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  1. TheRedTide

    What's your favourite Doom Slayer skin?

    The white one with the red visor. I forgot its name. Astro Slayer maybe?
  2. TheRedTide

    [Plot hole?] Did Earth get invaded twice...?

    There's nothing wrong with using the multiverse theory in your game. Just because Ultimate Doom, Doom II and Doom 64 took place on another universe don't make them any less important or relevant. But it's pretty clear tho that Hugo has zero ideas about he's doing and is just winging it by now.
  3. TheRedTide

    How would you make TAG2 harder?

    No. Just no.
  4. I would agree that Doom Eternal is absurdly cartoonish in several elements, such as the gigantic bright-green weapon pickups floating in the environment like in Q3, whereas in Doom 2016 they were always seamlessly integrated into the environments and props, not to to mention the healthpacks large enough to fit a 5 foot woman in it or the armor pickups with a PS3-tier texture resolution on them. However, I don't agree that the action itself is the problem, but rather what I would consider the worst enemy gameplay design in a FPS game of the last 5 years, beginning with developer's team penchant for giving enemies absolute invulnerability such as the stone imps being immune to anything but the full-auto shotgun mod, or the spirits requiring you to stop in the middle of a fight to colostomize them with the ghostbusters proton stream, or the Marauder having a shield that is literally invincible to anything in the universe even the amount of firepower that would make a Cyberdemon shit itself and finally the Cursed Prowler, whoever invented that thing should be fired and barred from ever working in the videogames industry again, and afterwards exorcized by a Catholic Priest, an Orthodox Priest, a Rabbi and an Imam, simultaneously.
  5. TheRedTide

    Would DE have been better without reactionary enemies?

    As the Game Director Hugo was the main driving force behind making Eternal more difficult than Doom 2016 and falling for the meme that "harder is better" parroted by the Dark-souls crowd of sweaty tryhards. Go to the Doom group on Facebook and ask around, they'll corroborate my words.
  6. TheRedTide

    Would DE have been better without reactionary enemies?

    Yes, absolutely. The Marauder is an exemple of piss-poor gameplay design and someone ought to have been punched in the balls for coming up with something so irritating as him (looking at you Hugo). The fact that TAG2 allows us to stun him with the hammer is further evidence to my theory that the overwhelming majority of players were at one point filtered by him (before learning how to cheese him) and Id needed to rectify that. Also, restricting what kind of weapon you're supposed to use or not against an enemy in combat is one of the reasons Id should knock Hugo down a peg or two and stop allowing him so much unsupervised leeway over the game, since both Marauder and the Spirit were his ideas. If I can't defeat an enemy by just unloading firepower on it, then it should have no place on Doom. Also the bing bing wahoo platforming needs to fucking go. The platforming in Doom 2016 was far more organic and properly incorporated into the art of the level and the flow of gameplay than in Doom 2016.
  7. No regenerating health, I cannot stress this enough, NO REGENERATING HEALTH, NO LEECHING HEALTH FROM THE PLAYER. 2 phases. Moves much faster around the arena, dashes around often, and fires his shoulder laser canons at a much more frequent rate. I cannot stress this enough how atrocious was the idea to not only give him regenerative health but also to have him regenerate his health whenever we hit him outside of the green flashing eyes interval. Id simply doesn't know how to design boss fights anymore. The boss fights on Doom 2016 were really good outside of the Mastermind being really easy, in Doom Eternal they're freaking shit, either stupidly boring like the Icon of Sin, or straight up the CPU cheating like the battle against the Dark Lords. I just spenT one hour on this goddamned thing and I cannot stress how poorly implement the collision boxes on his sword are, I lost count of the times this motherf*cker sucked my life back to regenerate his despite me having a good couple of feet of clearance away from the edge if his blade. This is really a shame cause I was thoroughly enjoying TAG 2 right up to this boss fight. At this point I just want it to be over but I don't know if I'm gonna risk using a trainer because of the leveling system is tied to online services, so I don't wanna get my Bethesda account shrekt.
  8. Samuel Hayden was just a clone whose consciousness was inhabited by Samur. Eventually whether he died of brain tumor or was replaced altogether by Cyber-Samuel, the outcome was the same, I theorize that Samur specifically chose that cyborg form for Samuel Hayden because he needed something strong enough to survive the expedition into the temple where the Doomguy's sarcophagus was, and bring it back, since it's implied to human UAC soldiers made the trip back from Hell. Still, that doesn't explain how the fuck the UAC manage to capture so many demons. Also, I believe Doom Eternal might be getting more DLCs.
  9. TheRedTide

    Doom Eternal's Lorebook

    This is so fucking awesome. I've been looking for a digitized version of this. Thanks for posting it here.
  10. TheRedTide

    Original atmosphere is lost?

    Yeah, the amosphere in Doom Eternal and its DLCs is too cartoony. The icing on the cake is this ridiculous looney-tunes sound effect when you stun enemies with the Sentinel Hammer.
  11. The TAG expansions had their story finalized before the acquisition by Microsoft went ahead.
  12. There are also 3 different Lords of Hell that are still out there alive. Davoth was the Dark Lord of the 1st Age of Hell, the age of prosperity. After his downfall, three more IIRC ruled over Hell before Olivia Pierce was briefly made into the Mastermind.
  13. Nanomachines, son. No.............. wait........... wrong franchise.
  14. TheRedTide

    Mod support

    There are some people making mods for Doom Eternal but AFAIK no custom models or textures or maps have been ported into the game so far. It's mostly gameplay tweaking, a horde mode and some Reshades. It will probably take a lot less time for these mod tools to be released since Id Software completely threw away the Mega Texture technology.
  15. TheRedTide

    Did the Slayer become Doomguy again? [Spoilers]

    I don't think the Doomguy lost his powers. Somehow I just don't feel it.