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  1. ChicagoTrash

    The worst DOOM levels ever?

    Just repost tnt.wad
  2. ChicagoTrash

    What would you replace the Pistol with?

    I'd just make the pistol do more damage and be almost pin-point accurate. I'd also reduce the chainguns accuracy, making the pistol the sniping weapon.
  3. ChicagoTrash

    Most underwhelming weapon in Doom

    The chaingun. It's a minigun but its fire rate is pretty shitty and it gets outclassed by the plasma rifle quickly. When I first found it, I was instantly disappointed. I feel like a different firing sound, a faster firing rate and maybe a little bit more damage would fix this.
  4. ChicagoTrash

    What is your Doom canon?

    Nah. It was the archvile.
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone.
  6. Is there a way to export a map to UDMF format and still have line specials(doors opening, elevators, crushers)function as normal?
  7. ChicagoTrash

    What would be your ideal doom movie?

    That would be pretty cool. If some fans could gather enough money to actually make a competent movie, I think that would be the best possible doom movie.
  8. ChicagoTrash

    Doom now officially set in Stone

    What if the stone slab had one of the icon of sin wall textures on it?
  9. ChicagoTrash

    What would you think could have a good crossover with Doom?

    What about Jurassic Park doom? The imps could be that one thing that spits venom. Pinkies could be velociraptors.
  10. ChicagoTrash

    What is your Doom canon?

    Why did this thread get resurrected?
  11. ChicagoTrash

    End a level with a series of images?

  12. ChicagoTrash

    End a level with a series of images?

    Is it possible to end a level and show a series of 20 images?
  13. ChicagoTrash

    Loading a wad from a desktop icon

    Thanks for the info.
  14. ChicagoTrash

    Your tale of Doom hubris

    "Hey, I know what I'll do. I'll impress all my friends and play Go 2 it on nightmare! They'll think I'm so cool." That was a year ago. I didn't even make it out of the first room. I got annihilated by the rain of Mancubus fireballs.