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  1. OpenRift

    Do people like Doom 2's level Design?

    I feel like in the past couple years it's the hot new thing to shit on Doom II's level design like it really detracts from , but while there are certainly a couple stinkers, most are far from what I'd call truly bad. They're just... fine. We've become spoiled by 3 decades of constant community content that it's become hard for some to appreciate Doom II's vanilla experience. Sure, the level design is definitely not its strong suit, but I think Doom II's expanded arsenal and bestiary more than makes up for it.
  2. OpenRift

    Waffle House [9 MBF21 Maps] [RC1]

    Wait, this isn't a waffle house....
  3. OpenRift

    Favorite Album Cover?

    We already did this thread like 7 months ago, here's my answer, again: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2739082
  4. Similar concept to my Widescreen Assets Appreciation Thread, but for build engine games. At this point, enough source ports seem to support them that it would be a somewhat reasonable expectation for them to exist. Currently, there's a few resources where you can get some of these widescreen-friendly sprites and backdrops, so here's what I've found as of writing. @NightFright's wonderful wide graphics for Duke Nukem 3D Shadow Warrior widescreen graphics by some guy named Jimmy (probably not THE Jimmy, lol) More can be found in ports such as BuildGDX as well as @nukeykt's amazing NBlood and PCExhumed (which are amazing and you can check them out here) Lastly, here's a couple of my own graphics that I made today for Blood and Powerslave. The purpose of this thread is to encourage people to create their own widescreen assets as well, because the Build Engine needs some love too!
  5. OpenRift

    Habitat 22 DM

    I mean, TNT and Plutonia come with pretty much all the digital releases of the game now, both classic and unity port, so it's really not as semi-obscure/inaccessible to people as it used to be.
  6. Grungo is my favorite doomworld artist :)
  7. my favorites are floopyboopen labidibibabdiboob doom4thesex googoothegaga deedeemegad00d00
  8. OpenRift

    Does anyone still use dosbox?

    I used to use it all the time, but since I got my Pentium III rig, I've just been playing on that instead. I still use DOSBox for my community game nights tho
  9. Ignore this post, I misread something and did a big dumb
  10. oh wait nevermind I'm illiterate, forget I said anything lmao I knew I should've just checked the lump sizes myself in SLADE
  11. OpenRift

    DOOM 64 Championship

    ok how do i win it
  12. OpenRift

    I owe you all an apology...

    Banger reference, I love it.
  13. OpenRift

    thoughts/experiences with weed

    I personally am not interested in doing weed (it smells awful and would fuck real bad with my meds), but yeah it should be legal just as much as tobacco and alcohol. It's silly and delusional that it isn't already in all states.
  14. Bro when you adding this stuff to EDGE-Classic
  15. OpenRift

    Source Port of Choice

    Woof is like the best source port around right now, and it can do pretty much anything outside of G/ZDoom/UDMF stuff. It's incredibly clean and modern in its design while still feeling tastefully faithful to the original experience. I use Chocolate Doom from time to time, mostly for vanilla compatibility testing. I also use vanilla via DOSBox or my Pentium III PC for that authentic oldschool experience and multiplayer.
  16. Gameplay tweaks: give the lost soul less health (like Doom 64) Technical tweaks: change the texture tiling code and code for midtextures so that tutti-frutti and the medusa effects no longer exist. I genuinely don't know if those are a byproduct of optimization or coding errors, but if it's the former, I can't imagine it having optimized the engine that much for 486 PCs.
  17. OpenRift

    What could the "Z" in "ZDoom" stand for?

  18. Nah, I've been playing it with the TNT IWAD and it works fine.
  19. ...yes? I mean, I feel like that's kind of self-explanatory.
  20. OpenRift

    Nuked-SC55 emulator (source code)

    Check the internet archive. If you did already, check again.
  21. OpenRift

    New games are just not fun anymore?

    The thing about what I call the "neo-boomshoot" wave that's been going on for the past 5 or so years is that it's a lot of indie developers. There are vastly more indie games put out per year than AA and AAA afaik, and as a byproduct, the new wave of boomer shooters is very saturated with games varying greatly in quality (though still better than most AAA games, but I'll get to that later), so it can be hard to really find new/upcoming releases that interest you. From what you've described, I think you're looking in the wrong places. The best games you're going to find are rarely the ones that are in one of those subscription services. These are just the games that are approved by Sony, which has a whole host of potential motivations behind it. The current state of AAA gaming is what happens when an industry has been around long enough. The execs and shareholders thought they'd figured out how to game the system by releasing unfinished, shallowly designed, always-online, microtransaction-infested pieces of e-waste. But with the mass layoffs going on right now, I think we're on the cusp of AAA publishers and studios either rethinking their business model and learning from the indie and AA games that are succeeding like Lethal Company, Helldivers 2 and Baldur's Gate 3, or continuing down their path of petty greed and have karma meet them at the end in one form or another.
  22. Thanks, I updated the main post with this link.
  23. Very clean! I love the little peaks at the forest in the backdrop. I assume in your original project you get to go to these forests, so I am calling this a prequel to The All-Ghosts Forest.
  24. OpenRift

    [RC4.1] Chex Quest 3: Vanilla Edition

    I mean, Doomkid includes the vanilla EXEs in his big vanilla WAD pack.
  25. OpenRift

    [RC4.1] Chex Quest 3: Vanilla Edition

    I've included modified Doom EXEs in my install and nobody really told me to take them down because of that. There are modified Doom EXEs on the /idgames archive, and nothing bad has come from those being there (afaik), so I think that makes it fair game to include.