for. speaking of the new episode btw, I'm sure it'll kick ass! so far I love what I'm getting from these sneak peak drops and the live streams.
  6. OleBumma

    Got my Reaper Miniatures professionally painted

    the guy has truly done some magic on it and I'm glad you've got such incredible stuff done for your own enjoyment.
  7. OleBumma

    an old article about doom from May 1994

    funny read, cool way to promote the game also lol, only bogus is that for being a May 1994 issue it spoils alot about the characters' legend.
  8. OleBumma

    Is GzDoom a good experience to start with ?

    if you like Brutal Doom you may also like Brutal Doom: Black Edition. I like to variate from time to time, so I enjoy the vanilla style as much as I enjoy tweakin up the game's fashion from time to time.
  9. OleBumma

    an old article about doom from May 1994

    I had an home computer in the mid-90's with all kind of Dos FPS goodies in it. games would play for like 10-15 minutes, if I were lucky, and crash 9 times out of 10... lol
  10. maybe he's wanted others to pay attention at what GZDoom did there with their custom setting. ofc he wasn't gonna stress and change the setting in the middle of the action, or complain/bash about the port's behavior while he was on live stream...
  11. OleBumma

    Share a random fact about yourself

    @Chezza sounds like a new movie plot for the Alien franchise. CATliens? :/
  12. OleBumma

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm addicted to cats. :\ whether I see them in photos or real life, my natural impulse is to stare at them.
  13. face is the same, but flipped, and the art to the right they blatantly filled one of the arms with black brush. we're talking about guys that could make actual models of some of the most complex sprites and 3d scan them, I wouldn't be surprised if they would be that good at mixing up elements together in computer graphic tools. the pants from the sprite to the left has too many rendered elements, so many shiny details in the pixelage that I don't think anyone would take time to add manually. they definitelly used different stuff from actual photos and used the early version you mentioned as reference to center up things, 'cause I can see the resemblance, especially in the torso. don't know how they coloured the sprite tho... probably gathered colour based on the blacktones. you could kinda see it gets greeny from the very linear point where the vest starts, as if different colourings were used to fill the the vest, the torso and the legs. just my rough guesses here.