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  1. With what you've explained to me, the Python code makes sense now! Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks. Omgifol is a complicated library to me right now. It's structure isn't clear to me. He's importing a lot of his other modules..
  3. I'm working on a wad tool written in Python.Mainly to pursue my interest in the architecture of the WAD format. Secondly, to increase my programming skills. I've parsed the infotable and I am attempting to display E1M1's VERTEXES/LINEDEFS.However, I don't know how to map a point whose X and Y coords in the level are say X:-1088 Y:3060 to a screen. Whose top-left is 0,0. How is this mapped? Is some geometric function needed? I think I need to find the center of the map in the level to reference against the center of my canvas to map the cords? Thanks in advance..
  4. StRiKeR


    can't wait for this, sounds sick.
  5. StRiKeR

    Zdoom ACS Scripting Help [solved]

    Script 1 is not related to Script 2, sorry for the confusion. I am spawning two enemies when the player picks up a shotgun. One right next to the player and the other one outside the room the player entered with script one. Is there a value i can put for the TID on Script 1 that tells it not to apply a TID? I don't need to assign a TID to those two enemies because I am not doing anything else with them after they spawn that would require it.
  6. StRiKeR

    Zdoom ACS Scripting Help [solved]

    Thanks, now I know two different ways to do it, which is pretty cool.
  7. I want to lower a sector from 128 to -64 when the player kills four enemies. I don't know how to put the script together to accomplish this. I'm using DB2 btw. I am somewhat familiar with scripting. I can spawn enemies to a mapspot. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: SOLVEDscript 2 OPEN { While(ThingCountName("Cacodemon", 666) > 0) Delay(35); Floor_LowerToLowest(666, 16); }
  8. StRiKeR

    I am a musician and I offer my service...

    Dude I listened to your MIDI you posted and it was pretty cool. Check your PM's, I am going to send you a msg.
  9. What's up guys. DoomWorld.com is still alive and well I see. Anyway I was just curious if any of the mods remember me? Most likely not, but I ran a site years back called "Doom Bunker". I did a search and found some of my old posts and threads. It's so cool to go back and read what I wrote over 5 years ago. WOW...

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      GreyGhost said:

      I think Mr.Freeze is trying to earn a custom title

      Maybe he should switch titles with me. He's earned it.

    3. Creaphis


      On the other hand, I'm starting to like that guy.

    4. GreyGhost


      Heh - it's a bit like having a puppy loose in the forums, not afraid of anything and playfully resistant to toilet training.

  10. StRiKeR

    Now this sucks!

    Yeah we live and learn, I am on a Athlon 800 mhz,64mb ram,and a 32mb gforce 2 right now,lol.
  11. StRiKeR

    Now this sucks!

    My computer got hit by lighting last night, even though it was plugged into a surge protector. It was a wicked storm, that lasted 4 hours. Some of the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my entire life. Anyway, I opened up the case and my motherboard, sound card, and video card are fried. I just bought the 9800 XT last week :-( So it's gonna be awhile before I can experiance the gaming bliss that is DOOM 3... Why not go buy another one, well unfortunetly, my fridge, and washer, and dryer are fried also. So....... So guys, if a storm comes up, unplug all expensive equipment regardless if its plugged into a surge protector or not. Better yet, cut off the main power at the freakin breaker! :-(
  12. StRiKeR

    APRIL 15

    For $180 bucks you can play it on the XBOX when it comes out.
  13. My curiousity is running amuck, and I know there's quite a few programmers on these forums. So my question is: Could you explain what exactly is happening when you are playing a game online, be it cooperative or deathmatch, and how the netcode "works"?


    1. Sharessa
    2. Ralphis


      I wish I could say this didn't suck. It would be funnier if this band had any musical talent

  15. StRiKeR

    APRIL 15

    That's in german, could someone translate the key parts to english? The guy asked John Carmack something about April and what did he say?